Tenchi Muyo and HP crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

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"You must be Sasa-chan's mama! You pretty just like she is!" Was the first thing little Angel said when she saw Misaki for the first time.

"Aww you're adorable!" Misaki squealed as she glomped the tiny girl, nearly suffocating the girl in her chest.

"Yes I'm her mama but you can call me mama Misaki too little one!" Misaki said hugging Angel close while Angel giggled a bit.

"Silly lady. You not mama, you granny." Angel said giggling while Misaki gapped and Ryoko busted out laughing. Even Sasami and Ryo-ohki giggled a bit at the look on Misaki's face.

"Mommy home!" Angel said brightly when she heard the door open and sensed her mommy's distinct life force coming in, taking off to do her customary glomp of the legs. She had gotten into the habit after watching her mommy and mama glomp daddy whenever he came in, but she could only reach their legs. She hadn't learned how to fly like her mama could just yet. Mama said she'd learn when she was six. She couldn't wait.

In another country many people shivered for some reason. It felt as if someone was stepping on their grave and caused more than a few to become paranoid for at least a month.

"Omph! Hello there sweetheart. Have you seen my mom anywhere around here?" Ayeka asked smiling as she stumbled but remained standing under the siege of her legs and one hand immediately dropped to the top of Angel's head to gently run through the girls messy hair.

"Granny with Sasa-chan!" Angel said taking Ayeka's hand and leading her to the room where Misaki was still gaping in disbelief.

"See mommy! Granny!" Angel said beaming up at her mommy as she ran over and glomped onto Misaki's legs.

"That's right sweetheart. She's my mom, so she's your granny." Ayeka said with a fond smile as she approached her mother and gave her a formal bow of greeting, which earned her a glare from her mother.

"Ayeka-chan…you might want to explain." Misaki said her voice purposefully light but also carrying a distinct warning even as she hugged her daughter tightly in greeting.

"Mother this is Angel-chan. She was found abandoned by her guardians and Tenchi-dono has taken her in. She seems to have adopted him as her daddy and the rest of us minus Washu-san and Sasami-chan as her 'mommies' Washu has been awarded the title of granny as well." Ayeka said after hugging her mother back, little Angel still hugging Misaki's leg.

"I see. I'm happy to be your granny sweetie!" Misaki said picking Angel up and cuddling her close.

"You have another granny here too but she's up at the shrine. You'll see her and your other grandpa in just a little bit sweetheart." Ayeka said smiling softly at Angel's eyes sparkled at this.

"If she calls you mommy and me granny… then what are Ryoko-san and Sasami-chan to her?" Misaki asked her eldest daughter who seemed torn between amusement and embarrassment.

"She calls Ryoko 'mama' and Mihoshi 'Muma' and Ryo-ohki is her 'sissy'. Sasami however..." Here Ayeka definitely looked amused as she ginned over at her sister who blushed a bit.

"Watch. Angel who is that?" Ayeka asked pointing to Ryoko.

"Mama!" Angel said happily as she glomped onto Ryoko's leg, earning a small soft smile from the space pirate who swung Angel up and kissed her forehead.

"And who is that?" Ayeka asked pointing at her little sister.

"My Sasa-chan!" Angel said vanishing from Ryoko's arms and landing in front of Sasami, quickly hugging the taller girl tightly.

"Ryoko! I thought we agreed that she wouldn't learn how to teleport until she was at least ten!" Ayeka turned to shout at Ryoko who looked just as surprised as she did.

"I didn't teach her that though!"

Ryoko's insistence that she didn't teach Angel that trick didn't stop the shivers of horror from going down more than a few spines of those inbred wizards of England.