The upset Alex and the calming Kelly

Last time on Big Time Family Wizards

Lexi! Came Max's voice

Maxie! Said Alex

I miss you so much! said Max

Same here little bro. Said Alex

I want to know how your flight was? Said Max

It was ok. How was yours. said Alex

It was nice. well I have to go now bye. Said Max

Bye Maxie. Said alex

After that Alex hung up.

Now on to the story

Alex then started to cry silently.

Alex are you ok? Asked Kelly

I-I'm f-fine. Alex choked out

Alex please tell me what's wrong. I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong. said Kelly

I-I-I m-miss Maxie. Sobbed Alex

Who's Maxie? Asked Kelly

My little brother. Sobbed alex

Kelly then pulled Alex into a hug. The boys and Gustavo stood there awkwardly.

Hey It'll be ok. Whispered Kelly into Alex's ear

Thank you Kelly! Said Alex

No problem Alex. Can you tell me why you're not with you're brother? Asked Kelly

Our parents and 2 friends were murdered. Our aunt Carmela could only take in one kid. So she chose Maxie and I went with uncle Griffin. Said Alex

I'm so sorry Alex. Said Kelly

So am I. said Kendall

Is it your fault? Asked Alex

No. said Kendall

Then don't worry about it. Said Alex

Just then griffin came back

Alex are you ok? Asked Griffin

Yea I just miss max. said Alex

Well you'll see him in 4 years. Said griffin

Let's go home. Said griffin

Ok. Bye guys and thanks Kelly. Said Alex

Bye. Said the guys

Your welcome and bye said Kelly