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How was this happening? Hot salty tears streamed down my face as I jumped building to building. Master was in critical condition, he slowly and painfully might die. First he had his power drained by Phantom and now this? And if he did die what would happen to Fairy Tail?

I remember when i first came to the guild and everything was so rowdy. Then master appeared as a dark giant, i could've cried at how scary it was, but i never did because his heart touched mine gently and slowly. To me he was like a father i never had, caring for his children, laughing with them, and crying with them. He was always with us through everything. So he will live life through with us together as family. So Porshiya will heal him and even if she hates humans she cares for him somewhere deep in her heart.

Just like how i care for Laxus even now. His dad had messed with his head making him always feel weak and small. He was a selfish man never knowing what he had. Only wanting to have someone strong to carry out his name. That caused the mark that forever scarred Laxus and is heart. That scar will always be there and never forgotten, but you can still heal it. Just like how Fairy Tail healed my heart and became my new family. Laxus was just taking the wrong path, the path his father had made him go down not then one his heart chose for him. If might take a while for everyone's forgiveness, but I all just starts with one person. One after the other. You earn it.

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