A/N Jo is Carlos's girlfriend NOT Kendall's

Meeting Camille and Jo! And a big time surprise

At Rocque Records

Alex walked into the studio to see the guys waiting for her.

Hey guys! Said Alex

About time! said James

Blame griffin's secretary. Said Alex

Why? Asked Logan as they walked out of Rocque Records.

I had to go take a test with her. Said alex

Oh ok! Said kendall

At the palm woods

The guys and Alex walked in to see Camille and Jo waiting for them. The guys ran over to them and Alex stayed there looking a bit sad.

Hey! Said Jo

Where were you? Asked Camille

Waiting for our new friend. Said a happy Carlos

Where is he? Asked Jo

Actually I'm a she. Alex said

Camille and Jo turned around to see Alex

Hi I'm Camille.

Hi I'm Jo.

Hey I'm Alex

Nice to finally meet you Alex. Kendall could not stop talking about you. Said Camille

Really? Asked a surprised Alex

Yep. Said Kendall

Alex can I talk to you alone? Asked Kendall

Sure said Alex

Alex and Kendall walked away from the group.

What's up? Asked Alex

I was wondering if you would go out with me? Asked Kendall

Like a date? Asked Alex

Yep. Said Kendall

I would love to. Said Alex

Alex then kissed his cheek.

And they both walked back to the group holding hands

I guess life here won't be so bad after all. thought Alex