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I was still walking away from The Grill, just finished killing the 'poor guy' to get me and Damon into the council, and smirking to myself of how well my first plan went. Just as I was about to turn a corner, I came to an abrupt stop, because Lexi stood in my way with her arms crossed and a curious glint in her eyes.

"Why are you smirking?"

"Because I just got myself and Damon a ticket to the council and you are still alive." I told her with an even bigger smirk.

"What do you mean 'I am still alive' ?" She asked, confused. Doesn't she remember what I told her?

"Well, the original plan would have been you being killed, but you can thank me because I interfered and offered a better plan." I don't know why or even how, but I just knew that I could trust her.

"Oh." She eyed me suspiciously. "Anyway, I came to say goodbye."

"You're leaving?"

"Yeah. I only came for Stefan's birthday."

"How will you get home, though? Remember, you gave me your car."

"Oh, I have my ways." She winked at me. "Also, I would like to have your number." I just gave her a playful yet flirting smirk.

"Oh, Lexi .. What will your boyfriend think?" She just chuckled at that.

"Nothing, because he knows I don't cheat on him."

"Fine .. You're no fun." I told her with a pout and we exchanged numbers. After that, we just hugged each other. "Call?"

"Of course." I felt a rush of wind and Lexi was gone.

The next morning, I woke up still feeling a bit tired. After showering, I put on some make up, going all-out on some Smokey Racoon Eyes and decided to keep my long, blond hair out straight this time. I put on some of my newer clothes and accessories that I bought when I was at Mell's - White Muscle Tee (A/N like the one on the picture, not the Hollywood One), SAINT LAURENT classic leather motorcycle jacket, Bardot Coated Ponti Pant, Blink Women's Suede Wedges, Iosselliani Bangle Set in Black, Eddie Borgo Brass crystal arrow bracelet and TOPSHOP Reverse Triangle Necklace (A/N Link at profile). I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, going downstairs. There, I only saw Jenna.

"Morning, Jen."

"Mor-" She stopped greeting me when she looked at me and her jaw could have hit the ground. "What -"

"What's wrong?" I asked amused.

"What are you wearing?" I looked down at myself.

"Clothes." I deadpanned, looking at her again.

"But .."

"What, don't like it?"

"No, no! You look good! Just .. When did you change your style and where did you get those?"

"Now, I guess. And I got them when I was at my friends, Mell's."

"Oh .." There was a long silence after that.

"Where's Lena and Jeremy?"

"Still sleeping."

"Oh. See you!" I said and started walking to the garage, not really wanting any breakfast.

"See you .."

At the garage, I sat on my motorcycle and was about to put on my helmet when my phone ringed.

"Yello?" I answered, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hey, T." A gentle voice greeted me.

"Hey, Mell. How's it going?"

"Good and annoying." I frowned a little bit. Annoying?

"What's annoying you?"

"Miley, mainly. Once you left, she wouldn't stop giving me appointments and what-nots."

"Huh .. Tell her that I am thinking of visiting - maybe that'll shut her up."

"Believe me, I tried." What else would work .. "Also, I am coming to visit you this time and I am thinking of bringing Rach with me. You remember Rach, right? The one that you civilly talked to? Except for me, that is. She said that you didn't call her even once." ... WHAT?!

"What? Can you repeat that?"

"I said, we'll be coming to visit-"

"No!" I yelled and immediately regretted it - why does she bring out such emotions in me? "You can't, ok? There's some shit going on here and I don't want you to get in the middle of it or get hurt." I told her gently.

"We are still coming. It's just for a few days." Agh .. ! I can't have her here, I don't want her to get into any kind of danger!

"Well, where will you be staying? At mine's?"

"No." No? Where else? "I have a house there, remember?"

"A house .. ?" What house .. Oh! "Oh! That one!" I remember her buying a house across the Boarding House - a beautiful, big white house, that looks almost like a mansion.


"When will you be coming?"

"Soon. Don't know exactly when, but soon."

"... Are you sure?"

"Yes. You can't change my mind." She replied firmly. Huh, look who got optimistic .. Guess I have no choice, huh?

"Fine. Just tell me when you're coming, ok?"


"Love you, Mell."

"Love you too, T. Talk to you later."

As we ended the call, I quickly dialed another number.

"Hey!" A happy voice picked up. How can anyone be that happy so early in the morning?

"Hey, Amy. Where are you?"

"Home, why?" She answered curiously.

"Well, I was about to go to school and wanted to ask if you needed -" I didn't even finish the sentence before she replied sounding even more happy than before.


"... you didn't even let me finish the question."

"You were going to ask if I needed a lift and I answered yes. I could totally use a different ride than my sister and I want to spend some more time with you - we don't really see each other, y'know." Ah, that explains a lot. You see, Amy has a sister. Said sister thinks that she's so high above anyone else that no one can really stand her. And riding with her, in the same car, when she's driving, sometimes painting her nails while driving .. I'm amazed that she didn't make an accident yet!

"Got it. Be there in a few."

We ended the call and I put my phone in my pocket, put my helmet on and rode out of the garage. After a few minutes, I was at Amy's and was roaring my engine as a signal for her to come out. However, she didn't walk out the door - she [ITALICS]rushed[/ITALICS] out of it like a mad-woman and going straight towards me and greeting - almost crushing the hell out of me and almost knocking me off of my bike.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I never got to ride on it with you! Finally!"

"Yeah, well, you get to now." I told her with a smile, got off my bike for a minute to take out another helmet for her. She put the helmet on and I pressed a little button on the side of the helmet while getting on. "Well, come on." She just giggled, got on and grabbed onto my waist. "Hold on tight, because we won't be going slow." I felt her putting more strength into it. Good. "Ready?" I felt her nod and rode off, passing cars and going even faster. All the way, the only sound that could be heard was Amy's laughing and my bikes engine.

After I got Amy, who was super hyper, to school, I went to The Grill to get some coffee - just because I didn't want to go to the first lesson and I didn't have any coffee at home. At The Grill, I got kind of a nice idea and rhythm for a song - which I got by doing nothing but humming to myself nonsense. However, because of that, I was late to the second lesson. When I got to school, I saw Alaric about to go into the classroom that I had my lesson. Guess I wasn't late, huh? When he saw me coming towards the classroom, he held the door open to me with a smile and I just mouthed him 'Thanks' and went to sit in the back.

Alaric went to the board and, after writing his name, started talking.

"Good morning, everyone. Alrighty." Alrighty .. That sounds nice! "Alaric Saltzman. It's a mouthful, I know. Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue." Actually, it's a nice name and easily rolls of the tongue. "Saltzman is of German origins. My family emigrated here in 1755 to Texas. I, however, was born and raised in Boston. Now the name Alaric belongs to a very dead great-grandfather I will never be able to thank enough. You'll probably want to pronounce 'Ala-ric' but it's 'A-lar-ic', okay? So, you can call me Rick. I'm you history teacher." With that finished, he just smiled at us. This is going to be fun!

I was walking around school campus with Amy and Ben on either side of me.

"So, what were you humming so thoughtfully most of the classes?" Ben finally asked.

"Something that might be our new song." I answered with a smile.

"Oh? So, you have most of it done already?" He asked surprised.

"No, not really. Just some of the lyrics and the rhythm. But it would be nice if we could think and write it at your house today - if you don't have any plans, that is." I said, motioning between me and Ben.

"Sure. After school?"

"Yeah." Then I noticed Bonnie and Lena talking. "See you later guys." I sit near Bonnie when she was explaining something to Lena. If I remember correctly, this has something to do with hey ancestor ..

".. ended up at the remains of the old Fell's church before I woke up back in the woods."

"And you always see your ancestor Emily?" Lena question and Bonnie nodded.

"Do you believe in ghosts?" Bonnie asked us both.

"Yep." I answered without hesitation. Lena, though, looked a little bit reluctant.

"Two weeks ago, I would have said no. But, now .." She trailed off.

"Because I think I'm being haunted."

"Haunted? Really?" Bonnie just nodded. "But why would she haunt you?"

"Grams said she was a powerful witch back in the civil war days and that this medallion was hers - a witch's talisman." Bonnie said, holding the said necklace/medallion up.

"That's what Caroline's bothered about?" I raised a brow.

"Yeah. Ridiculous, isn't it?" I just nodded and started thinking. 'I guess I can't do anything about it. Can't go off the plot for something so little ..'

"And it all started when you got the necklace?" Lena asked, wanting to clarify it.

"I think she's using it to communicate with me."

"Ok, what does Grams say about it?"

"I can't call her. She's gonna tell me to embrace it. I don't want to embrace it, I want it to stop." Bonnie frowned while saying that. Yeah, good luck with trying to stop it ..

After a bit walking around, I saw Stefan walking away from a sad-looking Lena towards me.


"Hey. Need something?"

"Yeah, look, I know what you did for Lexi." He knew?

"What I did for Lexi? Whatever are you talking about?" I asked, with a small smirk forming on my face.

"I know that you .. kind of saved her from Damon's plan."

"Oh, that, yeah. Well, she gave me her car - needed to give her something in return." He gave me his smile.

"Yeah. Right. I wanted to thank you for what you did."

"No problem." I said and pointed to where he and Lena were talking. "Why did she look so sad?"

"Oh, I told her that I won't be seeing her anymore nor will I be coming to school." That still happened?

"And .. why is that?"

"It's because of Damon. If you didn't interfere, Lexi would have died. And, if I keep anyone close to me, they will die. It's better this way." With that, he started walking away.

"You mean .. better for you?" He stopped for a bit and looked like he was about to turn around and say something, but he just kept walking.

I just went to my bike and leaned on it, waiting for Amy. I saw Damon 'talking' to Bonnie before she drove away. Damon turned around, saw me and started walking towards me and stopped right in front of me.

"So, you said you were gonna help me with the tomb." Here we go ..

"Yeah .. why?"

"Well, I want your help. Right now. Get that necklace from Bonnie."

"Wow, commanding much? You think you tell me to do something and I am just going to do it?"

"Well .." Really?

"Listen, I can try to get that necklace for you," I started, walking towards him and trying to intimidate him which was, apparently, working a little bit. "but try to tell me what to do one more time, you will regret it. Got it?" He started trying to intimidate me which wasn't really working.

"Oh, yeah? And what are you gonna -"

"I will put you in that freaking cell again if I have to. Comprende?"

"Hey, Tori. Ready to go?" I turned to my right and saw Amy standing there awkwardly and looking worried.

"Yeah." I turned to Damon again. "See you later, Damon." He just walked away.

"Who was that?"

"That was Damon Salvatore. One of the cocky guys, even worse than Tyler."

"Oh .." I just gave her a helmet, got on my bike and we drove away.

"So, I guess that'll be it for today, huh?" I told Ben as I looked at the clock. We've been working for quite some time now. I want to work more but I promised Jeremy to be at The Grill with him and Jenna.

"Yeah, I guess. See you tomorrow?"

"Yup. See you." I said and went to The Grill. There, I immediately saw Jeremy and Jenna and started walking towards them.

"Hey, excuse me," I stopped a waitress and, damn, she looked good. She must have noticed me staring because she smiled at me. I looked at her name-tag and continued. "Santana. Can I get a black coffee at that table?" I said with a smile of my own and pointed towards where I was going.

"Sure. Be right up." I just smiled again and walked towards the table, sliding in next to Jenna.

"Hey, guys."

"Hey." They both said while Jenna looked at me like studying something.

"Something wrong, Aunt Jen?"

"No, no. Just .. what was up with you and that waitress?"

"Nothing, really. Just ordered some coffee." I answered nonchalantly.

"Uh-huh." She said with a smirk like she doesn't believe me. Right then, Santana walked up and putted my coffee in front of me.

"Here is your coffee." She said to me with a smile which I returned and then, she subtly put a piece of paper into my hand, which was on the table, then closing it and walking away. When I couldn't see her anymore, I opened the piece of paper and saw her number written on it. Jenna just whistled when she saw what was on it.

"Nothing, huh?" I just smirked and put it in my inside-pocket. "You're good, I'll give you that." She said silently and turned to Jeremy again. "Have you picked a topic?"

"No, not yet. It's got to be local and non-internet stuff, so ..."

"Oh, that's easy. You've got all your dad's stuff." Jeremy just looked confused.

"What stuff?"

"How the Gilbert's came over on the Mayflower stuff. All that family lineage from way back. Your dad really loved all that family history stuff. It's all boxed up in the closet." After that, it got silent and I finished my coffee. My phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I answered, not checking the ID.

"Hey, Tori. Listen, I am with Caroline and Elena at your house. Could you come? Because I think it will be a little bit awkward between and with Caroline still mad at me ..."

"Sure, sure. See you soon." I put my phone back into my pocket and stood up. "See you guys later. Got to go home." I started walking towards the door and winked at Santana as I was walking by her.

As I walked through the door, there was no one in the living room.

"Guys?" I yelled through the whole house.

"Upstairs!" When I went upstairs and got into Lena's room, I saw them all around some candles holding hands.

"Okay, no way in hell am I going near you guys."

"Fine, whatever. Just be quiet." Ugh, sometimes I so hate Caroline .. "Now, concentrate. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath." They all did like Caroline said, as if she knew something about these things. "Bonnie, call to her."

"Emily, you there?" I just smiled at that while Caroline had an annoyed expression on her face.

"Really? 'Emily, you there?' That's all you got? Come on."

"Fine, jeez." After a brief pause, Bonnie continued. "Emily, I call on you. I know you have a message. I'm here to listen." The candles suddenly flared up and they all jumped back.

"Did that just .."

"Yeah, it just happened." Caroline hugged herself when there was a sudden chill.

"It's just the air conditioning." Bonnie tried telling herself, not believing any of it.

"Ask her to show you a sign. Ask her." Caroline said before doing it herself. "Emily, if you're among us, show us another sign."

"See? It's not working." Bonnie said before the windows flew open.

"I can't. I'm done." Bonnie said while standing up and throwing the necklace on the floor. "Get the light. Please, get the light on."

I just turned the light on while looking at them amused. It was really funny how they are all acting right now!

"You guys, the necklace, it's gone." Bonnie said when she didn't see the necklace anywhere with wide eyes.

"Okay, fun's over, Caroline. You made a point and I get it. Now give it back." Lena said to Caroline.

"What? Well, I didn't take it." Caroline scoffed. "What happened?"

"I don't know. Nothing. Jeremy are you home?" I went to the bathroom with Bonnie behind me. I had a feeling that I just did something stupid but I couldn't put my finger on why ..

"Guys .." Bonnie said and the door slammed shut. Bonnie just turned around and started slamming the door. "Guys, open the door! Help me!" She screamed and everyone tried opening the door. "Tori, help me!" I rolled my eyes and went to help her open the door. Of course, it didn't budge.

"Bonnie! Tori! What's going on?!" Lena asked, slamming her hands against the door.

"Bonnie! Tori!"

"Try the other door." I heard Lena say to Caroline. Just then, I turned towards the mirror, Bonnie doing the same, where we saw Emily and another woman. I heard Bonnie start screaming before blacking out.


"Tori! Bonnie!" Elena and Caroline kept screaming their friends/sister's names, but they weren't responding to them. The only sound heard was Bonnie screaming. The light started flickering and there was no sound coming from the bathroom. In a few seconds, the door opened and there stood Victoria with Bonnie. Victoria was standing and staring at them with an emotionless, calm face while Bonnie was breathing deeply into her hands.

"Guys?" Elena asked them as she walked in the bathroom with Caroline. "What happened? Are you okay?"

"We're fine." Tori replied while Bonnie put her hands to her sides and also stood calmly.

"Yes, we're fine." She also added with an emotionless voice.

"Unbelievable!" Caroline started talking and shaking her head angrily. "You were totally faking it."

"Caroline, come on .."

"No, you scared the hell out of me!" Caroline said while glaring at Bonnie and Tori. "I was expecting this from you, Tori, but from Bonnie? Ugh .." With that, she walked away, slightly shivering.

"Guys?" Elena asked, noticing there was something weird about the two. Bonnie turned towards her and slightly raised her brows.

"We're fine."

"Everything's fine." Tori added and they started walking away. What Elena didn't notice, was that instead of Bonnie and Tori in the mirror, there was Emily and another woman with a very, very old, simple dress. As they were walking away from Elena, she grabbed Tori's hand, which was slightly cold.

"Tori, what happened?"

"Nothing. Everything is fine." With that, Elena was left strangely staring at the two as they walked away before following the two, Caroline also joining her.

"I can't believe I felt for it." Caroline said scoffing.

"Are you really okay?" Elena asked them when they were nearing the stairs.

"We must go." It was tori who replied.

"They're leaving? I'm leaving."

"You guys can't leave! Come on, Tori, you live here. Where are you going?"

"I can. I've had enough freaky fake witch stuff for one night." Caroline declared.

"Thank you for having me. We'll take it from here." Bonnie said to Caroline and Elena.

"Where are you going?" Elena said, throwing her hands up in frustration and confusion.

"Back to where it all began." Tori replied.

"Oh my god, Emily!" Elena yelled, figuring it out and making them both stop and turn towards her.

"We won't let him have it. It must be destroyed." Emily said through Bonnie's body before running out of the house with Tori and spelling the door so it wouldn't open from the inside for a few seconds.

"Wait!" Elena called, running after her and trying to open the door.

"What's happening?!" Caroline asked, trying to help her.

"I don't now. The door, it's not .." Elena trailed off before the door finally opened, making Elena and Caroline to scream as Jeremy walked in and look at them like they were crazy.

"What the hell?" With that, he walked into the kitchen and Caroline started rushing out the door.

"I'm outta here."

Elena was left with no other choice but to call Stefan, and that's what she did, while still worrying about her friend and her sister.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Bonnie and Tori .. "

"What happened?"

"Emily is possessing them, at least one of them. They said something .. "

"What did they say?"

"She said 'I won't let him have it. It must be destroyed.'. And then they just left!"

"Okay, where do you think she went?"

"I don't know .. Fell's church, by the old cemetery - that's where she took Bonnie in her dreams. We have to help them, Stefan."

"Alright, alright. Just stay there, I'm gonna go find them."

Bonnie and Tori were walking through the woods.

"How is her body?" Emily asked from Bonnie's body as she turned towards Tori.

"She's starting to get weaker by the day. If she doesn't activate it soon, we will have to take matters into our own hands again."

"And how do you feel, seeing her body after all these years, Miss?"

"Truthfully? Joyful. Just let's hope it'll stay this time."

After that, there was silence and after a while, they heard a voice.

"Hello, Emily." Damon said, coming towards them. "And .. whoever you are." He said, turning to look at Tori before looking towards Emily again. "You look different."

"We won't let you do it." Emily said.

"We had a deal." Damon said, pointing towards her and himself.

"Things are different now. I need to protect my family."

"I protected your family! You owe me."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"But I'm not and I don't owe you anything." Tori said.

"Oh, you're gonna be sorry and a lot more than that." With that, he sped towards them. But before he could get to them, he was thrown into a tree and got some branches stuck into him and he didn't understand how that ended up - they didn't move a single finger!

Tori gently took the necklace off Emily's neck with a nod and put it for a bit around her own neck before taking a large stick and started drawing a circle while Emily stood outside of it. Shortly after, Stefan arrive and helped Damon out of the tree. Then, he looked to them both.

"Hello, Emily." Only Bonnie's body reacted to it, so he guessed that whoever was in control of Tori's body definitely wasn't Emily.

"These people don't deserve this. They should never have to know such evil."

"What do you mean 'evil'?"

"Emily!" Damon screamed out to her, trying to stand up. "I swear to God, I'll make you regret this. You, too, little witch." He said, his eyes going from Emily to Tori then to Emily again.

"We won't let you unleash them into this world." Tori said calmly and firmly, without an ounce of worry in her voice.

"'Them'?" Stefan asked, confused, before turning to Damon. "What part of the story did you leave out, Damon?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Emily, tell me what you did!"

"To save her, she had to save them." Tori answered him instead of Emily, making Stefan look towards her and back to Emily.

"You saved everyone from the church?!"

"With one, comes all." Emily replied this time.

"I don't care about them." Damon said, taking hold of Stefan's arm and fully standing up. "I just want Katherine."

"I shouldn't have believed an ounce of word that came out of your mouth!" Stefan said, grabbing hold of Damon. "This isn't about love, is it? This is about revenge." He added, starting to figure it out. "Damon, you can't do this!"

"Why not?! They killed 27 people and they called it a War Bell. They deserve whatever they get."

"27 Vampires, Damon. They were Vampires!" Stefan said, shaking Damon and trying to make him see sense. "You can't just bring them back." Damon took Stefan's head into his hands and looked him in the eyes.

"This town deserves this."

"You're blaming innocent people for something that had happened 145 years ago!"

"There is nothing innocent about these people!" Damon snapped. "And don't think for a second it won't happen again! They already know too much and they'll burn your little grand-witch right next to us when they find out." He said pointing towards Emily, not acknowledging the fact that Tori was the one finish up the circle. "Trust me."

"Things are different now." Tori said, standing in the middle of the circle, making both brothers and Emily look towards them.

"Don't do this." Damon begged her.

"We can't free them." Emily said, without turning her eyes away from Tori.

"We won't." Tori added, throwing the stick away and throwing her arms out. "Incendia!"


Tori took the necklace that was around her neck into her hand while looking Damon in the eyes and, for a minute, he saw a tall, slim and beautiful woman with long blond hair and brown eyes, in her mid to late 40's wearing a very old-fashioned dress.

"No no, no! Please!" Damon tried begging for Tori to not do it.

"Tori!" Elena screamed, running towards them. She just saw the flames go up and ran towards the source, and the first thing she saw was her sister standing in a circle of fire. Stefan immediately went to her to not let her go any further.

"No, no, no." At that, Tori the the necklace in the air.

"No!" Damon yelled as loud as he could before the necklace exploded and he looked at Tori again and she looked at him. He still saw some flashing of the strange woman before she and Emily lowered their heads, leaving the bodies. With that, the flames extinguished. Bonnie looked up, not knowing where she was and saw Tori standing there, the same as her. As soon as Damon saw that, he started running towards Tori with his fangs exposed and Bonnie shrieked in response, not knowing what was going on while Damon bit into Tori's neck, making Elena and Tori (surprisingly) scream, too. Stefan suddenly pulled Damon away from her. Tori's body hit the ground, unmoving.

"No, no, no!" Elena yelled, kneeling by her sister's head and lifting her head up into her lap. "Don't you dare leave me!"

Stefan also dropped to his knees and checked, making sure that she was still breathing.

"She's alive, but barely. I can save her." He informed as fast as he could before biting into his own wrist and feeding Tori his blood. Bonnie walked over confused, terrified over to them and dropped to her knees next to Tori, holding her hand. While she may not really know what's going on, she did know that Tori could die. Damon only looked on in guilt while, obviously, hiding it. After Tori took a bit of his blood, Stefan pulled his arm away and checked her neck, which was healing.

"Her neck, it's healing!" Bonnie said in astonishment.


I woke up, already feeling a headache coming up and some stinginess on my neck. The last thing I remember was that I was in a forest, and then ..

I opened my eyes and looked around me. My head was laying in Elena's lap, Bonnie was holding my hand and Stefan was just kneeling beside me with a relieved expression on his face. I turned to look a little farther away and watched as Damon was slowly backing away.

"Wow, okay, you need to rest." Stefan said when I started to get up.

"No, I need to get up, okay? Please." I asked him and he reluctantly helped me up. When I was up, I was almost crushed by the hug that Lena and Bonnie gave me.

"Thank god you're okay .. Thank god .." Lena repeated over and over again. Okaay, that's enough of it!

"It's fine, Lena. I'm fine .. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere." I said while gently wiping away some of her tears. "Can you guys wait here for a bit? I need to go somewhere fast. I'll be back very soon, I think."

"No. You're coming with us." Lena tried resisting but she should know by now that what I want to do - I do.

"No, I am going somewhere for a bit. Don't worry." With that, I started jogging away from them and to my destination with Stefan following me. When we got there, Damon was sitting on a rock and looking nowhere with a frown on his face.

"Katherine never compelled me. I knew everything. Every step of the way." We walked closer to him and Stefan stopped, while I kept going. "It was real for me." I knelt in front of him and saw some tears in his eyes threatening to spill. I couldn't help it - I leant up and put my arms around his neck and he put his head on my shoulder. "I'll leave, now."

"You don't have to, you know .." I said softly into his ear.

"I'll leave .." In a second, I was sitting where Damon was and he was nowhere in sight. Stefan stepped over to her.

"Why did you did that?"

"What?" I asked, not really understanding what he meant.

"Why did you hug him? Why did you say that to him?" What kind of question is that? "He did just hurt you, you know."

"Yeah, but it wasn't intentional. He just lost the last" Last .. Yeah, right. "thing that he needed to get the love of his life back. And I did that, because .. everyone needs some comfort sometimes, even the 'bad' ones." With that, I stood up and starting to walk back to the car.

"... his face was like ..." We heard Bonnie trail off, not finding the right words to describe the 'vampire' face.

"How do you feel? Are you okay?" Lena asked, as always, in a motherly tone. I was soo getting sick of that tone of hers ..

"I'm fine. It's just, I don't .." Bonnie stopped talking as she saw me and Stefan approaching them.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." Stefan re-assured her.

"What's going on, you guys?"

"We'll explain everything, Bonnie. Okay? Let's just get out of here." When Bonnie was still looking at Stefan, she tried again. "Bonnie, Bonnie. Look at me. Trust me. He's not going to hurt you."

"Let's go to the car." I said putting my arm on Bonnie's back and leading her towards the car. When she got in the back, I got in next to her and hold her, trying to somehow comfort her and calm her down. I saw Stefan and Lena talking, then Stefan walking away and Lena screaming after him. Can she be more desperate ..

After we got home, we took Bonnie to Lena's room and I excused myself from the 'explanations night' because I had a major headache. I went to my own room, changed into my pj's and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.


When he was sure that Tori was asleep, he silently went into her room and just stared at her. When he saw that some of her beautiful, blond hair had fallen onto her face, he gently moved them away, slowly caressing her cheek. This went on for a few minutes, before she started to stir and he quickly went away.

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