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Chapter 2: Not Another War...

Everything about this situation terrifies me.

A monstrosity beyond comprehension with ten tails struggles to get free from between two giant slabs of earth.

Meanwhile the two men responsible for all the suffering for the last couple of decades and this current war go through a couple of hand signs before stopping on the tiger seal. Standing on either side of the ten tailed monster, they breath in deeply, before exhaling massive amounts of fire from their respective jutsu.

"Katon: Bakufuu Ranbuu!" (Fire Release: Chaotic Dance of the Storm)

"Katon: Gouka Metsugyaku!" (Fire Release: Grand Fire Extermination)

Right now I'm already exhausted. I'm protecting everyone by covering them in my chakra mixed with Kurama's. But after seeing these massive fire balls coming for us, I can't help but sweat a little in trepidation. But I plow forward anyway and boost my chakra once more giving everyone extra protection.

Everyone survives the fire, but the two men fire massive Kunai and Shuriken from Obito's pocket dimension and giant Magatamas from Madara's Susanno'o.

Once again I control all of my chakra to deflect the projectiles from hitting my comrades. If I wasn't exhausted before, I am now.

So exhausted in fact, I was nearly hit by a surprise attack from Obito who had come from his dimension, If it weren't for Kakashi.

Obito notices I'm breathing heavily, taking a knee, and he starts talking to me,

"Naruto, you have only been covering else's asses. Is there any reason to what you are doing?"

Meanwhile Kurama is chiding me on over using his chakra saying I'll burn out. He also warns me that the Juubi is charging up chakra.

Obito then continues, "You're exhausting yourself for no reason..."

"I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand," He is surprised by my statement, then I charge forward to attack with a chakra claw while continuing my answer,

"I'm happy when my comrades are near me, they give me strength, they keep me going!" I slash at him, but he gets away in time.

"If you feel your comrades's pain, and death brings you closer with them and see it as another connection, why bother protecting them to such an extent?" Obito questions.

"That fucking mouth of yours makes me sick! You make it easy for me to believe that you are just a selfish asshole! So keep spouting your shit, I won't listen! Because even though the pain hurts and is numbing, we accept that pain of the deaths of our comrades! I don't want to throw that pain away! I might be selfish, but having no comrades around makes my heart ache so much I can't put it into words... PERIOD!" I finish by slapping my hand over my heart and glaring up at Obito.

As Obito glares back at me the Juubi finally breaks free from the giant slabs of earth. It roars as it shatters it's temporary prison and let's out another ear-spitting shriek as its arms bulge and grow larger.

Kurama warns me that its preparing for "Tenben Chii (Heaven and Earth Paranormality)" and then Obito goes onto speak again as he faces the ten tails.

"This is what happens when you cut me off from the Juubi, its beyond suppression now... Maybe I should become its Jinchuuriki now?"

All of a sudden the Juubi roars once more and the sky above clears of smoke before clouds gather and lightning begins to strike. Kakashi prepares to erase the Juubi with his Kamui, but Obito interfered and they both went into the pocket dimension to fight.

The Juubi then roars once more releasing it energy as a concussive force, shattering the landscape, creating a huge crater while the surrounding super storm become filled with tornadoes and lightning storms. Everyone is overwhelmed by the power that swirls around the Juubi as rocks and debris swirl around destroying the land before it explodes in a maelstrom of power.

A mushroom cloud of dust and debris forms from the blast, signifying its power from releasing its energy alone.

As the dust settles everyone in the army is revealed to be unharmed, just dazed. My chakra saved them again. Though now its flickering and fading away in my exhaustion. I can't even summon it to surround myself. I am back in my normal state. My clothes are tattered, my arm and face is bleeding, I'm out of chakra, and the Juubi just made eye contact with me.


The Juubi roars as its arms bulge once more and puts its hands together like its praying as it gathers it chakra once again. I fall to my knees and tremble as my body gives out. The last of my chakra that was protecting everyone fades away. However as I look up I see everyone standing in front of me to fight while Sakura heals me. I couldn't help but smirk. This is what it means to be comrades.

The Juubi though opens it mouth to insane proportions as an enormous bulge comes out. The bulge begins to open up into a grotesque flower that begins to charge up another Bijuu Dama of monstrous proportions. i know that even if we still had my chakra most of us wouldn't survive it.

Sakura though rallies everyone as she heals me, and Shikamaru comes up with the plan to make numerous earth walls. After contacting everyone with Ino's help they follow through with the plan. They raise wall after wall, after wall in preparation, I know though it isn't enough. After all I use the damn technique! And this is powered by the Juubi! But I can't think negatively, I have to believe in them. Even as the Juubi fires its ball of destruction, even after it plows through wall after wall. I close my eyes trying to convince myself they can do it, even as the ball continues to advance despite Killer Bee trying to hit it with his own Bijuu Dama and then throw his body in the way in his Hachibi form. I close my eyes believing they can do it. Even as I slightly tremble in pain.

Though nothing happens, the ball of destruction disappeared.

I hear the sound of a kunai piercing the ground and I look up, its a familiar tri-pronged kunai, with a sealing script that signals the arrival of my hero and idol.

A warping through time and space reveals the edo-tensei revived Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze who jokingly asked, "Am I Late?"

With a smirk, I reply, "No, you're right on time, Dad!"



A blond identified as Naruto groans as he wakes up rolling his shoulders to get the kinks out from sleeping on the floor of his dojo. "Oh, morning Sakura-chan!" he says with a sheepish smile while scratching the back of his head from being found asleep on the floor.

Sakura Matou has shoulder length violet hair with a red ribbon on the left side holding her hair back from falling over her ear. She also has violet eyes - that looked really dull to him, like she experienced something terrible - and she wears the standard Homurahara girls uniform.

She just smiles gently and replies, "Good morning sempai, there is still time for you to get ready. Its weird for you too oversleep." Such a sweet girl. He never could get her to stop calling him sempai. She would always just shyly look away and say she couldn't do that, saying she should show respect and all that. Sometimes he finds Japanese formalities annoying.

"Oh, I guess I was more tired from my night jog than I thought. Sorry." Naruto reply sheepishly again. Though by night jog, he meant that he came home late from his weekly patrol. He always made an effort to jog around town at least once a week he would tell Sakura and Taiga. They don't really question it. Probably because they have followed him that one time just to see what he was doing. That was a night he didn't go on Patrol. He did sense them the moment they left his house. No way would he go on patrol knowing they were following him. Though it was probably Taiga that wanted to and forced Sakura to come.

Once again she just tucks her purple hair behind her ear and says with that sweet smile of hers, "Don't be; I would be happier if you over sleep from time to time. It would make it worthwhile for me to take care of you."

Naruto just sighed mock exasperatingly and said with his eyes closed, "Just what am I going to do with you huh?" He stood up to stretch once more revealing his new stature.

Naruto at seventeen years old is now 5' 10" and 160 pounds. From his constant training he maintained a compact athletic build making him really lean. He kept his blond hair moderately short, thinking if he grew his bangs out like his dad or Sasuke he would probably get annoyed by them, always getting in front of his face or tickling his nose. He still has his whisker marks that made a lot of girls giggle thinking they are cute or stare in curiosity, and he still has his bright blue eyes that make most girls blush if he looks their way. He is wearing his work out clothes which are black sweat pants and a dark orange t shirt and black running shoes. He leaves the house wearing these clothes with his backpack, changes into his patrol gear, then changes back into the workout clothes when he gets back.

As he turns around to leave he says, "Well let's to making breakfast yeah?"

"No its fine you get changed and ready for school, I can handle breakfast, so please take your time. Also Fujimura-sensei will be here soon." she denies in that normal soft tone of hers.

With another sigh, Naruto smiles good-naturedly at first before saying teasingly with a pout, "I swear Sakura-chan, bossing me around like my wife or something." as she began to go wide-eyed with a blush beginning to form and grow along with her mouth open ready to deny the teasing, he interrupts with a chuckle, "Sorry, sorry I'm just teasing. I'll get on it Sakura-chan!" as he leaves the dojo waving over his shoulder, he doesn't see the blush that didn't die down nor the look of longing on her face before she snapped out of it and ran to the kitchen.

'The dreams again... Why are all the dreams recently about the Fourth Shinobi War...'

The dreams of his past life have become less frequent then they were when he was a kid. Though all the dreams recently have focused on the war. They used to cycle back to certain old experiences randomly or not have any dreams about his past life for large gaps at a time before they would come back full swing. Though now... all he dreams about is the war.

'God, I hope this isn't some sort of foreshadowing.'

As Naruto put his clothes in the washer, he thinks about the five years that have gone by since his father's death.

Raiga Fujimura was helpful in paying for his expenses since he owed his dad a favor. Though now he uses them as contacts in the city. Reason being was he discovered the one supplying him with his weapons was Raiga. So they made an understanding. Raiga would feed him information going on in the underworld and he wouldn't bust their deals.

Taiga became like a sister to him after his dad died. She actually became his legal guardian, though sometimes it seems like its the other way around with how she would mooch off him for food.

Sakura Matou has to be the complete opposite of the Sakura of his past life. Sakura came to help around the house after Naruto had gotten careless on a patrol a year ago. He had exhausted himself by going out after a cram training session and after sniping multiple guys in a building by jumping across rooftop to rooftop on the surrounding buildings as quickly as possible. He of course completed the objective, though he was exhausted at the end on his way home. Naruto had actually fell asleep for a moment when he jumped down from a building to get to his street and fractured his wrist and radius on the fall. Naruto quickly blamed it on his part-time job working at a warehouse lifting heavy things. After hearing he got hurt she volunteered herself to help him cook and other chores. She hasn't stopped since.

At school he would do his best not to stand out. Though that is hard to do when you are taller than everyone and you look like a Californian with whisker tattoos despite them being legitimate birth marks... Why won't anyone believe him! They think he is a delinquent or something! Plus his natural athletic ability attracted a lot of attention as well. He would do hid best to do the minimum approach though that would just piss off most people since it looks like he is looking down on them as if saying "I'm not even trying!"

On top of all that his good looks and aloof, easy going attitude attracted a lot of girls without him trying much to the other guys chagrin.

He was trying to lay low, but it seems he can't do that. He is one of the most popular guys in school - reluctantly. I mean its not like he cares about it. The only reason he goes is because of his Taiga-nee. She would kick his ass if he wouldn't go! He becomes like an ant before her female fury! Its not fair! It's like Tsunade and Sakura from his past life all over again! How does she make her kendo strikes hurt so much anyway?

"Oi~~~ Naruto~~ Hurry up~! I'm getting tired of waiting on you!." Speak of the devil.

Naruto just sighs as he finishes putting on his black t shirt with an orange collar and putting his khaki colored school jacket over it though not buttoning it, preferring to leave it open. He walks into the dining room to eat his breakfast where he sees Sakura and Taiga already sitting waiting on him. While one looks as sweet and kind as ever, the other looks mildly annoyed. She has short light brown hair and she wears a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt and white shoes. This is Taiga Fujimura.

She turns to Sakura across the table and says chidingly, "Sakura you spoil Naruto too much, he will take advantage of you."

"Oi, I do not! She does all this even though I ask her not to she is just a really sweet girl... unlike some moocher I know..." Naruto trailed off, only to freeze in his tracks as he felt a very terrible aura emitting to his right. He stiffly turns to face it and like a deer staring down a shotgun he freezes in horror.

Taiga looked absolutely evil right then, her eyes were shadowed but her eyes were gleaming red dangerously and there was an image of a bloodthirsty tiger with large fangs staring down at him. To make things worse she pulled out her dreaded bokken out of nowhere and began to calmly stroke it. She finally said, "What was that? I promised Kiritsugu that I would be your guardian until you grew up to be a respectable adult, you don't want to make my duty difficult do you?"

Thankfully for Naruto, Sakura intervened, "I'm not spoiling him, he just looked tired is all." as she handed him a bowl of rice.

"Tch, making my duty difficult everyday-" she was interrupted though when Naruto commented on the miso soup he tasted,

"Ah, Sakura this miso soup is great!"

"Well you taught me well sempai."

What they didn't notice was the dangerously growing twitch Taiga had. It was too late for Naruto though.

She pulled out her bokken out of nowhere again and exclaimed, "Listen to me Damn it!" and she smacked Naruto on the head knocking him out of the room.

Only then did she notice the time and she ran out of the house saying she needed to still grade the tests.

Naruto had recovered and was helping with the dishes when Sakura said with a slight sweat drop, "Fujimura-sensei seemed a little more tense than usual huh?"

'No that happens a lot, though pulling out the bokken twice in one setting is rare.' he thought with a sweat drop "Oh, well, That's Taiga-nee for you."

They had heard on the news that there were more "gas leaks" going on in Shinto. He didn't believe it though, it smelled of magecraft. He thought about going on his "night jog" again tonight to check it out. The need to investigate it became stronger when he saw police cars zoom by them.

Sakura interrupted his thoughts when she spoke, "What could be happening sempai?"

"I don't know, but we should let them handle it, don't worry Sakura-chan."

"Okay." she replies in her soft tone.


Later on at school we find Naruto walking to his homeroom with a bored look on his face with his hands in his pockets, ignoring the whispers and stares he gets as he passes by the crowds.

'Haa, I swear, Its like they don't think I can hear them talking about me.'

The conversations about him though stopped when someone else walked to her homeroom. That someone was Rin Tohsaka.

Rin has blue eyes, long black hair, which she styles into pig tails tied with black ribbons. She wears the standard Homurahara girl's uniform accompanied with a long red coat. She is apparently the idol for the male students here. She seems nice enough to him, though he never really talks with her, she is in a different class.

They walked by each other without sparing a glance to each other. At least in Naruto's mind, once he passes her Rin looks over her shoulder to watch Naruto as he walks into his homeroom. With a sigh, she follows suit and walks into hers.

Naruto sits in the back of his class looking out the window waiting for his scary guardian/adoptive sister/homeroom teacher to show up.

He finally hears a steadily growing voice that sounds suspiciously like "late" before he sighs and closes his eyes and waits for the train wreck.

Finally she comes in running and jumping, "Good morning!" before crashing into her desk.

Of course you have a couple students asking if she is alright, though some decide to antagonize her by calling the nickname she hates "Tiger". Just another morning for him.

She tells the class of the new curfew that is in effect due to the recent accidents going so most activities will be cut short. Which gets Naruto to narrow his eyes in suspicion. Do a couple of gas leak incidents warrant a city-wide curfew? Whatever, he isn't gonna stop his patrols anytime soon.

Taiga leaves the class for the next teacher to come in, Souichirou Kuzuki. Naruto has always been suspicious of him. They way he walks and carries himself, the look in his eyes, they all scream "I am a trained killer". Of course, when you have been dreaming of killers and trained soldiers most of you life and you become one yourself its not hard to notice, which of course this means that he could possibly know he is one as well.

'I'll have to watch myself around him.' he thought as Kuzuki continued the lesson.


He had heard during lunch that there was a homicide last night. That was what the police cars were rushing over to this morning. Apparently it was due the death was caused by a long spear or sword like object. Pretty strange use. Must be a nutcase. Normal killers resort to guns or knives, not spears. Maybe he should go on patrol more often, he might be able to prevent things like this. Idly though he remembered the cynical words of his father, "Saving one life means not saving another." He understood, 'If I'm at one place saving this guy, it means I can't be there to save this one.' he thought. 'Shadow clones would be really useful then.' he thought jokingly before turning serious again. 'Doesn't mean I won't try though, I'm not gonna break my promise to dad, because I still don't go back on my word!' he thought determinedly.

Suddenly though he stopped, his senses were going haywire. Prana was getting thrown around all over the city.

'The hell? When did so many magi get here? God, non of this makes any fucking sense, I can't go on Patrol today, my mind isn't in the right place. And not being focused can get me killed.'

Walking home though he suddenly felt a surge of prana before him he looked up to see a little albino girl in a purple outfit with a purple hat walking by him with a smile on her face.

Suddenly she says darkly, "If you don't hurry and summon your servant, you're gonna die, onii-chan."

He turned around to face her, only to find nothing...

'No one should be able to get the drop on me and leave my senses so easily! Especially not a little girl!' he thought worriedly. Taking this event as a sign, he hurried home.


After a lecture from Taiga, and a threat with the dreaded bokken for being out so late, dinner finally started. Sakura helped with dinner again and Taiga mooched, again. And after another argument between Naruto and Taiga, Sakura making sure he was alright after the bokken was taken out, Taiga and Sakura were leaving to their respective homes for the night.

"Well, good night." said a shy Sakura.

"Yeah, good night Sakura-chan!" said Naruto with his wide grin. "Take care of her Taiga-nee."

"Yeah, leave it to me!" she exclaimed enthusiastically. "Come on Sakura-chan!"

Naruto watched them go with a smile before turning around and closing his door.

Naruto was now in his workshop out back, cleaning the most recently used guns and sharpening some of his kunai. His hands drifted over a certain customized knife, savoring its beauty. It was always therapeutic for him in a way, keeping his nimble hands busy, reminding him of his purpose in life. To protect those who can't protect themselves and and fight for his precious people. To be a hero, even if no one ever knows who their hero is. As long as an innocent is saved through his actions, he will be satisfied.

Because he is Emiya Uzumaki Naruto. Son of Emiya Kiritsugu and the reincarnation Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. And saving lives and being a hero is the least he could do to live up to those names.


After another morning of Sakura spoiling myself and Taiga mooching, with Naruto calling her out on it - only to get the bloodthirsty tiger image (not the cute one in class) and her putting her hand on her bokken again to threaten him (he still doesn't know where she pulls it out from) - and Sakura separating them, we find Naruto and Sakura having a conversation.

"Hey Sakura, I have told you this so many times, you don't need to come on the weekends to help, I'm sure you have your own plan's" Naruto says tiredly.

"No, I really don't. I don't really go out to have fun on weekends..." she paused here a little as a small blush dusted her cheeks, "unless I have dates or other personal matters." she finished with her usual sweet smile.

"Ah, but still you shouldn't push yourself so hard for my sake, okay? Think of it as a request from your Naruto-sempai!" he finished with a big grin.

"Understood, sempai."

He isn't stupid. Naruto knows Sakura likes him, though why or how much is a mystery to him. In a normal world, he would have asked her out right then, in a normal world he wouldn't have to patrol every week and kill criminals. In a normal world, he doesn't exist, because he isn't normal.

Walking to homeroom, Naruto listened to the conversations going around the students. Apparently Shinji Matou got rejected by the Tohsaka girl and now he is taking it out on the new recruits in the archery club. Great, another douche bag with an inferiority complex. How that guy is related to a sweetheart like Sakura he will never know.

'Oh, well as long as he doesn't bother anyone I know or piss me off, I'll let him have his fun. I mean, I kind of feel sorry for him, it's guys like him that usually have the tiny dicks.'

Shinji meanwhile was talking to a group of girls with his usual smile, before his face twisted into a face of pure indignation and then pure rage.

'Why do I want to have Rider kill someone blond?'

After another boring session of school we find Naruto in one of the trees by the archery dojo as the sun sets. Occasionally Naruto would take naps after school since he is usually up all night working in his shop or on patrol. So he sleeps when he can, even if its up in a tree or on a school building roof. He just needs his backpack as a pillow and he is fine.

Though he is woken from his nap after a loud clash of weapons occurs. At first he thought he was hearing things or that he was dreaming, because he only hears weapons clashing like these when he dreams of battles in the Elemental Nations. But then he feels the prana saturating the air and he knows that magecraft is occurring.

So with a sigh, Naruto digs deep into his backpack and pulls out a familiar leather harness with two M9s though now one is grey and the other is black with a silencer attached. He takes off his school jacket puts on the harness and puts the jacket back on. He didn't bring his kunai pouches so he will have to stick with his beauty on calf. He reaches down to his right leg and pulls his pant leg up to his knee and reveals another holster with a large trench knife similar to the trench knives Asuma used in his dreams. Of course the metals are different, but the design is the same. It doesn't mean he didn't add anything though. No, he welded a special silverish jewel to help him fight right on the hilt. Making it a jeweled trench knife and one of his two mystic codes. He grabs the knife in his right hand before slowly concealing his presence in the shadows.

What he finds was the strangest things he has seen outside his dreams. Two men were fighting in the middle of the school courtyard. That wasn't the strange part, the first is what they were fighting with and what they were wearing. The first guy had blue hair that was short, but then he had a long pony tail from the back of his head. He seems to wear deep ultramarine full body tights with white lines running down different places. He also has silver pauldrons on his shoulders. His weapon of choice is a red spear and he is good with it. The second man had pale brown hair that goes past his shoulders and grey eyes, he looks like he is wearing archaic Greek armor, with leather straps over his shoulders and torso plated with bronze and a tunic made of the same material. He really looked like a Greek Warrior, all he was missing was the classic helmet and shield, though he wasn't wielding a sword, he was nimbly dodging the lance while firing numerous arrows blinding fast from his black bow. And when ever the spear would get to close, he would deflect it with his bow, so it is obviously strong. After deflecting another strike the archer jumps back and glares determinedly while readying another arrow.

Naruto is stunned watching the battle before him. He has seen shootouts and ended a couple of them himself, but to see a battle like this is awe inspiring. Unfortunately for Naruto, part of his equipment glinted in the moonlight allowing both combatants to take notice of his presence.

Naruto looked down at his right hand to see his knife out of the shadows in the moonlight.

'Fuck me.'

Naruto knew he was compromised to a stealthy retreat was redundant, he just opted to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. Adding minor reinforcement to his legs he took off hoping to lose him quickly he entered the school. Entering a dark hallway he slowed down and entered the shadows, preparing to use Time Alter if necessary. He suddenly he brought his knife up to deflect an incoming red spear to the wall beside him and jumped back deflecting more strikes before pulling out his grey M9 in his left hand and held it up at the spear warrior (Think of how Snake holds his pistol with his knife in MGS4).

With a sadistic grin on his face, amusement in his red slitted eyes Lancer stalks forward, "You think you can beat me? I thought you were Assassin at first, but your just a human, you can't beat a servant!" he exclaimed before rushing forward to run through Naruto's heart.

Naruto just muttered, "Time Alter: Double Accel!"

Everything slowed down for Naruto, as he side stepped the spear. He could see the slowly widening of the spear user's eyes as he did so, but he just continued with his motions. He used his knife to deflect the spear up giving Naruto and opening to the man's torso where he pointed the grey M9 at the man's chest and fired twice.

The result? A spear wielding man was sent flying across the hallway and a small trail of blood following him.

Much to Naruto's surprise the man got up with a groan easily, while touching his chest that was not bleeding as much as he would like.

"How are you standing?! That should have put you down!" exclaimed a bewildered and slightly frightened Naruto.

"This is nothing! But what was that! That was no ordinary magecraft you just did! You shouldn't be able to wound me even a little!" growled an irate Lancer.

"Well I don't feel obligated to tell you!" Naruto snapped back.

"Fine! I guess I'll end you here quickly!" His spear began to oddly smoke before he yelled, "Gae Bolg!"

"Time Alter: Triple Accel!"

Naruto moved to the right in time to dodge the slow thrust only to see everything go back to normal without him canceling his magic. Suddenly he felt pain. He coughed blood and looked down. he was shocked to see the tip of the spear coming out of his chest. He turned around to see the spear had actually bend and twisted toward him when he dodged.

"Gae Bolg, a cursed spear that pieces its enemies heart no matter what, the thrust is just for show really, to prove the spear was even used."

He then chuckled as he removed the spear from his chest, "You put up a decent fight for a human, you managed to wound me and have me use Gae Bolg, you could have been the seventh one... I'll give you my name before you die as a courtesy, Servant Class Lancer, CĂș Chulainn." he then proceeded to leave Naruto to his death.

'Fuck. This is how I die? Before I could complete my promise?' he thought as he went unconscious.


Naruto woke up with a gasp and immediately his hand went to his chest. He looked down to his hand and saw his blood and he saw the tear in his clothes indicating the clean stab wound that should be there but isn't. He found it strange but he picked up his gear and items along with a strange jeweled necklace and went home.

He was walking through his home on his way to his workshop contemplating what he just went through, when his senses went haywire screaming for him to move. So he did, he rolled to his side unholstering both M9s at his enemy. And good thing to because where he was just standing was that cursed red spear. He looked up at the man who nearly ended his life as he walked casually toward his spear, not minding that he has two guns pointed at him.

"I knew you were interesting, but surviving Gae Bolg, that takes it." the man known as Lancer chuckled. "But to think I would have to kill the same person twice in one day, how annoying."

Naruto began firing his black M9 but Lancer just deflected the bullets from him.

"I understand now. That grey gun is your mystic code isn't it? It doesn't fire bullets like that black one no it fires concussive and piercing wind bullets. Truly powerful and dangerous anti-unit technique. Especially mixed with that magecraft of yours."

'Damn I hate it when people read me so easily.' Naruto thought nervously. 'I need to get to my workshop, I'll have a better shot at beating him in there, but I have to finish him quick so he doesn't use that spear's ability again on me.'

Naruto suddenly jumped out his nearby window, breaking it, into the backyard. With minor reinforcement to his legs he sprinted toward his workshop. He rolled under a kick from lancer and pushed open the doors. he began firing both M9s trying to hold off Lancer while he tried to reach for his necessary supplies. Neither of the combatants noticed the summoning circle forming in the corner.

Lancer deflected the normal bullets and dodged the wind ones, though the runes he has on him helped make sure they only became glancing hits, just scraping him - it didn't mean it wasn't fucking annoying though! Naruto scrambled to his desk and hit it twice with his fist, causing a spring loaded hidden drawer to reveal itself. He pulled out a sawed off shotgun and pointed it at Lancer who was walking toward him casually until he saw the shotgun. Naruto smirked and said,

"Eat this bitch!"

He fired the two rounds point blank hoping for some damage, but he knew it wasn't over. If that guy can take his wind bullets no problem, he was gonna get up from that. So he got his second mystic code, his trench knife and got ready for close combat.

Naruto's hope that he would be injured enough that they would be able to fight evenly was dashed down, because Lancer somehow dodged his shot. And he wasn't happy. If there is one thing Lancer doesn't like it Devious methods, apparently pulling out a surprise shotgun and firing it is devious because he fiercely charged toward Naruto.

"I have had it with this charade!" he roared.

Naruto was desperately trying to parry the strikes but he was failing. He was getting cut all over and he couldn't get a strike in himself to use his mystic code. He was being overwhelmed. A lull in the strikes the gave him his chance.

"Time alter: Triple Accel!"

Naruto blurred backwards trying to gain some space before he prepared his mystic code. He charged it with his prana and called out,


A slash of wind-like energy flew at amazing speeds toward Lancer. He could only brace himself, before he was hit. He skidded back a few feet, but held strong. He had his arms crossed in an "X" to protect himself, he also activated his runes to full power in preparation. Though that didn't stop the thin bloody cut to form diagonally from his left hip up toward his right shoulder and over his two arms. Lancer looked up at him fiercely, but Naruto just glared back saying,

"I'm not gonna die here you bastard I made a promise! And I don't go back on my word! I can't die!"

And then the summoning circle activated in a bright light surprising both fighters. And out of the summoning circle came a young petite woman wearing a blue dress with plated armor around her torso, plated metal gauntlets up to her forearms, and more plated armor from the sides of her hips down to the end of her dress. She has blond hair done up into a bun with a blue ribbon along with her bangs framing her face and bright emerald eyes. She charges forward and knocks Lancer away with an invisible weapon causing a shock wave throwing a weakened and surprised Naruto to the ground.

She turned to Naruto and stated stoically, "Servant, Saber. Upon your summoning, I have come forth. I ask of you, are you my master?"

Naruto doesn't answer right away, he was shocked and captivated at the same time. This elegant, beautiful, but deceptively powerful with those shocking green eyes just asked him if he was her master?

"Wh-What?" he stuttered.

"I am Servant Saber, upon your summoning I have come forth." she repeated, "Master, your orders. From now on you will have my sword, and you destiny shall be mine. This completes our pact."

Naruto just stares dumbly before shaking his head and standing up, "Yeah, I guess I am. I guess in the heat of the fight I didn't notice the summoning circle."

She just nodded before she suddenly ran outside. Startled, Naruto followed regardless a few seconds later. When he got outside, he bore witness to Saber and Lancer were clashing all over the yard. Lancer with his cursed red spear and Saber with her invisible weapon, though Naruto could tell it was covered by wind - it was his affinity. He was stunned by the beautiful swordsmanship Saber had, she flowed with all her strikes and parries, no movement was wasted.

Finally after another clash and Lancer was pushed back, he snarled, "Cheater! How dare you conceal your own weapon!"

Saber just charged forward with a cold look in her eyes and pushed him back again with a powerful strike. "What's wrong Lancer?" she lifted her head up slightly flipping her hair, "Standing around idly disgraces the reputation of lance users. If you are not striking, then the pleasure shall be mine."

"Let me ask you one thing first" stated Lancer with a sadistic smirk, "Your Noble Phantasm... Is it a sword?"

"Now what could it be? An ax? A spear? A bow maybe?" she replied with her eyes shadowed.

Lancer just scoffed, "Spare me the jokes, Saber." His spear began to smoke in a familiar manner making Naruto go wide-eyed 'If she gets hit by that!'

"This is only our first meeting; any chance of settling this fight as a draw?" he warned darkly.

"I refuse your proposal, you shall be defeated here!"

"Hien!" A bluish slash of wind-like energy flew toward Lancer breaking his concentration on his spear as he had to dodge lest he get hit by that again. It didn't stop him from glaring at Naruto though as he stood by Saber. "Careful that spear when activated will pierce your heart no matter what. I think it was called Gae Bolg." he answered at Saber's glare for interrupting which caused her to nod in thanks.

"How do you know though?"


"I see, A curse? No, it was a reversal of causality then? You must be Ireland's Champion!" She finished in surprise, "Gae Bolg, the enchanted barbs that can break any defense, it sets it's opponent's heart as it's goal, and the movement of the spear will change to accomplish it." To which Naruto nodded. He witnessed that crazy spear first hand. "Is this the cursed red spear of that the Hound of Culann wields?"

"Well shit... I'm screwed now you have a competent master that stopped you from getting hurt after he recognized the attack. I'm in trouble if I use this wweapon and my opponent doesn't die." he said darkly. "I wonder if this weapon is too famous or not..."

"When a servant's identity is revealed, a servant should fight to the end... but my master is a coward you see, telling me bullshit like return if your lance is dodged."

"Are you running away?"

"Chase me if you want, at your master expense!"

"Hold it!" But then she contemplated his words and turned to her new master who was currently on his knees panting hard and looking worse for wear. So regretfully she held off from chasing him. 'We will finish this Lancer.'


We find our duo of Master and Servant in Naruto's workshop where he is Patching himself up with Saber occasionally helping. Meanwhile Naruto is asking questions.

"So I am your master?"

"Yes, though it seems not a legitimate one."

"I figured, I didn't do that summoning circle."

"Even so you are my master, and I will never betray you having made a pact with you."

"Well that's nice, but I never introduced myself, I am Emiya Uzumaki Naruto, Nice to meet you..." Though Naruto didn't see it, Saber's eyes widened slightly before going back to stoic. "Well what's you name, I doubt its Saber."

"I can't reveal my name, if I do others my find out who I am and use it to find my weaknesses."

Naruto just deadpanned, "You think I am gonna tell others your name if it leads to your defeat?"



"... Arturia Pendragon King of Britain."

"...Wow, so King Arthur was a woman..."

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"No! No! None what's so ever! I know women can be strong! I knew plenty that can kick my ass!"


"So care to tell me what this whole thing was about?"

"You don't know? Its the Fifth Holy Grail War, a fight between seven magi for the Holy Grail that will grant the winner their hearts desire. The magus involved summon heroic spirits from the past as servants brought forth by the Grail itself to help them obtain the grail."

"Good God, another war?" Naruto groused under his breath.

Saber although curious at what her new master meant by that stopped when she felt another master and servant nearby. "There is another Servant with their master nearby, I will confront them." She ran off ahead without any confirmation from Naruto which caused him to sweat-drop and rush after her himself after holstering another gun in his harness and his trench knife in hand.

He heard the sound of clashing to see saber on top of the Greek guy from the school courtyard and oddly Rin Tohsaka.

Saber was dominating the guy, and Rin could tell too, given her order, "Archer, Vanish!"

Saber charged toward Rin next after seeing her enemy was gone, but the master was open. Rin tried to use he jewels but they were ineffective, and Saber kept charging ready to swing. "Saber that's enough!"

Saber stopped and turned around to find Naruto walking toward her. "Naruto this is Archer's master! Another master in the war!"

Naruto sighed before saying. "Look Saber let's calm down for a moment and not slash first, ask questions later. Besides I don't really understand the concept of this war right now anyway. You need to explain it for me in detail and... Tohsaka Rin?"

"Hey there Emiya-kun."

Chapter 2 End

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