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Five Years Old

The leaves were so green. Had she ever seen something so colored in?

Trees really weren't all that common back in Rhapsodia, so Cathy couldn't help but look at them so much. She would be surprised by what her ears would pick up, too. There was the sound of the river even, though it was a bit far away, and she could also hear the Earth animals around, birds and insects and who knows what else that lived there.

While she would be observing all this, her and the annoying boy beside her were lying down on a blanket under some trees, the trees' leaves and branches stretching out to give them shade.

Danny was playing with a toy plane beside her as she observed her new surroundings, and she would remember how annoyed she was with her parents for leaving her here with him.

She'd wanted to go see the rest of this new planet with them like they were doing then, but instead of getting to do that, both sets of parents had told their kids to stay put. At Danny's seemingly boring house.

Which, really, was an understatement. It was a castle. Literally.

Cathy focused on the birds singing. She watched the wind playing with the leaves, making them fall around them. If she placed her hand outside of the area where the blanket covered the ground, she could feel the smooth blades of the grass. Every now and then she'd lean into one of the blades and look at the color of it, putting it right in front of one of her eyes.

The bright color was really her second favorite as of yet from all the ones she'd found lately here on Earth, even though it made her think of the eyes of her 'friend'.

She looked over to him, wondering if he was as amazed at their surroundings as she was. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't. Those green eyes of his were only his toy's.

"Why aren't you looking at everything? It's all really nice and pretty." He looked at her, confused.

"What is?" She rolled her eyes, but then his own unconsciously followed the color in her's. They had his second favorite color.

"Everything, silly." He glared slightly at her, not liking it when someone called him that.

"I'm not silly."

"Yes, you are. You're just playing with your toys instead of looking at all the pretty and nice things." She motioned all around. He shrugged.

"I don't care."

"Why not?"

"I dunno. I always see this. It's boring to just look at it."

Cathy sighed, seeing him as a hopeless case. She turned to the sound of a cart moving. Once she spotted it, she watched the driver steering the horses take it from a cabin far away from them and to the side of the castle, where she remembered the kitchen was. There was another just like it following behind. They were both carrying big sacks full of something.

"What's that?" She sat up and pointed to the carts, ready to go after them.

"What?" Danny turned to where she pointed, but her legs were in the way. He sat up, too, setting down his toy in between them.

"That?" He gave her a quizzical look once she saw what she pointed to, the look saying, 'I know you're not from here but how do you not know what those are?'

"They're like cars, but they're made from wood. They carry things around," he said. He had a small smile like he thought he was a great teacher. She just rolled her eyes again.

"I know that! But what's in the bags?" The boy shrugged, smile gone, looking like before.

"Dunno. But I think they're going to the kitchen."

"...Do you think they're taking candy there?" Cathy said slowly, smiling widely. She was remembering the small box of sweets his parents had given her the year past when the family went to Rhapsodia.

"Maybe," he said, smiling a smile that matched her's. He stood up, leaving his toy plane on the blanket and forgetting about it. Danny gave her a hand to help her up to her feet. "Want to go find out?"

At first she looked at his hand curiously, but then she shrugged and took it, standing. "Okay. How?"

They were both smiling now, happy to go do something other than lie around doing nothing.

"I know a secret way to get in the kitchen," he boasted confidently. She looked at him, unsure now but still wanting to go.

"Will we get in trouble?" Her tone reminded him she knew of his reputation for getting caught in things he wasn't really supposed to do. He gave her an annoyed look for a second, half "You should have more faith in me" and half "I know what I'm doing this time" before grinning.

"Nope. How could 'The Danny' get in trouble?" She pouted slightly when he called himself that.

"Don't call yourself that. It's stupid!"

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!"

"Nuh-uh!" Danny retaliated once more before she could say anything else. "And you can't do anything about it, because your dad started calling me it, so hah!" he said, smiling triumphantly.

"So? I still think it's stupid," she said. Unwillingly caring about what she said, he pouted slightly and didn't say anything more. She smiled happily, winning that round.

"Whatever. Just come on." He took her wrist and ran to a castle wall. The kitchen was located on the opposite side.

"Where are we going?"

Neither new about any of the hidden cameras placed everywhere, so they didn't care about being sneaky. (It wasn't like their parents would really let their sneaky five year-olds be without adult supervision.)

"A few days ago, I was playing with my soccer ball, and I broke the wall," he explained.

"You can't do that. You're not that strong."

"But I did it," he said. Once they got to the wall where the carts had rounded the corner, he went to a stone brick with a slightly darker outline and pushed it back. It fell to reveal a small hallway.

"See? I can do it."

"You used your hands, not your soccer ball. And how do you know it wasn't someone else?"

"Then why doesn't anyone else know about it?" He replied smartly. Since she didn't have anything to say to that, he turned and went into the hole he made. It was a foot off the ground. The hole was just big enough for someone their size to fit through. Cathy, curious, followed.

Inside, it would've been pitch black if the missing brick was where it was supposed to be. Still, for some reason it was hot and humid. Neither said anything about it. When Cathy saw saw a flashlight lying on the ground, Danny got it.

"Put the rock back up so they don't know where we are," he told her commandingly. She gave him a, 'You're not my boss' look, yet did it anyway.

"Why's that here?" She asked once Danny turned on the flashlight.

"I brought it after I broke the wall, so I could go exploring. Come on." He started walking forward as soon as he finished explaining.

Looking around, Cathy couldn't help but feel a bit eerie and discontent, but more than anything nervous. It didn't help that the ground felt wet and slippery. "Does anyone come here?"

"Just me. …Well…" He slowly turned to her, the flashlight facing up so his face looked ghastly. "There are spiders…"


He blinked at her.

"What? Why aren't you scared?"

"The spiders you know are aren't scary. The ones in Rhapsodia are much scarier."

"Oh." Danny just turned back and kept walking. Since she didn't want to get lost, she followed him. Because being alone in a pitch black place did scare her.

Not that she'd let him find that out.

"I thought all girls were scared of spiders."

"Not me!" She said gleefully. His comment made her forget about being alone. "Maybe just all girls here."

"Maybe," he agreed.

Soon, they got to a wall with what looked like a window placed on the bottom of it, basically next to the ground. They could see people walking by on the other side who had the uniform pants of the kitchen staff, along with the pants of the people who they'd seen steering the carts.

Weirdly, something was there above the window giving shade to the kitchen floor in the shape of a rectangle. Cathy got on her knees and looked up, seeing there was a table next to the window.

"No one knows it's here, because the table is there," Danny said happily.

"When they finish with work, we can sneak in and get the candy!" He smiled at her, loving his plan. She turned to him and put a finger to her lips.

"Be quiet. What if they hear us?" He shrugged.

"I don't think they can. They're too busy."

"Oh. Well how long until they finish?"

"I don't think it will take that long." He sat down with his back to the window, doubting anyone would be able to see him from the other side. She shrugged and sat beside him.

"Should we get something for Mom and Dad?" He shook his head no.

"If we do that, they'll know we got our candy without telling them."

"Oh, that's true."

Some time later…

The two didn't find any candy, but they did find a treasure of cakes and pies.

"Awesome! Chocolate cake!"

"Strawberry with pineapple!"

They each got a whole cake for themselves, but Cathy did look for a spoon while Danny just sunk his mouth into his.

"This is so gooood."

Cathy looked over to him once she got the spoon, and with his motivation, she started eating her cake.

After maybe they'd each had a fifth of their cakes, quickly finding they couldn't eat it all, she thought of something.

"Hey, Danny?" He turned to her, his mouth full of cake and the bottom half of his face covered in it.

"You have some chocolate there." She pointed to his forehead.

"Hwuh?" When he tried looking up at it, a piece from her cake splat against it.

"Hwey!" He gulped down what he'd been eating and looked at her grinning face. Taking it as the challenge it was, he grinned to, getting a handful of cake.

Squealing and running away, Cathy laughed until the cold snowball-cake hit her neck.

"SCORE!" Danny threw his arms up, laughing. She used this chance to get back her cake and throw it all at him, landing right on him.

"Take back!" She laughed again, but then he got his own and threw it at her. A cake fight soon broke out, just using what had been left of the two cakes as ammo.

They were both enjoying being covered in cake and having a cake fight with each other too much to notice their parents at the entrance looking at them.

And two hours later, after a small lecture and a good shower, they both sneaked back into the kitchen to decide who was really the Cake Champion.

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