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Cathy, more bubbly than usual, ran out the doors of Singletown High, crowds of cheering students behind her. Sam, trailing behind her and trying to catch up, handed her the backpack she'd left back at school, smiling. "Slow down a bit, Cathy. You forgot your stuff in class."

"Oh, thank you, Sammy," she took it, smiling widely. "It's finally summer!"

"We know," Chris said, smiling and walking over to them from around the corner of the school. "We did hear the bell, too."

"Yeah, no need to make a fuss, Little Alien Princess," Danny said as he got to them, coming from the direction of the school's football field. He stood beside her and put his hand on top of her head, smirking just a bit, like if he thought of her as a kid.

"It won't be the end of the world if it takes its time getting here," he added, even though inwardly he'd been just as exasperated for the bell to ring, and his friends knew it, too.

"Oh, chill you, guys," she said, still smiling, but pushing his hand off. "I just can't wait for vacations!" Her smile grew, and she skipped along as they headed to the parking lot.

"I still don't see the difference in this summer," Chris mentioned, beginning a supposed-to-be but still-unofficial investigation as he took his keys out.

"I told you guys. Grandpa, Elliot, and I are going to go to Rofaseabe Caves. They're the-"

"Prettiest, most ancient, and magically colorful crystal caves in the galaxy. And there's an amusement park," her three friends said automatically, but they looked at her like, "We know". Cathy just kept smiling.

"Yes, we get that, Cath. It's great that you're going to old caves. It's just that you still seem a little too excited. Since when are caves or amusement parks this great?" Sam asked, co-researcher alongside Chris. Cathy just laughed.

"It's summer. Do I really need another reason?" she simply asked back, but she glanced at Danny.

"Then why is it that you've never been so excited for vacations before? Normally you're still excited, but you don't make it a big deal," Chris told her, pushing it a bit more, as they reached his car. Chris opened the trunk, and he and Sam put their stuff in there as they waited for an answer.

Danny took Cathy's things, glancing at her knowingly, and he put his stuff and Cathy's on the back of his indigo-byzantium and black super sport motorcycle. He smiled at her, his knowing expression changing to a humorous one, but he also cut into what his blonde companion was about to say.

"Guys, obviously, she just wants to peel off her outer shell and turn into her true form of a geek for the summer. It's her life-long dream to dig around in caves and look for creepy-looking alien fossils, you know," he said, looking right at her with a grin on his face. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Oh shut up. You know my life-long dream is to ride the one hundred and one roller-coasters built through the caves. Then it's to find creepy-looking alien fossils, " she badly joked with him.

"When are you getting back?" Sam asked, glancing over to Danny, who was patting his bike's back seat for Cathy to get on it. When he heard, though, Danny immediately responded again. Yet, still in a joking mood, he sighed dejectedly before then letting out a loud groan with his hands on his face.

"The Monday before school starts... at noon, on the perfect day when there will be sunny skies, no comets in the way... Really," he answered, his voice drawn out as moved his hands from his face and turned to Cathy, smirking a little as he said, shrugging, "Way too soon."

She rolled her bright aquamarine eyes and opened the passenger side door of Chris's car once it was unlocked. She sat down, not saying anything about Danny's oddly specific answer, just smiling knowingly and thinking about her arrival. Her legs dangling, she looked over to Sam.

"Are we still on for that sleepover, Sammy?" she asked. Sam went over to her and leaned against the car, but she thought about it.

"Probably. I'll be getting back from Karate Camp the second to last Sunday of vacations. The timing for when you get back is fine." Cathy nodded as Chris closed the trunk and went to Danny's side.

"Speaking of which, we know that your parents don't like it for you to get distracted during vacations while you're at the ranch, but how about I visit you at least while Sam's gone?" Sam jumped in right after he finished.

"Or before I go to the camp. The three of us can hang out together this summer," she said, though at the end there was a slight pleading tone when she said it. A rarity the lighter haired pair noticed.

Danny looked away from the pair slightly, not wanting to answer them right away, and he thought for a second about what he was going to say, his eyes deviating over to Cathy once.

"I'm sorry, guys. We're going to have lots of my family over for summer, like I told you guys. ...I'll ask my parents, but if they say yes, it'll probably be once the family's all out," he explained, comedy hour over.

"You two know how things are. His parents see summer vacation as bonding and disciplining time," Cathy added, and Chris and Sam turned to her.

"Not to mention they get paranoid when we go over, because they think we'll attract aliens." Chris and Sam glanced at each other, but they nodded even though that was a really stupid reason.

"Alright. It's just that... this is the last summer, really. Senior year will be starting in three months and after that, we'll have less time to hang out," Sam said. Around the end of her sentence, Danny and Cathy glanced at each other again, this time both smiling for just a tiny bit before Sam and Chris could notice.

Cathy got off the car and went to Sam's right side. "We know, Sam. You've told us before and so have the teachers and even our parents... We'll just hang out way more during the school year and hopefully this time we can spend every single day we have off together," she told her happily, excitedly, but mostly reassuringly. Sam shrugged, giving that topic a rest for then. She checked the time. Chris noticed.

"When does the rocket blast, Cathy?" he asked. Cathy and Danny responded at the same time, "Twenty-two minutes."

"Oh. ...Then you two should probably go." Sam told them, though her and Chris looked at each other when their best friends answered simultaneously. Even so, the mood turned a bit sour. The four looked at each other before shrugging it off and smiling.

"If there's an emergency, don't hesitate to call either of us, alright, guys?" Cathy let them know, and Danny, getting on the bike, nodded.

"We'll never be too busy for you two or aliens. We'll be there to bust those guys." Chris and Sam nodded, both knowing it but still both hating to see their best friends leave for months.

Knowing Cathy needed to leave soon either way, they all said their farewells.

With Sam and Chris

"They were showing it more today, weren't day?" She asked him as they rode to their favorite restaurant. He nodded once, eyes on the road.

"They're good at hiding that something's going on between them, but only at keeping us in the dark about what it is. We know there's something," she continued. They both thought about the last few minutes with their friends for a while.

"Something important must be going on if Danny's counting down to the second the time when Cathy needs to go."

"Did you notice how they were both anxious for Cathy to leave? And Danny knew her arrival time down to the weather, too. Neither of us even knew what month she'd come back. ...How did he find out? If Cathy told him, then why didn't she tell either of us?" He shrugged slightly at her words, though he thought for a bit before saying anything.

"...She's coming back a week before school, right? That means she'll be gone all of the three months. That's longer than any other summer. Think that's why Danny joked about it being too soon? It's not that different from how he jokes around, but I feel like there was something to be read in between the lines then."

"I think so, too. His voice perfectly sounded like it was a joke, but his body played out being annoyed at her getting back pretty well. I could see from his arms and shoulders that he was tense."

"...You've noticed that when we see Cathy after she gets back, Danny's always been by her side, right?"

"Even though his parents aren't too fond of us seeing him on vacations, it doesn't seem like they're against him greeting her when she gets back. He's always met up with her first, but we've always figured that's because the landing site is near his ranch. And on Cathy's side, she's always had a tendency to know more about Danny's life away from us than either of us do. ...And we've been his friends since Pre-K."

"Wait, are you talking about when Cathy talked about his parents keeping him away because they want bonding time? But that seemed pretty reasonable to me. Danny's basically always with us during the school year, if not at some sport thing."

"She also said disciplining, and it was all as though she knew them well, too. ...And what was that detail about his parents thinking we attract aliens? It's never happened when we visit, nor have they ever told either of us that. That doesn't make sense. They do act weird when the three of us go over, but they only try to push you and I away from Danny. ...Yet, you know, they don't push her away."

"If anything, they push her to him and vice versa," he said, as though that wasn't anything knew as he stopped at a red light.

"But isn't it just because his parents probably like Cathy as a girlfriend for Danny? They make that obvious enough."

"Yes, but... Neither Cathy or Danny have ever mentioned or have seemed like they want to be together. They both date other people, and whenever someone makes a rumor about it, they just brush it off and forget it. AND even though we haven't really met much her parents, Mr. Smith likes it whenever those rumors come out. "

"Well..." Chris continued driving, but he was unsure about what to say.

"Then there's the thing that's really weird. For this whole week, the two have been dying for today. And it seems like Danny will pick at anything to get on her nerves. Also, Cathy's been acting more... distant to him. He can't touch her without her moving him away or she'll really get close to blowing her top. And they seem like they're just perfect acting like that to each other.

"It's like they don't mind being on bad terms. I know they may have been playing around for most of the time and that those things are just small occurrences, but still. There is something they're just no telling us, Chris." Sam finished as her mind was trying to work out what was up for the thousand time since they'd noticed something was off.

Chris glanced at her, but to him there too many variables in his head to make a conclusion yet about what was going on with their friends.

"There is something going on. They're just not telling us. ...But really, do they want to?" He looked over to her again, but he thought over her words.

"I'm sure there's more to it than what we know up to this point, Sam." Once they got to the restaurant and he parked, all he said once they got out was, "We just need more info still. Right now we're grasping at straws, and you know it."

With Danny and Cathy

Cathy tried to listen to the wind and the tire against the pavement as they sped forward. Her arms were loosely wrapped around Danny, -just enough for what was necessary to stay on the bike- and the helmet she had on was heavier than the one she'd normally get. Also, it smelled like the person in front of her after he would finish working on the 'ranch' and finish playing with Captain, mixed with his cologne.

'Just a little longer and I won't need to have his horrible scent suffocating me anymore.'

Danny, as he carefully drove while still trying to go faster, already past the speed limit once they hit the high road, could tell she was annoyed. He had specifically handed her that helmet to drive her nuts.

'Just a few more miles, a few more seconds, and I won't need to see her face or feel her with me everyday any longer.'

Even though they were both trying to focus on their summer plans, they couldn't help but go back to thinking about what was going on then.

'A summer without waking up to cold water...'

'A summer without pranks every single day.'

'No alien making me do her bidding.'

'No boy to treat me like a child.'

When the rocket came into view, he started to slow the bike down, but they still reached it within a couple of seconds. Cathy jumped off, immediately getting the helmet off her.

She moaned for a bit before throwing the helmet at him with a scowl, trying anything to get rid of the odor still surrounding her. He smirked back, catching it and putting it away in one swift motion.

"I hope you enjoyed your goodbye gift," he told her. She raised an eyebrow, putting a hand on her hip and getting her things with the other, but she looked right at him after.

"You're disgusting, Danny." She took out her perfume from her bag and sprayed herself, which helped a bit, but then she looked at him and sprayed him before he could get it out of her hands.

"Hey! Ugh, Cathy!" He glared at her, hating his bike then for not letting him avoid her attack since he'd stayed sitting on it, and she'd done it quickly. 'Now I'm going to smell like roses and pink marshmallows when I get home...'

She smiled at him triumphantly and turned, starting up the stairs to the ship. "I'm sure your parents won't mind. Besides, now you smell much better, Farm Boy."

When she got to the entrance, she turned back to him once he spoke up.

"Have fun being an archeologist, Little Alien Princess. On the way back, don't forget to turn right and crash with Venus, by the way. She's to keep you company senior year." She rolled her eyes, opening the door.

"Oh please. Enjoy your summer taking care of chores, Danny-Boy. Hopefully one of your animals turns into an alien and blasts you. Or better yet, one of your aunts." She gave him a taunting smile as she got inside and closed the door behind her.

Still, she looked out through the window on the door and looked at him. He looked back, but after a few seconds, he broke eye contact and started the bike back up. Without looking at her again, he left.

She just sighed and went to go grab her seat in the main piloting area, where she knew her grandpa was ready to go.

'One whole summer without you. I can't even remember when was the last time we'd spent a day apart,' replayed continuously in both of their minds.

One certain thing they knew, though, they could already feel the foreign chill of the other not being by their side.

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