Here's how my first day at Hogwarts went:

First, I had Divination. It was super ultra mega boring! All Professor Trelawney talked about was death omens and such. The class was worth dirt.

Next, I had Care of Magical Creatures. It might have been fun if it weren't for the dangerous flesh-eating beast Professor Hagrid had brought on our first meeting.

Then I had Charms. It was pretty cool. We practiced the basic spells first in order to, according to Professor Flitwick, allow the students to catch up a bit. But I think he did it more for me, a Muggle transfer student who had zero experience in magic. How nice of him.

After lunch, I went straight to greenhouse 2. The only downside to Herbology was the weird plants that either emitted the world's—no, scratch that—universe's worst smells or tried to permanently injure you. Otherwise it was pretty cool.

Transfiguration was up next. Professor McGonagall was strict as hell and gave a million times more homework than you usually get on your first day. And you shouldn't even be given homework on the first day.

Defense Against the Dark Arts I found extremely easy. Maybe it's because of my wand?

And last but not least, Potions. Professor Snape taught it, and I can't help feeling there's something strange about him.

So yeah. That's pretty much my whole day.

That's how I remember writing this chapter when I was still Cameron, and that's exactly what happened.

Well, not exactly.

For some reason, the dreaded blonde ferret must always worm his way into my life. Here, let me re-summarize each class for you.

Divination: (Ferret doesn't take this class, so it's a win)

Care of Magical Creatures: *bzzt* *too busy staring at Harry* *bzzt*

Charms: This is basically one whole hour of Ferret smirking, hollering, sneering, and complaining.

Herbology: During this period, we witness a rare, oversize, blonde ferret scampering away pathetically in fear of getting annihilated by plants.

Transfiguration: It was in this time when my patience was really starting to quiver.

DADA: I felt like I could already punch a certain annoying little brat in the background.

Potions: For more than 5 hours, the ferret acted like a snotty, whiny, little bastard and suddenly he turned into an angel. Just where the hell did that come from?

So that pretty much sums up my day.

Pretty much...

''So the squirrel girl has come to pester me once more, eh?''

I swiftly turn my head. Won't this guy ever leave me alone?

''What now, ferret?'' I say.

That smirk again. God, I swear one of these days those lips of his are gonna get ripped right off his face if he doesn't stop smirking that evil smirk of his.

''Hmm...I'm just thinking...maybe squirrel girl isn't the right nickname?''

''You think?'' I fume.

''Yeah. I thought maybe donkey suits you better.''

''Why you—'' I was ready to strangle him and all, but just then I see my darling Harry pass by. ''Hey Harry!''

The Boy Who Lived looks my way and I could already feel myself reddening. Curse blushing and its origins. ''Hey, uh...''

''Samantha,'' I remind him.

''Samantha,'' he says, smiling shyly.

I scratch my nose nonchalantly. But inside, I was ohmyfreakinggodheissmilingatmeaaaahhhh. "But you can call me Sam if you want.''

'''re a Slytherin, huh?'' He looks at me skeptically.

Let me describe my heart for you at this moment: being torn apart, breaking, shattering into pieces, crying in agony, burning, and eventually being cast into the darkest pits of Tartarus. In all the excitement and pride of being sorted into Slytherin house, I completely forgot Harry, a Gryffindor, despises Slytherin.

''Yeah. Pretty...unexpected, right?'' I end up saying.

He nods. He doesn't even look me in the eye. Is it this uncomfortable talking to a Slytherin?

''So...'' Harry starts, ''I gotta go. Nice seeing you.'' He just smiles nervously and walks on.

I call, ''See you later!'' then rush off. Thankfully, the red in my cheeks is decreasing. Whew.

I hurry to the Slytherin Common Room, thinking about Harry and how nervous he acted. I sigh. I know I'll eventually start an R relationship with Harry, but I just can't help feeling a bit...down. Disappointed. Scared. I dunno.

''Of all dunderheads out there, why Potter?''

I turn around.

Of course.

Instead of wasting my breath on this brat, I mutter the password to the Common Room and settle myself in a particularly fluffy armchair. Unfortunately, the ferret decided to do the same. Goddammit. As an excuse to purposely ignore him, I start doing my literally magical homework.

But the blonde brat just won't leave me alone.

''Potter, eh?'' he says. ''Should have known. You have rather poor taste, I take it.''

Ignore him, Sam. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

''Only an oaf like you would have such poor standards.''

He's just a simple prat, Sam. Don't let his idiocy affect you.

''I mean, the only thing he has is a famous scar. If he hadn't been in that whole Dark Lord incident, I'm betting my eyeballs nobody would even look at him.''

Don't waste your breath on him, Sam. Suffer no fools.

''Honestly, Potter's nothing but a fancy name.''

That does it. I grab whatever I can find: his neck, hair, robes.

'' 'A fancy name' my arse!'' I say loudly as I hit the ferret.

''Ow! Ow! Ow!''

''I know perfectly well Harry's not a breathtakingly good-looking guy, but he's not 'just a fancy name'!''

''Stop! Stop! Let go of me, you fool! I am Draco effing Malfoy!''

''You're nothing but scum! You think you're so great, but you're as good as dust beside Harry goddamn Potter!''

''That's enough.''

A hand grabs my shoulder. I don't fight back. Everybody in the Common Room is staring at me. I turn to look at the guy who yanked me away from the ferret, and I redden. Well, what do you know? It's Prefect Gemma Farley herself!

The blonde brat dusts off his robes and glares at me. I stick out my tongue in return.

For the second time in my life, I wish I was normal Cameron again.