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She's been waiting for about five minutes. Waiting for the familiar yellow deathtrap to come around the corner so she can act like she's walking toward the apartment. Of course, she'd never let anyone know she's waiting, so she pretends to be looking through the windows at different shops, walking as slowly as she can.

It's funny, she's never looked at any of the cute little trinkets that litter the windows at all the different shops, but she's owned the town for almost thirty years. Okay, that's not true. She looked at everything when she first came to town. But she was just overlooking, seeing how things worked and what they did. She never took the time to look at the little details on the beautiful china teacup that's been sitting in the window all this time.

And now she wonders why she didn't as she observes the beauty of the small cup. The swirls and bends topped with colorful flowers are enough to entrance anyone. She tilts her head to the side to get a different perspective when she sees a yellow blur in the reflection of the glass.

Comic book in hand, she swiftly spins and starts walking again, not even realizing that she'd stopped in the first place. She reminds herself to go back and buy that cup.

The yellow machine slowly comes to a stop ahead of her. Regina pauses in her step for a small second, barely noticeable to the average civilian. After a few seconds, Emma steps out of her car and waves at the brunette.

Regina almost wishes she could hold back her smile.

Henry pops out next, closest to the curb. Regina's eyes immediately shift to his form.

"Hey mom! We're grabbing some lunch if you wanna come!" She smiles at him, still walking closer.

"Well, if that's alright with Miss Swan, then I'd be delighted to join you." Regina's eyes shift slightly in the blonde's direction. The woman opens her mouth to respond, but before she can, Henry seems to beat her to the punch.

"She's the one that brought it up. Of course she wants you to come!" Emma's eyes widen slightly, and she can feel the heat making it's way up her neck. She clears her throat softly.

"Yeah, uh, I figured you'd want to spend some time with the kid, and I'm hungry, so, uh, yeah. I just figured we could do our lunch twice this week." Emma knows she's blushing, but she's desperately hoping that Regina won't mention it.

"That sounds lovely, Sherriff." Regina's lips twitch upward in amusement at the blubbering blonde.

"Great, let's go!" Henry grabs both of their hands and starts dragging them toward the diner. "I'm starving." They both laugh at his statement.

"It seems Henry inherited your stomach, Miss Swan." The teasing tone makes Emma roll her eyes, though she's glad it's lacking its usual bite. Her smirk adds to the playful eye roll.

"He may have gained his stomach from me, but he gained the demandingness from you." She turns her head to look at Regina, a teasing smile on her face. Regina smirks at her.

"Well, dear, I am one to get what I want." She says lightly, but when her eyes trail down Emma's body, Emma has to look away to hide the blush that swarms over her face.

The hell was that? Emma thinks, not really sure what to make of the gesture. Did she just flirt with me? Or is that just normal? Crap… She isn't aware that Regina's thinking almost the exact same thing.

Why did I just say that? Maybe she didn't pick up on it. Who are you kidding, Regina? Of course she picked up on it. Regina scolds herself mentally, but her facial expression is one of a winner. Her smirk stretches across her face as her young son drags her into Granny's.

He walks in first, still holding both of his mothers' hands. They both end up trying to fit through the door together, awkwardly bumping into each other. Both of their faces flush slightly in embarrassment.

Henry drops their hands, turning around to look at his mothers pressed flush against each other. He giggles lightly and heads for their usual booth in the far back. They roll their eyes at him before trying to figure out who should go first.

"Here." Emma says quietly, putting her hands on Regina's waist to push her through first. Regina puts her hands unconsciously on Emma's shoulders. She claims it's to steady herself.

After their hands linger for a second longer than they should, Regina clears her throat and quickly removes her hands, sending a small "thank you," in the other woman's direction. Emma's eyes are wide as she walks behind Regina, following her to their booth. Henry watches them with interested eyes but doesn't say anything when they choose to sit next to each other on the opposite side of him.

"So, how were the stables, Henry?" Emma knows she's making sure everything went like it was supposed to, but she can't help the nerves from getting to her as her fingers twitch nervously in her lap.

"It was so much fun! I got to see Lucky again, and there was a new horse there! It was so pretty. All white. Emma doesn't like horses, but even she liked this one!" Emma perked up at that.

"How do you figure that, kid?" Henry looks over at Emma, smiling.

"Well, you were talking to the horse and laughing like you were enjoying her company. Plus, you were almost always scratching her between the eyes. I think she liked you too. She'd be perfect for you, you know. She was really nice." He turns his eyes back to Regina. "But Emma would never get on any horse." A smirk forms on his little face, an exact replica of Regina's. "She's scared." He rolls his eyes good-naturedly.

"Hey! I'm not scared! I just don't like horses! Well, some of them. They're really tall! And, for your information, I used to ride horses. I haven't been on since I was eight, but I did used to ride." She has both pair of brown eyes on her.

"Well, what happened?" Henry asks, Regina nodding along subtly. Emma's smile turns the tiniest bit sad, only enough for Regina to notice, before she continues.

"Well, I was riding, and I fell off my horse. It was the first time for me to ride without my helmet. He bucked me right off, and I flew into the fence. I had to get ten stitches on the back of my head from where I hit it on the wood of the fence. I haven't gotten on a horse since." The table is somewhat silent for a few seconds before Ruby comes over to take everyone's drink order. As usual, Emma tells her all the drink orders. Two hot chocolates with cinnamon and black coffee, one sugar.

Henry scoots out of his side of the booth, claiming the need to go to the bathroom and wash his hands. Both mothers nod at him, granting him permission.

Once he's out of earshot, Regina turns on Emma, eyes narrowed in contemplation. Emma jumps a little, startled at the sudden movement. She sees the look on the brunette's face, and decides to wait for her to ask whatever it is she's trying to ask.

"Were you given the option to continue horseback riding, or were you just not allowed to go back to the stable your horse was kept in?" That… was not the question that she was expecting at all.

"Oh, uh, no. I mean, neither, I guess. While I was in the hospital, the family that was fostering me decided they didn't want to take care of someone that's bedridden. They didn't want to pay for the hospital bills, so they sent me back. I, uh, was never put in a home with horses again." Emma looks over at Regina to see her studying her face. She offers a half smile that doesn't quiet reach her eyes.

"What about you?" Regina blinks, startled by the question.

"What do you mean?" Emma chuckles.

"When was the last time you rode for fun? Have you ever ridden in Storybrooke?" Emma watches as Regina's eyes cloud over, and she almost regrets the question.

Regina, on the other hand, is remembering the last time she rode for fun. With Daniel. Before he was killed. She takes a deep breath, trying to push away the memory.

"I haven't ridden for fun in quite some time. Mother never approved, but I did it anyway sometimes." Regina swallows hard, but she keeps her eyes locked on the blue eyes in front of her. They both smile sadly at each other before Emma's smile turns less sad and a little softer.

"Well then maybe we should all ride together sometime. Just for fun." Regina clears her throat before looking over at Emma with a playful glint in her eye.

"Maybe we should. Henry would love that." She purses her lips in thought. "We'd have to get you a nice tall horse." Emma rolls her eyes and shoves their shoulders together before Henry slides back in the other side of the booth.

"We're going riding?!" He exclaims, his eyes wide and excited. "For real? All of us?! That'd be so much fun!" Emma and Regina smile at Henry, neither of the really sure what to say. It was just a suggestion at first, but now that the kid's heard what they were talking about, maybe they should make it a solid plan.

"We're talking about it kid. We're not really sure. But we'll definitely look into it." Emma cuts in first, trying to keep his hopes up, but not really sure if they will actually end up riding together. Henry seems content with that answer.

"Sweet!" He pauses when Ruby comes back with all of their drinks.

"Do you all want your usual?" She asks politely, looking from Henry to Regina to Emma. Regina eyes her suspiciously when Ruby's eyes linger a little longer on Emma. She arches her eyebrow before narrowing her eyes at the waitress as she leans a little closer to Emma. She clears her throat.

"Yes. Our usual's would be perfect, Miss Lucas. The sooner the better." She says lightly, the underlining threat left hanging in the wolf's ears. Ruby quickly straightens back up, nodding curtly, before she turns tail and goes to take someone else's order.

Regina smirks.

She may be trying to change, but some things will always cling, even in the lightest of ways.

Emma looks over at the smug woman next to her, contemplating if she had actually heard the jealously in Regina's voice, or if she was just imagining it to make herself feel better. She's about to ask when Henry starts talking again.

"Anyway, how's your day been so far, mom?"

They talk for a while, Henry trying the hardest to keep the questions coming, or he'll just go off into a story about something he's heard at school. Occasionally, Regina and Emma will exchange words, but it's more them talking to Henry.

When the food comes, Emma shifts in her seat to make room for Ruby, who's leaning over the table to put down Regina's food. When she puts her hand on the seat to push herself up and over, her hand accidentally lands right on top on Regina's, sending the now familiar spark of magic through each of them. Emma pulls her hand off Regina's quickly, blushing heavily.

"Sorry," she mumbles, trying to quickly push away from the moment.

"Quiet alright, dear." Regina says back, a blush of her own lightly covering her cheeks. Henry watches, puzzled by the reactions from his mothers. But he finds that it kinda makes sense. The Evil Queen, reforming, and the Savior becoming more than friends. He supposes that would be the beginning of her real happy ending. Because then she'd have someone to love and protect her; she'd have her White Knight. Her Savior. And after everything that's happened to her, he really does believe that she deserves it. She deserves her happy ending.

And with that in mind, he thinks of an idea.

"Mom, you wanna come with me and Emma-"

"Emma and I, dear."

"Sorry, you wanna come with Emma and I to the park when we're done eating?" He smiles at her hopefully, while Emma looks at him with confusion.

"We're going to the park?"

"Well I don't want to intrude." They say at the same time. Emma, hearing Regina's remark, speaks up quickly.

"You wouldn't be intruding." She smiles at the brunette before looking back over at Henry. "Finish eating, kid, and we'll all head over. It's a beautiful day, might as well get some use out of it." Henry shoots her a beaming smile, and she chuckles at his excitement.

"Great!" He exclaims, shoving a fry smothered in ketchup into his mouth. He looks up just in time to see Emma doing the exact same thing, Regina's expression of disgust while stabbing her salad making the gesture. Emma looks at Regina with confusion when she sees the former mayor continuously looking up at her and touching the side of her mouth. Emma looks around the table, trying to see what had Regina tapping her face. When she's met with Henry's smiling face, obviously holding in laughter, she knows something's up.

She looks quickly back over to the brunette so see her rolling her eyes before taking a napkin from the table.

"You can be such a child at times, Em-Miss Swan." She clears her throat quickly, sneaking a look at the blonde to see if she noticed the quiet slip. Oblivious as ever.

"What? That's insulting." Emma says with a teasing smirk. The smirk fades when Regina brings the napkin up to the corner of her mouth and wipes delicately. She clears her throat. "Uh, thanks," she mumbles, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

"No problem, Miss Swan. You should be more careful with that disastrous red paste. Not only is it unhealthy, but also its stains are nearly impossible to get out. I don't want any of that near me or my nice outfit." Regina huffs, clearly unimpressed. Emma rolls her eyes at the health freak.

"Please. At least it has tomatoes it in. That's a vegetable. But it could be debated that it's a fruit. Either way, it's healthy." Regina's eyes widen in obvious shock before her eyebrows furrow and she opens her mouth.

"Miss Swan! Those tomatoes are processed with all kinds of chemicals and unhealthy substances that immediately take away the healthiness of the disgusting paste. No matter a fruit or vegetable, it is unhealthy and unnecessary to eat." She finishes with a quick nod. Emma almost laughs at the way she pronounced vegetable, but she manages to hold back.

"Oh, come on. It's healthy enough." Emma smirks at the brunette, obviously egging her on. Regina's face goes slack in exasperation. Emma just can't seem to hold her laugh in anymore. Regina's face contorts in irritation, a light blush creeping up her neck.

She wonders why Emma's laugh suddenly makes her a little lightheaded. And then she wonders why everything's changed because she knows Emma likes her.

It shouldn't change anything. She's still Snow White's daughter, my enemy. The one that's destined to defeat me. She thinks to herself, the disappointment that she feels in her gut being brushed away easily. Oh, but everything's already changed. The voice that she's been trying harder to listen too lately– the reforming voice, as she calls it– says quietly. And, out of a new, annoying habit, she listens to it. Because, everything really has changed. There's nothing she can do to stop it.

It's one of those things that she can't control, the things Dr. Hopper keeps saying are okay to have in her life. Now's the time for her to listen to him, she guesses.

And her bodily functions seem to be on the same track as her, because, suddenly, she's smiling a genuine smile and laughing a genuine laugh. Obviously things have changed.

Emma stops laughing, her eyes wide as she takes in the sound of Regina's laughter. She blinks in surprise at how light and real it sounds. Henry's next fry seems to have stopped on its trek to his mouth; he looks kinda like a gaping fish.

In fact, everyone in the diner seems to have stopped just to hear the reforming Evil Queen's laugh. Some of them even manage a small smile instead of the usual grimace that graces their face's when they see the Queen.

Regina's laugh starts to die down when she hears how silent the diners gotten. She looks around and notices everyone looking at her as though they've seen a ghost. She turns to look at Henry and Emma, both of their mouths have gone slack, and it doesn't look like they're going to pick them back up anytime soon. She can feel her face heating up quickly, but she desperately tries to push it away. She turns back to the crowd and glares at all of them, practically pleading with them to diminish the deafening silence.

Finally, after long glares, people start to turn back around and talk to each other. Most likely, the Queen thinks, gossiping about the reforming Evil Queen's laugh. She turns back to her table and looks down at her salad before stabbing it and taking a delicate bite. Now, she can feel her face burning fiercely, and she lets it.

"Wow." Emma whispers, eyes still big as saucers. Regina doesn't think her face could possible get any hotter lest she starts spewing lava. She stabs her salad again.

"You haven't laughed like that since I was little, mom." Henry says quietly, looking up at her through his lashes. Her head snaps up at Henry's comment, shocked that he actually remembers her laugh. He's right, though. When they would play together after she got out of the office, they would run around the backyard and play tag until they were both exhausted. The last time she laughed like that, Henry was seven. She can feel the heat behind her eyes, but she closes them rapidly before any of the forbidden moisture can leak out. She clears her throat against the sudden lump of emotions.

"Yes, well, I don't know what overcame me." She says, her voice once again hard and distant. Emma growls next to her, and Regina whips her head around in surprise.

"Kid, go pay Ruby for our food, okay? You're mom and I will be right there." Regina narrows her eyes at Emma as Henry nods his head, taking the cash the blonde is offering him. Once Henry is out of earshot, Emma turns on Regina.

"Miss Swan, would you plea-"

"No." Regina quirks an eyebrow.

"No?" She asks, obviously irritated.


"You didn't even know what my question was going to be." Regina points out, a little more agitatedly than before.

"Oh, I wasn't referring to your question. I'm saying no."

"Thank you for stating the obvious, dear." Regina sneers with a roll of her eyes, interrupting Emma.

"Stop it!" Emma hisses. "Stop whatever it is you're doing. We were having a great time until you slammed your walls back down. So… just stop. Henry loves being around you when you tease him and smile and laugh. He loves it when you let down your walls. He loves seeing his real mom, not the Mayor. And, frankly, so do I. You're so much more fun when you loosen up and let yourself have fun. Why can't you just stop being the Mayor for a few minutes and let people in? Let Henry, our son, in?" Emma's eyes search Regina's hard ones for a moment. "I understand," she lowers her voice a bit, "the need to protect yourself, Regina. I get that. More than you know. I know what it's like to lose the people you care most about. I ge-"

"Get out Miss Swan." Regina demands, a familiar fury buried in her voice. Emma doesn't move. "Get out of the damn booth now." She snarls, clearly not amused. Emma sighs sadly and moves to get out, thinking their talk is over.

Regina shoves her way out of the now seemingly too crowded booth. "We will continue this discussion where there aren't any prying ears or eyes." She hisses at Emma before casting a quick glance around them. Emma realizes for the first time that people have turned their heads slightly to hear what the Savior and reforming Evil Queen are talking about.

Regina spins on her heel and stalks out of Granny's; Emma follows quickly, throwing a quick, "Henry, chat with Rubes for a sec," over her shoulder. She shoves the door out of her way before spotting an angry Regina stalking away from her. She rolls her eyes in aggravation before running after the slightly infuriating woman.

"Regina!" She calls; the brunette neither stops nor slows. She huffs at the fuming woman. "Regina, slow down!" She's closer. Almost close enough to grab Regina's arm; she picks up the pace a bit. "Regina!" She grabs the woman's arm, pulling her to a stop and spinning her around. They've worked their way down the strip of stores and come to a stop at an abandoned building.

Regina rips around, making Emma stop in her tracks. Emma finds herself rooted to the spot by the look on Regina's face. The fury and pain and sadness that resides in the woman makes Emma wonder how she can even be alive.

"You do not get to tell me that you understand." Regina sneers in Emma's face. "You will never understand what I went through. What I'm going through. Never." Emma's anger grows at the words being thrown at her. She doesn't really understand why hurt bubbles in her stomach under all the anger. She opens her mouth to interject, but Regina's on a roll. "You don't know what it's like to see someone you've fallen in love with, someone who actually dared to love you back, die in front of your eyes. Killed by your own mother. She took his heart from his body and crushed it. Crushed it!" She shoves her finger at Emma, poking her right in the sternum. Emma winces slightly at the pressure, but she stays standing.

"You don't know what it's like to be told that the one person you trusted most was the one that betrayed you. That helped kill your love." She pokes Emma's chest again; Emma takes a step back. "You don't know what it's like to finally get your supposed happy ending only for it to be nothing like you thought it would be. You get so excited that maybe you'll finally be able to control everything in your life, that maybe you won't get the short end of the stick this time only to be thoroughly disappointed." Emma closes her eyes, anticipating and preparing. Another shove. Another step.

"You don't know what it's like to adopt a child, someone to love you because nobody else will, only to have him turn on you. To call you evil and vile and disgusting just like everybody else. You don't know what it's like to know that you are all those things." Shove, step.

"You don't know what it's like to be so terrified of your mother but also crave her love so much that you'd do anything to get it. And then, when you do finally get it, it's ripped away from you in seconds. And you'll never get it back because she's dead." When no shove comes, Emma opens her eyes to see Regina's eyes clouded with tears.

"But you wanted it so badly. You took everything she did to you and kept it a secret because you loved her no matter how much abuse she put you through." She continues even as Emma tries to comfort her. She doesn't let her. Instead, she clears her throat and finishes in a strong, clear voice.

"And you have no clue what it feels like to have magic take ahold of you, to have it control everything you do, every move you make. It controls your thoughts and emotions, never truly letting you think for yourself. It's a drug, addicting and controlling. And nobody will help you get away from it because they don't care enough about you to even try." Her anger has definitely subsided, the strong, angry woman replaced with a woman barely holding it together. Regina desperately wishes the tears in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks would disappear. They don't.

She tries to poke Emma again to get her point across, but she only ends up putting her hand over the blonde's heart and just feeling it pump under her hand. She watches it for a moment, just staring at it, until she looks up, her deep brown eyes locking with green shimmering ones.

"You don't know how it feels to have people you used to care so much about, some you even still do, turn against you and tell you that you can't do anything good. That you can't be good. That you'll never change, that you'll never be good enough. When you get kicked down, but people just keep kicking you," she takes a shuddering breath, "even when they know you can't handle any more, they just keep kicking. You can't possibly know what that's like, so do not tell me that you understand." Regina whispers, not sure if her voice is strong enough to be anything but.

She lets her hand fall from the blonde's chest, her other hand going up to wipe under her eyes. She knows she probably looks terrible with her makeup smudged everywhere and her mascara running down her face.

Emma, on the other hand, also has tears running down her face, but she doesn't wipe them away. She's hurt and angry and sad and happy and a million other emotions that are churning in her stomach, all of them contradicting each other. When she finally speaks, her voice is scratchy from the emotional lump in her throat.

"You… you think that I don't understand?" Her voice is broken, angry, hurt, and a bit disappointed. Regina's head snaps up at the tone, not knowing what to say to that. Seeing the lost look Regina's sending her, Emma elaborates. "You actually think that I don't understand what that all feels like? To have people always turn on you? Regina," she laughs bitterly, "I grew up in the system. They give you back when they don't want you anymore. You're a meal ticket, and if you mess up, you're punished for it. And not exactly in a humane way." She takes a step away from the brunette, starting to pace on the sidewalk.

"You can't actually think that you're the only person whose ever had bad shit happen to them, can you? We aren't all that different, you know. You think I wanted to give up Henry? That I wanted my child to be taken from me before I ever got the chance to even hold him? You think I wanted to be taken to jail because the person that I fell in love with ended up being a coward? You think that I wanted all that to happen?" She shakes her head, looking up at Regina, determination shining through. Regina blinks at the sudden change, tears still shining in her eyes, makeup still smudged.

"Of course I didn't want that to happen!" She says, walking forward, suddenly much closer to Regina than she was a second ago. "But, don't you see," she says softly, taking Regina's cheeks in her hands, wiping the tears away with the pads of her thumbs, "I wouldn't be here if that didn't happen. I wouldn't be here with my parents, my friends, Henry… you." She whispers, and Regina lets her eyes flutter closed, for once not minding the nerves that come with being this close to Emma.

"And I know that may be super cheesy," a small smile cracks at the edges of Regina's mouth, "but it's true." Emma's hands suddenly disappear, and Regina's eyes snap open when they do. She watches the blonde in front of her fidget and squirm with a raised eyebrow. Carefully, she places her hand under Emma's chin and lifts it so she can look at her.

"What's wrong?" She asks quietly, not really sure where things had suddenly gone south. Emma swallows thickly, but covers in with a choked, nervous laugh.

"Nothing. No, I just…" she trails off, leaving the brunette confused.

"Emma?" At the use of her name, Emma's eyes widen, and her eyes snap up to meet the chocolate brown, taking in the smudged mascara and red-rimmed eyes and smiling lightly. God, you're so beautiful, she thinks. Regina's eyes widen.

"Wh-what?" She stutters, trying to mask her surprise.

"Huh?" Emma asks, looking back up to Regina's eyes. The look Regina's sending her, a mix between surprise and fear, confuses her.

"You just said… never mind." The brunette shakes her head, scolding herself mentally for overthinking the compliment. Emma, for her part, is utterly confused. Her eyes widen in realization before a deep blush creeps up her neck.

"Oh… I didn't think I said that out loud." She mutters, the blush quickly spreading. Regina chuckles despite herself. Emma groans before pushing away from Regina and pacing again. "I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm a goddamn doer, not a talker." She mutters as she talks. Regina, not hearing the words, looks concerned.

She takes a step towards the pacing blonde, but before she can take another one, Emma's got a hold on her wrist. She squeaks at the sudden contact, but covers it by clearing her throat. Emma drags her around the corner of the abandoned building before gently turning Regina to face her. She pushes the beautiful brunette in front of her backwards until her back hits the wall. Regina clears her throat, trying to get her heart to stop thumping so hard.

"What are you doing?" Regina's voice is slightly huskier than before. Emma smirks at her, clearly pleased with the affect she's having. She takes a step closer, closing the distance between their bodies. Regina licks her lips, anticipation weighing heavily on her, and puts her hands on Emma's shoulders. She can see how dark the blonde's eyes have gotten, and it makes her throat dry. Not that it wasn't before.

Emma continues to move closer before giving an answer. Their foreheads touch; their breath mingles together. "I'm not very good with words." Emma whispers before closing the short distance.

The kiss is short at first. A quick peck before Emma pulls away, uncertainty clenching her stomach. Regina's eyes flutter open, locking with Emma's for a second before her hands move behind the blonde's neck and pull her closer again. Emma's hands fall to Regina's hips, pulling her closer. Regina's hands weave their way through Emma's hair, trying to pull her closer as well.

Their lips, they both think, mold together perfectly. Emma's light pink lips teasing Regina's dark ruby red lips, pulling a small moan from the older woman. Regina feels the energy around them buzzing, along with the magic. She can't help but revel in the way they seem to fit together, like nothing can get between their bodies. And when she feels the delightful tingle of a tongue being swept over her bottom lip, she can't help letting the intruder in.

When their tongues meet, heat spreads through the both of them, driving them forward. Emma, becoming bolder, seems to easily dominate the unusually submissive woman with her tongue. Emma moans softly, delighted at how well things are turning out.

Her hands wander on their own, feeling the brunette's body shiver under her touch. They stay at a safe distance from places they would usually jump too, but she doesn't think about why that is. Instead, she manages to find her hands buried in Regina's apple scented hair. Of course its apple scented… she thinks, but her thoughts are cut short when Regina bites her bottom lip slightly. She knows they're running out of air quickly, but she really doesn't want to stop.

That's why, when Regina pulls away slightly, gasping from the kiss, Emma moves her mouth down slowly, descending on her neck. Regina moans softly when Emma kisses the skin behind her right ear. She begins to move down the soft skin, sucking on it lightly. Regina knows Emma might leave a mark when the blonde starts licking and sucking on her pulse point, but she can't find it anywhere in herself to care, and she lets Emma know that with a loud, breathy moan. Emma smirks into the skin before placing a soft kiss where she's marked Regina as hers.

She looks up at the brunette; seeing Regina with her head against the wall and eyes closed in pleasure makes her move back up to Regina's ruby, swollen lips and place a teasing, light kiss on them before pulling away slightly. Regina's eyes open to find Emma watching her with a soft smile. She smiles back at the beauty before her, blushing lightly. Emma chuckles as Regina removes her hands from the blonde curls and places them on her shoulders.

Regina's smile drops almost immediately when she seems to focus on something behind Emma. Emma's brows furrow as she looks over her shoulder to try and see what the brunette is looking at. Emma's eyes widen when she recognizes the silhouette that was definitely not there before.

"Oh my god." She hears the ten-year-old boy's voice bounce around the silent alleyway.

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