Really,said blu

Do you really think that he had survived that sharp blade,said Blu

Yea I also saw it to it was flying this way,said Rafeal

Blu are you coming back,yelled jewel

I have to go Refeal,said Blu

What was that about,asked Jewel

Refeal think that Nigels still alive,said Blu

Do you really think he servived that blade,said Jewel

Thats what i said,said Blu

Outside were the kids were playing Jose noticed a shadow flying over

Josh,perla can you come here real quick,said Jose

Sure,said Perla and Josh in a unison

Right when they got over to Jose the white figure begain to dive

They all began to slowly walk away from the figure

Then Jewel look out the hollow entrance and shouted

KIDS FLY AWAY,shouted Jewel

Then blu noticed that the figure was nigel tring to catch one of there kids

Blu instatly fly out as fast as he could

Perla began screaming as nigel got closer to her

Then blu tackeles nigel and held him be the throut

Jewel then took Blu's place and said

If i ever see you anywere near my family again i will kill you fo you understand,said Jewel

Nigel then claw Jewe land flew away

Blu treid to catch him but ran inti jewel

But i'll be back,Shouted Nigel

The sun was seting be nowand they went back to there hollow

Good night Blu,Said Jewel

Good night Jewel,said Blu