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Prologue: The Broken Man and the Strange Orphan




Emiya Kiritsugu, the famed Magus Killer, could only watch in growing horror and trepidation as he watched helplessly what the Holy Grail continued to do in retaliation to his actions and thoughts. Everything was burning. Everything was collapsing. If one were to be there among the chaos, you would hear the roar of fires, the sound of collapsing rubble and buildings, along with the occasional cry of anguish and pain. For Kiritsugu, he could hear nothing. He could only stare vacantly in horror on his knees, tears silently cornering in his eyes threatening to fall freely. For him the world was silent. Reminding him of what the Grail promised him: His wife and child for a sacrifice of the rest of the world. His refusal to his supposed "desire" angered the Grail and caused it to curse him and lash out in retaliation, causing the scene out of hell before him. He also couldn't help but remember a few days earlier when Lancer cursed the grail and those hunting for it upon his death, promising that it would only bring destruction. Kiritsugu couldn't even find it within himself to chuckle or even twitch at his dark humor within his mind.

His thoughts turned to every sacrifice he made for the "greater good", his father, Shirley, Natalia, the whole Fourth Holy Grail War... Was it worth it? His cries of anguish and regret didn't help with his focus or his conscience - whatever was left of it.

Suddenly, the world came alive for him. He could hear once more. And it absolutely terrified him.

Roars of flames so hot, the sizzling of rubble and other debris under the heat, the collapsing buildings, and the cries of pain and sorrow. Wait, cries?

Kiritsugu looked around frantically with his dull eyes, eyes that lost their light long ago. For the first time in a long time he felt hope. But mostly desperation. He was desperate for survivors. Hoping that someone was alive amongst the chaos and destruction he helped cause. He searched through the rubble, hoping to find someone alive, or even a body. He hasn't seen even a single body yet. That terrified him as well. It was almost mocking as if to say constantly you are alone. Kiritsugu shook his head slightly of those thoughts. He couldn't think like that, he had to find someone!


Minutes turned to hours and Kiritsugu was still searching. His face had become increasingly blank, but not the blank look of an emotionless killer he was famous for. No,this was the look of a broken man, a shell of his former self. He didn't care that his hands were bleeding or burned from the abuse of digging through hot rubble, he had to find someone. He had finally found a couple of bodies, though that filled him once more with grief as he held a dead child in his arms, he couldn't help but have hope that someone else may be around. So he called out for help or acknowledgement, none came.


Time dragged on and he was still searching. He looked even more broken than before. He was dragging his feet, occasionally digging through rubble once he thought he heard something. But there was never anything there. He heard something in the distance, vaguely and oddly, it sounded like a laugh of all things. Regardless of hearing the last thing he would expect to hear, he trudged forward, desperate to save at least one person from this tragedy.

What he came upon was not what he expected nor wanted. He saw the man he has sought to kill for the entire war, and the man that has wanted to kill him in return: Kotomine Kirei. Close to him sitting upon a heap of rubble with all the grace of a haughty and graceful emperor was Archer. He was known to history as the King of Heroes and Babylon, Gilgamesh where his story was told in the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh. And of all things he was naked without a care in the world. It was "his garden" apparently. Idly Kiritsugu wondered why he hasn't struck anyone down for being "unworthy" to gaze upon his naked self, or why he hasn't summoned some clothes he no doubt has in his endless vault in the Gates of Babylon. But he quickly shrugged off those thoughts. He didn't care.

He didn't care that Kirei somehow survived their fight. He didn't care how he can still stand with a bullet wound where his heart should be. Or how the Grail chose to spare those two men of all the people in the city. He didn't care that the three men with the most blood on their hands were still alive amongst the carnage of innocence. He didn't care about the narrowing of Kiriei's eyes as if expecting him to come running towards him to kill him, or show a face of disbelief and question why he was still alive. He just turned slowly to another pile of rubble and began digging. Because he simply didn't care.


Night had passed into dawn, dawn into morning and one figure can be seen stumbling through the rubble. He looked to be around seven years old and a couple inches shy of four feet. He had spiky golden blonde hair that fell and stood in all directions. It was also currently matted with dust and dirt, not to mentioned slightly singed. He normally had bright blue eyes that shone of innocence and mischievousness, they now though were dulled from shock and pain due to his surroundings. He had slightly tan skin and strange light whisker-like birth marks that was now covered in dust and dirt like his hair only a few cuts and scrapes were visible out side his clothes. The clothes he wore were a white t-shirt with orange short sleeves and dark blue shorts with some dark blue sneakers to finish it off. Though like the rest of his body they were tattered with dirt and some blood from his cuts.

His name? Well he was pretty sure it was Naruto Uzumaki. Its not like he was those other kids in the Fuyuki Foster Home, where they had there name on a note or something attached when they were dropped off on the stoop like some movie. No, he was just found. He was just brought to the home by police officers after they found him in an alley crying as a baby. Sure they tried to give him a name, but to the confusion of the caretakers and social workers, he rejected them, saying they didn't feel right. So how did he come to the conclusion that it was his name? Well it started when he was five, so about two years ago. He began to have very specific dreams.

These specific dreams occurred almost every night, he got his fair share of specific nightmares too. He kept seeing himself, living a life, growing older, and fighting for his life. He saw himself a lot louder than he was now and very lonely. He grew up alone with no one but a handful to even care about his existence. But then he went to school, but not any school, any academy to become a Shinobi, and it was his dream to be the best of them all, becoming the village leader so people will recognize and acknowledge him.

He wasn't great in school. He sucked in fact. He would skip school to do pranks and if he showed up he wouldn't really pay attention. Its not anyone could discipline him really, he was an orphan. An orphan that was glared at or ignored by his village and made fun of by his classmates. To be fair it was all an act, but he would rather be a loud-mouth idiot if it meant others would notice him.

A couple years later he is broken down in the middle of a clearing in a forest trying to take the "secret test" to graduate so he doesn't fail the Academy the third time. His sensei Mizuki was part of the village that hated him. He tricked him to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing for him so that he would kill Naruto and take it for himself. Well he learned a technique in the meantime, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), though his other sensei Iruka came to find him after he heard that he stole the scroll. The two of them were then found by Mizuki who then proceeded to reveal information that would change the golden-haired boy forever. He had a massive sentient being made purely out of chakra given form and life sealed in him, making him a Jinchuuriki. Or more commonly known by its titles: The Kyuubi no Kitsune and the Demon Fox. Which leads us to the current broken down state. He was saved by Iruka who defended and acknowledged Naruto, boosting his confidence and conviction. He defended Iruka and gave Mizuki a case of endless mob beat-down through a sea of Kage Bunshin. Because of his efforts and learning a high ranked jutsu so quickly, Iruka graduated him giving him his head band. And all of this was within a couple of weeks worth of dreams!

He didn't understand a lot of it. How could he? It's not like people could help him sort this out. He was about to turn six, people either think you have a really good imagination or you watch too much television if you tell them I have constant dreams and nightmares about a ninja-version me that seems like it really happened. Yeah. that would go over well.

The dreams continued though for the now self-named Naruto Uzumaki - the name did sound cool to him. The dream self got placed on a team with his crush and his rival with a lazy, one-eyed sensei. The test for them didn't go well at first, but they got it down eventually. They went on a couple missions/chores and finally they got a big one! The dream self was excited they would be leaving the village for the first time to Wave Country! The mission to escort and protect a bridge builder though was misranked with enemy ninja ready to fight them. They actually had to save a country from a corrupt tyrant of a businessman, Gato. They continued ahead anyway and they were confronted by an A-Rank missing nin, Zabuza. Had a bad ass huge sword though! Then again to a six year old that sword is either scary or the coolest thing ever. They were able to drive him off but both Kakashi - the sensei - and Zabuza were incapacitated for a week. In the mean time they genin trained. While dream self Naruto over did his training and woke up in a clearing he found a boy who looked like a girl and they talked with each other. It was there where he learned one of his most important life lessons: "When people have someone or something precious to protect, they can truly become strong!" Naruto in the dreams and the Naruto dreaming took that to heart. In the dream however, the battle at the bridge continued as emotions ran high. Sasuke, the rival, protected Naruto from harm sending Naruto in a rage of frightening power unwittingly calling upon his tenant power.

He defeated the hunter nin who was Haku the boy from the forest. Conflicted and hesitant, Naruto couldn't finish him. Haku took advantage of this and saved his teachers life - Zabuza - from an attack from Kakashi. All of the emotions were for naught as the man that pulled all the strings from the country's suffering to the deaths of Haku and others, Gato in all his midget glory. He came to kill everyone by himself (cough, with a couple, cough, hundred or so thugs, cough, behind him cough). The fight amongst ninja stopped and Zabuza charged head first and killed Gato and several dozens of other men before succumbing to his wounds. The rest were scared off between the intimidation of Naruto and Kakashi through clones and the rest of the villagers rallying behind them. Later the bridge would be completed and named the Great Naruto Bridge once the team left.

Yeah at the time all of this was almost too much for the six and half year old, but the way he looked at it, "If the me there can do that, so can I!" And so began his self-imposed training. He would try to copy the fighting moves like he saw in his dreams and those Karate moves and cartoons on T.V. Not to mention he became smarter through the dreams. He could see himself saying, writing, reading, and listening to new words and phrases. He was levels ahead of those his age. Because of this he took to writing down the dreams so he wouldn't forget.

By the time he turned seven, his dreams had revealed to him, himself at the Chuunin exams and what transpired: the curse mark on his team mate, the training with a super pervert summoning toads and meeting the fox in him, the finals proving he was better than a genius, the invasion, fighting Gaara another Jinchuuriki, fighting Shukaku the demon sealed inside Gaara with the boss toad summon, defeating Gaara, learning the Old Man Hokage died, going with the super pervert of a sensei to find his old teammate and convince her to return and become Hokage. Only to run into an organization that wants to capture the beast within him and the other Jinchuuriki - Akatsuki - and the last teammate of theirs the one who orchestrated the curse mark, invasion, and the death of the Hokage: Orochimaru. Naruto learned a new move Rasengan, helped drive off Orochimaru and won the bet he had with Tsunade and brought her back to Konoha winning a bad ass necklace in return.

Things didn't go smoothly though upon the return, the rival and "best friend" Sasuke grew jealous Naruto getting stronger and tensions continued to rise until he decided to turn traitor and abandon the village to Orochimaru of all people. Naruto and four others went to retrieve him but they were headed off by the bodyguards of Orochimaru. One by one battles were fought one on one death matches. Some barely survived some were barely hurt with the help of allies from Suna in Gaara and his siblings. Naruto though faced Sasuke himself.

This was his latest nightmare. The fight was horrible as it was emotional. Brutality took place commonly in the fight. Sasuke in the end called upon the curse mark's power grotesquely changing him while Naruto was imbued with hatred and anger with his use of the one-tail cloak of the fox's power. They called upon their strongest attacks: A dark Chidori from Sasuke with the chirping lightning ready to pierce and a purple rasengan from Naruto ready to grind and pulverize into dust. They leaped at each other howling the others name as they clashed creating a dark sphere surrounding them symbolizing their struggle. Eventually naruto gave he spared Sasuke by scratching his forehead protector while Sasuke pierced his side. Sasuke left Naruto to his unconsciousness and unto his path of darkness.

That nightmare was a scary one for Naruto. He nearly woke everyone with his screams as they clashed. He eventually went back to sleep through after some soothing words from the caretaker. He ended up having a much more pleasant dream. Though he found out in the hospital bed after the fight that Sasuke had successfully escaped and the Akatsuki were after him, he was happy to know that Orochimaru wouldn't essentially kill Sasuke by taking over his body nor would the Akatsuki mobilize to catch the Jinchuuriki for another three years! On top of that He would be trained full time as an apprentice to the super pervert who was actually a legendary ninja, Jiraiya. So after a few goodbyes and see you laters, he was off, not to be seen in Konoha for three years.


That was his latest dream, though now instead of being woken up by his nightmares, he was woken up by screaming and an earthquake. He had stumbled out of bed in shock, and tripped hitting the corner of his bed, knocking him out.

When he awoke again, it was morning and the foster home was in ruins, with rubble and fire as far as they eye could see. The little seven year old boy who had the mentality of a thirteen year old idly wondered if he was in hell, but shrugged that off and walked on looking for other survivors of the disaster. He kept walking for a few minutes slowly trudging along despite his growing sluggishness and obvious fatigue. Eventually he collapsed. Not a minute passed before he caught sight of a man in his early thirties in a black dress shirt, pants, tie, shoes, and trench coat. He had messy and spiky black hair, really dull black eyes looking at him with utter and pure relief.

Idly Naruto wondered, 'Why is he crying for me? Who is he thanking?' and indeed the man known for his calculating coldness and underhanded tactics to get the job done, was crying tears of relief, thanking over and over again to whoever would listen and that was responsible for the boy's survival of his blunder. The notorious Magus Killer was sobbing over an injured, but alive boy he never met.

The last thing Naruto saw that morning in the artificial hell, was, instead of a blank emotionless face he was known for, a smile that was present among the happy sobs of relief on Emiya Kiritsugu's face.

Prologue end

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