Hey guys so I was just on the internet the other day trying to help a friend find a song for a project. I came across a child abuse song and I came up with this song-fic . There is more than one song.

Disclaimer : I don't own Kickin It or For the love of a daughter by Demi Lovato, Broken Angel by Boyce Avenue, Broken home by Papa Roach, or Concrete angel by Martina Mcbride.

Kim's P.O.V

People think they know me. They think I'm so tough, confident, and fearless. They think that I am not afraid to put a fight, or that I don't let anyone mess with me. Yet, they couldn't be anymore wrong.

I live my life full of pain and misery. My mom died when I was 8 (AN: They are all 16). She died from lung cancer. About 2 weeks after my mom's funeral my dad started to blame me for my mom's death. Three days later...he started beating me.

My mom always loved me, my dad was an...okay dad. My parents did fight alot sometimes about me. When they would fight about me, my mom would be defending me. While my dad would always find something wrong about me to argue with my mom about.

From The day my mom died to present day I've been abused by my so called 'father'. I hide my cuts and bruises pretty well from my group of friends.

Those friends are Grace O'Doherty, Mika Gregory, Julie Saunders, Eddie Jones, Jerry Martinez, Milton Krupnick, and Jack Brewer. Jack Brewer has been my crush ever since the 'Ricky Weaver' incident.

He could never feel the same way though. I mean he could have any girl in all of seaford. Why would he pick me ? I'm just an ugly, pathetic, broken girl. There has been some close calls though like yesterday...


The final bell had just rung signaling the end of school. I was at my locker which is in between Mika and Julie. Mika was waiting next to my locker because I was going over to her house to work on a school project.

I was getting the books I need when my sleeve rolled up. It rolled up enough so you could my big purple bruise on my wrist that my dad caused last night. I didn't realize that my sleeved rolled up until Mika gasped.

She took my wrist gently and asked " Kim! what happened "? I quickly think of an excuse and say " When I was walking home yesterday some idiots were playing wall-ball, and thought it'd be funny to hit the blonde chick walking by ".

She says " The nerve of some people. Anyway are you okay? It looks like it hurts ". I nodd and say " Yeah, as long asI don't put too much pressure on it it'll be fine ". She nodds and says " Okay, well let's go then " and we walk off to her house.

~End of Flashback~

That was a really close call. It is the end of the day right now. I'm about to head to the dojo when my back starts to burn. I remeber what had happened after school yesterday.

I had forgotten to stop and buy my 'dad' more beer and cigarettes. When I got home I told him and he completely flipped out on me. He turned on our stove grabed me by my hair and pushed me on the stove.

I know have a burn mark on my back the shape of a circle. To make it worse I have cheer and karate practice today. I quickly go to the bathroom and try to do something to make the burn seem unnoticable.

After going through 2 whole bottles of concealer I FINALLY made it look like the burn wasn't there. I made my way to the gym for cheer practice and see only Grace there. I say " Grace, where is everyone "?

She says with her back still acing me " They're in the locker room ". She turns around and she look at me like I'm a ghost I say " What "? She shakes her head and says " Nothing ".

Well that wasn't weird at all I thought sarcastically. The rest of the girls come out eventually and we started practicing. A couple times out of the corner of my eye I would see some people staring at me.

I wonder why, after 1 hour practice is over. Grace says " Hey Kim, can we talk for a sec "? I nodd and walk over to her. I say " Sure. What is it "? She says " What happened to your face "?

I give her a confused look and she gives me a small mirror from her bookbag. I look at my face and my eys widen, but quickly go back to normal size. My concealer must have come off 'cause I have a shiner on my right eye, a small cut on my jaw, and and a bruise on my cheek.

Just by the look on her face I know she doesn't believe me, but THANKFULLY decides to drop it. She says "Well..."? I lie straight to her face by saying " I...honestly...don't know ". She says " Here let me clean you up ". I nodd and she starts to clean my face.

When she is done we our goodbye's and I head to karate. Hopefully I can hide everything from them. I walk into the dojo to see Jerry & Eddie sparring. I say " Hey guys " everyone (except Jerry & Eddie) says " Hey Kim ".

I walk into the girls changing room and changed out of my cheer practice clothes. I take a look at the burn on my back. It's definetly gonna leave a scar. I change into a pair of yoga pants and a hollister T-shirt.

I go back out and sit next to Jack on the bench watching Milton fight Jerry. Rudy says " Jack, Kim when they're done you two are up ". We nodd and go back to watching Milton and Jerry.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Jack staring at me. I smile to myself while blushing. Milton ends up winning the fight. Jack and I go to the mats and take our position.

I start by throwing the first punch. He blocks it and gives me a roundhouse kick, but I duck. He throws a punch to my face. I block it, but memories from last night come flooding back into my head.

My Dad. What happened to MY dad ? The one who once loved me. Even if it was just a sliver of love. It was still love.

I get pulled out of my thoughts by someone flipping me. I land on my back...HARD! I groan and the guys rush over to me. They help me sit up and Jack asks " Are you okay, Kim "?

I nodd and say " Yeah, just landed really hard on my back ". " I'll be fine " I lie right to their faces. They all nodd and Rudy says " I think you should go home, Kim, and get some rest ".

I hesitantly nodd and head into the girls locker room. I take off my work-out clothes and change into sweats and a loose T-shirts.

When I leave the locker room I hear Milton say "...just ask her out ". Ask who out, who's he talking to? I really hope it isn't Jack.

Then Jack says " I don't know...I mean I like her. I really really like her ". And I just died I knew he didn't like me so why bother even thinking otherwise.

I don't even bother to listen to the rest of the conversation. I just run out of the dojo and go home PRAYING that my father isn't home.

When I get there I sigh in relief that my father isn't home. I unlock the door and run up to my room. I go into my bathroom, lock the door, sit down on the floor and cry.

Jack's P.O.V

After Kim went to the girls changing room. The guys and I went into the boys locker room. Jerry says " So, Jack, did you ask her yet "? I say "What the hell are you talking about Jerry"?

They all say in unison " Kim "! I roll my eyes and say " No ". Milton says " Why don't you just ask her out "? I say " I don't know...I mean I like her. I really really like her ".

Eddie says " Then it shouldn't be a problem asking her out ". I say " Can we NOT talk about my love life. For once ". They shake their heads 'NO' and I say " I gotta get home ".

We say our goodbyes and I skate home. When I get there I see my older brother, Kyle, in the living room with my twin sister, Arianna, and my little sister, Mary, watching TV. I say "Hey guys" they all say " Hey Jack ".

Arianna says " Mom & Dad went on a 5 month buisness trip ". I nodd and say " Okay ". Our parent's both have the same job and it makes them have to travel alot.

My mind drifts off to Kim. Kim. Just thinking of her makes me go crazy. I feel someone slap me and I rub the back of my head and say "OW"!

Arianna says "Sorry, you were zoned out". The Mary says "But Arwy, iz not nice too hit". (But Ari it's not nice too hit). I say " Yeah, Ari. It's not nice to hit ".

She rolls her eyes and says " Whatever ". Kyle says "So, Jack, did you ask out your little Cheerleader Ninja yet "? I shake my head 'NO' and this time all three of them slap me on my head.

I rub my head and say "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR "! Kyle says " 'cause dude. You NEED to ask her out. I know you like her a lot, but your never gonna know how she feels if you don't ask her out ".

I sigh and say " you guys are right ". Then Ari says " Of course we are ". I really have a lot to think about.

So hope you guys like it so far. This is a song-fic story containing more than 1 song.