Black Widow turned slightly, trying to see over her shoulder as to who was following her, she new someone was, but could not tell who. Turning she strode after her fearless leader, her father figure, heading towards the safe house. Just as she made the second corner, a hand snaked out and grabbed her wrist, dragging her back around the corner and the strong arm pinned her to the wall. There stood a man that took her breath away, standing there staring at him she could not help but fall for him. He stood there, one arm pressing her to the wall the other holding a knife. But he himself faltered. "Madam" he said with a nod of the head.

"Monsiuer" she replied timidly, trying to sound young and helpless.

With a sigh, he backed up, "I cannot kill you, though you seem a threat to our revolution, I cannot do this to you." His arm dropped from pinning her just as the man she had been following called back


Glancing one last time at him, she whispered "I support your cause, call me Agent Romanoff"

Bowing, the man smiled at her, "Agent Barton"

With a swift nod she skirted the corner and was gone, although Barton could hear her tell the man, "Just making sure we aren't followed papa!"

"There is no worry for that girl, Stark doesn't know my whereabouts"

This surprised Barton, finding out that Stark was hunting the man yet she was on his side.

Sighing, he turned to retreat to the ABC café, where he would find Steve Rogers going off again trying to rile the group. The self-proclaimed Captain was the one orchestrating the revolution.

Upon returning to the cafe, he stumbled across a couple others hanging about, talking and laughing it off, and the Captain standing trying to rouse everyone to fight. But this was all to no avail no one was interested at the current moment.

"If I can't get you guys fired up, how can I get the people fired up?"

Just then they noticed Agent Barton walk in. They all had Agent names, that is how they declared themselves revolutionaries to each other. Agent Coulson turned to him, saying gayly, "Barton, you're late, and without the light of the fight in your eyes, what happened?"

Barton just plopped himself down into a seat and a smile filled his face before he was able to cover it up with his normal facade of an emotionless face. He was the stoic one out of all of them, busying himself with dealing with them and the little missions he went out on.

"I am aghast, is that a smile!" Agent Coulsen called out, "Has Barton fallen in love at last?"

Barton swatted him away, but there was no denying it, everyone knew then.

"She supports our cause, her name is Agent Romanoff." That is all he would say on the notion.

The Captain gazed on as the others gathered around him pestering him about the girl. Finally he called above the din in the room, "If you can't focus because of the girl she will have to be taken out."

The din stopped immediatly as they all turned to him to gaze in shock. All except for Barton, who was staring down at the table in front of him.

"Your life is but one, we answer to a higher cause. Hers as well. We need to keep our goal in mind as we continue."

Suddenly a new agent came running in, a scrawny boy off the street, yelling, "General Fury is dead!"

A cheer went up as they burst into song, "The sign is here, the people will gather."

Do you hear the agents sing? Singing the song of revolution...

I know that this isn't long but this is my first ever try at a fanfic, so it was rather interesting, might continue a couple more chapters, if anyone reads this, that would be awesome. Thanks you guys!