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No Real P.O.V (so it's in third person omniscient)

Everyone could tell Tony was freaking out. I mean, come on the guy wasn't exactly trying to hide his emotions. He seemed to want the girl to know just how miffed, confused, and beyond shocked he was. Usually Stark did a pretty good job of keeping his emotions locked up though so it kind of shocked the other Avengers to see him like this. The girl on the other hand, after her shouting match with her father, seemed to put on a mask of amusement, sarcasm, and snarkyness.

A mask so similar to Stark's it was unnerving.

Of course Tony wasn't about to let the girl ride in his fancy sports car, he saved the passenger seat for Pepper, and the girl was not about to drive her pickup truck, claiming she was out of gas which was quickly proven true by Tony. So Natasha volunteered to take her which of course resulted in all the other Avengers saying they'd go along for many different reasons. Something to do with emotional support and blah blah blah. Personally they all just wanted to see what would happen when the results showed up.

The ride there was kind of awkward cause they had all piled into what Stark called "The Mystery Machine" because of its old timey paint job and model. It was the vehicle they used when the other vehicles were low on gas and needed to get everyone to the same place at the same time. There was a front seat, back seat, and then a huge empty spot in the back like the real Mystery Machine. So Natasha and Clint took the front seat while Steve, Bruce, and Gypsy sat in the back seat. Thor had to sit in the empty spot since he couldn't really fit in the front seat, he'd squash poor Clint with his massive arms.

"So uh, what's your name?" Steve asked the girl awkwardly. He was feeling a little snug between Dr. Banner and the girl but he wasn't going to tell either of them that. He didn't want to get yelled at.

Gypsy looked over at him and couldn't help noticing every well toned muscle. The gorgeous blue eyes were also rather distracting and that boyish grin. Gypsy wanted to flirt with him so bad but she wasn't sure since any guy that hung around Stark had to be bad news. Still, it wouldn't hurt to talk to him a little. "Gypsy, Mister Blue Eyes. Weird name, kind of stripperish, but I like it." She told him, shrugging slightly though she smiled a little. She noticed the blush that instantly spread across his face at her mention of strippers and realized the guy might actually be kind of sweet.

"Oh don't go mentioning strippers to Steve! He'll get all tongue tied!" Clint said, turning around in his seat so he could face Gypsy. He grinned at her in a way that reminded her of prank loving twelve year olds. "Gypsy's a cute name by the way, not all that striiiipperish." He said, purposely drawing out the word so that Steve would blush deeper. The girl laughed a little and he winked at her.

"Stop flirting Clint, the girl's eighteen. You're practically an old man compared to her." Natasha snapped at him from the driver's seat. Clint rolled his eyes, returning them to Gypsy with a smile. Gypsy was actually glad to know his name, she liked to know the names of hot guys. She smiled flirtatiously at him which Natasha clearly noticed cause she guffawed. "Oh yeah, she's definitely Tony's kid. Flirty as hell with a libido that could kill a person." Natasha said.

Clint laughed at that and the others in the vehicle joined in. Gypsy knew she ought to blush but that really wasn't her style. So she leaned back in her seat and looked smug, like she thought all of it was just a huge compliment. The flirt part was actually, Gypsy prided herself on being an expert flirt, but the libido thing and the part about being Stark's kid kind of made her mad.

"We haven't introduced ourselves." Bruce said once the laughter had died out. He was always the proper mannered one and it kind of annoyed the others. Just like Steve's politeness kind of annoyed them in that way they really didn't care to correct. Bruce grinned at Gypsy and reached across Steve, offering his hand. "I'm Doctor Banner or you can call Bruce. You most likely know the Other Guy, the green monster everyone seems so fond of." He said.

It took Gypsy barely a second to figure out what he meant. "Oh my chocolate bunnies, you're the Hulk?" She asked incredulously. Bruce nodded with a slight chuckle and Gypsy immediately started shaking his hand. "Huge fan Doctor Banner, huge fan." She said enthusiastically which earned her a laugh.

"Only of the Other Guy?" Bruce asked curiously, gently pulling his hand from her grip.

"Oh no! I've heard of you as well though I found gamma rays a bit boring and stupid so I didn't really look into the research or you." Gypsy quickly assured him, though she did a bad job of it letting him know she actually did respect the guy. People called him a genius and Gypsy respected all people who put their high IQ's to good use. Actually, she respected anyone who used their IQ really since so very few people seemed to lately.

Bruce chuckled again before lightly tapping Steve on the shoulder. The super soldier looked at him in confusion and Bruce mouthed out "introduce yourself" to him. Steve blushed a little then turned to Gypsy. "Uh I'm Steve Rogers. Also known as Captain America." The young man said awkwardly, offering his hand to her.

"Or Spangles!" Clint chimed in as Gypsy took Steve's hand. She chuckled a little while she shook it.

"Captain America? America's red, white, and blue mascot?" Gypsy asked for confirmation. Steve blushed a little, looked slightly irritated, but nodded proudly. A lightbulb turned on in Gypsy's head and a huge smile spread across her face. "You guys are the Avengers. I mean, I knew Stark was apart of that group but I didn't expect you guys to hang out that much. I don't really know you two in the front are, will you tell me who you are? Oh and I know who the big guy in the back is, Thor Odinson. Am I right?" Gypsy said excitedly. She couldn't believe it, she was in a hippy van with the Avengers!

There was another wave of laughs as they took in her now excited behavior. Stark was like this a lot, seemingly bouncing off the walls sometimes, so they were used to it but it was kind of funny seeing someone else possess the same thing they thought only Tony had. Natasha grabbed Clint's arm and placed it on the steering wheel, making him steer while she turned to face Gypsy.

"Maybe if the tests prove you are Tony's daughter we'll tell you exactly who me and Clint are but only if you're good. Do you think you can manage to be a good little girl while you wait?" Natasha asked her jokingly. Gypsy didn't exactly appreciate the "little girl" joke but she decided not to get mad, it was best to save her anger for Stark. So she just shook her head and laughed with the redhead.

The massive long haired blond in the back tapped Gypsy on the shoulder to get her attention then grinned once he had it. Natasha went back to steering once she noticed how the God of Thunder had stolen the girl's attention. "You are right; I am Thor Odinson of Asgard. It is a pleasure to meet you Daughter of Stark." He told her, talking like Natasha had never said anything. It amazed Ginny how he could just ignore the parts of the conversation not about him.

It also annoyed her to no end to be called Stark's daughter. "Um, can you not call me that? Gypsy's really not that bad of a name, you can say it." She said, covering her uncomfortableness with a slight joke.

"Why don't you like being called that Gyp?" Natasha asked. Gypsy was surprised the woman decided to shorten her name, not many people chose to call her Gyp once they realized in their heads how weird it sounded. The nickname always made Gypsy think of the sound "blip" which in turn reminded her for some reason or other of computers and then she just got this gigantic urge to go search the web for funny crap.

Gypsy grinned mischievously. "Maybe someday I'll tell you but only if you're good. Do you think you can manage to be a good little girl while you wait?" She said, using the woman's words against her. The redhead didn't seem to mind though because she laughed.

Natasha was about to make a witty comeback when Clint tapped her shoulder. "Nat you're gonna miss the turn." He told her.

"Oh no I'm not." Natasha said defiantly, her eyes narrowing in determination. She took one look back to see how close the other vehicles were before turning the hippy van so suddenly that it made the other occupants of the van scream in terror. As she pulled the van into a parking spot at the DNA Diagnostics Center Natasha couldn't help smiling smugly, she had effectively freaked the others out.

Tony and Pepper were already inside once they all managed to make it to the door in between dramatic displays of thankfulness to the heavens for not letting them die at Natasha's evil Russian hands. The couple was arguing and both looked extremely miffed. Gypsy couldn't stop an amused albeit mostly pleased smile from appearing on her face. The others noticed her smile and felt slightly repelled by it, was she seriously pleased with the problems she had caused for the happy couple? It took them all a minute or two to remember her daddy issues and then they completely understood why she was happy. Him being miserable kind of made up for her own miserableness.

"Once again, I was young! And stupid!" Tony shouted at Pepper, causing several of the other people in the center to look at them oddly. "You have to admit I've change a lot since then!" He told her furiously.

Pepper nodded though she still looked angry. "Yes Tony you have changed, for the better too, but still! I mean, you just hit it and quit it all the time before we got together! Don't you think that makes me wonder if you'll do the same to me?!" She shouted at him.

Gypsy was not very happy with Pepper's argument. First off, she could think up a way better argument in her freaking sleep so why couldn't Pepper do the same awake? Secondly, it wasn't exactly fair for Pepper to make this seem all about her. Shouldn't she be mad at Stark for ruining the life of an unborn child, a.k.a baby Gypsy? A small part of Gypsy brightened though; at least now she knew her mother hadn't been the only one Stark left.

"What if you have more than just this one kid?! What if you have kids all over the world?! You know it's possible!" Pepper shouted, almost in furious hysterics. Who knew gingers could be so fierce?

Stark shook his head furiously. "No, I've only not been able to remember a night of drinking twice. Once was at my own house by myself and the other was with Tanya so we're good." He assured her, this time forcing his voice into calmness.

"Oh so we're referring to her by 'Tanya' now are we?!" Pepper shouted.

"What else am I supposed to call her?!" Stark shouted, losing the calmness he had just regained in one swift blow.

Pepper rolled her eyes furiously. Tony could be so infuriating and clueless sometimes! "I don't know! How about 'that woman?!'" She suggested furiously.

By then Gypsy had had enough of this. It was one thing for Pepper to turn the situation around so that she looked like the victim but it was a whole other thing for Pepper to be rude towards her mother. "Hey!" She shouted to catch the angry couple's attention. They both turned to her, eye blazing with fury. Gypsy's eyes were blazing too though and her hands were clenched into lethal fists, her fingernails digging into her skin. "Have some respect for the dead and stop talking about my mother like that." Gypsy practically growled. Her fingernails finally bit through the skin of her palms and blood started flowing from the wounds. She was shaking too, uncontrollably. No one insulted her mother, not even mildly. How dare they?! Her mother was a freakin' saint! Or, at least, she had been…

The room fell silent at Gypsy's words and the strangers in the center stared at the group with shocked expressions. No one seemed to want to speak as Gypsy took deep shaky breathes in an attempt to calm her rage. She was starting to feel like the Hulk. Hell, if she'd been shot up with gamma rays like Banner she'd probably have let the Other Guy out already. Bruce seemed to know it too cause he shot her a slightly amused but incredibly sympathetic smile. He knew what it was like to feel this mad.

Finally Stark decided to speak. "Uh, let's get this test done with shall we?" He said awkwardly.

"Yeah, let's prove the fact that I'm the spawn of your bad choices." Gypsy said agreeingly. The Avengers followed her awkwardly over to the slightly calmed couple, keeping a safe distance in case Pepper and Gypsy got into a fistfight.

After about twenty minutes of discussion with one of the workers and the promise of a large amount of cash if their results got pushed to the top of the priority list, the Paternity Test was administered. It wasn't blood like Tony originally thought it would be, instead it was a simple inside-of-the-cheek swab. Tony and Gypsy were surprisingly polite to the workers but the second they were gone the two started up a fierce glaring competition. With so much anger rolling off of them the Avengers started to feel kind of peeved too. They had no reason to be peeved of course but they were prone to getting influenced by Stark's emotions. With two Starks giving off strong emotions they basically had no choice in what they felt.

By the time two hours and fifty minutes had passed everyone was beyond bored. The Starks couldn't keep up their glaring match anymore and had begun to wander the center. Tony would never admit it but unless it was something he really enjoyed he could never pay attention to something for more than a little while. Gypsy was the same way but since she was about as harsh as her father was a few years back she openly admitted it. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed when Stark gave her an infuriated look.

"Hey Captain? What's your favorite color?" Gypsy asked from where she had laid down on the floor. She didn't mind the fact that the floor was probably dirty as heck, it was comfortable, and no way was she going to go sit by the random strangers hanging around the waiting room. So she had found a spot by a potted plant and had just laid there.

Steve saw Tony shoot him the "if you talk to her you're a traitor" look but it wasn't like he could just ignore the girl, that was beyond rude. Besides, Tony would get over him talking to her. "I have to say orange." Steve told her awkwardly, earning the death glare from Tony.

Gypsy laughed and Steve looked at her in confusion. Had he said something naïve again? "So you're favorite color isn't on the American flag? I thought it would be." Gypsy said, grinning.

Oh so he hadn't said something dumb, good. "Just because I'm patriotic doesn't mean I'm obsessed. Besides, orange is a great color." Steve told her, smiling a little. Why everyone thought he'd base every aspect of himself off of the government he had no clue. "So what's your favorite color then?" He asked her.

Gypsy pretended to mull it over but the color was already in her head. "Got to say hotrod red. It's fiery, outspoken, noticeable." She said with a to-die-for smile.

Everyone instantly looked over at Tony. He was glaring at Gypsy again but she didn't know why this time. Everyone else did though. Tony always said his favorite color was gold or hotrod red, though it leaned towards red. Why else would he paint his Iron Man suit those colors? Tony shifted his weight from foot to foot awkwardly as the other Avengers stared at him and desperately wished for a drink. The evidence that this girl was his daughter was piling up pretty quickly. He looked back towards the workers who were looking at a piece of paper with extreme interest and sighed with relief, the results were back.

"Can we see the results now? Please?" Tony practically begged the workers. Their cheeks instantly turned bright red with shame and they handed over the papers.

"Congratulations Mister Stark, it's a girl." The worker said almost absentmindedly. She looked directly at Gypsy with the same type of curiosity that usually killed the cat. "You're a father." The worker said.

Everyone but Gypsy instantly rushed over to look at the test results. Steve, Pepper, and Thro didn't really know what any of it meant but the others, the ones with some medical knowledge, confirmed that it was the truth. Tony was a dad. The father of an eighteen year old girl.

Tony turned around to face Gypsy as his heart hammered in his ears. She was staring at him and smirking. That smirk…his smirk. She still looked mad, still looked ready to punch him at a moment's notice. Still, when Tony searched her eyes he could have sworn he saw happiness in them.

"Told you so." Gypsy said mockingly before turning around and marching out of the building.

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