somewhere west of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Plains Nation

After watching Charlie run away, Miles had strode down to the stream, where Rachel still sat, tears streaking down her face. "You just had to tell her, didn't you?" he practically yelled.

"It's in the book, Miles. I would rather she learn the truth from me then from the book." Rachel sighed. "It's about the only thing Aaron hasn't seen in it yet, otherwise he might have told her."

"She might have taken it better from him! She barely even knows you and you've just shattered what family she thought she had!"

"I guess I should go talk to her, try to explain better."

"You can't."

"I'm not going to let you tell me how to talk to my daughter."

"Charlie's run off."

"Of course she did." Rachel looked at him. "What else should I have done?"

"Not hurt her yet again. You've done enough of that."

"I deserved that." she hung her head. "I'm going to assume Charlie doesn't know why I left in the first place?"

He groaned. "No, she doesn't. Might be putting the pieces together now, but I've never told her anything."

"Good. Let's just leave that alone for now, this is enough for her to have to hear." Rachel stood up and faced him. "You really think that boy can get her to come back?"

Miles shrugged. "She likes him. Pretty much the only reason I haven't shot him yet."

"That's exactly what she told me."

"If we're lucky, he'll sweet talk her into coming back soon. I'd like to get a move on."

"Do you even know anything about this boy?"

"His name is Jason. He's Neville's son. Charlie thinks he's worth keeping around. He's proven a few times he's loyal to our cause."

"That's it?"

"More then you knew."

"I barely even know Charlie." she whispered.

"That was kind of my point."

"And, what, you know her?" Rachel walked away from him, as she really didn't want to hear about how Miles knew her daughter better then she did

"I know her better then you think, despite the fact she is fond of giving me the silent treatment." Miles caught up with her. "I was the one she came to find Danny. She believed her Uncle Miles could find her brother and make everything better. I couldn't and didn't. You have no idea the nights I lay awake listening to her cry when she thinks no one can hear her. She's lost just about everyone she ever cared about or who ever cared about her!

"Miles," Rachel started to say.

"No, I'm not done! You listen! I wasn't there for Charlie when she was a kid because you wouldn't let me! You kept me away from her, away from your happy little family! You didn't want me there!"

She was silent. It was true, she had done her best to keep Miles away. "You did see her some. Danny,too."

"Charlie actually remembers,you know. Me, her, convertible with the top down and a blasting radio."

"That was when Danny was born." Rachel smiled. "She talked of nothing else for weeks."

"She's not a little girl anymore, Rachel. She's all grown up."

"I know. I missed everything."

"Yeah. We both did."

They were both silent for a while, the mistakes of the past speaking loud and clear between them.

Grudgingly, Miles spoke, breaking the reverie. "Why does it matter so much now?"

"It says the general's daughter holds the key. I only know one general who's going to make it into the Tower." Rachel explained, matter of fact.

"Flattery will get you nowhere."

"Seriously, Miles. Monroe doesn't have a daughter. You do."

"As you've established." He ran his hand through his hair."So, Charlie is the one who can get the lights back on?"

"I don't know what the key is. I'm hoping Charlie does, even if she doesn't realize she does."

"Wonderful." he muttered. "All right. I guess we might as well head back to camp. Sitting here isn't solving anything." He got to his feet and dusted his pants off, "First, we need to find Charlie." He headed back into camp.