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Demyx laughed as the mist that once was the body of his Superior swarmed about him. It tickled his fingers and face. The Nocturne's lungs strained and his cackles switched to a broken staccato and gradually ceased. Drool mixed with drying blood and both dribbled down his chin. He glanced down at the scarlet puddle that proved to be all that was left of Xemnas' existence.

Axel's fingers twitched as he could only stand there and stare. The man who stood before him was nothing more than an impostor of the one he used to call friend. Through it all, the only one he could blame was himself.

"This can't be happening," whispered Vexen.

Saix stood speechless. Everything he had devoted himself to had vanished forever. With a snarl Saix summoned his claymore. Just as he was about to lunge a firm hand grasped his shoulder and pushed him into the wall.

"I'd advise you to move aside, II," Saix hissed through bared fangs.

"Put your weapon away," ordered Xigbar.

"I said move aside" Saix growled, turning his claymore on a different opponent.

"Don't be foolish," Xigbar replied. He moved his hand to Saix's neck. "I could break you in half in two seconds flat."

"Let him go," Axel interrupted, attempting to step between the two. He placed a hand on Xigbar's chest and spoke in a softer tone, "Please, there's been enough senseless slaughter for one day."

Saix hand tighted about the hilt of his weapon. He himself was unsure to which nobody he spoke, "He destroyed Xemnas and his blood must pay the price."

"It has," Axel retorted. "Can't you see he's dying?" The redhead turned to the blond. "Vexen, please, help him."

Vexen snapped out of his daze and stared at the pyrokinetic. Axel repeated his plea. Vexen glanced over at Demyx's state. The Nocturne's laughter had ceased and the physical strains were visibly taking effect. The ninth member fell to his knees and hacked out a wad of blood.

The Chilly Academic stiffened. He turned back to Axel with a glare and replied,"Let him bleed." Cold green eyes landed back on the Melodious Nocturne. "That's a show I'd like to watch."

Axel grabbed the older man's forearms and squeezed firmly. "I'm not giving you a choice!" Axel shouted. Vexen's skin was heated to an uncomfortable temperature. "Now you help him or I'll swear I'll do to you what he did to Xemnas."

"I will not help that monster!" Vexen yelled. He gritted his teeth and spoke, "He killed Zexion." His gaze fell away from Axel and he added in a near inaudible voice, "He killed my little Ienzo."

Axel released his hold on Vexen upon realization that there were no threats strong enough to motivate the fourth member.

Vexen backed away and escaped into the days before the Organization. He recalled the day he and Ienzo took a walk in the paved courtyard outside the castle. The boy had tripped over the lab coat that was two sizes to big and skinned his knee on the cement. Ienzo had fought hard to push back the tears, but several slipped through when the peroxide was applied to the severed skin. Even had shushed him while he bandaged the wound then kissed him on the forehead. He had then held the child in his arms until all pain vanished.

Vexen pulled himself away from the group and knelt down while his lips curved into a gentle smile. He wrapped his arms around an invisible child, then pushed stray hairs away from the phantom's face.

"You'll be okay, my son," Vexen said as he pulled the illusion closer. He stood, still cradling the figment, his hand guiding the invisible head towards his chest. He then turned his back on Axel while humming a familiar lullaby. Vexen made his way down the corridor, his throat chiming out of tune.

Demyx finally blacked out, cuing Axel to rush over to his side.

Saix was seconds from reaching his berserker state. Xigbar had summoned his guns.

"I'm now the Superior, and I order you to execute that traitor!" shouted Saix.

Xigbar scoffed. "I'm the second member, which makes me the Superior." He pointed his gun at Saix's forehead. "Xemnas is the reason I haven't killed you before, so I suggest you submit." With a smirk he added, "You can fight for it, but we both know you'll die."

Saix's eyes narrowed. "Then I'll do it myself."

Saix aimed to attack the nobody standing in his way. Xigbar went on the defense and shot Saix in the hand. The Luna Diviner dropped his weapon and hunched over to examine the wound.

"Would you two stop it?" Luxord shouted. Both eyes fell on the gambler. The tenth member stayed silent for a few seconds while he gathered his thoughts. His face softened. "We're all that's left." He paused and in a quieter voice added, "Does it even matter anymore?"

Xigbar stole a glimpse at Saix before hurrying over to assist Axel. Luxord followed after the Freeshooter.

Saix's glower never left Xigbar as he thought of a hundred ways for the gunslinger to meet with an accident.

Axel pulled Demyx into his lap and propped him up.

"Demy," Axel said as he gently pinched the Nocturne's cheek.

Demyx blinked and he turned towards his friend. He winced at the pain from the swollen right eye. "Axel," he said barely above a whisper. He cringed when he felt the protests from several areas of his body. The blond glanced down at the sore areas and screamed at the sight of blood. "Axel! Help me!"

Demyx moved to his knees while flailing his arms. "I'm bleeding!" Tearful blue eyes landed on Axel. "Why am I bleeding?"

Xigbar grabbed the injured nobody while Axel clamped his hands on either side of Demyx's face. Sea blue eyes bore into emerald ones. Tears leaked down Demyx's face and seeped through Axel's fingers. The redhead shuddered at the fresh warm liquid dripping down his skin.

Demyx gasped and hoarsely cried, "Ax—Axel, why...why am I bleeding?" He switched his gaze over to the other man. "Xiggy, what's going on?" He sobbed and groaned at the throbbing throughout his body. "It hurts so much."

"Calm down, Demy," Axel said as evenly as he could.

Luxord and Xigbar began stripping the wounded nobody of his cloak. Xigbar ripped long strips from the beige shirt underneath his own coat to bandage Demyx's wounds. Demyx hissed when pressure was applied to the gash in his arm.

"You're okay, kid," Xigbar added and patted the boy on the back. "Xemnas can't hurt you anymore."

At the mention of the late nobody's name the memories crashed into the Nocturne. He gripped at his head as he mentally relived his fight with those in the study, the battle with Xaldin, and the showdown with Xemnas. Tears poured down his bloodstained cheeks.

"Not again, no not again," IX sobbed.

"What's he talking about?" Axel asked. Xigbar and Luxord exchanged glances. Axel returned his attention the the injured man. "It's okay, Demyx. It's all over now." He gently ran a hand through the dirty blond locks.

"'s never over," Demyx replied in a whisper. "He killed my family and I slaughtered him," Demyx said with a chuckle. "I bled him dry."

Axel's breathing hitched. He swallowed then continued to comfort the Nocturne.

He swallowed and added, "Xemnas killed my sister." His eyes widened. "I wanted him to feel everything he did to her." Demyx clenched his fists until fresh blood leaked through his fingers.

"Hey, hey, it's okay," Axel said as he rubbed Demyx's arm.

"I can't remember!" Demyx exclaimed, gripping at his hair. "Which was Xemnas...and what was before."

"It's all over," Axel whispered.

Demyx's eyes widened and he gasped when the memories cleared. Xigbar dropped the bandage and Axel released his hold on the wounded. Demyx sunk into himself and sobbed loudly followed by a shriek.

"Oh, God, I killed Zexion!" His nails clawed into his temples. "No! No! I didn't mean to—I didn't mean to!" The fresh blood mingled with the falling tears and both dripped to the floor where they mixed with the blood of both victims. Demyx screamed causing the other nobodies to fall away from him. "And Lexy! What have I done?"

"D—Demy," Axel said as he reached out for the Nocturne.

Demyx pushed him away and moved to his feet. Axel and Xigbar advanced on his retreating form. Demyx leaned against the wall while his back bobbed in synchrony with his sobs.

"Stay away!" Demyx shouted. "I'm a monster." He wrapped his arms around himself. "I don't want to hurt you too!"

Axel attempted to embrace the ninth member, but Demyx shoved him away. Axel glanced down at the bloody handprints on his sleeves.

"Larxene, Zexion, and Lexaeus," Demyx wept. "It happened so quick. I...I don't even know why. They insulted...what...she couldn't...I didn't..." He rubbed his hands over his face, wiping blood in his eyes. "And Marly saw it all."

"Marluxia?" Axel questioned. He suddenly wondered of the eleventh member's whereabouts during the battle.

"He was there," Demyx wept. "With...with Larxene." He wiped away the leaking mucus. "He...he only heard what happened last time." Demyx swallowed and several fresh tears streamed down his face. "I didn't want it to happen again." He clamped his stained palms over his eyes. "I never wanted him to see me that way."

"Hey, it's okay," Axel said, gingerly attempting to embrace his friend. "Marluxia's not here."

"Yeah, his presence isn't even in the castle," Xigbar reported.

Demyx pulled away from Axel's hold. "He-he was there." The blond glanced around at the others hoping one would confirm his tale. "With-with Larxene." He pushed his back against the stone wall, and his gaze fell on his boots. "And I killed her." He quickly looked up at Axel. "He must still be with her."

Axel shook his head. "Demyx, he's not here."

Demyx slammed the back of his head against the wall. "No! I didn't kill him."

" one said you did!" Axel cried as he tried to hold Demyx. The Nocturne pushed him away and fell to the floor.

Demyx bit down on his lip. He failed to remember harming Marluxia, and he had no reason to. The memories of himself and Lumaria in Radiant Garden flashed behind his eyes. Lumaria had offered to help look after Amanda several nights before the trial. He had taken off work to attend court, and stayed by his side until he drunkenly dismissed him-right before the murder.

His thoughts switched to that of the pink-haired nobody lying in a pool of his own blood. He lie there with blank, glossed, blue eyes forever staring at the ceiling until his body finally faded into darkness.

"I couldn't...I wouldn't," Demyx muttered. He then recalled the image of Roxas' head smacking against the wall before he fell into unconsciousness. He remembered the teen lying in a bed, unresponsive, unsure if he would ever wake. Demyx hunched over with his face in his hands and began to wail.

"Let's get him out of here," Axel said to the other two, both of whom nodded in reply.

Demyx stared blankly as he reminisced each murder. Zexion had begged for mercy. Lexaeus had only tried to protect his closest friend. Roxas…the youngest member with a stubborn streak had only wanted to end the slaying. It had temporarily cost him his mobility and possible permanent psychological damage.

"I'm sorry, Roxas," Demyx said between sobs. "I'm nothing but a monster."

Before his friends could get to him Demyx reached over to where the knife lie motionless in its last victim's liquid remains. He curled his fingers around the handle and raised it above his body. Axel lunged forward. His emerald eyes widened in synchrony with a painful cry. He landed at Demyx's feet, hand outstretched for the hilt of the knife a second too late. The blade forced itself into the Nocturne's chest.

For the first time since he restarted life as a nobody tears dripped from Axel's eyes. He grasped his hand around the knife and readied to pull. Xigbar grabbed his hand in time and yanked it away. Axel glared at the Freeshooter who only shook his head.

"You'll make it worse," Xigbar replied softly.

Axel cupped one palm around Demyx's face and the other grabbed his hand.

"Dem—Demy," Axel cried. "No. Buddy, don't do this." He slapped Demyx's cheek. "Stay with me."

Demyx's blue eyes met with Axel's green ones. He inhaled swiftly, wincing at the plethora of pain due to the natural function and managed a tiny smile.

"Tell…" Demyx rasped. Blood spilled from his lips. "Tell Roxas I'm sorry." He gurgled and the wad of red splattered on Axel's face. A falling tear immediately washed it away. "I never meant to hurt him."

"He knows that," Axel said tightening his hold on Demyx's hand. "Don't put him through more pain." He turned towards Xigbar, Luxord, and Saix. "Please tell me one of you have a potion." The two former shook their heads. Axel returned his attention to Demyx. "I'll...I'll get you some help. Just stay with..." Axel trailed off and his words turned into sobs.

Demyx smiled at his friend before taking his last breath. Heavy eyelids forever shut those once innocent sea blue eyes.

Axel cradled the corpse. He ducked Demyx's head beneath his chin and let the tears splash onto the dead man's face.

"I'm so sorry," Axel gasped with a sob. He tightened his hold on the deceased. "I should've known. I should've listened."

Axel felt the weight of the body decrease. He opened his eyes and with his mouth slightly agape watched his friend slowly vanish from existence. He clung tight to what remained for as long as possible. As with the others he passed into a memory.

Vexen steadily followed behind the running child with a calm smile. Ienzo looked back at him and waved with a large grin. Vexen returned the smile wondering how time had flown. In a few years his little boy would no longer be so tiny. He slowed his pace, and slighting hunched forward so that the hem of his leather coat swept the tiled floor.

How lucky he was that fate was allowing him a second chance to be the father he should have been the first time. He vowed to himself that he would never again allow his work to interfere with his family.

The Chilly Academic ascended the stairs, not tearing his eyes from his son.

He followed Ienzo to the Altar of Naught. The boy's blue hair glistened in Kingdom Heart's light. The child leaped in the air, his hair flipping up to reveal the blue eye that was often concealed. He turned towards Vexen while hovering about the clouds above the castle.

"Not so fast, Ienzo," Vexen called out.

"Come on, Even!" Ienzo replied with a beckon of his hand. He smiled then turned disappearing into the darkness.

"Not so fast, son!" Vexen cried.

With a large smile he continued to walk in a straight line after the boy. He squinted to see his shadow in the haze. As he neared the edge he saw a second figure next to Ienzo. Vexen swatted at the forming fog as he pushed through.

The mist parted to unveil the smiling face of Lumaria. Vexen gasped and halted as he gaped upon the face of the only man he had ever truly loved. The memory of how he foolishly tossed him aside three years ago returned.

Inezo's right hand clamped itself tightly about the pinkette's left one. Ienzo stretched out his free hand, awaiting his father's grasp.

"My family," Vexen said softly.

"Let's go home, Even," Lumaria said, smiling sweetly as Vexen had remembered from years past.

Even's smile widened. Fate had suddenly decided to be generous towards him.

"Yes," Vexen answered. "We can finally be a family." He extended his hand and his smile mirrored those worn by the two before him. His gaze landed on Lumaria. "Just like I promised."

Vexen dragged the soles of his boots along the floor. As he reached the edge he watched the child's face vanish and he stared only at his own reflecting from the glowing heart.

Vexen glanced around the altar. "Ienzo?" Vexen called. "Ienzo!" The mist engulfed his body.

He squinted as he stared into the shadow in hopes to catch a glimpse of his loved ones. He climbed onto the ledge, his arms held high against the open air.

"Wait for me!" he cried as he stepped off the Altar of Naught. With a face displaying euphoria he plummeted to the pavement below.

Roxas sat up too quick when he heard boots against the floor. He held his pounding head and slowly opened his eyes, hating the intense white light of the laboratory. He subconsciously lowered the lighting to comfortably keep his eyes open.

The teen smiled upon seeing the face of his friend. The grin slowly faded when he noticed the remnants of blod and dried tears against his skin. An unwelcome chill crept through his body.

Axel sat down across from the youngest member. For once the Flurry of the Dancing Flames found himself unable to speak. Roxas wanted to know, but elected to refrain from questions until Axel was ready.

Axel waved his hands towards his eyes in an attempt to dry forming tears. Roxas sat there, unsure what to do. He moved forward and leaned into the pyrokinetic's embrace. Axel wrapped his arms around the smaller man and accidentally squeezed too tight. Roxas winced at the sudden pain, to which Axel profusely apologized.

"Axel, what happened?" Roxas asked in a whisper as he leaned against Axel's bony shoulder. Roxas felt the back of his shirt dampen with warm droplets.

"I'm sorry, little buddy," Axel replied as he pulled himself away from Roxas' hold. He sniffled and wiped away falling tears. Roxas could only watch, too afraid to speak. "I-I couldn't…"

"Couldn't what?" Roxas asked.

"Demyx is gone," Axel choked out behind a sob.

At that moment Roxas knew he possessed a heart for he felt it hitch in his chest. He slowly buried his face in Axel's chest where he released emotion he had been denying for too long.

The thirteenth member recalled his last moments with Demyx. Softly he said, "Please tell me I'm still asleep."

"I wish we both were," Axel replied in a barely audible voice. Quietly he added, "I'm so sorry."

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