No Real P.O.V

Gypsy stared at her bedroom, a smile playing on her lips. They had been back in Malibu for a day already but it still felt absolutely amazing to be back in the room her dad had officially made hers. It hadn't changed at all, Gypsy had liked it just the way it was before, but now all of her things were back inside it and there was a sign on the door with Gypsy's name on it. She felt amazing just looking at it.

Letting out a happy sigh, Gypsy walked over to her bed and kneeled down beside it. The aftermath of the battle came flooding back to her as she did. She had sobbed for a whole day straight till it was just tears silently falling down her cheeks. Even now Gypsy could still feel tears in her eyes but they wouldn't fall, she was holding them back. They probably wouldn't go away for a long time, those tears in her eyes. She couldn't get rid of eighteen years of pain that quickly. While she tried though she had listened to what was going on around her. D.C was destroyed practically and so were over three dozen other cities the military hadn't been able to get to quick enough. There were hundreds of people hurt and they didn't even know how many dead. A lot of Loki's army had gotten away and now S.H.I.E.L.D and everyone else on the Western Hemisphere was hunting them down.

It hadn't all been completely horrible afterwards though. When Pepper had told Jane that Thor had left, the astrophysicist shrugged her shoulders and said she expected it, shocking everyone and making many of them laugh. Watching Clint retell the fighting in D.C from his point of view had been entertaining too, he'd gotten so excited and his face had lit up like a child talking about their favorite game. Steve had kept his arms wrapped around Gypsy the entire time too, not wanting to let her go. They'd snuck giving each other kisses when her dad wasn't looking and it actually made Gypsy smile when she realized that she was definitely in a relationship with Steve now. She wasn't afraid of being in a relationship with him. She knew Steve would never hurt her.

There was a few big awful things about life now though. For one, Thor wasn't around anymore and no one knew if he was ever going to come back. Gypsy doubted he would after the people he thought were his friends nearly killed his brother. Secondly, everyone was trying in one way or another to get Gypsy to talk about what had happened to her while she was Loki's prisoner. They had asked Pepper but the ginger hadn't known anything. Steve and Tony were telling her outright that she should talk to them about it while Natasha was taking a more subtle approach. She was trying to use her interrogating skills against Gypsy but it didn't work, not with Gypsy so on guard about what she said on the subject of Loki. Clint only took her aside once and told her that he was going to be there for her no matter what and that he'd never judge her for anything she might have done, talking as if he already knew what had happened. Clint figured she must have done something or else she would be telling them all what had happened, no matter how horrible the details. Gypsy had thanked him, given him a little sister peck to the cheek, and ran off to be alone. The only person who wasn't trying to get the truth out of her was Bruce but he would give her this concerned look that made Gypsy want to tell him everything. Gypsy loved them but she didn't want to tell them anything. She doubted they would understand why she couldn't hate Loki the way they did.

Loki. Gypsy wondered what was going on with him now. Had they managed to heal him? Had he died before Thor could save him or was her alive and imprisoned? Gypsy smiled a little though it was sad, Loki wouldn't want to be alive if he was imprisoned. The God of Mischief would kill himself before suffering through the boredom of prison. Not to mention his pride would be severely hurt if he was locked away in a cage like an animal. Loki hated being was something they had in common. He would get so bored inside his jail cell and it made Gypsy smile to picture him sarcastically asking his own jailers for a baseball. He would do that, just ot put a smile on his face and make them wonder what joke he had just told.

Gypsy sighed and folded her hands together, banishing her thoughts on Loki though she wanted nothing more than to know what was going on with him. She bowed her head, looking at the comforter on her bed for one second before closing her eyes. "Hey mom." She whispered, feeling a lump form in her throat. "I just wanted you to know, you shouldn't hate yourself anymore for what happened. I know you didn't want to leave me but you had to go. You don't worry about me though, I'm fine. Better than fine. Dad may have not known about me before but now that he does he's never letting me out of his sight. Oh and of course the other Avengers are looking out for me too. The guys especially." Gypsy smiled, thinking of how the boys barely left her alone anymore, and sniffled a little. "You'd adore Steve mom. He's a real gentleman, treats me with all the respect you deserved. You'd find Clint funny, Natasha terrifying, Pepper sweet, and Bruce adorable. You'd hate Fury though and you'd probably be afraid of Thor." Gypsy felt pain shoot through her heart as she mentioned Thor, her mind instantly traveling to Loki. He must be even lonelier now and even more driven, locked away by himself in that cage. Gypsy shook her head again. "I really love them mom, all of them. I miss you of course but they're helping me be happy, like you always wanted me to be. I love you." Gypsy whispered, opening her eyes when she was finished. She wiped the tears out of her eyes and walked out of the room. She walked downstairs and joined everyone else in the living room for movie night. Gypsy looked around at her new family, the Avengers, and couldn't stop a wild grin from appearing on her face. It was so heart warming that no one noticed the tears running down her cheeks.

That's it. That's the end. I can't believe I'm done with it. I really can't believe it. Wow. I I plan on bringing Gypsy back of course, after I've seen Thor 2. I don't know if I'll survive waiting that long though. Thor 2 is so far away...but I've got other fics to work on. I'll throw myself into them. If you guys want to read them that's up to you and I'd appreciate it but you don't have to. I'll see about writing one shots between now and Thor 2. Till next time crazies, read on.