Tabloids liked to speculate over Tony Stark's relationships. His most recent one was Pepper Potts, who he seemed to be committed to, but they had reported on many different woman in the past. A couple of times the tabloids had made up stories about one of Tony's girlfriends being pregnant but of course none of them were…all but one. One who didn't even get acknowledged by the tabloids or Mister Stark himself. No one really knew about her though, Stark didn't even really remember her, so it wasn't surprising when none of them reported on her bastard child being born.

Gypsy Stark, that was the bastard's name. She looked a lot like her father from the very start possessing his dark hair, his puppy brown eyes, his trademark smile and smirk. Her usual laid back look and personality also matched his so it should have been clear to everyone who her father was. Should have but it wasn't. Her mother kept her father hidden from everyone but her. So Gypsy grew up with the knowledge of who her father was without ever meeting him.

It's an understatement to say that it sucked.

Gypsy's P.O.V

I stared at my mother's body, my heart pounding in my ears. She was dead. She had kicked the bucket, bought the farm, bit the dust. My mother was gone and all that remained of her was this empty shell that had once harbored her soul. I wasn't a spiritual person, I rarely thought of life after death, but I couldn't help hoping that my mother went somewhere nice one she died. She had suffered so much. Freaking cancer. It made me shudder just thinking about it.

My eyes drifted away from the coffin as its lid was closed. The ceremony was over but I had stayed behind to see the coffin lowered into the ground. I felt like seeing the remnants of my mother disappear beneath the earth would help me realize that yes my mother really was gone forever. It might have actually worked if it wasn't for my step father standing just a few feet away, glaring at me. Did he blame me for mom getting sick? Who knew? The guy was practically insane, not like I'd ever say that to his face.

Once the coffin was in the ground and covered by at least a foot of dirt I finally turned away. "Back to the house. Now." My step father told me harshly, reaching for my arm.

Gypsy was never one to flinch but she did step back, out of his reach. If he got his hands on her she'd never get away. "I'm not going back to that hellhole you call a house. I'm leaving." She said, taking a few more steps back as rage appeared on his face. He was a violent guy; she had the scars, burns, and bruises to prove it.

"Where the hell do you think you can go?" Her step father practically growled. He was advancing towards her, fists clenched forebodingly. "You don't have friends. You're only family was your mom and she's dead. You have nowhere to go." He told her.

Before he could react Gypsy ran towards her old pickup truck and threw herself into the driver's seat. The horse trailer they had used just yesterday to haul her mother's stuff to the pawn shop was still attached. Gypsy had told her step dad she was going to detach it when they got home from the funeral but that was a lie. The night before she had placed everything that was most precious to her, including her motorcycle and fourwheeler, in the horse trailer. She had been ready to leave since last night.

"I still got one family member left idiot!" Gypsy called out as she started up her truck. By the time her step dad reached the road she was already gone, heading straight for Malibu California.

Okay so I reactivated the poison living inside of me when I rewatched Iron Man. It's a poison known as Obsession. Thought I had it under control after Rise of the Guardians but no I "reopened the wound" so to speak. 'Cause once I watched Iron Man I couldn't stop there. No, I had to watch Iron Man 2 and then Captain America. Then once that was done I just had to watch Thor and the Avengers. Not the Hulk cause that movie was little suckish but yeah, I've had my mind explode with fangirlness. Now Obsession is taking over and I've written this. Lol so please review, tell me if you think this sounds good so far. This is Post Iron Man 3 but before Thor 2 so whatever happens in that movie isn't gonna effect this. Though, if I continue with this, I'll make the story go into Thor 2 at one point or another. Okay, please review. Thanks. Lollipops.