A/N: Welcome to the begining of Jenny's story. A little warning: considering what this fic is being based off of and where events take place in here, there will be language and there will be gore(but perhaps not graphically detailed). Now, on to the story.


NAME: Jenny 'Nny' Marionette C.

AGE: 24 RACE/SEX: Looks Hispanic/Female

APPEARANCE: Short black hair with blue tinge, hair covers right eye completely, kind of spiky/curled ends. Tall and sickeningly thin, standing at 5'8'' and weighs 100 lbs. Light tan skin tone hints at Hispanic heritage. Bright green eyes. In case her name isn't a clue, she is the TWIN (not lover) of the World's Most Beloved Head Wound Recipient, Johnny 'Nny' C. Therefore, she is like a female version of him.

CLOTHES: Most of her shirts have alternating color horizontal striped sleeves. Black trench coat that reaches mid-calf. Dark colored skinny jeans, sometimes ripped. Steel toe cloven black boots that go a little past the knee, has buckles up the front.

PERSONALITY: As long as you're not an asshole, she won't really pay you any attention. She dislikes people in general, finding them almost all to be assholes. She is a sugar addict, her main drink of choice is Cherry Doom Brain-Freezies or Cherry Fiz-Wiz as a substitute. She absolutely CAN NOT STAND the word "Wacky" and will usually disembowel anyone who uses it around her or in description of her. She has three Head-Voices that represent certain sides of her personality, the first being the Dough-Girls; Psycho Doughgirl (Dee) the suicidal one, and Ms. Fuck (Effie) the homicidal one, as well as Nail-Kitty (Kitty) the rational one and the closest thing to a conscience Jenny has. She is a Homicidal Maniac with random suicidal episodes. She has never been caught, but people who miraculously survive her rampages know her as "Bloody Mari". She despises sleep, for she feels it dissolves what certainty she has left of her sanity, as well as physical contact.

SPECIAL: A description of Jenny's Head-Voices.

NAME: Psycho Doughgirl aka Dee

APPEARANCE: One of the sadistically painted Styrofoam Pillsbury Dough-Person 's Jenny has. She has a white hat with skulls on it, a white dress-ish shirt with black and white sleeves (the word "FUCK" is boldly stated on the front), black boots that reach her mid-calf and white-light gray tights. She has short(almost shoulder length) black hair that falls across her forehead into her left eye, somewhat 50's styled. She has swirls in her eyes, eyelashes and three black tear streaks under each eye. On her nose area appears to be black cat whiskers, two on each side of a dot in the middle. Lastly, it appears she has black painted lips.

PERSONALITY: She is the depressive side of things. Her goal is to get Jenny to kill herself in order to free their master from it's prison inside one of the walls of the shack Jenny lives in. She wishes to be reclaimed, while her twin, Ms. Fuck, wishes to keep the beast imprisoned by using Jenny long enough until they have enough energy to be "real".

NAME: Ms. Fuck aka Effie

APPEARANCE: The other sadistically painted Pillsbury Dough-Person Jenny has. She has a black hat with ghosts on it, a black and white stripped dress-ish shirt with black sleeves (the sign "Z?" is boldly stated on the front), black boots that reach her mid-calf and dark gray tights. She has short(almost shoulder length) white hair that falls across her forehead into her right eye, somewhat 50's styled. She has plain blood red eyes, eyelashes, and black lines that run around her eye in a stitched/sun pattern, a single arrow is at the corners of both her eyes. On her nose area there appear to be just two little lines. Lastly, it appears as if her lips are stitched, similar to the lines on her eyes.

PERSONALITY: She is the manic homicidal side of things. Her goal is to keep her master imprisoned in the wall long enough with human blood achieved by Jenny to become real and detach herself and her twin from servitude. Her twin, Psycho Doughgirl, however wishes to be reclaimed by said master.

NAME: Nail-Kitty aka Kitty

APPEARANCE: A blue furred cat that Jenny bought at a pet store, fed once, then nailed to a wall. It appears she has X's in each of her eyes. There is a large nail petruding from her chest.

PERSONALITY: She is Jenny's closest thing to a conscience. Unlike the Dough-Girls', she actually cares for Jenny without some selfish goal. She tries her hardest to keep her from killing herself and that she behaves somewhat decently. She is one of the few people/things Jenny has any positive feelings for.

NAME: Tess "Eep" Cassel

AGE: 4 RACE/SEX: Caucasian/Female

APPEARANCE: She is small for her age, mainly because of the fact most food she has to eat is food-poisoned. She has black hair that goes to her shoulder blades usually worn in low pigtails and bangs that cover her forehead to her eyebrows. She is pale, and has huge chocolate brown puppy eyes.

CLOTHES: She wears casual clothing most of the time. In the future, she will be forced to wear girly dresses.

PERSONALITY: Tess is a very nice, quiet, and shy girl, despite what she goes through. Everyone her age bullies her for unknown reasons, her only "friends" are her Homicidal Neighbor Jenny, the Anti-Christess Pepper, and Scree, her ragged teddy-bear. Her home life isn't much better, her father is doped out on pills most times (He's usually so out of it, he can't even remember her) and her mother works a crap job in order to feed her (She usually always points out to Tess that she wasn't wanted and has ruined her life). Despite all of this, Tess strives to make her parents happy and to make friends. She usually ignores Scree's claims that her parents' don't love her and that she should set things on fire. Tess is usually always scared, and when surprised, will make an "EEP!" sound, earning her nickname.

SPECIAL: A description of Scree, Tess' bear.

NAME: Scree

APPEARANCE: A rugged brown teddy-bear with a bow on top of her head, eyelashes, and a wide smile. After Tess' first encounter with Jenny over bactine, Jenny hacked her apart. Since Tess' parents virtually hate her, she had to sew Scree up herself, leaving messy stitches across her body.

PERSONALITY: Scree has claimed to Tess in a dream that she is a trauma sponge, soaking up the young girl's fears into herself. She appears to be a Head-Voice like Jenny's Kitty and Dough-Girls. She constantly tells Tess to do evil things and that her parents don't love her. She is mostly ignored on those things. Apparently, Scree dislikes Jenny, and must have been heard by said woman, because it was then that Jenny hacked her to pieces the first time they met, in Tess' bathroom over a bottle of bactine.

xXJTHM In SuperJail!-Chapter 1: Jenny, The Homicidal ManiacXx

A tall, sickeningly thin siloette wondered down the mostly abandoned city sidewalk. The street corners were filled with disgusting looking women in bawdy outfits looking to make a dollar for their next pill, members of the so-called 'cool' crowd were herding to clubs, alcoholics stumbled in and out of bars, and wanna-be killers and rapists lurked in the shadows of abandoned allyways hoping for their next victom. An average night in this city, though the figure wasn't certain which city that was.

The shadowy being sneered at all the filthy people it crossed as it headed toward it's destination, the local 24/7 convenience store.

It let out a relieved breath as it entered the empty store. Flourescent lights revealed a black-clad woman with short(almost shoulder-length) bluish-black hair that had curled spiky ends with some covering her right eye. Her exposed eye was a bright green. She had pale tan skin that hinted at a hispanic heritage. Her clothes consisted of a long black trenchcoat opened to reveal a black shirt with horizontal black and white striped sleeves and a large white box down the front that had a grinning feminine smiley-face, the words 'SMILE, YOU BITCH!' proudly displayed, black skinny jeans with several tears, and black knee-high cloven steel-toed boots with shiny buckles down the front.

The clerk looked up at her indifferently from his PatheticBoy magazine for a moment before returning his gaze to the pornographic rag.

The woman went back to the snack section and got to work loading her arms with numerous sweets before leaving the pile on the checkout counter. "That isn't all yet," she informed the man behind the counter, only recieving a grunt in response.

She headed over to the beverage center, making a bee-line for the Brain-Freezy machine. Three flavors were displayed, but she didn't give the other two more than a glance before getting a large cup and filling it with Cherry Doom...

...Or attempting to. The frozen beverage never sloshed into the awaiting cup.

"Hey! There's something wrong with your Freezy machine!" she called to the clerk, coming to stop in front of the counter.

"Nothing's wrong with it. We turn the machine's off at 2am." the clerk replied boredly.

"Oh?" the woman said sadly. Her previous excitment for her treats was replaced with a saddened expression. In fact, a solitary tear fell from her covered eye. "Then that's it. No stopping it now. I'm going to kill myself. Yes..."

Suddenly, her green eyes turned a bloody red. She hopped up on the counter in a flash, reaching for the clerk's throat. "And I'm taking you with me, you self-appointed beverage dictator!"

"Get back! I HAVE A GUN!" the clerk shrieked, backing up against the wall in an attempt to get away from the mad-woman.

"You mean this one? Under the counter; not a very smart place to hide a gun you know," she smirked cruelly and glared at the trembling man. "Now, I want you to know that I hate these things and only touch them for really important things; mainly myself."

The woman stood back slightly from him and cocked the gun. "The world would be so much nicer if people only used guns on themselves," she sighed.

"Then don't shoot me! C'mon, woman! It's only a Brain-Freezy! It's not worth killing anyone!"

"You hole! That's just a part of it! A minor lump in a sea of shit! And I'm sick of this! Let's go!"

"Wait! I'll just turn the machine back on! It'll only take a few minutes, and you can have a Freezy for FREE!" The man's reasoning was useless.

"NO! The moments' gone! It's memory! I wanted it then! Now I'll just have the memory of yet another thing I didn't get! Another hope unfulfilled! And that fucking Freezy was just a reminder of everything! That familiar disappointment! It's just not nice!"

"Then just kill yourself! DON'T KILL ME!" His begging was just as useless.

"Here's the deal, my friend. I'm alone. Any happiness in my life is only a brief prelude to the tiresome descents into levels of Hell even a convenience store clerk could NEVER imagine! I don't want to die the way I've lived. I want a companion in this. So put on a happy face. Let's make this pleasent," she pressed the barrel to his head.

"Stop! The cameras! The security camaras have seen you! If you kill me, you'll get caught! HA!" The man was laughing with his relief.

"Now THAT would be something, though it it's not likely. You see I NEVER get caught. Not even if I tried, I don't think it's possible, but let's not get into that," the woman smirked insanely. She brought in a deep breath through her nose, readying for their demise, and caught wind of a foul odor.

"PHEE-YOO! What the HELL is that smell!?" Her gaze went to the man cowering on the floor. She sneered in disgust.

"Tch! You just dropped dooky-dogs in your pants, didn't you?! Embarrassing, to make your final exit with a pant-load of shit!" she stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"And with those last words...we depart." With that, the clerk's life was ended, his brains splattering across the wall.

"Wait up, I'm right behind you," she placed the gun to her own head. She closed her eyes and braced herself for her final act...

Just to hear the hollow click, click, click as she pulled the trigger. "Whuh?"

"SHIT! Only ONE bullet!? And I used it on somebody else?! Damn! Oh, DAMN! Oh..." her rant tracked off when she caught sight of the fridge section. "Oh, wow! Fiz-Wiz! CHERRY Fiz-Wiz! I didn't know they had Fiz-Wiz! Whee-hee!" she giggled, grabbing her beverage and bagged snacks. She was on her way out before she remembered something.

She carelessly tossed a $20 bill and some change to the dead body behind the counter, then continued on her merry way home.

xXLater-House 666 on Vasquez AvenueXx

The woman returned to her home with a satisfied smile. Her 'home' was a rundown looking shack with the address '666' hanging by the door. It didn't look like much above ground, but there were many hidden floors down in the 'basement'. Future victoms were locked in seperate cell-like rooms going through horrid tortures that she deemed just for their crimes. But it was all for thatwall.

She had to keep a certain wall in her basement wet with fresh human blood. To keep...whatever it was from breaking through. It sounded like a moose, but her curiousity was not so much to find out what it truly was. The clerk would suffice for a new coat for a day or two.

She shut the door behind her with her foot and dumped her bag of goodies in a black dufflebag by the beat-up old couch full of an assortment of other things, mainly snacks. She not only had homicidal/suicidal tendencies and a sugar addiction, she also had a case of paranoia...

"Oh, Jenny! You're back with more paint!" and head-voices.

The woman, now revealed as Jenny, turned to the hanging figures seen through the door to what was most likely a bedroom. There were two styrofoam Pillsbury Doughgirls standing on opposite ends of a broken square vanity mirror on top of a dresser in equally poor condition. They were painted with crazed, sadistic personalities by Jenny herself as a recreational art project.

The one who had just spoken had a black chef's hat with white spirits. Her clothes consisted of a black and white horizontally striped shirt-dress with a black 'Z?' emblazened on her chest with long black sleeves, a white ascot-thing, dark grey tights, and shin high black boots. There was a black sun/stich looking design around each of her plain red eyes that also had eyelashes and an arrow design at the corner of each eye. White 50s styled looking hair fell across her forehead into her right eye. On her nose area there appeared to be just two little vertical lines. It appeared as if her lips were stitched, similar to the lines on her eyes. She was Ms. Fuck, Effie for short, the homicidal personality.

Jenny's mood soured then, hoping that maybe ignoring the little nuisances would make their voices disappear. She had no such luck.

The other figure frowned at the child sand bucket of red substance in Jenny's hand. She had a white hat with skulls. Her clothes consisted of a white shirt-dress with long black and white horizontally striped sleeves that had the word 'FUCK' in bold black letters on her chest, a black ascot-thing, pale grey tights, and black shin high boots. Her hair was like that of her twin, only black and falling into her left eye. Her eyes were white with black swirls and had eyelashes with black tear streaks under each eye. On her nose area were two whiskers on either side of a dot opposed to her twin's two simple and boring vertical lines. It also appeared as if she had black painted lips, again oppisite to her twin's stitched style. She was Psycho Doughgirl, Dee for short, the suicidal personality who had recently had a hold on Jenny.

"You have become like those who you hate and kill, Jenny. The whole lot of you humans are monsters. No one will care for you. No one will help you. No one will LOVE you. Your only chance for salvation is to kill yourself. End all these lonely nights, these terrible crimes. You have the means and the will to do so. You have the tools to become your own executioner!"

"Fool! Be silent, be silent! Not long now and we won't even need her anymore!" Effie hissed at her twin.

"Never! I will fulfill our task, our master's wish! With or without your help, traiter!"

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT THE FUCK UP!? I WAS IN A GOOD MOOD!" Jenny shouted over the fueding doughgirls, not actually hearing their words' meaning ...or caring for that matter.

They ignored her and continued their verbal cat fight, their only means to express their hatred for each other being words. Jenny sighed, and frustratedly stomped down the stairs to paint the wall.

When she came back up from the depths of the basement, the two were still figuratively at each others' throats. She glared at them as she went into the bathroom.

She looked in the dirty, cracked mirror at her reflection. Dark purple bags were under her eyes from refusal to sleep for weeks on end. That was nothing new. There was some blood and brain matter on her face and collar from the clerk.

She wet a wash cloth with hot water and soap and started furiously scrubbing away at her face, wanting to be rid of the filth that came from another person. She would have preferred to have taken a shower, but bloody limbs still occupied the tub. She would have to clean that up tomorrow.

She walked back into the living area and threw herself on the old couch. It creaked under her barely existant weight, but didn't fall out from under her.

"Just ignore them, Nny," a third voice called out to her, much softer and nicer than the deceptive tones used by the doughgirls. She looked up at the speaker. A small preserved blue furred cat was nailed to a post near the fueding doughgirls. Nail-Kitty, Kitty for short, the rational personality and the only one Jenny was sure she could call friend.

"You already know that I've tried to, Kitty. It's not working like it used to, they've gotten louder."

"I know..." it sounded like she meant to say more, but was unsure of it. Like she didn't completely trust a rumor she had heard but was determined to figure out the truth herself before spreading it herself.

Jenny sighed, her frustrations slowly leaking out to make room for boredom. She turned on the old T.V. set with bunny ears for antenna to find something to watch(that wasn't a sitcom or reality television) and cure the settling boredom. Maybe she'd get lucky and that comercial she liked where the whole family got diarreha would be on.

Suddenly the T.V. went blank.

"The Hell?" Jenny sat up. She knew the T.V. was still on, and the old thing hadn't clunked out so far. The screen was just blank blackness.

While she was distracted, the Doughgirls' managed to get down from their dresser and free Nail-Kitty. They had gathered enough of their food source to move on their own, but were careful not to do so in front of the insane human. As for the reason they freed Kitty, considering they all shared a mutual hatred for each other...well perhaps they just enjoyed thwarting her attempts to stop them. They hid themselves in the dufflebag by the couch, silently zipping it shut. They sensed something major was about to happen, something that would require a brief holiday from the house, much to the enjoyment of Dee and the apprehension of Effie.

After a few minutes, the black screen was replaced with a smiling green metric face.

"The HELL!?" Jenny shouted in shock, her eyes widening. On paranoid instinct, she dove for the dufflebag and slung it over her shoulder firmly. She was about to run out the door when metallic tentacles wrapped around her, trapping her arms at her sides.

Looking back over her shoulder, Jenny saw the television turn into a white tombstone shaped robot. It's happy green face was now replaced with an angry red one.

She struggled uselessy as it flew through the roof of her house, leaving a rather large hole. Hopefully it didn't rain before she got back.

Next door, in a two story house in slightly better condition, a loud "EEEEEEPPPPPP!" sounded from one of the residents. It was the little neighbor girl, Tess, known to Jenny as Eep because of her frightened scream...and the girl was usually always frightened.

Jenny glared up at the robot for scaring her little friend awake this late at night...or was it early morning? Either way, she was pissed about it. If her arms weren't trapped and they weren't miles above the ground, she would have destroyed the thing without a thought.

Soon after, she passed out due to the blow to the head she recieved when crashing through the ceiling.

~xXEnd of Chapter OneXx~

End A/N: And that's the end of Chapter One. I'm not even sure if many SuperJail! fans on here know the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics written by Jhonen Vasquez. That is what Jenny is based on and Johnny will come to play a part as well in this, but for the most part this story takes place in and with the best prison known to man(which is why it is solely in this Archive and not the Crossover section). If you're curious, links to the comic are on my profile, as well as a link to my deviant account for character pictures.

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