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Courtney was deciding on if she should or should not join the new season of total drama, The money is unnecessary being a successful lawyer, and not to mention having and acoustic boyfriend that has his own record deal, speaking of which.. "I wonder if he decided yet." Courtney really only wanted to go just for the challenge, life has gotten a bit easy and she was bored with her boyfriend on his final tour of this year hopefully he wouldn't have to go on tour for another two years but that's not the case she was bored, and..
Courtney heard the rustle of keys and a door unlocking she sat up from her position on the couch, still holding a letter. "Courtney, I'm home love." Courtney smiled glad her boyfriend came home early " I'm in the living room!''

Trent dropped his guitar case by the dinning room table and a few bags, and walked to Courtney, the sight he saw always brought a smile to his face, Courtney was curled up on the couch her long hair stop at her lower back, not hiding the perfect bubble butt that was poking out she had the most deep brown eyes anyone could have had it was full of mischievous, he notice a letter in her hand " Love, whats that?'' He left her legs and sat down placing them back on his lap as he lent back and rubbed the crook of her back.
Courtney sighed happily "So.. we got a letter'' Trent nodded " Obviously" They both laughed. Courtney sat up to face him legs still on his lap "There's a new total drama" Trent raised an eyebrow and threw his head back to stare at the ceiling " Oh no.." Courtney kissed his cheek laying her head on his shoulder." It's up to you love."

Trent turned around to face Courtney and held her hands staring deep into her eye " Do you forget everything we been threw there? How much pain? and disgustingness and rude ass people? not to mention" Courtney bit her lip " I know Gwen" Trent raised an eyebrow again " No..I mean Duncan I can bet by popularity vote he's going to be there.."

Courtney giggled lightly and placed her forehead against his " Love..Do you remember how I was before I met you?" Trent shivered, It was horrible memory he never wanted to see his strong-willed courtney like that EVER again. "Yeah..which is why we shouldn't go" Courtney shook her head " It's why we should go, Duncan won't take me from you, and I'll be damned if I let Gwen take you. I love you, and you know I wont let anyone stand in our way."

Trent smiled and patted his lover on the head what people didn't know about Courtney was she was completely and utterly psychotic, and deranged when it comes to something she loves, which is what Duncan failed to realize, Courtney would do anything to make her love happy. Trent loved those qualities about her.
Trent sighed 'Why WHYYYYYYYY' Trent was on a separate boat from Courtney on his way to the NEW island, 'Shit better be new..' Trent had his guitar, a few items Courtney and him packed together and of course his lucky guitar pick which is safely around his neck. When he got to the island he saw a few people there already, Trent rolled his eyes 'Great..'

"Duncan..w-we need to break up'' Gwen crossed her arms staring down at her boyfriend messing with a lighter, Duncan chuckled '' Why is that Pasty" Gwen frowned '' I-I think Trent might be at the island.. I want him back.'' Duncan glared at Gwen, and she jumped a bit but stood her ground " I abandon..left..cheated on the girl who cared for me the most, when I was with Courtny..I barely went to jail..now it's like jail is my home away from home" Gwen gasped " Not to mention she always bitched at you!" " gave me a challenge" Gwen sneered "Then why did you cheat? why did you come to me!" " The same reason you want to go to Trent, I wanted to see if there was something better, something easier, and easy..easy is boring"
Gwen couldn't believe her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend called her easy, and boring. " Fine, when we get to the island I'll talk to Trent and get back together with him and you you fucking go to your psychopathic ex-girlfriend that harassed us for two years!'' Duncan chuckled " But that all stopped..I wonder why."

Trent climbed off the boat still holding his guitar sighing and smiled lightly at Chris. Chris beamed at him " YO MY MAN, How's the tours?" Trent scratched behind his head chuckling " It's been fun got to go to many places." Chris elbowed him wiggling his eyebrows " and the ladies..?" Trent laughed " There's no ladies-" Chris cut him off and saw a new boat " OH OH who could this person be"

Trent walked over to the other contestants hoping it was Courtney. Trent saw, Gwen, Duncan, Dj,Leshawna and Harold. "Hey Dj, Leshawna !" Dj and Leshawna both gave him a bone crushing hug, they still kept in touch every so often when they bumped into each other. " Ah cody not here?" Duncan scoffed crossing his arms " Prob not coming heard he and sierra still married."

Bridgette climbed off the boat and saw Trent and hugged him " EEEEE Where's courtney!'' Trent shrugged " Should be here shortly."Duncan chuckled " Doubtfully" Really he hoped she did come, Gwen was the only one who caught it besides the obvious people who knew, why would Trent know where Courtney was?
Heather, lindsey, Cody, and everyone was there, and lastly.

Courtney was climbing off the boat she had her hair out, in black skinny jeans and a tight white tank top, with a black cardigan, Courtney did a quick look over and saw Chris and gave him a lazy look "Hey Chris" Chris eyed her " Hello..Courtney how are you?" Courtney shrugged.

Courtney was immediately hugged to death by Bridgette" Oh my gosh girl, you look good!" Jeff came up and wrapped a arm around her shoulder "Right on man!" Duncan and Gwen were noticing how friendly they were and kinda jealous. Gwen decided to stand next to Trent, and gave him a friendly smile, Trent nodded respectively.

Trent walked up to Courtney wrapped his arms tightly around her waist " Hey love" Courtney turned her head smiling, kissing him softly " Hey missed me?" Trent nodded laying his head in the crook of her neck.
Everyone but, Leshawna, Dj, Bridget, Cody , and Jeff were shocked. Gwen felt her heart shatter, she couldn't move, she couldn't breath she was just.. on the other hand was about to go punch his fucking pretty boy face in, until a cold hand grabbed his, it was Gwen she gave him a look to play along.
Duncan intertwined his fingers in Gwen's hand,and walked to join the happy group " Ah looks like pretty boy is having my left overs'' Duncan chuckled, and Gwen hit him softly and smiled friendly at the two " Hey Trent..Courtney" Trent looked at her with indifference, and Courtney looked at her. " Hello Gwen, Duncan'' Trent just nodded.

Duncan chuckled " This is just to funny, when did this happen" Bridgette squealed " Three years ago!" Duncan face dropped..I wonder why.. Duncan then realized the reason why Courtney stopped harassing them was because of Trent..

"Yep three down a life time to go " Trent whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, having Courtney giggle.
Duncan clenched Gwen's hand tightly, Gwen flinched and almost retracted her hand but didn't want to blow their act. " That's good i'm happy for you" Duncan looked away " mhm."

Chris decided it was time to get the show on the road. " Alright campers! Men on the right women on the left."

Trent kissed Courtney softly and they separated.