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xXChapter Three: Living ArrangementsXx

xXNext DayXx

Jenny was pacing the floor of the cell, trying to keep herself awake. She had nearly fallen asleep when she was laying in her bunk. Usually the arguments with her head-voices or killing sprees kept her up, added with the amount of sugar she consumed each day. But as far as she knew, the Doughgirls and Kitty were far away-still in their positions at her house. She was stuck in a prison, so it wouldn't benefit her much to go about killing everyone. And that handful of candy was long gone, along with her missing bag of supplies.

"Damn it! That Warden must have taken it in the meadow!"

Her "roommates", who she came to know as Jean and Paul-the gay couple, were sitting next to each other on the bottom bunk. Paul was watching her and Jean glanced up from his magazine occassionally.

After a few more minutes of that, Paul finally got up and stopped her pacing by placing his large hands on her thin shoulders.

"Jenny, you need to get some sleep, sweetie." During the night, the three of them had properly introduced themselves. Jean and Paul promised to keep her secret from the other inmates, for the time being. Some of her candy had been a bribe. It was rather fortunate both men had an unsatisfied sweet tooth.

"No. I dispise sleeping," Jenny had a steely determined glare in her sleep deprived eyes.

Before either of the men could retort, the door leading to the cell block opened and a masculine looking red-haired woman entered. The (wo)man's hair was pulled into a ponytail, and (s)he wore pointed red framed glasses with pink tint, completely blocking her eyes from view. (S)he had on a female guard's uniform, the skirt of which was insanely short and revealed a questionable bulge.

Now, size and numbers didn't usually intimidate Jenny-she had killed swarms of men much bigger and stronger-looking than herself with a spork-but this she-male was freaking huge. It'd probably be better to stay on these people's good side until she found a way out of this place. Of course, her already bad luck seemed to be rapidly deteriorating.

The woman came to a stop at their cell.

"The Warden wants to see the noob."

Paul removed his hands from Jenny's person and sat next to Jean again. Jenny just stood in place, staring suspiciously at the other woman-she had decided to just call the person a female. "Why?"

The red-head grunted,"How the Hell should I know, just get your ass out here."

Jenny frowned, not wanting to leave with the guard woman. As much as she wanted to escape this place, she didn't want to deal with the overly happy boss-man.

She didn't have much of a choice in the matter, as Alice-at least that's what here nametag said-grew annoyed and simply dragged the hispanic woman behind her by her wrist towards what she assumed was the Wackjob's office.

They arrived at an absurdly large office, infront of them some hundred feet away was an expensive looking wood desk and a high-backed chair, the back facing them. Next to that was a coat stand with a familiar cane and top hat on it. Behind that was a window wall that expanded floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the glass colored the same as the glasses of the man who owned it.

A short man was visible off to the side of the desk. His most prominent features were his large head topped with brown hair and his large moustache. His large forehead was lined with worry wrinkles, his dark eyes expressing an ever-present concern. He wore a brown suit, pale yellow dress shirt, black dress shoes, and a dark blue tie. He was apparantly discussing a serious matter with whoever was hiding behind the seat. Jenny was too far away to hear words, only see the short man's mouth move as they approached.

When they were a few feet away, the chair finally turned around with-no surprise-the Warden as it's occupier.

"Hello again!" Warden flashed a gap-toothed smile. "Are you enjoying your stay in SuperJail?"

Jenny managed a sarcastic smile in return despite wanting to manually rip the man's head from his body and bludgeon him with it, "Oh yes, it's always so delightful being imprisoned." Oh, how she loved sarcasm.

The Warden spun around in his chair and laughed, "Fantastic!" Jenny walked up to his desk, Alice close behind and ready to restrain her.

"Now, why, pray tell, did you want to see me, sir?"

He grimaced and stopped his spinning to face her, "My assistant found something...interesting about you."

"Is that so?" Jenny looked at the nervous man mentioned, who was gripping some papers. Her unnerving gaze only managed to make him more nervous.

"Jared, tell our little friend the news."

Jared shuffled his papers before speaking, "W-Well," he said, "We figured out that you're not a man..."

"Really? Well that's news to me," Jenny mock gasped. Maybe there was a chance to get out of here sooner than anticipated.

Jared frowned and straightened his tie, "It turns out that you and the man we were trying to catch have commited very similar crimes..." he gulped as he began to read the list aloud. "Each charge has been commited over several dozen times. Assault, Assault with a deadly weapon, Murder in the first degree, Breaking and entering..."

"Now hold up. The only time I ever broke in somewhere was when I had to break my neighbors' window in to get bactine."

Everyone in the room gave her very odd looks. Jenny let out a puff of air, "Someone put up a fight before dying and I was out. Nothing quite brings out the zest for life like the thought of impending death."

xXQue Flashback!-The Cassel HomeXx

"Daddy, I heard a noise," a little girl said in a small, frightened voice. The girl had black shoulder-blade length hair pulled into two low pigtails, large light chocalate colored eyes, and pale white skin. She was fairly small and thin for her age o four. She wore a long-sleeved light and dark blue vertically stripped nightgown and was clutching an old brown teddy bear close to her chest. The bear was apparently meant to be female if the light blue bow on it's head and the eyelashes on it's oval shaped, plain white eyes were any clue. A large, open mouthed smile showed off the single tooth the bear had in it's mouth. Even though the stuffed toy appeared cute, if anyone looked at it's face long enough they would begin to feel unnerved.

The girl stood in the doorway of a dark room, the only light source coming from the hallway. The light shined onto the queen sized bed, revealing only sweat-pant clad legs dangling over the side of the bed. "Daddy?"

"Daddy's ignoring you, sweetie. Go bother your mother, she's in her study," the figure replied, his mind not fully there.

The girl frowned and shut the door to her parent's bedroom. "C'mon, Scree. Mommy will help us."

There was a sudden, loud crash! that startled the girl into running to her mother's study door.

"Mommy, I'm scared. I heard noises! Mommy?" The girl peeked through the door at her mother.

The woman was hunched over a desk with a prehistoric computer and desk-lamp on it. Her hands were gripping each side of her head in stress, messing up her dark hair that was tied in a half-hearted low bun. "Daughter, we just moved here. You're just not used to the sounds of our new house," she sighed in agitation. "I'm busy right now. Working. That's all I ever seem to do now. I have to work to keep you alive, to feed you. I haven't smiled once since you were born. Go to sleep."

"But I caaan't! I don't have any curtains on my windows and I feel like thing's are watching me! Please, Mommy, it's scary here. Scree hears sounds."

"Your presence tires me. Go to your room and stay quiet, or else the 'things' will hear you."

"But Scree..." the girl held up her bear to attempt to get her point across. She was interrupted by her mother saying through gritted teeth, "Go to sleep."

The girl's eyes got watery as she once again hugged her teddy bear close. "Yes, Mommy," she sighed. She shut the study door and began the trek back to her room.

"Let's go to my room, Scree. We'll hide under the blankets and maybe fall asleep before we die." She began opening her door saying, "Here we are, Scr...uh..." Her window is shown broken open, glass all over her floor revealed by the moonlight leaking intp her room. Her smiley-faced wallpaper seemed particularly frightening because of it. "Mommy..." she whimpered.

A loud smash! made her turn quickly around, her eyes growing larger, if that were possible, with fright.

"The bathroom, Scree! There's something in the bathroom!" The bathroom closest to her room was the one containing all the noise.

"Let's be brave, Scree. We have to protect Mommy and Daddy," the girl determined. "Huh?" She seemed to listen to her bear for a second before replying, "No. You're wrong, Scree, they aren't bad people. They love me, they don't really mean it when they tell me to get kidnapped."

The girl slowly reached out and opened the bathroom door. Thing's were being thrown across to room.


"EEEK!" the girl screamed, catching sight of the intruder: a tall, skinny black haired lady dressed oddly, who was squeezing the toothpaste tube in her moment of fury.

"Oh...hello," the woman awkwardly waved at the girl. In an attempt to ease the little girl's fear, she crouched so she was more at eye level with her and introduced herself.

"My name is Jenny, but you can call me Nny for short. And who might you be?" the woman questioned gently, but her 'polite' smile scared the girl, who let out a high-pitched "Eep!"

"Eep, huh? Well, okay. I don't mean to intrude, Eep, but where do you keep the bactine? Some of this blood is mine." She straightened up and continued rummaging through the cabinet again. Her exposed skin, being only her forearms to her fingertips, face and neck, were badly scratched and bleeding. "Wait, I found it...yeah, that's it."

'Eep' was still staring wide-eyed at the intruder, not realising she had dropped Scree. "Damn! That one really put up a struggle! Scraped me up like a cat on crack! Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death." Jenny dumped the bottle of disinfectant on her head. "I see by the looks of you, that you understand," she smiled wickedly, wielding a jagged blade. Eep just continued her wide-eyed, fear-filled stare.

"Hey! Who's you're friend there?" Eep finally took notice that her friend was in the floor surrounded by mess. "Um...that's Scree," she said, pointing at the bear.

Jenny picked up the bear, smiling. Eep looked on with worry for her bear.

"Well, hello there, Scree! Nice to meet you! I am Nny. So, you're Eep's little friend, huh? Weeell, you're certainly a cute little bear-bear! Yes, you are! Yeeesss you are!"

"Heehee!" Eep giggled at the woman's antics. Perhaps she had misjudged her and she wasn't as scary as she thought.

"Hmm? What's that, Scree? Mm,hmm. Yeeess. Hmm? Yeah, really? Uh,huh. Okaay. What's that? Hmmm..." After a pause, things took a turn for the terrifying. "WELL, FUCK YOU, MS. BEAR-BEAR! YOU SPEAK LIES! LIIIEES!" Jenny pointed accusingly at Scree, her face contorted in fury. Eep could do nothing but watch, mouth agape, at what happened next.


She calmed down after a minute or two and realised what she had done. "Oh...um..." she handed the brutalized bear back to the girl, who was once again bug-eyed with her mouth agape.

"It's certainly getting late. I should go now. I'm so awake right now, I need to be out. C'mon, you can walk me out." Eep followed behind her in a daze to her room, looking over Scree's injuries. They stopped at the broken window when Jenny turned back to Eep.

"Sorry about the window, but I noticed it was locked. I don't suggest you ever lock it again. Well...later, and thanks for the disinfectant. It's been nice talking," Jenny crouched on the window sill, facing the girl. "But we'll have plenty of time for that. After all...we're neighbors now." Jenny grinned and back flipped off of the window sill, running to her own house.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Eep screamed, terrified out of her mind of the Scary Neighbor Lady.

"I don't hear you, honey!" and "You ruined my life!" were her only replies. That night, she didn't sleep much...at all.

xxEnd FlashbackXx

"It says here that you broke in countless times after that," Jared continued into the details of the charge.

"No, the little girl that lives there let me in after that," Jenny growled, trying her best to control her temper. Surely there was a difference between breaking in and being let in through a window. Hormonal teenagers did it all the time and never got in trouble over it, by the law that is.

"The...little girl?" Jared questioned her, beginning to fidget with his tie again as sweat poured down his large head.

"Yes, little girl. Eep is only four, I hardly think she's grown..." Jenny trailed off, noticing how the short man was looking at her. Her temper flared to dangerous heights.

"I. Am. Not. A. Pedophile! Basic physical contact with anyone disgusts me! The thought of being sexually involved, especially with a child, is enough to make me ill!"

Jared trembled under her heated glare. He swore he saw her eyes turn red! Jenny looked like an angry, cornered venomous snake, coiled and ready to strike.

"Jared! That's enough of your wacky accusations," the Warden gave a nervous sounding laugh as he glared at his assistant, trying to diffuse the tension in the air.

But that single word! That one five letter 'W' word, made Jenny strike. It probably would have been best for everyone if she was left to fume over being called a child molester.

In a flash barely noticible to the eye, Jenny had gripped the collar of the Warden's shirt and dragged him across his desk. The only knife in her possession at the moment was held dangerously close to his throat, so close that if he gulped, it would break skin and allow a trickle of blood down his throat.

Jared, Alice, and even Jailbot were at a loss for how to rescue their employer. One wrong move and the mad woman would surely kill him instantly. Like she had so many others before. Jared continued to sweat profusely, Alice was standing with tensed muscles, and Jailbot had an angry red frown on his metric face. They had no choice but to watch the scene unfold and hope for the best.

"I absolutely loath that word!" Jenny growled. "Wacky!? What the Hell kind of word is that!? Fewer words are as excruciatingly stupid! Fuck!" Yes, for Jenny did so hate that simple word. Many had lost their lives or were still going through tortures underground miles away for using that word, especially when it was applied to her.

"Nny! Don't do anything you'll regret!" a familiar voice called inside her head. Jenny faltered, only slightly, upon hearing it. It was Kitty's voice. Her voice of reason, the voice of her furry friend who was usually right on these things.

Taking the cat's advice into consideration, Jenny released the genuinely fearstruck Warden and threw her blade into the furthest wall before backing away five feet from the jail owner. Of course, she was still furious over the word and her current predicament, and grew even more so when Alice restrained her rather roughly.

"I don't suggest that any of you use that word around me again, lest you suffer a gruesome end," she advised through gritted teeth.

The Warden and Jared jerkily nodded, Warden regaining his composure and straightening his suit, while Alice traded Jenny over to Jailbot.

"Now, what do you plan to do about this predicament we seem to be in?"

Jared straightened his tie yet again. "W-Well," he muttered, his voice shaking. "You'll have to be moved to your own private cell, as far away from other inmates as possible."

Jenny smiled. "Ooh, special treatment? How nice of you." Sarcasm, gotta love it. But she was, by a small amount, genuinely grateful for that at least. Less chance of dealing with the other incarcerated beings suited her just fine.

"Only for a nice, young lady such as yourself," said the Warden, now back in a chipper mood. Of course, he was thinking of ways to punish the crazy woman for her little stunt. That kind of behavior didn't fly in his prison, especially if he was threatened.

"Out of curiousity, where is the black dufflebag I arrived with?"

"With all your other confiscated belongings, of course. The same as all of our inmates."

"Alright, then there's two small matters left we need to discuss about my stay here," Jenny exhaled in frustration. It was becoming obvious she would have to serve out the sentence, even if it wasn't technically hers.

"Well, out with them then! I have other things to tend to!" the Warden was also growing tired of the conversation. A more correct word would be 'bored'.

Jenny's left eye twitched in annoyance. Why had she listened to Kitty? The 'man' in front of her should be bleeding over the expensive polished wood of his desk and carpet by now! The other two people in the room should be dead, too, and the robot's machinery scattered throughout the room! She should be finding some way to get home and continue punishing the assholes of society! She should be drinking a Cherry-Doom Brain-Freezy right now, god damn it!

"I assume, like any prison, your inmates have communal showers?"

The Warden's expression soured at his beloved SuperJail being compared to a common penitentiary. Before he could leap to it's defense in what was sure to be a rather dramatic way though, Jared replied to her.

"Something like that, yes."

"And I assume there are no seperate, closed stalls?"


"Then when or where, may I ask, would I take my own?"

Given the expressions on their faces, that thought hadn't occured to the Jail staff. How would they go about the female prisoner's bathroom arrangements?

"Sir?" Jared looked to his superior, hoping he had the answer.

The Warden's brow was furrowed in thought. "She could either wait until the other prisoners' are finished in the showers, go in before them, or share Alice's bathroom."

"I'm not sharing my bathroom with a homicidal tramp!" Alice growled. Jenny was rather disturbed about the idea as well, enough so that she ignored Alice's statement.

"She'd have to wait until almost midnight to use the showers or go in at five in the morning," Jared stammered.

"That's actually not such a problem. I don't sleep," Jenny replied to him. It was honestly a much more appealing idea than sharing a bathroom with the 'female' guard.

"Alice, don't be so rude. It's perfectly logical that you two share a restroom, you're both the only ladies on the island," Warden tried to coax Alice into the idea, oblivious to the other conversation next to him.

Alice bristled in anger before crossing her muscular arms over her large chest, a gruff "Not happening," was her reply.

"Hello, let's listen to the homicidal prisoner for a moment!" Jenny shouted to get their attention. Once she had it, she continued. "Taking my condition of not sleeping into consideration and the fact that I have my own personal supplies in my duffle, I'd much rather use the prisoner showers at midnight. There's zero chance another inmate will be there, my secret and well being are safe, and no one has to do anything they don't want to. Everybody wins."

"Very well. Jailbot or Alice will escort you and hold on to your things every other night." Warden agreed.

"Fair enough."

"What was your other matter then, now that that's sorted out?"

"I'd simply like to know how long my sentence is."

Jared shuffled his papers, looking for the one with precisely that. Prisoner's never left SuperJail, but perhaps it would be best to tell that to the unstable woman later.

"Adding up all your crimes and your current psychological state, you have to serve thirteen years for mental rehabilitation, and six hundred and fifty-three years for the other crimes."

Jenny's response wasn't what anyone expected after recieving such news. It started out as a quiet, surpressed chuckle in her throat, then it escalated to a high manic laugh that lasted for a few minutes.

"What's so funny?" Warden demanded to know, a scowl on his face. He wanted to know partially because he was curious, but mostly because the woman's reaction was unusual for a prisoner who had to serve over a dozen life sentences. He expected overwhelming emotions like anger and depression-the sort of reactions that brought a twisted grin to his face-but never did he expect mirth.

It took a few more minutes before Jenny calmed down enough to reply, gasping for air, "Six hundred and sixty-six years is what's funny! My address and now my prison sentence is the number for Hell!" Jenny gave another bark of laughter, unable to grip her aching sides.

"Yes, that's quite amusing," Warden replied dryly. "Jailbot! Take her to her new cell."

"Sir! We need her name for official record!" Jared cried, dropping several papers from his arms, and dropping more when he scrambled to pick them up.

Warden sighed in frustration, growing more bored by the millisecond and wanting the woman (and Jared) away and out of his sight so that he could find another means to entertain himself. Hopefully with Alice...

"Well, what is your name, criminal?"

Jenny was now over her random laughing fit, frustration and calm now fighting for dominance within her. She was in desperate need for more sugar by now, but that is not very important to the story at the moment.

"Jenny C. But, since we're bound to see a lot of each other, please call me Nny," she was replying more to Jared than the childish prison owner. This did not stop him from commenting, much to her extreme displeasure.

"'C' is a letter, not a name," Warden scoffed, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, then I guess you'll have to live with that, because I can't remember my full name!" Jenny shouted venomously at him, giving him a murderous glare. She didn't hold it too long, and instead turned it on the floor, her hair creating a curtain for her face as she felt frustrated tears prick in her eyes, but allowed none to fall. "I haven't been able to for years," she grumbled quietly to herself. No one else heard.

"Jailbot, take her away now!" Warden ordered, turning his chair to face the orange tinted glass wall and his prison metropolis.

With that, the prison robot wrapped an arm around Jenny's waist, trapping her arms yet again, and flew off to another part of the compound.

xXChapter EndXx

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