Chapter 1: Ch 1

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Full description: What if you had repeating dreams about something you have no idea? What if you died, then woke up in TVD as Elena's Fraternal twin sister? What if you weren't who you, your family and friends thought you were?

New description: What if you died, woke up in TVD as Elena's fraternal twin sister, started having recurring, weird dreams, something strange started happening to you and, on top of that, you found out your origins?

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Someone's shaking me.

"Tori, get up." Ah, Elena. Again. I'm tired today. Let me rephrase that - I'm tired everyday.

"Get up, please. We need to buy the last few things for school." School. I forgot. School starts again in about a week.

She's f'in shaking me again!

"I'll get up, so stop shaking me, asshole!" I snapped at her, opening my eyes. She looked hurt. I don't really want to snap at her, be mean to her and make her feel bad. It just happens.

By the way, my name is Victoria Gilbert, or Tori, as people mostly call me. I am 17 years old. I have a fraternal twin sister, Elena, that is right in front of me. She is beautiful, kind, a little bit bossy and very protective. Me and Elena are called the "Beautiful Twins" - don't know why, seeing as she is more beautiful (in my opinion). I also have a brother, Jeremy Gilbert. Ever since our parents died almost six months ago, he's been on drugs. But back to me. Ever since they died, I closed up. The only time I really talk is when I'm arguing or snapping at my sister. I hear people call me emotionally broken - a walking zombie, because I don't really react to anything or anyone. I just became really depressed. I was just existing. Lately, I have been thinking of suicide. I already wrote a letter to Elena, Jeremy and Aunt Jenna (who is taking care of us) just in case. The only thing that's been keeping me from killing myself were my siblings and aunt - who would, no doubt, be hurt.

"O .. okay. We'll be leaving in an hour..." Elena said and slowly left. I got up, showered, got dressed and put on some make-up (I never use much, just a little). I had half an hour left.

Today, I felt differently. I felt like something will happen today.

Half an hour later, we went to the mall and shopped (by "we", I meant me, aunt Jenna and Elena). After we were done, they went home, but I went to the cemetary. I went there almost every day since my parents died. As always, I leant against my parents tombstone, took out my diary and started slowly writing.

Dear Diary,
I feel different today - like something will happen. I don't know why, but I feel like I'll die tonight. It's stupid, but I feel like it.

"Caw! Caw!" I looked up - it was a crow. I stared at it and fog started coming from nowhere, all around the cemetary. I slowly stood up. It's not like I was scared, just creeped out. I started walking out and I saw a man standing in front of me. He looked handsome - blue eyes and everything, and he didn't let me through. He was looking at me longingly, with lust, hatred and .. hurt? Doesn't matter. I looked him in the eye.

"If you are a serial killer, either you kill me right now or let me through." I said, hearing my emotionally-dead voice. He looked startled, but moved away. I started walking fast and thinking about my parents. I didn't notice the car coming at me. The only thing I noticed was pain and blackness taking me in.


I stood right in front of her and stared. She looked beautiful, sexy - exactly like Victoria back in 1864. She smelled human, I hear her heartbeat and I knew she wasn't her. Her eyes and face looked dead, lifeless. I knew her parents died, but ..

"If you are a serial killer, either you kill me right now or let me through."

Wait, what? Kill her? What is she talking about? I must have looked shocked, but I moved anyway and she started walking away fast, looking spaced out, while I just stood there speachless. I knew my brother came here because of Katherine look-alike (he'll start school in a few days, what a surprise he'll have seeing me again), but there was a Victoria look-alike, too?

I was so into my own thoughts, that the next thing I heard was screaching tires. I turned around and saw a car speeding right into her. I started running to her, using all my super-human speed, but it was too late as the car crashed into her. The car hit her legs and stomach, making her hit her head right into the front window and fly off the road, hit into a tree and collapse on the ground.

I rand right next to her. She still had a heartbeat, btu she looked really broken - blood all around her, legs probably broken. Not taking too much time thinking about it, I bit into my wrist and put it to her mouth, making her drink it. Almost instantly, her body started healing. About 5 minutes later, she was fine but not moving - not even a twitch. I wasn't much of a doctor, but I knew something was wrong. I took her bridal-style and started running to the hospital. Once there, I compelled the doctors to check her out while I sat in the waiting room, worried sick.

A few hours later, the doctor came out.

"Her body is fine. There is nothing wrong with her, except the brain. The brain isn't reacting."

"What do you mean, the brain isn't reacting?"

"I mean Ms. Victoria Gilber is brain-dead, Mr. Salvatore."

Victoria? Her name is also Victoria? And she is brain-dead...Well, dead is dead. I looked him in the eyes.

"Call her family. Tell them she hit her head - hard, and is brain-dead. Someone brought her here, but you don't know who. Forget my name and that we talked. I just brought her here and left."

"Of course."

I stood up and left. Later, I will come back and check on her. I will kill her and turn her if she won't wake up as a human anymore.


After we left the mall, Tori went the other way, saying she'll come back later. I knew where she was going, but I was still very worried about her. I thought that during the summer, she would move on, but every day, she looked worse and worse.

Me and aunt Jenna went home and started making lunch, but 5 minutes later, we got a call that we will never forget.

"Hello, Gilbert house?"

"Can I talk to Miss Elena Gilbert?" The voice was calm, sad.

"This is her."

"This is Dr. Timothy from Mystic Calls General Hospital." Hospital? I don't know why, but I felt panick rising. When the hospital calls, nothing good happens. Aunt Jenna seemed to notice me and looked confused and worried.

"Yes?" I asked, almost fearing the next words.

"Ms. Victoria Gilbert was admitted to the hospital a few hours ago because she hit her head hard and, I'm sorry to say this, but .. She is brain dead. We don't know when and if she'll wake up."

I froze and dropped the phone, tears already streaming down my cheeks. Aunt Jenna picked the phone up, introduced herself and asked to repeat that. After a few minutes, she, too froze up. She thanked the Dr. and put the phone down. We dressed, told Jeremy and rushed to the hospital. When we got to her room, the sight crushed us - Tori was lying on a bed, you could say she was dead if not for the slow breathing, all kind of wires were connected to her.

"Tori...!" I was the first to rush to her side, take her hand and openly cry.

After a few minutes, the Doctor walked in and explained everything. She was miraculously alive, the machines were monitoring her, but she was brain dead.

At night, I was the only one left and I wasn't planning on leaving. I was about to nod off to sleep, but I woke up - her fingers were weakly tightening around my hand and her eyes were very slowly opening ...


"Hey, everything will be fine, don't look so sad." I said to Andy.

"I know, of course, but ..."

"Hey, no buts! Let's just enjoy this episode, okay?" I told her, cuddling more into her.

"Okay, Tori ..."

My name is Victoria Vega, mostly call me Tori, Tor or Double-V. The girl next to me is my best friend, my only friend, my sister and you could say my first everything. Ever since I was adopted into this family when I was 6 years old, we were always together - inseperable. When her parents (my step-parents) left country, they wanted to take her with them. I kinda accepted the idea, no matter how it hurt, but she declared that she wasn't leaving me here and stayed. Of course, her parents were 'mad' at me, but whatever ... We are living together for almost 7 years now. I was one of the 'popular' kids at school, but ever since I was 'diagnosed' with an unknown disease, everyone - even my best of 'friends' - left me. I started getting bullied. Everyone thought I was contagious - witch I wasn't. My body was always tired, my heart started slowing down. I always tried to put on a happy, bright face - to hide my true emotions, tried to put on a mask. At first, in school it worked - but at home, I would be a wreck. Andy was the only one that, no matter what, stayed with me. After a while, I got hold of my emotions. Andy, of course, can see through me, but whatever ...

A few weeks ago, the doctors said I would die very soon. I was okay - always knew I would die soon. But Andy was almost always sad, crying. Since we found out, we skipped school, always cuddled into each other and watched the TV. Today, I knew that I would die. When Andy was sleeping, I called my step-parents. At first, as always, they were mad at me - screaming at me. I just explained that they should come back and take Andy, since I was dying (I told them). Then, for the first time in years, they both openly wept for me, apologised for everything they said and did. I, too, broke down. They said they would come back as soon as they could - today, maybe. I told them that they should come home at least tomorrow. I wanted to spend my time with Andy. So, here we are - cuddled into eachother.

"Hey, Andy..." I told her softly, slowly and weakly. I noticed my heartbeat slowing down. I knew it was time.

"Yeah?" Her voice was just as soft - I always loved to hear her voice.

"No matter what happens, I want you to move on. Don't get depressed or try anything something." I said, closing my eyelids. "You were the only one that stayed with me, which I don't know why. I am eternally grateful for having you. Please, never forget me. I know your future will be bright, you will have a good husband, beautiful children - a good life. I couldn't have that. Please, try to move on and live - live for both of us. You, out of all the people that I know, deserve that. And I'll always watch over you ..."

"Tori..." Her voice was so broke. She was holding me tightly and crying, kissing my forehead at the same time. I started slipping into nothingness.
"Andy, I always have and always will love you ..." I gave myself to the darkness ...


"... and always will love you ..." I barely heart her and her body went limp in my arms. I knew she would die eventually, but ... When your best friend, childhood friend, sister and your first and only crush dies in your arms, you feel like you're dying yourself.

Still, no matter what, I'll try to move on and have a good life for both of us - it was her last wish and I promise to keep it. I pulled out our phones and logged into her and mine social pages.

"Victoria Vega. R.I.P. 2009. A sister, a friend, a lover. #VictoriaVega"

I called 911 after that.

"Yes, what is your emergency?" Came a voice almost immediately.

"My sister just died, please ..."


I got about a hundred phone calls (none of which I answered). Many text messages. Social pages were blowing up with condolences for her, even though they didn't really care, everyone abandoned her.


There's only darkness all around me. I can't see, hear, touch anything. Is this what death is like?

"Victoria ... wake up ..." I heard a voice. A kind, warm, loving voice. Like a mothers. I don't know why, but it calmed and relaxed me.

"Wake up, Victoria .. it's time to come home ..."

I feel someone squeezing my hand. Aren't I supposed to be dead? I started slowly and weakly squeezing back and slowly opening my eyes.

"Victoria .. ?" An unfamiliar voice called me.

I fully opened my eyes and saw a girl sitting there and crying, smiling. I was in a hospital bed, but why? More importantly, who was this?

"Victoria, are you alright .. ? Oh my god, don't scare me like that ever, ever again ..."

"Um ... Excuse me, but, who are you ... ?"

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