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Ch. 2 Girls Night Out!

Black*Star's POV-

Getting out of the car to feel the sun was better than great. I walked around to the back of my Cadillac Escalade, opened up the trunk, and grabbed my and Maka's bags from the tour and, walked to the front door waiting for Maka to open it.

"Can you go check the mail tiny? I'll put your bags in your room, and then I'll call for pizza if you want." I told Maka.

She held the front door open for me and I walked inside.

"Quit calling me that Star I'm not tiny anymore obliviously! Sure I'll go check it, but I don't really want pizza. We ate that stuff like every night when we stayed in hotels for the tour. I'll just cook dinner. What do you want?" She inquired as I put our bags on the floor by the doorway to the hall.

"How about Alfredo Chicken, we haven't had that in like 5 months!" I exaggerated.

Maka's POV-

I turned around to go check the mail and gave Star a thumbs up over my shoulder.

I walked to the Mailbox that was connected to the gate leading to our two story four bedroom house.

It seemed like a lot of space at first for just the two of us, but when you have friends like ours. Someone was always crashing at our place for the night.

I pulled the mail out of the door in the back of the box. It was mostly credit card companies trying to get me and Star to sign with them. Some endorsement deals that I'll give to Marie later to sort out, but what caught my attention was two envelopes with my address and name hand written on them. The weird thing is that only a handful of people know where I actually live.

I walked back to the house as I separated the mail. Bills and other letters from Tsubaki who's on a world tour goes to Star, endorsement deals and other deals goes to Marie, Credit card companies and other miscellaneous things are junk mail, and finally anything addressed to me and party invitations goes in my pile. I put my mail under my arm and continued my walk to the house.

Black*Star was on his PS3 playing Injustice Gods Among Us, when I got in the house. I walked behind him on the couch and snatched the remote from his hands.

"HEY, give me back the remote Tiny! Before I take it by force again," Star threatened me with his nostrils flared out, he stood on the couch pointing at me as if I were his worst enemy.

"Well I guess you don't want your letters from Tsubaki then, I'll just throw them away, along with the bills and such." I taunted him with a smug expression.

"Wait! Give them to me. I haven't gotten a letter from her since before your tour! She was telling me about her world tour and stuff I have to write her back and tell her I'm home now." He tried to explain to me, but I already knew he was in love with Tsubaki and just missed her. So I decided to mess with him a little bit more.

"Oh Gosh Star! Are you falling in love with Miss. Tsubaki the world famous singer who works at Shibusen Records! I thought you told me that you were never going to fall in love because of what happened the last time you did. Oh and not to mention the fact that you said Gods don't need love." I continued with my verbal interrogation trying to get him to admit the truth to me and himself.

"Damn It Maka! Give. Me. The. Damn. Letters. Now!"

He shot off of the couch and started to chase me. It was always fun making him mad. It was easy and hilarious when he finally realized why I pissed him off, only to get angrier for falling so easily for it.

He chased me into the kitchen. So I ran to the other side of the large island in the middle of the kitchen closest to the patio doors. Star was on the other side in front of our silver modern style refrigerator. He looked me in my eyes and I smirked at him silently accepting his challenge.

He faked right and went left running past the sink and stove. I turned around and opened the sliding back patio doors and slammed them shut, locking them in place. Black*Star stopped his chase, before he ran into the doors, and looked at me through the glass.

"Alright Maka you win I like her ok. Just give your godly brother the letters so I can write her back." He surrendered to me.

"Okay." I simply replied to him and laughed at his dumbfounded expression.

I opened the door and handed him his mail. He brightened up noticing his four letters from Tsubaki, and was even content still when he saw our phone and utility bills, so I'm guessing they weren't that high.

I put Marie's mail on the island in the kitchen and proceeded to the study/ my personal library room. I walked through the living room to the large double doors on the right wall of the living room. I opened up to a familiar room.

Its walls were made of cherry mahogany wood. The left and back walls were made into shelves to hold my books. The right wall was a dark tinted double-paned glass window so that we could look out but no one could see in. In the middle of the room were two black lounge chairs with red pillows and one large black couch with small red and large zebra designed throw pillows. In front of the lounge chairs and couches were two wrought iron side tables that held a built in lamp in each. In front on of the couch was a large wrought iron coffee table to match the side tables. I walked to the back left corner of the room where the shredder was and what the junk mail was put in.

I made my way upstairs turned to the right and walked straight down the hall way to my room.

My room was simple but luxurious. In the middle of the back wall was my king sized bed. It had a light tan comforter with light green, brown, and white with brown polka dot throw pillows in front of three large cream pillows. I had two black night stands on either side of my bed with silver lamps on them. On the wall above my bed was a three in one painting that made some beautiful poppy flowers and baby breaths. On the left wall was my light blue chair and in the corner was my full length black mirror. In the between my mirror and chair was a set of brown curtains that went over my balcony doors. On the front wall was a large 50 inch HD flat screen TV, and under it was my black dresser. On the right of the front wall was the door that led to my walk in closet. The right wall had my black desk with sheet music and plain paper all over it, sitting off the side of the desk was my guitar and keyboard. In the back of the right wall was a door that leads to my personal bathroom.

I plopped down on my bed and pulled my Iphone 5 from my pocket. I had a text from Liz.

Liz (: ) Heyy me, Patty, Crona, and Kidd will be by your house at 9 to come pick you up to go out.

Maka ) I thought it was supposed to be girls night out! No guys allowed!

Liz (: ) don't worry Maka were dropping the guys off to hang out with Black*Star…. Oh which reminds me can we all crash at your place tonight?

Maka ) Do you really have to ask Liz? Of course you guys can. And good bc I do not want guys to come with us.

Liz (: ) Well see you soon.

Maka ) Kk

I laid down and decided to look through my mail. I had three invitations to parties that wanted me and Star to go to, and the two handwritten letters. I decided that I would read them tomorrow because I needed to be ready when Liz and Patty got here. So I took a quick nap.

I woke up at 4:30 pm, so I headed down stairs to make Star and the guys' dinner before I went out for the night.

I got all of my ingredients ready and started on the Alfredo Chicken with Fettuccini Noodles. Star loves the dish because our mom used to make it when we were kids. I cooked the chicken and made the sauce and boiled the noodles. After I mixed the sauce and chicken pieces together and let them simmer for a little, I made myself a bowl and hollered for Star that it was complete.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen and noticed that it was 5:20 so I had time to spare so I went outside in the backyard and walked to my shed or" Maka's Fortress" as Star calls it.

It was about the size of a three-car garage. The shed was tucked in between two large Oak trees. The shed was painted brown to match the trunks of the trees to somewhat camouflage it from robbers. It was my space that I could relax in and write music when I felt like it. The walk was a short 3 minutes from the patio doors.

I strolled through the door to my shed and was greeted with the smell of ocean breeze air freshener. It was my comfort place to escape from the pressures of life and fame. I loved the shed, and I produced my best music from here. This room was my personal instrument and recording room.

In the back left corner of the room there was a sound proof recording booth and mixer with enough room to fit 3 people. In the back right corner of the room was a tall black reading lamp besides my black and red custom made Steinway and Sons Grand Piano. It was black on the outside of the piano but the inside of the belly, music-sheet rest, and inside of the fallboard were all a crimson red. It was 6 foot 11 inches long and played beautifully.

I had other instruments all around the room like my electric and Taylor acoustic guitars, Ludwig drum set, an electric bass guitar, and a Violin my mother had got me when I was younger. Next to the grand piano I placed a comfy couch and a coffee table, full of blank or used sheet music, for when some of my friend come and hang out or wanted to play some music. The walls were sound proof and painted a pale green. It was cozy to say the least.

I walked over to the coffee table grabbing a song in the process of being finished, the only reason it wasn't finished was because I needed the piano for the song, and I couldn't find the right melody to flow with the lyrics. I sat on the couch with sheet music and pencil in hand. Going over the notes that were wrote down, and how they sounded when I actually sung them. I finally loved how it sounded and so it was time to incorporate the guitar to it. I started to play and lost myself to the music.


I looked up just as the door swung open. There stood an upset Liz and giggling Patti.

"Maka I told you to be ready when we got here so we could leave right away." She whined at me.

"Sorry Liz I was just working on a song it's still not finished I need to find the melody for the piano." I explained to her with an innocent look on my face. I went back into the shed to put up my things and walked back to Liz and Patti.

Liz in return eyed me warily and sighed.

"Fine hurry up and get ready so we can at least leave before 10:30 because it took us 30 minutes to finally find you since you don't know how to keep your phone on you." Liz sighed again with an exhausted look.

I began to make my way to my room with the Thompson twins in tow behind me. I suddenly stopped from a hand holding me back from opening the back patio door. I slowly turned around to be greeted with an evil smirking Liz while Patti walked right past me and into the house.

"I will completely forget about the fact that you weren't ready and that you caused us to be late, if you let me do your hair, makeup, and let me pick out your outfit for tonight." She demanded crossing her arms over her ample chest giving me a smirk that could rival Star's.

"Why do you want to dress me up anyway Liz? I dress perfectly fine to you and now you want to play dress up? What's the catch chick?" I questioned her with an interrogating look.

"I want to make you look hot! You're leaving with a guy tonight or you're going to leave a trail of broken hearted drunks behind you. You are officially single. You're not dating that druggie and asshole Giriko anymore so you can flaunt what you have! You aren't tiny Maka anymore so you might as well take advantage of what you have girl. So PLEASE let me play dress up with you tonight!" She pleaded with me.

"Fine I'll let you dress me up, but only because if Giriko is there tonight I want to show him what he lost and will never get back." I crossed my arms and pivoted on my heels with my nose in the air. Walking past the guys in the living room all devouring the pasta, I waved hi and headed up the stairs in thought.

That bastard deserved to watch other guys drool over me. He shouldn't have picked drugs over me. I gave him the ultimatum it was either get clean and keep me or loose me and keep his drugs. He picked the latter and is now single although he still tries to call me and tell me he wants me back. I fell in love with him in the beginning and I knew I shouldn't have let myself do that. I made a promise to never trust any man, other than my brother and best guy friends, that I've known since I was little, Crona and Kidd.

We made it to my room, only to find Patti already in there going through my closet. I walked into my bathroom and ran the water. It was nice to finally have my personal shower back with the showerhead that changes pressure. After that I dried off and peeked my head out of the door, only to be greeted by a hand with my clothes in it.

Liz gave me a short crimson red dress that stopped at mid thigh. It had a black lace overlay with a silk black bow that tied in the back making me look like I was a present waiting to be unwrapped. The dressed hugged my body in all the right places emphasizing my chest, hips, butt, and legs.

I walked out into my room where Liz was waiting with my makeup and curling iron. She sat me down and began her magic and making small talk.

"Did you know we're supposed to be getting a new addition to Shibusen Records? It's a guy around our age. They said he doesn't come from the same background as us, but he sings and plays instruments like you. No one knows what he looks like except for Kidd's dad, Death, so he's a mystery to everyone in the company." She told me while putting the finishing touches on my makeup.

"No I didn't know that, and I really don't care about it either Liz. He's just going to be another guy that's going to get big and let the stardom go to his head and end up like majority of celebrity's, forgotten." I told her after she backed away to look at me.

"Ok I'm done, now to find the perfect heels!" She practically jumped and squealed.

She ran to my walk-in closet and came back out with my 4 inch black heels with dark red bottoms to match the dress. She was giddy and excited because she rarely got to dress me up how she wanted.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I looked fantastic. My dress clung to my body and showed off my small waist and curvy hips, my boobs were out but not out there, it was as if I was teasing any boys who wanted to see them.

The makeup was light, simple, but dazzling. She put red lipstick on me with clear lip gloss and smoky eye shadow. I looked mysterious and strong. My hair was down and combed over to the right side. She curled my bangs and ends to give it a bouncy and light look. It was really cute.

"Liz you did an amazing job with my outfit and stuff. You should really start your own clothing line and Patti could do cosmetics because she's amazing with some makeup." I told her while watching how good I looked all around in the mirror finding no fault.

"We were thinking about that as a backup for when we want to leave the music industry, but that won't be for another couple of years. Besides we might just start it off early and get a head start. Oh come on let's leave so we can get there at 11!" She rushed me and Patti out of my room.

We walked down the stairs and said our goodbyes to the boys with promises to be back later.

"So are you guys staying at my place as planned?" I asked as we got into Liz's White Range Rover.

"Yeah and also I have to show you the giraffe Crona got for me!" Patti giggled and got in the back.

We arrived to the club for celebrities, Off The Record. It was nice inside and I worked here when I started off in the industry singing for the big time celebs to get my name out there and be known. The club was owned by Sid. He was a nice guy so I always had gotten free drinks and access to VIP lounge. It was a no nonsense club so if you started something you got shown the door. Also the best part is that it was off the radar. Only cops knew of it and the paparazzi couldn't find it because of the location. It was underground and you had to come inside an abandon building to find the entrance.

The bass hit you hard when you walked in and the music was loud but not bleeding eardrums loud. We walked to the bar and said hi to Sid.

"Hey Maka, how have you been? How was the tour?" He greeted me with a smile.

"Oh you know Sid the same as always, only difference is Star almost got us noticed in Chicago so we had to hide in the car for a good half hour from our fans, but other than that it was the same." I told him with a smile.

He passed us a shot of Tequila and we downed it and decided to hit the dance floor. It was great to be back home with the girls and just cut loose and have fun. I seriously missed them.

We danced for awhile until I needed another drink because my buzz was going away. I tapped Liz to tell her where I would be and she nodded at me. Patti was at the end of the bar drinking shots of Vodka with some guy laughing at everything she said.

"Hey, Sid give me a dirty martini!" I yelled to him and received a nodded in return.

"So you're a martini kind of girl I wouldn't have pegged you for that type." The stranger whispered into my ear from behind me.

Not turning around and ready for him to leave me alone so I can get back to having fun with my girls I told him.

"No I'm not. I just like to have something some thing weak before I get to the hard liquor. I'm more of the 'you don't have a chance so back off while you still can' kind of girl."

"I like a girl with an attitude. They can hold their own so I don't have to worry about them, but your outfit was calling for me to come and get to know you showing off the mile long legs of yours. It's not cool to let a pretty lady like yourself to drink alone." I could feel him smirk.

"I'm not alone I'm here with friends." I told him drinking some of the martini.

"Well where is your man because I know a pretty thing like you has to have one?" He whispered again.

"Single and I don't need a man, so bye mister." I told him finishing off my drink and facing forward.

He took the seat next to mine and looked at me. "Can I at least have your name then? It wouldn't be cool if I didn't know the name of the one girl who can actually hold my attention since I got to this town."

I looked over to him and was meet with crimson eyes the same color as my dress. They were mesmerizing and mysterious. I shook myself in my head and gave him a blank look.

"If I give you my name will you leave me alone?" He nodded in response.

"It's Angel then, bye." I turned and grabbed a two shots of Tequila, downed them, then walked to the dance floor.

"I'll see you sometime then!" I heard him call to me but I pretended I couldn't hear and kept on going.

The night was going great until a certain someone showed up and began to beg for me to come back to him while he was high.

"No Giriko, I told you I'm done with you I don't love you anymore you chose the drugs over me."

"Maka it's not the same without you come on give me one more chance. You know you want to come back to me."

"I'm done with you!" I yelled and turned to walk away but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"You're not done until I say you're done. Remember whose boss Maka. You're still mine no matter what you say, and you're always going to be that hurt puppy no matter how tough you try to act around everyone else, but I know what lies under that mask." He whispered and sneered into my ear.

"Let her go she obliviously doesn't want you man." The guy said.

"Don't tell me what to do with my girl." Giriko lashed back.

"I'm not your girl anymore so let go of me!" I snatched my arm away from him "Go back to your drugs."

"This isn't done Maka." He lowered his voice to me.

I walked up to the DJ and whispered into something into his ear. He smiled and nodded to me. I then got on stage and looked out into the crowd.

"Hey I'm going to sing a song and it's dedicated to Giriko back there. Maybe you'll understand what I'm trying to say to you if I do it this way." I winked at him and he smirked.

As the music started and I looked at the guy with the mysterious eyes again and I looked into Giriko's eyes.

Come with me

Stay the night

You say the words but boy it don't feel right

What do ya expect me to say (You know it's just too little too late)

You take my hand

And you say you've changed

But boy you know your begging don't fool me

Because to you it's just a game (You know it's just too little too late)

So let me on down

'Cause time has made me strong

I'm starting to move on

I'm gonna say this now

Your chance has come and gone

And you know...

It's just too little too late

a little too wrong

And I can't wait

But you know all the right things to say (You know it's just too little too late)

You say you dream of my face

But you don't like me

You just like the chase

To be real

It doesn't matter anyway (You know it's just too little too late)

Yeah yeaaahhh... It's just too little too late... Mhmmm

I was young

And in love

I gave you everything

But it wasn't enough

And now you wanna communicate (You know it's just too little too late)

Go find someone else

In letting you go

I'm loving myself

You got a problem

But don't come asking me for help

'Cause you know...

I walked to the front of the stage and looked for Giriko who was making his way to the back of the crowd from embarrassment. The mysterious guy made his way to the front of the stage. I waved bye to Giriko and smiled at the mystery guy and gave him a thumbs up which made him smirk. I walked back to center stage.

I can love with all my heart , baby

I know I have so much to give (I have so much to give)

With a player like you I don't have a prayer

That's no way to live

Ohhhh… mmm nooo

It just too little too late


It's just too little too late

A little too wrong

And I can't wait

But you know all the right things to say (You know it's just too little too late)

You say you dream of my face

But you don't like me

You just like the chase

To be real

It doesn't matter anyway (You know it's just too little too late)


You know it's just too little too late

Oh, I can't wait

The chorus began to fade as I sang it one last time. When I was done the crowd went crazy and some whistled. I walked off the stage after thanking the DJ and was meet by two crimson eyes.

"I didn't know you could sing." He told me with that smirk that's seemed to never have left his face.

"There's a lot things you don't know about me." I whispered in his ear.

Right at that moment a tipsy Liz and drunken Patti found me and asked if I could drive home. I smiled and waved bye to the guy and directed my friends to the car and drove home.

Black*Star and the guys were passed out in the living room. I woke them up and everyone went to bed.

I took a shower again because I smelled like alcohol and cigarette smoke. I lay down in bed and dreamed about a pair of Crimson eyes that night.

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