Kia is still pregnant with her last Saibota, a condition that she must never birth it being part of a deal made with Fusion to keep her from giving up her corruption. She currently lives with Fusion.

Noob Saibot was brutally castrated(balls, shaft, and all) through unknown means, meaning his chances of ever causing another Saibota outbreak are very slim. The perpetrator is unknown, but cussing from a teenage girl was reportedly heard by a witness of the crime.

The guy who tried to steal away Kia to a hospital died of testicular cancer days later.

The first Saibota Kia birthed caught on fire. The second Saibota she gave birth to also died from fire. In fact, all Saibotas except the ones listed here died.

Quan Chi is pissed off that Shinnok revoked his evil card after hearing about Noob Saibot's plan.

Saibota Wheatley is currently in a loving relationship with Sonya. They obviously can't have sex of course, since that would lead to the latter's corruption.

Jax disappeared after the incident, leaving no trace of where he was going. When he returned to the OIA, several scalps assumed to be from idiotic fangirls formed a new bandolier he was sporting.

Wheatley's sister went back to running her book club, but after having enjoyed the Saibota, she and the other women began to read Japanese erotica instead of kinky Twilight knockoff stories.

Jataaka was hunted down for what seemed like years in the Netherrealm by Fusion, as retribution for her abandoning of him while she tied him to a chair. He eventually killed her... but she came back due to her being a demoness.

Sareena is currently getting fucked by Sub-Zero. No, not that one, the younger one.

Mileena still sent knives and other sharp objects to her sister, each with a message of "jabby jabby, stabby stabby" inscribed on them. Her writing did improve, though, meaning that there had been some improvement in her mental stability.

Reiko's still infertile... and dead.

Tanya went on to sleep with every male guard of Shao Kahn's in Outworld. She eventually found out the dangers of unprotected sex when she popped out a baby named Elly after her night with Rain.

Li Mei became a model for Realmbabe Magazine, a new venture started by the three demoness sisters. Her good looks found their way onto the initial edition's cover, and many men jacked off to her nearly naked visage.

Kitana played with Adira, her Saibota, and taught her the finer points of being a princess. In hopes, though, she kept a chunk of her daughter in a glass jar, wondering if she should ever have another child, even if they were Saibota.

Jade realized that with Liu Kang dead, Kitana had no one to lean on. One thing led to another, and she found herself becoming Kitana's lesbian lover. Oh, and don't ask her about her dungeon adventures.

Liu Kang's body was reanimated by Raiden for a short while... then he realized that the body couldn't see to fight(no head and all). The result was Liu Kang getting tossed in a garbage compactor by Shujinko and turned into a tiny cube of dried flesh.

Now purged of her infestation, Ashrah was finally pure once again. Happy again, she took her daughter and began to journey, seeing of one day, Kagura could become as pure as she was.

Kim Kardashian, her sisters, and Beyonce started a business for the few remaining Saibota in Earthrealm. Gathering together willing women, she rented them to the Saibota as homes, their wombs the residence of fully-grown(and non-infectious) Saibotas, one of which resided in her own womb next to her unborn Saibota son.

Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Chief Keef, Sir Elton John, and Jay-Z went back to their lives as singers. They bought a private island together and now rent it out as the world's most lethal golf course.

Guy-man became Sorel's assistant in the Netherrealm. My God, he was fucking badass.

Fusion chose to keep watch over the two remaining infested carriers of Saibota, Kim Kardashian and Kia. The former he worked with(and occasionally fucked) while the latter he let live with him(and fucked more often than the other bimbo).

Sorel went to the Netherrealm. She was to be tortured by the demon known as Belokk, but she annoyed him and everyone else in Hell so much that he resigned and gave the job of "chief torturer of the Netherrealm" to her. She reportedly has a six figure income, benefits, and a good schedule.

Aura opened up a nightclub on the Vegas strip for Saibota-only. There were a few humans and other beings who were allowed - Sorel and Fusion, for example.

Tom from MySpace was given a second chance at life by Sorel. His company now makes a reasonable amount of money. He wears one of those kinky Morphsuits because his body is unnaturally thin.

The writers chuckled at the good reviews this story got, and occasionally laughed at detractors. They are currently planning a sequel that may or may not be set in Acapulco.