Sup everyone this is my first story so i hope you enjoy

It was a normal day in rio

Blu,Jewel and there 3 kids Perla,Jose,and Josh had just woke up.

Good morning my love hawk,said Jewel

Good morning my presious jewel,said Blu

Good morning mom and dad,said Jose

I'm hungry,said Josh

Blu woke up Perla cause she was still asleep

Are you hungry Perla,asked Blu

Yea,said Perla

What do you want then,asked Blu

A peach,said Perla

Jose what do you want,asked Blu

An apple,said Jose

Josh what do you want,asked blu

A mango,said Josh

And what does my presious jewel want,asked Blu

I'm not hungry,said Jewel

Blu then went of to find so food for his family but he didn't know were to find an apple

Blu knew the Nico and Pedro would know so he went of to find then

Nico and Pedro were just leaving the samba club when Blu found them

Hey guy do you know were I can find an apple,asked Blu

Yea,said Pedro

Down be the river you can find an apple tree,said Pedro

Ok thanks Pedro,said Blu

Your welcome Blu,Said Predro

When Blu got back he gave everyone what they wanted

Thanks dad,they the kids said in a unison

Your welcome,said Blu

When the kids were done eating they asked if they could play

Sure,said Blu

But remember you boundries,said Jewel

We will,they said in a unison

And they went of to play

Later in the day rafeal showed up and asked Blu to help him with something

Ok be right back Jewel,said Blu

Ok what is it refeal,said Blu

Birds have said that theve seen a white blur in the sky,I think it might be Nigel