1 year later

Dear Nagihiko,

It's been a year since you passed away, and I think I'm doing okay.

Nadeshiko has been by my side (almost) the whole time, and for awhile she was in a very bad place but now I think she's doing a lot better. You probably know about how I left her for awhile (you probably watched the whole thing happen) and for a while after I got back I was really scared she was never going to be happy again, but I think I've helped her get through it.

I guess she's helped me get over my sadness as well too.

I kissed her a few weeks ago, and ever since then I guess you could say we are together. Together like you and I were.

Of course, technically, I am married to her even now. But I like that the marriage certificate says I married Fujisaki Nagihiko, just because, you know?

Sometimes I think about you a lot. I think about how it would be right now if you were still here. We probably wouldn't be married, but maybe we would be. Maybe I would be pregnant, or maybe we would have a kid.

I always wanted to have a kid with you, you know. Even though I said I hated the little brats, I secretly wanted a kid with your face and my eyes, or something as equally cheesy as that. I guess that can never happen now.

For a while I wanted to hate you, oh so desperately I wanted to, and maybe you would have said you wanted that, just so I could move on, I don't know. But I realized no matter what happened, no matter how you might break my heart, I could never hate you. Because even now, I still love you. And I'll probably keep loving you until the day I die.

At first I wondered why you would leave me in such a way, but now I think I understand. It wasn't so you could fool me into thinking you were still alive, because that would only prolong my pain. It wasn't to make me hate you, and forget that I ever loved you at all.

I know. It's because you wanted me to fall in love with Nadeshiko, isn't it?

You knew that I would be alone and lost, and that I would need someone to care about me. More than that, I would need someone to love. And that under the right circumstances, Nadeshiko could be that person for me. You probably wanted us to get married, so that we would have each other.

Even though I'll never know for sure, I know I'm right. Because I know you better than anyone else, right? Because, you'll always be my first love.

To be honest though,I'm still not actually doing okay. As much as I try to lie to myself and say I am, I'm still a complete train wreck.

As many times as I had to comfort Nadeshiko after your death, she's had to do the same for me. At least.

I miss you. I miss you so much. And really, I'm a bit scared that I'll love you this much forever, and I'll never be able to move on.

Really, truly, I love Nadeshiko. But still, I love you more. And perhaps I always will.

-Fujisaki Rima

Ten Years Later

"Mommy! Hurry up!"

"Jesus Christ this little demon runs so fast."

"Now Rima, is that any way to refer to your own son?"

"Yeah well if he didn't have your athleticism then I wouldn't have to resort to such name calling."

"Mama's slow!"

"Suck on that. Now he's calling you slow."

"Rima I told you about using such language in front of Nagihiko..."

Rima rolled her eyes.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say. Then he'll be a shithead, just like his mama and uncle."

Nadeshiko sighed.

"After all these years you still just insult me."

Rima smiled, taking her wife's hand in hers.

"Yeah, well its literally not my fault a married a huge idiot."

"Okay I said I'm sorry like-"

"But if he ends up like you or Nagihiko..."

Rima broke off, listening to little Nagihiko's chuckles in the distance. For a moment she looked quite sad, but then a small smile turned up the corner of her lips.

"I think I'll be the proudest mother alive."

Nadeshiko smiled softly, squeezing Rima's hand.

"But if he starts cross-dressing that's where I'm gonna have to draw the line."

The End

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