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As the leaf village became eerie, Danzo dark chuckle began to fill the halls of the root. "Sai my boy, I'm need you to go on the rescue mission to get back Sasuke." A boy with the fakest of smiles, nodded walking away.

The hokage sat there with the few people she had left, the council wanted back the Uchiha and wanted him back now.

Flash back councilroom

Tusunada slammed her hands on her desk yelling out at the fool's that ran the council " ONLY Naruto was able to bring him back! Imagine how much harder it would be to bring him back with Naruto by his side he has no reason to come back!."

One of the old fools commented " It matters not his will of fire needs to be in the leaf village! He must repopulate the Uchiha clan and he must be in these walls by birth he was destined for this village, and by the death is the only way he will leave it!"

"Well..he did join Yochina Akumu..might as well mark him like you did the rest of them" Jiraya sat on the desk grinning, shocking everyone in the room but Danzo, and Tsunada.

" This is a private meeting you don't get to-"

Danzo raised his hand cutting off whatever the old fool was about to sat " Tell me Jiraya, do you know where the Uchiha is?" Jiraya never the one to trust Danzo picked at his ear and shrugged "Nah.. that boy is way smarter then the little boy I trained what reason would he give a informant for this "particular"village" Danzo "Any lies told before the hokage is treason-ed for death" Jiraya laughed " I been around for a long time, do you really think the hokage would get rid of her teammate? one of the sanins? her only knowledge to outside walls of this village."

Danzo sighed tapping his pointer finger on the desk " I say we send out some ninja in attempt to try and reason with the Uchiha if force is needed then we sha'll do that.." Tsunada nodded and thought carefully "Or..we could ask for another meetintg..we are almost at war we could use all the help we can get!"

The council buzzed at the thought, they almost forgot the huge elephant in the room. Danzo spoke carefully " We sha'll return to the meeting after some careful considerations."

Flashback ends

Jiraya grinned at Tsunada " Seems someone is allowing the council to take the job of the hokage" Tsunada looked at Jiraya with anger "Tell me where they are." Jiraya chuckled shaking his head "I dont even know." Tsunada gasped lightly not believing him "If you don't know then they are out of our gra-" Jiraya snapped his fingers " The meeting place they give to everyone that needs them is different, mine's also being a bit different so different they appear almost everytime i go there." Tsunada nodded "So these meeting place its like routine?" Jiraya tapped his chin "No ones told me where there meeting places been but its been the same, they would sometimes sit there for days just to meet up with the Yochina Akumu me its usually a few hours" Tsunada hand slammed on the desk "Then will take your spot! it's the only way to get in contact with the Uchiha and possibly get the ninja's back in the village"

Jiraya nodded " That's a risk in doing that i'm betraying there trust, they dont handle betrayal that well Tsunada you have to remember there's a few others inside Yochina Akumu then the one's you met, not only that you need to get the council to let them back in the village thats if they take your request." Tsunada sighed thinking ' Konohamaru he's the hokage's child and supposed to become hokage one days he's needed back more then anyone, The Uchiha brat is also on the top priority list of having to come back without him the village won't prosper..and the council won't stop. Sakura I trained her as Orochimaru did Sasuke, and Jiraya did Naruto she's next in line for reasons being she leaving she must be returned.. Naruto he's needed back the most' Tsunada looked out the window and saw how the color of the village began to fade the day he left 'He's the reason the village burned so bright..'

Jiraya grinned noticing Tsunada trying to figure out what to do "I say be a hokage." Tsunada looked at him with a burning flame that burned out the day Naruto turned his back on her.


Sakura was healing Ino's wounds thinking about what occurred ' CHYA we almost had those kids, that damn demon took my Sasuke I should have never trusted him' Sakura flinched at the memory of Naruto smiling and promising to bring Sasuke back, Sakura's eyes watered she thought she could trust Naruto, but knowing he was a demon she could never look at him the same, knowing he stole Sasuke from her knowing he left her after being by her side all those years. Sakura glared hard finishing up Ino's wounds "Let's go Ino"

Ino nodded rolling her shoulder, she was embarrassed and frightful of those kids they came across so young, but the hatred she felt raditing off that one boy even in his mind was strong he didn't like her, or anyone for that matter. It made her wonder if Sasuke was truly safe in such an area where little kids could hate so strongly 'Naruto took shikamaru from me my bestfriend, I'll be damned if I lose my love also.'

The bushes shook lightly "I know I traced his chakra signature to over here." Sakura and Ino got in fighting stance as soon as they heard a voice, a female voice. Sakura and Ino stared intently as a long haired red-head came out of the bush she was wearing rectangular glasses and looking around like some crazed animal.

The women noticed the two females a stood straight up awkwardly fixing her glasses. "And you two are? YUCK!" the girl looked almost sick, confused Sakura was about to ask her what was wrong until.. "You're chakra signatures are disgusting! Just no!" Ino eyebrow twitched "And you are?" The women smirked "I'm Karin! and I'm on the quest to find my love!"

Sakura and Ino looked at her like she was batshit crazy, Karin began creeping around again until she randomly stopped "What the hell? Here? THERE"S NOTHING HERE!" Karin looked around it was a clear spot it was no real tree's, but she could feel life, Sasuke's life, and the faded life something else that didn't feel human. Sakura, and Ino were about to just walk away after carefully realizing this women was right in the head until they heard her. Ino turned around eyes wide "Say that again!" Karin turned around a bit startedly and crossed her arm "Sasuke. You know of him?"

Sakura nodded, along with Ino "You said you could trace Sasuke you sense him here!?" Karin closed her eyes debating if she should tell these two females, she really hated the idea of other people looking for Sasuke, Karin nodded " Yes I can" Sakura looked around and as Karin said before there was no where for them to hide no where for them to be at so where..Ino was also a bit baffled by the idea until she sensed a familiar chakra. "SAKURA" Sakura was already in stance "I'm way ahead of you this time we wont let them g-" Sakura world got dark as she fell to the ground the last thing she heard was another sound of someone else falling.

Neji, and Hinata was having a stare down Neji growled out "You're always up to something Hinata." Hinata nodded and sighed "You have no idea, but just like you I have no ill will for Naruto I was there from the beginning! though you complain about Sasuke hurting Naruto you hurt me! in a failed attempt you also tried to hurt Naruto I was the only one that cared that stood by him even if he didn't acknowledge me" Neji chuckled "How cute you still have a crush on the blonde." Hinata glared hard at Neji baring her now elongated fangs "No I don't if anything I'm annoyed with allowing you guys to treat me how ever, I make one mistake and it's like the world is ending but you guys all of you made a mistake with Naruto! the fact that Naruto is giving Sasuke a chance make's you fearful and it makes you weak if anything you're the reason Naruto might end up hurt." Neji didn't want to admit Hinata being right about allowing someone to effect him as much but he couldnt help it Sasuke was a threat, and threats in his eyes must be eliminated he would give anything to have Kyubbi back him up right now.

"You know why we ride on you harder Hinata? Because thats all you ever do is sit back in the shadow's and watched, you watched Naruto get hurt, you watched Naruto beg, and you know what you did after you watched? The final straw is you watched then ran didn't even tell no one we had to hear it from the horses mouth, but he made it seem like you had no choice, Hinata you had a choice, you could of joined him he allowed you to join him before, and when it got hard you-" "Shut up Neji I get it" Hianta's eyes filled up with tears as she glared angrily at Neji "So your telling me I have no chance in forgiveness? Then why am I here what makes me such a valuble asset to this group if no here wants me!" Neji chuckled walking away from Hinata "People what you, you just want them to desire you the way they desire Naruto, dont act like I have noticed just like you watch Naruto I watch you Hinata and everyone else in the Yochina Akumu, You're just wanting acceptance tell me is that why you brought Kiba? You thought he would look at you some type of way? what about Sasuke. Hinata stand your ground like you did today and we might come to respect you and all you're deranged ways, but just like everything else you'll run..you'll run and-" Hinata activated her Byakugan, just as quickly as Neji as they heard a long female's voice.

Hinata jumped and glided through the cave until she got to the entrance a little bit faster then Neji as he sprinted behind her, about time they got there Kiba was there in a odd outfit, and Sasuke was there shirtless rubbing his face. "There all here.." Neji glared hatefully at the three females not knowing who the one with the red hair was about he was very annoyed "Kiba...it was your turn." Kiba shook his head pointing at Hinata " Naruto asked me for a favor it was Hinata's job this time, but we are fine they won't be able to find us anyways will just have to deal with there annoying voices Naruto said until they dissapper." Sasuke sighed "Except for the red-headed what is a sensor a very good one" Kiba sighed "Sasuke you sure know how to pick them" Neji watched how they all got into a fighting stance and changed his vision to the other side of the forest and saw Shikamaru sitting in a bush and Gaara standing there with his arms crossed, they couldn't get near the base with the two girls hovering around. (I mean they could but I kinda need these three girl's for the story to have some kind on going comic relief/conflict)

Kiba looked at Sasuke "Come let's finish this up so Naruto can look at you next" Sasuke left with Kiba slightly embarrassed and annoyed and the situation, Sasuke didn't even make eye contact with Neji as he walked by him 'They'll never take me seriously if this keeps occuring I hope once I'm stronger I can prove my worth' After Sasuke's talk with Itachi, he started noticing things in a new perspective.

Flash back Itachi and Sasuke.

Itachi handed Sasuke the folder of information about what happened to there village and a run by everyone in the Yochina Akumu. " I'm the informant, I go out and I wonder I find out what going on with akatsuki, with different villages" Sasuke nodded "Like Jiraya" Itachi nodded "Though the four of them consider everyone equals you can see the pyramid forming Naruto, Shino,Shikamaru,Neji,Gaara,Me,Hinata,Kiba" Sasuke looked a bit confused "I thought..Naruto,Shikamaru,Neji,Shino.. I didnt think" Itachi chuckled rubbing his brothers head "That's because you seen it from the outsider perspective, though Shino is a bit more level headed, if something was to occur he wouldn't stop at nothing to make sure Naruto's needs are made, Shikamaru keep's Naruto balance make's sure things get done and Naruto stays focus, and Neji he's the protector getting by him is hard enough but getting by him is even harder when Naruto is around" Itachi looked carefully at Sasuke as he took in this information he was giving him minor details but details that could cause problems if he betrayed them, the darker truth would be hidden until he knew for sure Sasuke was in it for good. Itachi was about to leave, Sasuke "What about you Itachi?" Itachi was abit stunned but looked at Sasuke with a honest look " Naruto gave me life, I'll take away anyone's I learn is about to take away his happiness and that means the people in the Yochina Akumu I won't let anyone touch them that includes you Sasuke no one will harm you." Itachi left at the point leaving Sasuke to think about everything.

Sasuke mind was full with new information 'Shino..is closes to Naruto, I would think Shikamaru but the way Itachi put it maybe there all close to him but the one who would do the worst damage would be Shino if something were to occur.. I have to watch carefully because I don't understand but Naruto promised me strength, told me I could still be an avenger..gave me a family I thought I'd come here like I did with Orochimaru ready to do whatever it takes, but its almost as if I dont have to I just have to do what I want..and everything will fall into place. I'm Sasuke Uchiha...I can do this.'

Flashback ends

Neji growled at Hinata "Look what you did no-" Hinata rolled her eyes pulling out three needles " I can fix this" Hinata threw one needle at Sakura, and another at Ino and lastly hit Karin with it. "See solved" Hinata shrugged stepping out of the cave with Neji beside her looking down at the three girls who were messily laying on the ground out cold. Shikamaru came out of the bush with Gaara right behind him "Tell me why every time I leave I come back to some kind of mess." Hinata shrugged at Shikamaru question "I'm be honest I was distracted" Hinata said non-nonchalantly about to head back into the cave, Until Neji stopped her "So you own up to it? Great you take them far away and leave them somewhere.." Hinata grinned a fox like smile looking down at the girls, until Shikamaru rained on her parade "Alive ."

Hinata sighed picking up the three girls and gracefully hopping away. Shikamaru sighed looking at Neji "Please tell me everything is one piece" Neji nodded and glared "Except for that Uchiha he still here..he didn't react the way I was expecting." Gaara crossed his arms "You mean hoping." Neji glared at Gaara and shrugged, Shikamaru sighed "What a drag..might as well give it a try." Neji eyes widen at Shikamaru" You can not be serious." Shikamaru sighed "Neji look at it this way a boy, who lost his family wanted revenge his best friend he felt was in his way, he had to do whatever it took to get his revenge have you ever thought Sasuke felt betrayed by Naruto" "Nothing you can say can justify what he did, I'm only tolerating him because Naruto brought him if I grow to care I grow to care but I won't change my ways based on a new thought" Gaara responded walking in the hideout. Neji nodded "I'm never going to change my thoughts he did what he did I would rather forgive Hinata, and my clan then forgive him" Neji looked at Shikamaru " I won't let him divide us." Shikamaru did a lazy smile "I'll kill anyone that tries."

Shikamaru and Neji walked back into the cave, Neji went to go find Kiba and ask him some question while Shikamaru wanted to crawl into bed with Naruto and fall asleep for a very very long time being around Temari has always made him tired.

Shikamaru was about to walk into his room until he heard some noises coming from the medic room, Shikamaru opened the door not really expecting much until his fell on a sight that made his blood run cold.

"What the fuck"

Shikamaru was seeing red, all he could see was Sasuke sitting on the table with Naruto in his lap being held in place by Sasuke hands on his waist, Shikamaru eye's widen as he Naruto looked back at him, then back at Sasuke. Shikamaru being the first to think before reacting used his shadow binding jutsu to wrap around Naruto and pull him away from Sasuke, ignoring the urge to crush the Uchiha instead especially after trying to defend him earlier to the people he loved, and known the longest. Shikamaru began walking away dragging a tied up Naruto with him, trying his best to ignore the Uchiha.

Shikamaru swung around quickly punching him in the mouth, and shook his head ready to swing again until Naruto's mummers stopped him, Shikamaru trying to collect his thoughts began walking away agian dragging Naruto "Fuck off Uchiha, I'll be back for you" Shikamaru began walking out the door, dragging Naruto with him walking by Gaara.


Naruto was sitting there in the medic lab talking to Haku, who was standing there formally. "Haku tell me what happened" Haku sighed looking down disgracefully "I allowed them to enter my mind..to see my most precious thoughts in fear they would learn about you.." Haku's eyes harden " I should of never let them near me I'm sorry" Haku eyes widen as Naruto lifted his head up with his pointer finger by Haku's chin. Naruto placed a kiss on Haku's forehead "Those precious memories you sacrificed for me, I can never thank you enough Haku.. you didnt have to do anything you could of allowed those two females to learn eveything about us about me, but you didn't you stuck by my side..those memories were your's I have no right to them yet you gave them up for me."

Haku's eyes began to water even so he acted older, he was more mature then Konohamaru and Yota he was still a kid, a kid Naruto had grown to love just like everyone else, Naruto pulled him into a tight hug nuzzling down on the top of his head. " You were very brave today..I know mental wounds are a lot harder to fix then physical..you must feel so violated.." Haku began to cry as he realized he was feeling violated, feeling as if someone came to a area they had no right to be in, he was also crying because he realized he made the person he cared about most proud of him it was like Naruto was his father pushing him to be better, but also allowing him to make mistakes and learn he could of lost so much information to those two women, and Naruto would of been in danger Haku knew now he had to work harder be better, faster, he couldn't allow anyone to harm Naruto. Haku looked up at Naruto, as Naruto began to wipe the tears from Haku's eyes "Naruto-Sama..do you think Hinata would train me?" Naruto eyes widen slightly and he smiled down at Haku "I believe so why Hinata? and not Neji?"

Haku bit his bottom lip he knew Hinata wasn't the most liked but Haku had certain skill set, and Hinata was the fastest in the Yochina Akumu it would only seem fit to go to her "She's fast, she gets the job done the quickest and I want to be just as fast if not faster." Naruto nodded agreeing " You're right I think it's a good idea to go to her, maybe Sasuke should to sit his style is also similar to your's what do you think?" Haku's nose scrunched up like an annoyed fox "No thank you" Naruto grinned "Oh is that right" Naruto started tickling Haku, causing him to gasp and laugh very loudly "No no no! Naruto-Sama this is very inappropriate!" Naruto laughed "Ooooh but I'm soo hungry" Haku's eyes widen "Noo please!" Naruto blew a raspberry on his stomach causing Haku's laughter to fill the room by the time Naruto was done, Haku red in the face and breathing deeply.

Naruto fixed Haku's hair" Remember Haku..I'm happy if your happy" Haku looked at Naruto with a cherry gaze "I'm happy being able to be help you Naruto" Naruto grinned happily that Haku slipped up and forgot to be formal. Sasuke came into the room tiredly, as Haku slipped his cold mask back on. Naruto frowned "Naruto-sama I must go find Hinata" Naruto sighed and nodded but smiled when Haku helped him up off the ground.

Haku began to leave the room his mind still trailing back to what occured

Flashback to the memory Ino entered.

Haku was on the bridge as snow filled the ground a bunch of snow fell he was prepared to die, no one wanted a monster like him all the snow..

" alright" Haku looked up at the boy with bright blonde hair, Haku smiled brightly expecting Naruto to offer some food, or possibly go away without hurting him if he acted friendly, Naruto sat by Haku which stunned him who would sit by a homeless boy? in the snow? the freezing cold? Haku cringed a bit wondering if Naruto was going to do to him what those drunk men tried to do should he get up and run? or kill him quickly ? "You know i'm the king of fake smiles..you dont have to smile like that anymore" Naruto smiled at Haku the same smile Haku gave him, Haku touched his face softly. "W-what do you want?" Haku voice cracked a bit as he realized he hasn't used his voice in a long time.

Naruto blinked looking up at the sky as the snow fell "The question is what do you want?" Haku looked at Naruto confused, what did he want? when did that ever matter? Naruto picked up some now and blew it in Haku's face lightly. " I want to see a real smile from you" Haku blushed lightly not expecting that answer, Haku thought hard about how to respond, but Naruto beat him to it. " If you show me a real smile, I'll give you whatever you want." Haku's eyes watered a bit "C-can I go with you?" Naruto blinked not expecting that answer. "Sure, but no fake smiles" Haku nodded "I-i'll be useful to you Naruto-sama"

Haku watched as three other appeared, Naruto smiled up at the three and Haku looked at him in amazement that's what Naruto true smile looks like? Haku wanted to make Naruto smile like that at least once in his life..it would be his dying wish, he never wanted to see a smile like that leave this earth.

"Man what a drag this snow.." Haku looked at one of the guys with a puffy ponytail brush snow out of Naruto's hair, and Haku knew at this time for some reason he had to show them why everyone hated him. Haku stopped the snow from falling and looked at Shikamaru, who looked back at him and frowned. Haku didn't know if he displeased him does this mean that he would go with them he wondered. Haku frowned realizing he might of ruined his chance "Come on kid..lets get you home." Naruto grinned watching Haku stare at the hand offered to him by Shikamaru and took it hesitantly "Home?" Naruto stood up with the help of Neji and nodded "Home." Haku's eyes watered as he began to wail out loudly

to be con.

"W-where is Sasuke?"

Flashback ends

Haku hated that blonde women, he wanted her cold as ice frozen if not anything else he wanted to do it he wanted to make her blood run cold for good. Haku walked into his own room seeing Konohamaru knocked out on his bed, and smiled at the boy softly. Konohamaru has been working with Kiba since joining, and for some reason always fell asleep on Haku's bed. Haku sighed moving Konohamaru over climbing in with him until his door open, and Yota was standing there wide eyed with a doll "Can Yota join?" Haku nodded making room for Yota. Konohamaru peeked open an eye looking down at Haku, Konohamaru didn't know him like that, nor knew what happened when Ino entered his mind but he hated the fact his teammate was going through something he had no right knowing 'I should of left with Naruto the day he left..then maybe I would know you better.'

Naruto was putting the folder away not wanting Sasuke to know about the two harpies floating his way, about time Naruto caught up with Sasuke he was already looking at some notes bout his curse mark, that Kiba found out. Naruto frowned "Sasuke you do realize that sealing this you'll feel weaker then ever because you rely heavily on it. " Sasuke nodded "I'll have the demon chakra in me to sustain me." Naruto nodded and began working on the sealing the curse mark for good. "Sasuke." Sasuke hmmed "This will hurt." Naruto eye's turned into the Kyubbi's as he bit the curse mark hard, Sasuke moaned out in pain straddling Naruto, as Naruto latched on sucking out curse mark, and sealing it with kyubbi's chakra. Sasuke's hands gripped Naruto waist hard, as Naruto wrapped his arms around his neck. 'Naruto..is this what best friends d-'

"What the fuck.'

Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted and yelped in pain as the burning sensation poured in quickly as Naruto turned around and saw Shikamaru standing there with a derange look in his eyes "This..better be good."

Naruto looked at the situation and realized in his hurry to help Sasuke he manage to make himself look like he was about to. Shikamaru used shadow binding jutsu to drag Naruto away and when Sasuke tried to explain himself all he got was a busted lip.

"Fuck off Uchiha I'll be back for you."

Sasuke rubbed his lip, while Gaara was chuckling helping him up. "Bad timing Sasuke..if you wanted him gotta get in line." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him confused "What?" Gaara chuckled darkly walking away shaking his head

Sasuke stood there confused "Get in line?"

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