I hate myself for doing this. I really truly do. But I can't do it. I just can't, and I literally mean can't, wait to give you the final two chapters. I wanted to drag it out, I wanted to wait. I didn't want to finish this fic that I've had so much fun writing. But I can't do it. I have to let you have these final two chapters. So read on and I hope I did good cause I loved writing this for you guys.

No Real P.O.V

Tony screamed when he saw his daughter go limp in the God of Mischief's grip. Loki threw her to the ground, not wanting to touch the dead thing any longer. In the back of his head the madman mourned the lose of the one person who understood him but it was a very faint sound. The insanity that came with power had invaded the god's mind and he didn't care for anyone. "Now for your other child!" Loki declared, laughing loudly at the heart break on Tony's face. A golden dagger appeared in his hand and he held it up high, intending to stab it through Pepper's stomach. "Say goodbye to the last family you have Stark!" Loki shouted. He laughed loudly, throwing his head back with glee. That's when he felt something metal slam into his hand, making him drop the dagger in surprise. It landed on the ground, just missing stabbing the dead girl's arm. Loki spun around in shock to see what could have hit him, accidentally letting go of Pepper as he did. Pepper immediately went to Gypsy's side while Loki stared, enraged, at Steve who was holding his shield once again in his hand. Loki sent one bolt of magic at Steve before Tony realized what had happened. The Iron Man pilot blasted Loki in the back, sending him flying way past the Captain. The insane god landed face first on the road and skid across the asphalt for a couple of feet before coming to a stop.

Both men rushed over to Gypsy without hesitation, panic welling up in their chests. Pepper had her ear to Gypsy's chest but she was shaking her head, fear in her eyes. "She's not breathing! Dear God, she's not breathing!" Pepper screamed above the noise.

Tony went to perform CPR but Steve pushed him back. "You're in the suit! You'll kill her!" Steve shouted, ignoring the enraged face the Iron Man pilot gave him. Tony didn't seem to understand that but when he glanced up he saw Loki slowly picking himself up off the ground. A feral growl escaped Tony and he launched himself at Loki, hell bent on murdering him. Steve took that as his go to perform CPR and quickly started doing so.

The world seemed to stop while Steve sat there, trying to revive Gypsy. He pressed on her chest repeatedly, trying to restart her heart. He breathed air down her lungs in a desperate attempt to get them working again. Steve felt tears running down his face as he desperately tried to revive the girl he loved. Pepper sobbed loudly, gripping Gypsy's limp hand so tightly she could have broke the dead girl's fingers. Steve breathed into her mouth again, his tears falling down onto her face as he did. He placed his ear to her chest but heard nothing.

"Dammit Gypsy please!" Steve shouted at her, pressing down on her chest again. "Please! You have to come home! Please! We've been looking for you! You can't just die before we get you back!" Steve shouted, making Pepper sob harder. He breathed air into her unmoving lungs again and told himself firmly that her lips weren't already starting to turn cold, that it was just his mind playing tricks. "You can't leave me! Sweetheart you can't leave me!" He screamed, hitting her chest once more with a lot more force than the last time.

Gypsy suddenly spasmed into a sitting position, sucking in a great big breath of air as she did. Steve let out a cry of unadulterated joy and wrapped his arms around her, feeling the world once again speed up. He kissed her forehead, feeling her breath hit his neck repeatedly as she rapidly drew air in and out of her lungs. Pepper leaned her head against the girl's back, sobbing violently into her shoulder in relief. Gypsy pulled away from Steve ever so slightly, just enough so that she could look at him. She knew he'd been performing CPR, the ribs above her heart were screaming in pain from where he'd been pressing down on them. Gypsy smiled weakly at him. "If you wanted a kiss you could have just asked." She said, her voice wavering as she realized how painful speaking was.

Steve let out a breathy laugh before pulling her into a kiss that made Gypsy's recently revived mind swim. The kiss was soft, tender, and packed full of so much emotion she could have choked on it. Gypsy returned it gladly and when they broke apart a few seconds later she found herself wishing it hadn't ended. Then she realized that the city they were in was still getting demolished and that her dad was in the background punching Loki over and over again, completely demolishing the god's face.

"Dad." Gypsy choked out, her eyes focused on him.

Steve turned around and saw the damage Tony was doing to Loki. Steve wanted nothing more than to join him but he knew he couldn't, not with Gypsy hurt like this. He touched his earpiece, reconnecting his comm link. "We have Gypsy and Pepper! Tony's fighting Loki now!" Steve shouted into the earpiece.

"On my way." Clint replied immediately. He looked over at Natasha and she gave him a quick nod, telling him to go. She held up one finger though, her silent way of telling him to shoot Loki once just for her, before going back to helping the army defeat the remnants of Loki's army. Clint nodded before taking off towards where he knew Stark was at, dodging bullets as he did. He stopped for two seconds on his way there when he saw Thor and the Hulk destroying the weapons Loki's men had brought along. "Hulk!" Clint shouted. The great big mass of green turned, huffing. "Puny god! This way! Come on!" Clint shouted before continuing his running. Hulk quickly followed him, leaving Thor to destroy the remaining weapons before he could protest.

Tony slammed his fist into the God of Mischief's nose, shattering it. Both of Loki's cheeks were split open, his lips were busted, and now his nose was beyond mortal repair. His jaw was dislocated too and his whole face was covered with road rash and blood. Tony grinned, slamming his fist once more into Loki's jaw, removing several of the god's teeth in one punch. Loki spat a mouthful of blood at him, blinding Tony with crimson. The Iron Man pilot fell back instinctively as he tried to wipe the red liquid off of his face with his bloody metal hands. Loki held up his hands and suddenly Tony was blasted off of him by a sudden intense wave of magic. Loki scrambled to his feet while Tony was getting up and took off running, knowing he had to get as far away from Iron Man as possible if he wanted to live.

Loki got about half a block away before he felt two somethings pierce through his leg. Loki screamed out in pain, dropping to his knees as he did. He looked back and saw two arrows sticking up out of his leg, one beneath the other. One of them beeped, flashing blue, and suddenly it exploded, sending Loki flying. Loki slammed into the ground once more, skidding across it on his side. When he stopped his whole left side was scrapped to hell and bleeding profusely. Loki didn't notice his side though as he laid on the ground and screamed, the pain in his leg unbearable. He looked down only to see that the whole front of his leg had been blown off, exposing muscle tissue and bone. He was gushing blood, losing it so fast that Loki instantly felt light headed, like he was dying. He managed to look up though and he saw Agent Barton standing two blocks away, his bow still held up as he smiled triumphantly at the dying god. Loki managed a glare before he felt something grab the back of his neck and lift him into the air. He got a glimpse on an enraged green face before he was thrown at a building.

The Hulk watched with great pleasure as Loki smashed through three concrete walls, flying out the other side of the building and slamming into the outside wall of the building beside it. Clint and Tony came running over, both of them looking at the holes Loki had made flying through the building with pleasure. "Good going big guy." Clint told the Hulk, his eyes focused intently on Loki. The god wasn't moving but that didn't mean he wouldn't.

A loud clap of thunder suddenly sounded off around them and everyone covered their ears, surprised at how loud it was. Then they saw Thor drop out of the sky and land directly beside Loki, rage painted on every feature of his face. They had been trying to kill his brother. They hadn't even cared. Even now they weren't showing remorse, just fear about what Thor would do to them for hurting his brother. But Loki was beyond hurt. He was close to death. He was lying in a pile of rubble, almost all of his limbs broken by his trip through three concrete walls. Blood was pouring out of him like a thick red waterfall, his femur was sticking up out of the pool of blood and ruined tissue that was his leg, and even Thor couldn't recognize his destroyed face. Thor wanted nothing more than to teach his friends a lesson, give them a few injuries they would not soon forget, but there was no time. Loki was dying and if he didn't get back to Asgard soon where healers with magic could get to him Loki would surely perish. So Thor gently lifted his brother, flinching as his brother screamed in pain from the movement. Thor lifted his hammer and looked to the sky, keeping his brother supported in one arm as he did.

"Heimdall!" Thor shouted to the sky, begging the all seeing sentry to take them home. A thankful smile appeared on his lips as the newly repaired Bifrost descended and took them home.

The other Avengers watched as Thor and Loki disappeared in the great column of light. They were awed and at the same time terrified. Clint and Tony felt guilt weigh down on them but only because they had hurt Thor, a teammate and a friend. They were glad they had hurt Loki but they hated themselves for hurting Thor. The Hulk seemed to feel the same way because slowly he shrunk down, letting Bruce take over once more. The scientist collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily. Tony held him up as gently as he could, knowing Bruce was always a little wobbly after hulking out.

"What happened?" Bruce asked, looking over at the Loki size holes in the building beside them.

"We may have turned a friend into an enemy, no big deal." Tony said, shrugging. He was trying to act like he didn't care but it was plain as day that he was lying. Clint gave him a "you've got to be kidding me" look, silently telling Tony he shouldn't even have tried lying if his poker face was going to be that bad.

Bruce stared at the holes in the walls for a few more minutes before looking over at Tony. "Gypsy?" He asked, his voice overflowing with concern.

Tony turned to look back at where he'd left his daughter and the other two men copied him. They saw Steve help a shaking Gypsy to her feet and of course they all noticed how the girl had a hand gently placed on her throat. They saw Natasha appear suddenly by Gypsy and swallow the younger girl in a hug that looked like it could kill. They saw Gypsy's lips move as she said something and heard Natasha laughing loudly at whatever joke she'd just been told. That's what finally made them move, that's what made them run over to her and stop just a few feet from the poor recently revived girl. The fact that Gypsy was still making jokes, even now. Natasha released Gypsy the second she realized all the guys were watching, wiping at her eyes as she did. Gypsy laughed a little and turned to the three men standing before her with a smile. She was about to say something when she saw her dad's face. He looked like death warmed over but he also looked so unbelievably relieved and happy. He stared at Gypsy, his daughter, and she stared back.

Her walls, every last one, broke down and Gypsy felt the first tear she had ever cried since she was a baby slip down her cheek. "Daddy." She choked out, another tear falling. Tony pulled out of his Iron Man suit as quickly as he could, closing the distance between them as he did. Gypsy didn't waste any time in running into his open arms and burying her face in his shoulder. She started sobbing and he wrapped his arms around her protectively. Gypsy cried even harder at that, letting eighteen years of pain leak out as she did. She was crying because she was with her family again, her family who she loved more than anything. She was crying because she finally had a dad. She was crying because she had all these people who actually would protect her from the world and keep her safe.

Gypsy was crying because she'd seen what they did to Loki and it broke her heart.