"This is a lockdown, I repeat, teachers, this is a lockdown drill."

Percy groaned. These drills were the worst. You were crammed into small spaces for at least ten minutes with hot sweaty kids, not allowed to make a sound. Even worse were the ones like this one that were in between classes. You had one minute to get to a classroom. If you didn't you got ISS for a day, for "Endangering lives." Apparently, they thought that if something real happened, a gunman could convince a kid to trick a teacher into coming into their room and shooting everybody. Percy didn't like the rule, but he could see the truth in it.

All the same, Percy ran into the nearest classroom and crouched down. As he dropped to the ground, he ran into a girl, also ducking into the same abandoned classroom. She was quite pretty, from the little glimpse he got of her. Then she was closing and locking the door. A paper next to the window covered the glass, so no one could see if someone was in there. After a bunch of shootings in New York, where he lived, the school put window coverings and safety sheets in every class. If you got stuck in one during any type of drill, you could slide out the corresponding colour under the door. Green for safe, yellow for no teacher but still safe, and red for in trouble. The girl was currently sliding the yellow under the door. When she turned and saw him looking at her, she got an annoyed look on her face.

'Close the blinds dim-wit." She whispered, and Percy sprung into action. He turned to the back of the classroom and closed all of the previously open blinds. Then he looked for a space for them to "hide."

"Over here!" He called, gesturing with his hand. The pair climbed behind the teachers desk in the room, so they would have a medium of 'protection' should this ever happen. They settled down and waited for the all-clear signal.

They waited, and waited, and waited. After fifteen minutes had passed, he turned to the girl and gave her a look over,, finally. She had blonde, curly curls that went down to her bust, and was wearing a headband to keep stray hairs out of her face. She had a lean body, thin but muscular.

"Hey." he whispered. He knew that you are not supposed to talk during a drill, but he was never one for following the rules. "What's your name?" he asked her.

"Why are you talking?" She asks.

"Because I want to. Now what's your name?"

"Will you stop talking if I tell you?"

"Maybe. Probably. Probably not. Depends on how nice you are when you say you name."

She sighs. Then with forced cheerfulness and sweetness, she says, "My name is Annabeth."

Percy thinks. The name suits her. Beautiful, but something else to it.

After a few seconds he says, "I'm Percy." she just nods in response.

Momentarily, and announcement comes on over the speakers, "The drill is over, teachers, let students continue to class. Teachers-" Before the lady can finish her sentence, there is a scuffle over the microphone, a yell, a scream and then a rushed voice saying, "Lockdown, not a drill! I repeat, NOT a drill. Everyone return to your spots." Then it goes dead.

There is a split second, and then, pandemonium. Everyone scrambles back to where ever they were taking cover. Percy turned, tried to run back to the empty classroom, but there are too many people. Hands hit him. Binders fly, Feet run over his toes. Then, Annabeth is there, grabbing his hand yelling, "Percy, come on, we have to go."

Her voice, as patronizing as it was three minutes ago, snaps him out of his panic. They run like the devil, and within seconds are back in their haven. Annabeth slams the door shut, but not before checking that anyone is heading for their classroom, to seek refuge. After double-checking, she closes the door, locks it, and replaces the window covering, and the yellow sheet. Percy drags desks in front of the door as quickly and quietly as possible, and then dives behind the teacher's desk. Right behind him is Annabeth, a panicked and scared look on her face.

"Are you ok?" She whispers, genuine concern on her face.

"Aside from a few bruises, Ya, I think that I'm fine." He whispers back, just as quiet.

They sit back and wait, both scared out of their minds. Without realizing, they draw closer together until their sides are touching. If either noticed, they either didn't care, or kind of liked the comfort.

A half of an hour passed in that same silent, stoic manner. Then, boots clanging down the hall. Both of the teenagers could tell it wasn't a police officer, because the mystery man was shouting, "Hey kids, come out now. If you do, I promise we won't hurt you."

The man seemed to have forgotten that a teacher was in the room with all the kids. At least, in the majority of rooms.

Percy and Annabeth sat still, waiting, hoping the man would leave their hall.

That's when the kids found out that although the men forgot the teachers, the apparently knew the card system, because suddenly those heavy boots were outside their door. A man said, "Hey, Bruce, this ones got a yellow card. The Luke kid said that meant that there was no teacher in the room right?"

Another man, who must have been Bruce replied, "Ya, no teacher."

To the horror of Percy and Annabeth, a hand started rattling with the doorknob. The man, whether it be Bruce or Man 2 said softly, "Hey kids, we won't hurt you. We promise. We just need to talk with the principal of this place, and the only way we will be able to do that is if we have a little leverage."

Both of the teens stayed silent, but started inching towards the window. They had taken a piece of paper and scribbled on it throughout the real lockdown. They had agreed that if some one tried to get in, they would hide in the supply closet.

After a few terrifying moments of the men trying to get in, Annabeth and Percy moving as quietly as possible, they reached the closet. Being as careful as they could, they opened it up.

Upon opening it up, a feeling of dread settled in the kid's stomach. Apparently, the teacher who used this room liked to clutter up their closet so much, there wasn't room for a hamster.

Then, they heard a commotion outside. Apparently, Bruce and M2 had gotten fed up with being nice. Bruce yelled, "Ok kids, don't want to play nice? Well it's a good thing I have my lock gun with me."

Seconds later, a muffled shot, a clang, and the door was open.