Tenchi Muyo and HP crossover

By: Sayaalv

(A/N: I own nothing and how would things turn out if the Dursleys left an infant Female Harry Potter in front of the cave Ryoko had been sealed in while on a business trip from Japan? What if Ryoko felt attached to FEM!Harry and adopted her as soon as she had been freed from the cave? Read to see! AU OOC Fem!Harry maybe some future bashing and femslash!)

"Alright you no good freak. You'll stay in this here cave until we come back to get you understand?" An overweight English man demanded a young red haired toddler with beautiful jade green eyes as he placed her in a cave that was sealed off from most. He had heard the legends surrounding this cave when he and his wife were passing through a market place earlier, it's said that a demon was sealed into this cave seven hundred years ago and now a days no one even went near it except for the family that ran a shrine a ways away.

"Maybe if we're lucky that demon sealed here will come out and eat you. Although you might give it stomach problems if it does." The overweight man told the toddler that was sucking her thumb lightly as she looked around the cave curiously, something was pulling her towards the cave and the pretty blue haired woman she saw in front of it. The poor toddler didn't even see the fist coming as the overweight man hit her upside the head and knocked her out before running off, unaware of the rather pissed off 'demon woman' that had seen the entire thing and was swearing vengeance upon him on the toddlers behalf.

"Shh. It's okay little one. He won't hurt you anymore. My name's Ryoko and I'll watch after you always." The 'demon woman' Ryoko asked kneeling down and trying to run her fingers through the unconscious toddlers hair. She stayed like that for over five hours before the toddler opened her eyes and blinked up at Ryoko curiously.

"Mama?" The toddler asked innocently, she felt safe with this woman like she had felt safe with her mama before her mama went bye bye. Ryoko froze for all of about two minutes, unable to believe what she had heard the toddler call her as she remembered all the pain and death she had caused when under that bastards control. Ryoko looked down into the toddlers brilliant emerald green eyes and felt her heart break, the poor girl had just been abandoned by what Ryoko think was her father and already she was looking at Ryoko hopefully and curiously.

"Yes little one. I'll be your mama now." Ryoko finally said softly after a moment when the toddler looked ready to cry if she refused. The toddler's whole face lit up brilliantly as she tried to hug Ryoko's ghostly form, her actual body being sealed inside of the cave. Ryoko spent the rest of the day building a mental link between her and her new daughter while the small toddler waddled into the cave and took a small nap beside where Ryoko's body had been sealed. Of course what the two weren't expecting was for a teenage Japanese boy that Ryoko had realized was Tenchi to walk into the cave and towards the sword hidden back there. Thankfully, in Ryoko's mind, the toddler had decided to nap under some roots so that Tenchi couldn't see her as he swung the 'rusted old piece of junk' as he called it around and hit it against a rock…which had held Ryoko's seal on it.

"Huh? A passageway?" Tenchi asked turning around and seeing an opening in the rocks that hadn't been there before. By this time the noise had woken up the small toddler who hid from Tenchi and made no sound as she slowly followed him down the passageway, the pull was growing stronger down that way and Ryoko's ethereal form was nodding at her showing her that it was alright. Of course Tenchi was so absorbed in what was going on around him that he didn't notice the small toddler waddle quietly behind him as she held Ryoko's ghostly hand.

Ryoko and the toddler got a good giggle from Tenchi bumping his head and slipping down the passageway, causing the boy to look up at the small giggle he heard.

"What are you doing here little one?" Tenchi asked looking up and spotting the toddler, wondering what she was doing all alone in the cave since he couldn't see anyone else and no one from the town even came by it anymore. The toddler backed up a little in fear and didn't answer the question as she looked at Tenchi uncertainly.

"It's okay little one. I won't hurt you. My name is Tenchi Misaki and I'm from the shrine. What's your name?" Tenchi asked trying to be as soothing as possible around the toddler who looked up at Ryoko curiously and earned a small nod from the ghostly woman that Tenchi couldn't see.

"Angel." The toddler, now called Angel, said pointing at herself and causing Tenchi to smile up at her.

"That's a pretty name for a pretty little kid like you." Tenchi said grinning and causing Angel to blush shyly and scrape her foot against the rocky floor, only to slip and slide down the slope at the same time that Tenchi lost his grip.

"Hang on Angel. I got ya!" Tenchi said managing to grab Angel just before they hit the bottom. Well to be more precise, just before Tenchi hit the bottom. Angel landed on top of him unharmed and giggled slightly as she tried to climb back up the wall with her tiny hands.

"Fun!" Angel exclaimed grinning as she tried to climb back up the wall while Tenchi massaged his head and looked behind him.

"What's that?" Tenchi asked aloud curiously, causing Angel to look behind her as well only to see a bright light coming from a hole a little ways away from them. Angel rubbed her tiny chest lightly when she felt the pull grow stronger and lead her in that direction. Angel didn't notice when she started walking towards the light but she did notice when Tenchi stopped her.

"It might be dangerous. Let me go first." Tenchi said softly to the toddler as he walked ahead of her towards the light while Ryoko's spirit took on the form of a small glowing blue ball that floated behind Tenchi and around Angel. Tenchi and Angel stood at the edge and looked down, Tenchi gulping slightly.

"Oh it's just a giant glowing light no problem." Tenchi said nervously and causing Angel to giggle slightly when he took a step back at seeing something else.

"What's that?" Tenchi asked no one in particular while Angel stepped forward to get a good look, just below the light was a body that looked very old. Angel massaged her chest again when she felt the pull lead her towards the body as Ryoko's spirit looked down at it as well.

"You might not want to look little one. It's not pretty." Tenchi said covering the childs eyes when he saw her looking at the body, his grandfather's words of a demon sleeping in the cave ringing in his head.

"It wasn't just a legend." Tenchi whispered to himself not noticing the sword hilt fall from his hands and clang against the ground. Angel giggled into her tiny hands when he jumped nearly a foot in the air and looked around panicked.

"Time to go home and find your parents little one." Tenchi said as he reached forward and picked up the sword hilt after he slowed his heartbeat, only for a bony hand to grab his arm. Angel and Tenchi watched as the body emerged from the hole and water, causing Tenchi to freak out while Angel merely tilted her head to the side cutely. The body pulled Tenchi closer and made as if to kiss him when a bright light erupted from the sword hilt, throwing them both back a little ways while Angel yelped slightly and shielded her eyes. The body's eyes glowed yellow for a moment, causing Tenchi to panic.

"Let's go. Hold on tight little one!" Tenchi said grabbing Angel and putting her on his back as he ran towards the slope and climbed back up it, nearly slipping back down to the brightly glowing area for a moment. Tenchi pushed Angel through the small passageway before forcing himself through it while the glowing got brighter.

"Run!" Tenchi yelled to Angel who didn't listen as Tenchi tried to close the glowing passageway only to notice the rock he had split in half on accident earlier. Tenchi hardly noticed that Angel was staring at the glowing light while rubbing her chest lightly as he stood up the two halves and wrapped a rather loose root around them tightly, causing the crack in the wall to slide closed and cutting off the glowing light. Tenchi panted for a moment and leaned back against the cave wall while Angel slowly toddled over to him worriedly.

"I'm fine kiddo. Now let's get out of here." Tenchi said smiling slightly at Angel who looked around for her new mama but didn't see her anywhere, although the pull was still there. Seeing no other choice Angel took the hand Tenchi offered her and followed him from the cave, looking back at where the glow had been coming from for a brief moment. Out of the two of them it seemed only Angel noticed the bright lights coming from a ways away.

The next day at Tenchi's high school.

Many students were staring curiously as Tenchi sat at his desk with a smiling toddler on his lap while Tenchi was looking at the handle of the broken sword.

"Hey Tenshi. Who's this and what'cha got there?" A rather large boy with a weird nose and strange lips asked from behind them as he looked down at Tenchi and Angel, Angel burrowing her face into Tenchi's shirt shyly when the boy looked at her.

"Oh this is Angel and it's nothing. Just a piece of old junk." Tenchi said shoving the sword handle into his back pack while the boy looked slightly disappointed at that.

"Oh. So how was your summer vacation?" The boy asked wondering why Tenchi had a toddler on his lap.

"Oh don't ask me. Just me and grandpa and working all day as usual. It's all supposed to be a part of the training I guess." Tenchi said leaning back slightly while Angel took tiny glances at the rather weird looking boy.

"Oh man what a big drag. Didn't you get to meet any girls even? Other than Angel here I mean." The boy asked placing a hand on a nearby desk and leaning on it slightly.

"If you were a girl would you come to a shabby shrine deep in the mountains?" Tenchi asked deadpanned and causing the boy to blink a moment.

"Hm. Hell no." The boy said causing Tenchi to glare at him slightly.

"Hey watch the language. There is a toddler present." Tenchi growled slightly as he motioned pointedly towards Angel who was looking curious about the new boy now that he wasn't looking at her.

"What's up with the toddler anyways? She yours?" The boy asked grinning roguishly at Tenchi who blushed slightly and shook his head.

"No I was checking out that sealed off cave in the mountains and I found her there. Apparently she was abandoned by her family and her name is Angel. She was left there with some old mummy." Tenchi said scowling slightly when he talked about her being abandoned. He would never understand why some women abandoned their children, especially like how Angel was abandoned. Suddenly Tenchi was assaulted with flash backs of that mummy in the cave that had come awake.

"Hey what's wrong Tenchi? Don't tell me you were so hard up you slept with a mummy!" The other boy said laughing slightly and causing Tenchi to gently place Angel on his desk before he stood up and punched the other boy so hard he went flying back into the lockers and left a rather sizable dent.

"Get a life clown!" Tenchi said while the other students stared in shock as a small metal thing fell and bunked the other boy on the head. Angel looked at Tenchi worriedly as he stormed off, not noticing that he had left her and his bag in the room. Angel looked worried as she followed Tenchi up the stairs and out onto the roof tops, laying on top of his chest in a small ball as she fell asleep listening to his heart beat.

"Ah man we fell asleep. I missed all my classes and everyone's gone." Tenchi said when he awoke on the roof top a few hours later as it was getting dark, noticing that Angel was waking up slowly as well.

"Huh?" Tenchi asked when he heard a tinkling of bells only to turn and see a kitten on the corner of the roof.

"Ca'!" Angel exclaimed happily as she toddled towards the cat, unable to pronounce her 't's yet.

"Kitty? How the heck did you get up here?" Tenchi asked before looking freaked out when the cat vanished into thin air, causing Angel to pout sadly. Another tinkling of bells caused the two to look behind them, only to see a spiky blue haired woman sitting up on top of part of the roof while twirling the cat bell collar around her finger lightly. Angel's eyes lit up at the sight of the woman as she laughed lightly and held the cat bell close to her face before tossing it to Tenchi who caught it easily.

"Ryoko." The woman said causing Tenchi to look back up at her curiously while Angel toddled towards the blue haired woman.

"That's my name." Ryoko said opening her eyes to show their glowing yellowish color.

"No. No way." Tenchi said picking Angel up before she could get too close to Ryoko. Angel whimpered as Ryoko attacked Tenchi, not seeming to notice Angel in his arms.

"Run." Tenchi whispered as he set Angel down and led Ryoko on a goose chase throughout the school. Angel actually listened this time and ran out of the school as Ryoko continued to destroy it as she chased after Tenchi.

"Mama!" Angel shouted when Ryoko managed to regrow her hand after Tenchi accidently cut it off. Ryoko stopped just before she was about to sink into the ground and looked startled at the shout.

"Angel! What are you doing here my little one?" Ryoko asked as she opened her arms and Angel burrowed herself into them, both females not noticing as Tenchi's jaw dropped and he stared in between the two of them. Ryoko sunk into the ground with her daughter in her arms as the school exploded and Tenchi ran off.

"Ah home." Tenchi said falling onto his bed as soon as he made it into his room, only to notice Ryoko was already sleeping in it with Angel in her arms protectively.

"Uhh. Welcome home Tenchi." Ryoko said smirking as she woke up slightly in order to greet Tenchi before she fell right back asleep with her daughter in her arms.

One thing was exceedingly clear to Tenchi right now and it was that things were getting really weird far too quickly.