Summary: Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos are family wizards. Theresa and Jerry are killed by Hawk who is also a wizard. Max goes to live with aunt Carmela in Italy. Where as Alex goes to live in L.A. with her uncle Griffin who is also a wizard.

A/N this story is about Alex!

In New York

You ready to go to the airport max? asked Alex Russo

Ready Alex. Said Max

Max please call me Lexi for now. said Alex

But why you hate that nickname I gave you. Said Max as they left the sub shop behind

I know but since I'm not gonna see you till I turn 21 I want to have a good memory of you. Said Alex

Ok! Said max

At the New York airport

Flight 50 to Italy! said the announcer

Bye Lexi said a crying Max

Bye Maxie. said a crying Alex

Max then borded his plane

2 min. later

Flight 51 to L.A. said the announcer

Alex then borded her plane to L.A

2 hrs. later at the L.A. airport

Alex walked off the plane and went to grab her stuff. After that she walked outside to see her uncle Griffin.

Alexandra said Griffin

Hey uncle Griffin and please call me Alex. Said Alex

Ok Alex. said Griffin

Are you ready? Asked Griffin

Yep. Said Alex

After they put Alex's stuff in her new home they all left to Rocque Records.

At Rocque Records

The boys were on the couch resting when Kelly and Gustavo walked in.

Guys Griffin will be here any minute with someone so behave. got it? said Kelly

Got it! they said

10 seconds later griffin and alex walked in.

Hello Gustavo, Kelly, boys. I would like you to meet my niece Alex Russo.

Hey said Alex

Hi said the boys

I'm Kendall.

I'm Logan

I'm Carlos

I'm James

Boys would you mind watching her for a little please? Asked Griffin

Sure said Kendall

I'll be back in an hour Alex. Said Griffin

Ok said Alex

So Alex tell us about your self. Said Kelly

Just then Alex's cell went off

Sorry I need to take this. Alex said

Lexi! Came Max's voice

Maxie! Said Alex

I miss you so much! said Max

Same here little bro. Said Alex

I want to know how your flight was? Said Max

It was ok. How was yours. said Alex

It was nice. well I have to go now bye. Said Max

Bye Maxie. Said alex

After that Alex hung up.