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Chapter 8- The Truth?

Maka's POV-

I woke up before the sun rose, still lying in bed; I took in a deep breath through my nose and let the breath out of my mouth. I was anxious and excited at the same time. My stomach kept on flipping around and flying everywhere. I continued taking deep breathes for another five minutes.

After I calmed my stomach I just decided to listen to the sounds around the house. I could hear the faint sounds of snoring from Black*Star's room. He obviously fell asleep with his door open again. I could hear jazz coming from one of the guest bedrooms, Soul must have fallen asleep listening to it again. Aside from the snoring and music the house was quite peaceful. I closed my eyes and hoped to fall asleep again, but my dreams never came to claim my buzzing mind.

I rolled over and looked at my phone; I had a couple of text messages from Kid and all of the others wishing me a good luck on my world tour. There was also one from Marie saying that we would be leaving tonight instead of in the morning, which was great because we would have been late anyways.

They couldn't be here today since they all have to be in the studio working on albums and possible songs. Patty had gotten a role in a comedy movie and Liz was talking to Death about opening a clothing line.

I was so proud of my friends and their accomplishments, but just as I was feeling ok and content I got a sinking feeling in my gut.

Maybe I shouldn't go to the restaurant and meet him. I mean he is a drunk and I know he has done wrong by my mother, Star, and me, but he still is my papa. I want answers, and to be a family again. I want the one thing that everyone else takes for granted in life; my full family back.

I finally decided to ignore that feeling and go see my dad, but I wouldn't tell Black*Star since he will make me stay here or tag along. I got up and silently walked downstairs so I didn't wake the boys. I grabbed an apple and some yogurt from the fridge and walked onto the back patio. I curled up in one of the cushioned chairs watching the sunrise.

It was beautiful as the sky set ablaze with light blues, pinks, and oranges. It warmed my heart as I remembered the last time we watched a sunrise as a whole family.


"Dad when I get older, and I become a full God I'm gonna change the colors in the sunrise." A small 9 year old, but equally hyper, Black*Star exclaimed.

"Star calm down sweetie, the neighbors are still sleeping." Mama told him calmly while pulling him to sit in her lap.

"Papa if Star is going to be a God then what am I?" My 6 year old self asked while sitting in his lap holding my stuffed panda bear close.

"You're the smartest, kindest, caring, and most beautiful Angel." He smiled at me.

"Yeah you're my number one angel Tiny. I am going to need help with all of my loyal followers." Star grinned at me.

"Now Star what did I tell you-" Mama started but I cut her off.

"Don't call me Tiny, Cotton Candy Head!" I yelled at him my face all red.

"HEY! Don't call me Cotton Candy Head, and you are tiny, Tiny." He huffed back at me.

"Now settle down you two or you are going back inside." Papa told us in his stern voice.

We both crossed our arms and looked away from each other, nose in the air and eyes closed. I could hear our parents sigh as we continued to not speak to each other.

"What was that song you wanted to show us Star and Angel?" Mama asked us lightly.

We both brightened and got off of our parents laps. We stood in front of them with smiles and we nodded at each other.

Maka, Black*Star –

Do you remember at all (At all)

People walking hand in hand (Hand in hand)

Can we feel that love again (Can we feel it again)

Can you imagine it all (Imagine it all)

If we all could get along

Then we all could sing this song (We all could sing this song)

Together (Together)

Oh Oh Oh Oh (Oh Oh Oh Oh) X6

If we could throw away the hate

Make love last another day

Don't give up just for today

Life would be so simple

They may talk about us

But they never stop us

We'll keep singin'

Oh Oh Oh Oh (Oh Oh Oh Oh) X6

We stopped singing and looked at our smiling parents.

"That was great kids!" Mama smiled.

"You two sounded amazing." Papa hugged us.

"Really or are you just trying to make us feel good again?" Black*Star crossed his arms.

"No you really did sound great Star, and you too my little angel." Mama got up and hugged us.

"Hey you guys the sun is about to rise!" Papa chuckled as we all sat back down.

Mama and Papa sat side by side while Star and I were sitting in front of them side by side. I laid my head on Star's head, since I was starting to feel very sleepy from staying up all night. We watched the sky turn a light blue like Star's hair into a bright teal color like his eyes. The horizon became a bright green like Mama and my eyes, and then spread into beautiful shades of orange and pink. I smiled as I closed my eyes and began to drift off into sleep. I felt someone pick me up and heard my papa whisper to me "Have sweet dreams Angel." I snuggled into his chest and went straight to sleep.

-End Flashback-

The sun slowly rose above the trees and I watched as the sky lite up in a beautiful display of colors. I felt content in that moment just watching the sun come up and bring its light into the world. I suddenly remembered that the guys said they wanted to work on a new car Star bought from the junkyard and completely rebuild the inside. Soul asked me to wake them up early and it's already 7:30. I didn't realize that I had been sitting outside that long thinking about everything.

I jumped up from the patio chair and walked back into the kitchen leaving the glass door open to let in some fresh air. I made my way into the study/ mini library to find a book to read while I cooked some breakfast. I decided on a book, and began to read as I walked back into the kitchen. I started the coffee maker and grabbed all of the ingredients for french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, and some cut up fruit.

I started the french toast since it would take longer to cook and added sugar and cinnamon to make it a little sweet. When I was about half way done with all of the toast I began on the eggs. I heard someone coming down the stairs when I had put the eggs in the microwave to stay warm as I finished with the last of the toast.

"How long have you been awake?" Soul yawned as he padded into the kitchen sleepily.

I looked at him and smiled. "Well I got to watch the sunrise, so I think pretty early. When did you wake up?"

"I woke up about five minutes ago to the smell of food. What are you making?" he asked as he stretched and looked over my shoulder.

"French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and some fruit along with whatever you guys want to drink." I replied while placing the last of the toast on a plate.

"Is there anything you need help with?" Soul curiously asked.

"Yeah how good are you at cutting stuff?" I inquired with a smirk.

"Pretty good, if I say so myself." He laughed.

"Good, then cut up the fruit and put it in this big bowl." I smiled as I placed a bowl in front of him and handed him the knife as well.

"Fine, Miss. Bossy." Soul laughed and I stuck my tongue out at him.

I turned to the small shelf about the sink and turned on my Bluetooth speaker. I connected it to my Ipod and played some music as we cooked in the kitchen.

We were having fun singing along and play dancing, as I cooked the bacon. I just started to remove the bacon from the pan when we heard someone shuffle into the kitchen.

"So is the bacon done?" Black*Star grinned as his stomach growled.

"Yes Star, grab the plates, silverware, and cups please. Soul put the bowl in the middle of the table." I commanded as I grabbed the eggs and french toast from the microwave.

Black*Star came back and placed three plates in front of the stools and placed silverware on each plate. Soul grabbed the plate of french toast from me and set it next to fruit. I placed the eggs on the table in the middle, and Black*Star grabbed cups and put them in front of their respective plates.

"Alright boys sit down and what do you want to drink?" I asked as I placed the bacon down and slapped Star's hand away.

"Milk for me Tiny!"

"Orange juice is cool."

They both announced. I grabbed the milk and poured Star his drink before I punched him in the shoulder.

"Cotton candy head." I grinned and grabbed the Oj.

"Oi, don't call me that!" He yelled.

"Then don't call me Tiny, or would you prefer I start calling you mortal again?" I answered back with a glare.

"Whatever." Black*Star mumbled.

"That's what I thought." I smirked in triumph.

After pouring Soul and I's drinks, and putting the jugs away, we began to eat.

I was eating slowly, and looked next to me to see both Star and Soul inhaling the food!


They both stopped eating and looked at me, as if I grew a second head.

"But we're starving Maks." Black*Star whined.

"How can you be starving when you're already on your second plate?" I looked shocked and annoyed.

"Because, we haven't eaten since last night, you know this." Soul looked at me with a puzzled look.

"It's not my fault that you two have never ending abyss' for stomachs." I face palmed.

We talked and laughed as we continued eating. It was 8:50 when we were done eating, and since I cooked the boys had to clean up the mess. Black*Star and I had made that rule when we first got our own place. It saved us the trouble of arguing and having dirty dishes. Besides they are going to be working on the car anyways, so they can clean up before they get dirty again.

I walked into my room and headed straight for the shower. I began to undress and started the water to reach the perfect temperature for my tense muscles. I sighed in pleasure as the hot water relaxed my muscles and calmed me down.

I washed up, body and hair, and just continued to let the water relax me afterwards. After finally getting out of the shower, I dried off and made my way to my closet.

"Alright, what should I wear today?" I asked myself. "Oh this should work."

I pulled out safari green loose slip dress and a crème knit cardigan. The cardigan was loose on me and more often than not would fall off of my shoulder. The dress stopped two inches above my knees and the cardigan stopped below the knee. I also grabbed a pair of brown gladiator sandals from the closet which stopped just below my calf.

I made one big braid up the back of my head and pulled the rest into a messy bun. I grabbed a brown bow that matched the color of my sandals and put it in front of my bun. I put on pale pink lip stick and painted my nails safari green to match my dress.

I got dressed, but left my cardigan off, grabbed my sandals and a pair of aviator glasses, then headed downstairs.

I set my glasses and sandals by the door and walked into the study while grabbing a book and an invitation to my charity event. I checked the time and seen it was 10:45 sighing as went into the living room.

Getting comfy on the couch I let the book take me into another world.

I'm three quarters of the way finished with the book, and look to check the time and seen that it was 2:00 in the afternoon.

Looks like it's time to get heading on out.

I sighed and pushed down the feeling I had this morning, I was going to go to this meeting.

I was going to look my father in the eyes, without fear, and have him explain to me why. I just needed to know why in order to have closure. It ate away at me every day, and I needed to know in order to fully understand.

I felt like I was a puzzle that was missing a piece in order to make the picture whole. I felt like I would be able to feel whole if he just told me why. I felt like I was a shell of who I could be.

I grabbed my brown messenger bag purse, while putting on my sandals, sunglasses, and cardigan. I walk out to the garage and grab my keys from the rack. I got into my Mustang and drove to the burger shop. I pulled into a parking space and got out of my car with my purse slung over my shoulder and sunglasses adorning my face.

No One's POV –

Maka walked to the door of the establishment taking deep breaths. Her stomach felt like someone had poured concrete in it. She grabbed the handle to the door, and straightened her shoulders and held her head high.

As she look around she noticed that the restaurant was actually quite busy. She looked around for her father, and seen him sitting in a corner booth in the back of the store. The feeling had returned to her but she shoved it back down, and steeled her resolve.

She slid into the seat in front of him.

"I'm sorry ma'am but this seat is taken. I am waiting for my daughter to get here." Her father said with a small smile on his face.

Her father had aged over the years and it showed greatly. His bright red hair seemed a little dull, and his sapphire blue eyes didn't have that shine they used to. His skin was tanned but lacked the sun kissed look and he appeared older than he really was. He had on a white and blue shirt with dark grey jeans, on his feet were a pair of black sneakers.

Maka sighed and took off her glasses. "Did I really change so much you don't recognize your own baby girl? Hello Papa."

"Maka, how have you been, where is your brother?" Spirit asked with wide eyes.

"I have been fine Papa, and Star wasn't told about this meeting. He still doesn't want anything to do with you, or mother, so he would have just talked me out of coming here." Maka explained while looking at her father with a small smile.

"I knew as much, he can hold a grudge just like your mother. So any news that isn't on the news?" Spirit questioned.

"No Papa, I have a career to maintain and nothing is going to pull me away from it. I am doing something I love, and it gives hope and peace of mind to others out there. So I don't have time to be out there like the rest of them." Maka spoke with passion, but towards the ended she huffed her disinterest.

"So you don't go party with your friends, or just be like any other young adult?" Spirit questioned his daughter some more.

"I don't go and party like that Papa and you should know why. I rarely drink and when I do I just get a slight buzz and that's all, I don't get drunk. I do have fun I just don't like to be all out there with it." Maka crossed her arms over her chest.

A look of annoyance crossed over Spirits face in a flash, but was too quick for Maka to see it. Maka sighed and grabbed the invitation out of her purse.

"I didn't come here to argue, I came here to get answers, and to give you this. It's an invitation to my Charity event that I am hosting. I want you to come, and even though you might not I wanted to give this to you anyways. Now I want to ask some questions, and I need to have them answered, please Papa." Maka sighed.

"Alright Maka let's go to the park across the street, so that we can really just talk. Without all the prying ears listening in on us." Spirit suggested as he got up.

Maka felt something bad stir up in her stomach, but she pushed it off. Her anxiety has been acting up ever since she got the letter from her Father. But, this isn't like the last time, he wasn't even drunk right now. She was safe, besides if anything happened there would be people nearby to help.

"Yeah sure." Maka got up and put her sunglasses back on her face.

The two walked to the park across the street, side by side, with Maka keeping some space between them. They continued to walk until they were just a little ways from the playground full of small children. The two slowed their pace and Maka finally spoke, facing her fears.

"Why did you cheat on Mama?" She asked in a whisper.

"I guess I had that coming, but I still am not prepared for it." Spirit sighed as he lifted his head to the sky, and his hands in his front pockets. "I honestly was drunken majority of the time when those things happened, but sometimes I wasn't. Your mother was always dotting on your brother and you, to the point where she forgot me. So I found the interaction from another person that she wasn't giving me. I kept doing it even when she confronted me about it, but I got so used to it that I couldn't really stop. I guess I just stopped caring, but I still loved and do love your mother."

Maka watched him and silently let go of the breath she was holding. She got one of the easier questions out of the way and now it was time to move onto a more difficult one. She prayed that she didn't start a fight with these questions.

"Why did you drink all the time?" Maka stopped walking and so did he.

"To forget." He said plainly clenching he jaw.

The rest of the sentence didn't need to be said in order to understand.

To forget about the pain of her leaving us, and was being the reason for her leaving us. To forget about hurting you and your brother. To forget about the anger, and the sadness that was consuming me.

There was silence after that question, because it stung both individuals. Spirit felt his anger begin to rise, and clenched his fists in his pockets. It all hurt and he was reopening old wounds. How dare she make him relive his insanity, his hurt, his misery? With that thought he felt his sanity begin to slip from his grasp.

"Why did you beat us?" Maka choked back a sob.

She needed this answer, she craved it. It hurt her more not knowing than knowing. But if she was really paying attention to what was happening around her she would have realized her three mistakes.

1) They had travelled down a small walking trail away from all the people.

2) Her father's anger had risen and took his sanity away.

3) She left her phone in her car.

She lifted her eyes just in time to see the hand that was headed towards her face.


It echoed within the trees surrounding them. Spirit was standing over a now downed Maka. The only thing that was in his head was the anger he felt when she was a little girl. The betrayal he felt when his Ex-wife left him with the kids. The twisted enjoyment the alcohol brought him when he let his anger out on his children.

"What makes you think that you have the right to just dig up my past like that? You want to know the truth?" He asked with a sadistic smile.

He squatted down next to her. She was holding onto her now red cheek, and her sunglasses were laying in the dirt the dirt next to her.

"I enjoyed beating the two of you. I like to watch your brother try to fight me back, and cry when I beat him and got to you." Spirit whispered in her ear.

Maka's eyes widened and tears began to flow from her eyes. But as she moved to stand up, his leg connected with her side bringing her back down to the ground. She felt her breath leave her lungs and began to cough trying to bring air back in.

Spirit watched on a satisfaction, the girl that looked so much like his good for nothing Ex-wife. He grew angrier and reared his leg back again, ready for another attack.

"I was having so much fun beating the two of you. Then you had to go and leave me, just like that stupid Bitch! I had to find other people to help me with my anger problem. You want to know who I met to get your address?" Spirit ranted as he kick his daughter on her left side and in her stomach.

"There was this guy at a bar going on about how he was just dumped by Angel. No one believed him, but I decided to talk to him, and see if he was stating the truth. He explained you well enough to make me think that he was a stalker fan. Until he described the scar that you have behind you right ear, and on you left thigh. Do you still have a hard time hearing with that ear? I wonder how does he know about those." Spirit stopped and pondered the thought while rubbing his chin.

"Anyways, he actual gave me you address for a hook-up to an old friend of mine that sells, and I sent you that letter. I was going to stop by and say hi, but I seen an albino boy walk up knock on the door. He was all dressed up and so I waited to see what he was there for. What a shock it was to see you come out with him all dressed up in you red dress, and heels. I actually got a little jealous. How does this punk get to spend time with my baby girl when I can't see her? I mean all I want to do is have some fun just like old times." He grinned and grabbed Maka by her hair.

He hoisted her up on set her on her feet.

She felt pain in her torso and suspected that her ribs and stomach might be bruised. She was scared just like when she was a little girl.

Her Papa was nice and sweet, he used to read bedtime stories to her. And he used to take her and her brother to the park all the time. He was loving and kind. She needed to get away.

He was rambling on about something and he still had her by her hair. She knew her father was still somewhere deep down inside that man. But he wasn't himself at the moment.

She thought of a plan to get out of there, and put it into motion. She stomped on his foot and that made him loosen his hold on her hair. She turned and punched him in the face throwing him off balance and taking him by surprise. His hands flew to his nose. As soon as his hold on her was release she grabbed her glasses and took off despite the pain in her torso.

Her ribs felt like they were on fire, and her stomach was trying to force her breakfast back up. She put her sunglasses back on her face, and pulled her hair down letting her it cover her swelling cheek.

She made it to her car and got in locking the doors. She took deep breathes despite her protesting ribs. She wiped away her tears and turned on her car and making her way back home.

Maka was thankful that Soul and her brother weren't home when she got there. She parked in the driveway and made her way to the kitchen where she grabbed an ice pack. She slowly made her way upstairs and to her bathroom. She looked at her swollen red cheek and wrapped a hand towel over the ice pack softly placing it on her cheek. She moved to her cupboard and took some painkillers. She then changed into a loose shirt and a pair of capris.

She walked back downstairs and grabbed her phone out of her purse texting Black*Star telling him she would be in the Music Shed.

In the Music shed she sat at the piano and cried. Her heart was breaking all over again, and what made it worse was that she knew he meant what he said.

She set down the ice pack and began to play the piano. It was a dark sad melody and she began to write it down as she played. When she was done playing she realized she had her melody to her song she had been looking for. She grabbed all the sheet music and moved to the couch and coffee table. She placed her Ice pack back on her face for a little while, as she worked.

She finally finished her song, Maka picked up the sheet music for the song and walked over to the Piano. She walked passed a mirror and seen her reflection. She eyes were red and puffy, and her cheek was slightly swollen. The redness had went away, but it wasn't real noticeable. She wasn't even going to check out her torso right now, in fear of having an anxiety attack.

She walked on and began to play her song.

Time went by and Soul and Black*Star came back. She avoided them as much as possible, because she knew that Star would see something is wrong and Soul would have to find out the full truth.

Maka put the ice pack back in the freezer and grabbed a bigger one as well. She went back to her room and grabbed a towel out of the closet in her bathroom. She pulled her shirt up and looked at it in the mirror.

Her stomach and left side was covered in bruises. She had a big bruise in the middle of her stomach that was a deep blue in the middle. On her ribs there were bruises in the shape of a boot they were scattered but were all a dark color. Her cheek was beginning to swell back up because she was aggravating it when she was singing her song earlier.

Maka was about to pull her shirt back down, when she heard a gasp.

Soul was standing in the doorway, shocked and confused. She knew he was going to do the one thing she didn't want to deal with right now.

"BLACK*STAR!" Soul yelled and Maka flinched.

You could hear hurried feet stomping up the stairs and into her room. She almost got her shirt all the down when Black*Star burst into the Bathroom and looked at her.


"I don't want to talk about it." Maka whispered as tears feel down her face.

"What happened that could make you not want to talk about this?" Soul asked confused and concerned.

"He found us didn't he?" Star whispered with his head down as he stood in front of his sister.

"Giriko was spouting off in a bar about me breaking up with him, and he was there. He got him to tell him the address, and he sent me a letter. He was going to come to the house, but he seen Soul taking me to his brother's concert. I met him today and it was all fine, but he snapped and started hitting me and stuff." Maka began to cry uncontrollably and crumpled to the floor.

Black*Star sat on the floor next to her and held her in his arms as she cried.

"You should have told me. I would have went with you." He told her.

"No you would have talked me out of going. I needed answers Star. I needed closure." She sob out, burying her face in his chest.

"Your right, but look what happened. I was trying to protect you from this Maks." He sighed as he rubbed her head.

"What is going on?" Soul asked.

The confusion was getting t him. He was in the dark and someone was hurt. He didn't like it, and he wanted someone to shed light on the situation.

"She seen our father today. He did this to her." Black*Star said angrily as he held Maka closer to him. Her Sobs were quieting and she was falling asleep, being comforted by her brother's protective arms.

"Why, all I ever heard was good stuff about him? The only bad was that he is the reason your mother left." Soul replied.

"After our mother left he snapped. He got beyond drunk and would come home to beat us. He would always go after Maka first because she looked like our mother so much." Black*Star explained as her picked up his little sister and laid her on her bed.

They left the room and headed downstairs. Going into the Kitchen Black*Star pulled out another Ice pack and put it in a protective sleeve.

"I would always try to hide her, and he would beat the crap out of me because I wouldn't let him get to her. Once I was down he would find her and beat her too, sometimes worse than me. He stabbed her one time in her leg with an old broken beer bottle, then later on with a knife in the same spot. He threw a bottle at her head and she has a scar behind her right ear. It damaged her sense of hearing in that ear. Now she can't really hear any soft sounds in that ear. That's why she wears her headphone in her left ear." Black*Star sighed with anger.

"That's awful." Soul said sadly.

"Yeah we don't talk about it. She blames herself for a lot of what has happened, and that's why she has trust issues with men. She doesn't want to have a repeat of what happened with our mom and dad in her life." Black*Star said as he went to head back upstairs.

"Marie and Stein should be here in three hours. We'll let her sleep till the, but I need to call Marie and tell her what happened. That bastard has to be stopped." Star growled and he headed upstairs, leaving Soul downstairs surprised and worried for his friends.

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