Ohaithere... Well, recently, the person I originally wrote "Fan Fiction" for gave me her opinion on the story. She liked it! Being good friends now, we decided that simple oneshot parodies cannot adequately explain how poor quality the plot and writing of Bellaswangirl71's Mortal Kombat stories are. That, and in my story at least, no one was pregnant. *rolls eyes* Anyways, even with a poor plotline such as everyone getting pregnant, said author manages to do such a thing in the worst way possible. This story is an attempt to show that even the worst ideas can be done better than how she does it. Enjoy!

The demoness known as Kia sat on a rock in the bowels of the Netherrealm. Since her and her sisters' defeat at the hands of Sub-Zero, they had been seemingly furloughed, not having been assigned to anything for quite some time. No one to kill, no packages to deliver... nothing. She was very bored, and in truth, was willing to do almost anything to liven up her bland existence.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. It was the sound of small rocks falling down a bluff. For a moment, she thought someone was watching her, but quickly dismissed that thought.

Unfortunately, her suspicion was quite correct as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her: one around her waist, the other around her neck. Eying the black coloration of the arm around her, she knew who it was.


The corrupted visage of the elder Sub-Zero smiled underneath his mask. "So you do remember me. It must be sad, staying out here with nothing to do. Fortunately, I have a plan that requires your... intimate participation."

Kia tilted her head, turning to look at the wraith, her eyebrows raised in curiosity. "Elaborate..."

Noob began to gently tug on her top, undoing the clasp around her neck. "What would you say if I told you that I wished for you to become my mistress?"

She gave a shy smile. "Tell me more."

The collar around her neck was deftly removed by the former Lin Kuei as he began to peel the fabric away from her chest. "I have a plan to conquer the realms. All of them. A plan so unstoppable that there is no way it can be brought to a standstill. The only thing is... I need a mistress willing to do exactly what I ask."

"And what do you require from me?" She felt warm, flushed even, as the skin concealed under the top was exposed to the hot, rushing air of the Netherrealm.

Noob leaned in behind her, whispering into her ear, telling her something that immediately shocked the demoness to her core.

"I need you to carry my children..."

Kia gasped. "What? Why?"

Quan Chi's servant began to gently tug at her shorts, pulling them down and exposing more of her flesh to the natural environment. "I will tell you why, Kia, but first... finish disrobing."

The assassin gave a nod as she herself finished removing her bottoms. Looking over her nude body, she blushed... It had been many years since she had ever fully disrobed in front of someone as she was doing now. "I... have done as you asked, Noob. Now, tell me your plan."

The wraith himself began to disrobe now, exposing more and more of his black skin. "While Quan Chi's been busy focusing on freeing Shinnok from the Netherrealm, I've been pursuing my own agenda. Through a... willing test subject, I've found that something strange happens when I release myself into a woman."

"What do you mean, Bi-Han?"

"It probably has to do with Quan Chi's sorcery... Regardless, my seed seems to grow inside of women at an amazing rate. It takes merely an Earthrealm hour for their womb to be completely filled with a creature even I've yet to fully understand. It comes out like a massive snake or worm, then changes its shape to a human-like creature, eight feet tall. I call it a Saibota."

Kia was... admittedly intrigued a bit by Noob Saibot's description. "Continue."

"These Saibota are practically impossible to defeat. They can't be killed, and if separated, they merely conjoin back together. The best part, however, is their capability for rapid breeding. Saibotas can throw small, slug-like chunks of themselves at women. The chunks are sticky, practically impossible to remove from their skin. Once they enter a womb, the chunks themselves grow to full Saibota size, becoming their own individual beings. I haven't found out what happens when a Saibota itself releases into a woman, but I believe the effect is far more... powerful."

It seemed almost too good to be true to the demoness, but she still had questions. "Do they hurt to give birth to? Will they defend me when I'm vulnerable? Can they speak? Are they intelligent? How many times do I need to do this?"

Noob finished removing his attire and took a step back, as if each question she asked had physical force behind it. "My test subject never cried out... She merely kept moaning in ecstasy. Unfortunately, I had to dispose of her due to her insanity. Yes, they'll defend you when you're incapable of defending yourself. They can speak, but only if directly brought into a conversation or asked a question. They're indeed intelligent. As for how many times you need to do this... Until you wish to stop. Once a sufficient number of others are infected, your production of Saibota will become fully supplemented, and you may stop."

Kia thought about the offer placed before her. On one hand, she was essentially becoming nothing more than an overglorified breeder of these creatures, but on the other... It was something to do, she would have guards loyal to her, and, in truth, it somewhat excited her.

"I'll do it."

Noob smiled as he stepped forward, caressing Kia in his muscular arms, his lips touching her own. She responded shyly, but wrapped a hand behind his neck as she pressed him closer. She was beginning to feel heat... passion... something she never thought she could feel as a demoness. Her hand ran down to his own ass, and being unsure of what to do, she began to feel the area between his cheeks. With that, he reacted, picking her up rather roughly with his left arm and spreading her legs apart with his free hand. Her right leg was hooked around his waist as he positioned her left around him as well before gently letting go.

With a sudden gasp, Kia felt Noob's ironclad erection enter her as she gave a loud moan. Her hips began to naturally pull her up, nearly taking Bi-Han's cock out of her before they relaxed again, slamming her body back down on him. Noob kept an arm around her to make sure she didn't fly off as she continued to ride him, his free hand running over her perky, well-sized breasts and stimulated areolae. She groaned as he thrusted in time with her own body movements. "Ugh... This feels so good, Noob! I want more!"

The wraith gave a devilish smile as he suddenly bent forward, laying Kia's naked body on the ground and diving in on top of her. His lips latched onto one of the firm mounds of her chest, sucking on and stimulating it as she began to give in to more and more of her passion. "YES, NOOB! FUCK ME!"

Noob could do nothing but oblige as he sped up and increased his force, each successive thrust growing faster, harder... He could feel the entrance to her womb hitting the head of his shaft as her back arched in pleasure. "Are you ready to carry my children, Kia?"

Her voice had died down from one high on passion and desire, having become that of someone who had fully submitted herself to the diabolical demon's plan. "Yes..."

With that, a trigger went off inside Noob's testicles, the black fluid inside them gushing through his cock into her vagina. He pressed the tip of his dick's head into her cervix, causing her to cry out, but ensuring that the inseminating seed could reach his mistress's womb as quickly as possible. With his deed done, he gently turned Kia onto her side, looking at her as he gave the demoness a seven second kiss. "That was your first time?"

She smiled, color coming to her pale cheeks. "Indeed it was... I don't think I can tell you how much I thank you for letting me do this for you. You're giving me a purpose again."

Noob smiled, looking down at her abdomen. Already, it appeared to be somewhat discolored, like a newly formed bruise. "Without you, this plan couldn't be possible, Kia, but now that you're carrying my child, you need to follow my instructions carefully."

She gave him a quick nod, slowly putting her clothes back on. "Just give me the word, Noob."

"Very well... Over the next hour, that creature inside of you's going to grow. I want you to find a place far away from Quan Chi's territory, a place where you can give birth to your child in peace. I can't stay away from Quan Chi for long, unfortunately, so I will have to go, but your Saibota will come to my lair once he has been born and has reimpregnated you. The one bit of advice I can give you is to stay relaxed. Enjoy everything. Don't stress out. We will meet again, I promise."

Kia smiled, giving Noob one last kiss before he traveled through a portal, obviously returning to Quan Chi. She had an hour to kill, knowing of many spots in the Netherrealm where she could stay and perform her duties in peace. Looking down at her slightly discolored abdomen, she smiled, gently placing a hand on the blotchy spot as she began her journey...