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The hospital was eerily silent in Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Patients were sleeping, the night shift nurses attending them. The doctors were going over medical records, however four doctors were away from their usual posts as a late-night call ripped them from their usual stations.

Why, one may ask?

Twas the birth of the Fourth Hokage's children. Twins to be exact. It was a special occasion…for more than just the mother and father, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Minato was a twenty-two year-old man with spiky blonde hair with two bangs that framed his face, angular jaw, and piercing blue eyes. He often wore blue Shinobi pants, black sandals, blue, long sleeve undershirt with a jonin flak jacket over it with a cloak with red flames licking the bottom and had the kanji for 'The Fourth Hokage' on the back.

Kushina was a very beautiful twenty-year-old woman with long, elegant red hair with a green clip holding it back from being in front of her face close to her left temple. She had violet eyes and cute round face that made men swoon.

It was a special occasion for the father of Minato, Madara Uchiha, and half-brother of the twins going to be born, Obito Uchiha. Though Minato knew of neither's existence or their roles in his life.

When Minato was born, his mother dying shortly after child-birth, after one year, Madara put him in an orphanage but not before placing seals at the back of both eyes as to not awaken the Sharingan. Thankfully, Minato did not receive the black hair.

When Minato was fifteen, it was a week just after his birthday that he had listened to his Sensei's, Jiraiya of the Sannin, advice about 'practicing' with the opposite gender so that he could be at least a little experienced when he and Kushina started to date and then have sex…even though the first time they had sex was when she also got pregnant.

The 'lab rat' one would say, was Mikoto Uchiha's older sister, Akira Uchiha. Akira was a loyal fan-girl of Minato as to how easily she consented, and Minato had explicitly told her that this was a one, maybe two-time thing, yet she agreed whole-heartedly to the proposition.

However, Akira had different plans and poked a hole in the condom Minato was going to be using when he wasn't looking and when he asked her if she had taken her pill, she said yes, and so the two carried it out not once, but twice, Minato falling for the same thing twice as well.

After Akira had visited the doctors a few weeks later, and confirmed she was pregnant, she was going to the Uchiha compound to tell her family, but she was taken by Madara for the nine months to give birth to Obito, and then another month to make a full recovery. Madara instilled a sense of duty into Akira as to willingly give up Obito, but this was before placing a seal on her tongue as an assurance she would not spill anything as well as effectively killing any affectionate emotions Akira had for Minato. She was secretly dropped off back at the Uchiha compound via kamui while the Clan-Head did not ask questions, he just accepted his daughter back into the clan.

And Kushina was oblivious to the whole thing.

So for the past seven years, Obito was trained vigorously with Madara in the kamui dimension or in the real world. Anyone would be surprised by the fact that a seven-year-old could be on par with a low-chuunin, and mid to high-chuunin with his two-tomoe'd Sharingan. His power would skyrocket when puberty would kick in because of the physical growth.

"Alright, Kushina-chan, PUSH!" Biwako, the wife of the third Hokage yelled as Minato held Kushina's hand.

"I am PUSHING!" the Red-Hot Habanero yelled back making Minato hold back a chuckle. He looked at Kushina's heartbeat monitor to see it pulsing,

She's under some pretty powerful sleeping agents yet she's still awake. By Kami, Kushina… Biwako thought though her musings were cut short a roar cut through the entire village's sleeping time.

It was silent except for Kushina's grunts of pain while Minato rushed over to the window to see the Kyuubi walking towards the village about five miles out.

Kyuubi!? What is it doing here?! Wait…this could finally give us the one-up against Kumo we've been looking for! Minato shouted in his mind with glee, his 'will of fire' burning furiously.

"I-Is that the Kyuu-agh!" Kushina was cut off as she experienced another shot of pain go through her system.

"Yes…" Minato said in awe. We need a Jinchuriki, but who? There's no-one giving birth right now except…AHA!

Minato turned to Kushina of which had their first born in her hands. A boy, a boy they were going to call… , had he really zone out enough to not hear her giving birth.

"Kushina…" he started as a doctor took Naruto from her, miniature earthquakes going all throughout Konoha as the Kyuubi made its way towards the walls about a mile out.

"Yes, Minato-ku-n?" she chopped up the words as she held her stomach.

"You and I both know that the Kyuubi is what we need to get an upper hand with Kumo and the other villages…" he trailed off.

"Agh!" she cried out as she held her abdomen softly, the other baby about to be pushed through. "Y-yes, but we can't t-tame the Kyuubi, we need a-a Jinchuriki-ABOSOLUTELY NOT!" she yelled before holding her abdomen yet again in pain. "I w-will not allow you to use our children!" she yelled.

"Calm down, Kushina! You need to be calm or the baby won't come out! It will just hurt you and the baby in the long run!" Biwako warned.

Kushina calmed down but still met Minato with a stern gaze.

"It's the only way, Kushina! We can't let the Kyuubi go on a rampage throughout Konoha! We have to seal it!" Minato yelled back. "If there were any other children, I'd do it with them, but the child has to be at under a week old or the person must have extremely strong chakra coils!" he said as the second baby was birthed. This one was a girl…a girl they would name…Kimiko.

"Mito-sama's life was hard when people knew of her status as a Jinchuriki! She stayed hold up in the Senju C-Compound for most of the remainder of her life because people shunned her for b-being the demon!" Kushina responded as she tried to stand but was only pushed back down by Biwako.

"We can't argue about this, Kushina! I'm going to hold off the Kyuubi! You need to make your mind up, because I will not allow that beast to destroy my village!" he responded as he opened the window, threw a Hirashin kunai out of it before flashing away in a yellow light.

"He's right, Kushina-chan…" the Sandaime spoke as he entered the room in his samurai-like armor making her glare at him. "However, I do not agree with the Jinchuriki being your children," his aged eyes traveling over to the two peacefully sleeping children in Kushina's arms. That was before his gaze traveled over to his wife's worried one.

"You're going out there, Koi?" she asked worriedly while Hiruzen nodded.

"It's my duty," he spoke with a soft smile before walking over to her to kiss her on the forehead.

"What gives him the right to do that to my children!?" Kushina shouted making the newly named Kimiko and Naruto of which were wrapped in blue and pink blankets depending on their gender to shift slightly.

"It's his duty as Hokage to do what's best for the village, but remember, I do not agree with him. Mito-sama's life was hard and cruel, but maybe these villagers will see these two in a different light. I will travel to the Senju compound to look through Mito-sama's notes on sealing a Biju aside from the Shiki Fuujin," Hiruzen said while Kushina growled a beastly growl.

"His reasons are selfish, I know, Kushina, but please see this in his perspective," he asked while she looked at her two children and nodded before a few tears fell from her eyes.

"Come back w-when you find anything Mito-sama had on sealing a B-Biju," she spoke through the tears. She did not want her children to go through what Mito-sama went through!

"Of course, Kushina-chan," Sarutobi spoke with a curt nod as he jumped out of the window and made his way towards the Senju compound behind the Hokage heads.


"Obito," a deep and authoritative voice spoke from atop the Kyuubi of which was about a mile away from Konoha now, many ninja lining its walls. That voice belonged to none other than Madara Uchiha, the co-founder of Konohagakure no Sato, first exile of Konoha, and first to attain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He was dressed in metal, crimson colored samurai armor that covered his chest, the sides of his thighs, crotch area, and top half of his arms that extended upward to cover the sides of his face. He wore a loose-fitting, long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the mid part of his forearm. He had black gloves on, black boots, black, loose-fitting pants that had tape extending from his ankle to his mid shins. He also wore a piece of black cloth under his armor from his waist to his knees in an almost skirt-like fashion. He had his gunbai (War Fan) on his back with a segmented chain attaching said gunbai to a sickle on his hip as well as in his shirt so that they would not be separated from him.

"Yes, Ojii-sama?" the seven-year-old spoke in submissive tone.

"Do you remember your part in the plan?" Madara asked, not even bothering to look back at the boy behind him as he watched the Kyuubi make his way towards Konoha, Madara's eternal Mangekyo putting said beast under a powerful genjutsu to do his bidding. Most thought that any Mangekyo could control a tailed beast, however only an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan could do that job.

"Of course, Ojii-sama. I am to decimate the Uchiha clan," Obito spoke. Obito had short hair and charcoal eyes and roundish face someone could point towards him being seven. He wore the Uchiha clan's traditional clothing. This attire included a pair of black pants and gloves, with a white, presumed form-fitting shirt underneath. Over that he wore a purple, high-collared, long sleeve mantle that split down the lower half and had the Uchiha crest on the back. Around his waist he wore a simple, light-purple obi and a belt. (A/N If you're having trouble figuring it out, it's his Shipudden war-time outfit minus the mask.)

"Yes. However, their prodigy, Shisui Uchiha, is a part of ANBU. He is far above your league and has the three tomoe'd Sharingan. He is only ten years old however is mid jonin-level in strength. He will most-likely be fighting the Kyuubi, but when or if, he comes back to the Uchiha estate, you are to leave immediately no matter how many Uchiha are left. Am I clear?" Madara said commandingly while turning back to look at Obito of which the former had his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan active.

"Yes, Ojii-sama," Obito spoke as he disappeared in a puff of smoke signifying he had left in a shunshin.

The heir to my name will be decided between Minato's two sons. The daughter is…unimportant… he told himself. He then jumped off the Kyuubi just as the nine-tails swiped at village's walls with its clawed hand.

Madara heard screams as he made his way to the top of the Hokage monuments to overlook the destruction about to be caused personally. He crossed his arms as the wind blew his mane of black hair and clothing. Madara didn't blink as the Kyuubi let compressed, and albeit weaker, forms of the Bijuudama be released into the village causing fires to start and for people to die.

He released a chuckle as he watched the civilians cower to their bunkers and for the Shinobi to try and fight the mighty nine-tails.

"I trust everything is going according to plan?" Madara spoke as he felt a presence appear behind him, not even bothering to look to see the Sandaime walking up to him.

"Yes. I am going to the Senju compound now to receive the necessary sealing supplies to seal the Kyuubi. Is Obito heading towards the Uchiha compound?" Hiruzen asked before he flinched as he watched the carnage unfold in the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

"Yes, he is. I see Minato's quest for power is getting the better of him. When I acquire Minato's other son, I will have a blood clone take his place. What are you planning to separate the Kyuubi into?" Madara asked, still not looking at Hiruzen.

"I was planning to split the ying chakra into young Naruto, the soul and yang chakra into Kimiko," Hiruzen explained.

"Good. The blood clone will have no traces of the Kyuubi's chakra thus making it to where Minato's wife and Minato will focus more on the girl more than Naruto. Blood Clones share not only experiences but emotions as well. When Naruto comes back here, shortly after I am dead, he will dispel the clone and gain all of the negative and positive emotions from the clone, thus making it to where he himself will have negative feelings for his family, deadening his emotions further. He will be the perfect replacement for me…or Obito and young Obito has a head start already," Madara finished with a restrained grin.

"What will my part in this be?" the Sandaime asked as he took in the information being placed before him.

"You will train the blood clone while I train the real Naruto in either the real world or the kamui dimension. It will be the equivalent to thirty years of training when he receives the memories from his clone. My training will begin as soon as the boy can walk and understand the difference between yes and no. Yours will probably begin when Naruto is five years old. What you will be teaching him will be earth and water jutsus primarily and how to wield them properly. I will teach him his fire affinity, chakra control, and how to properly wield his Sharingan like a true Uchiha should," Madara spoke as he watched the Fourth Hokage redirect a giant Bijuudama with his beloved Hirashin technique. From what Madara had observed, that jutsu was annoying as piss…though the intangibility ability his Sharingan had was the perfect counter.

"How do you know he has those three affinities?" Hiruzen asked as he saw an explosion a few miles away outside the walls. He had to thank Kami that Minato had Hirashin seals everywhere outside Konoha's walls.

"I am a sensor type, my boy, or have you forgotten with your old age?" Madara chuckled hollowly. "It is also good as Minato's wife has the lightning affinity while Minato has wind…I can practically feel the gap being created between parent and child already…" Madara grinned wider as neither parent had a fire affinity, water, or earth.

"Why do want to separate the family so much?" the Sandaime asked.

"Minato was a mistake that was born into this world and always will be. That is why I sealed his Sharingan forever. He has given me heirs to my name, yes, but he was nothing more than a catalyst to something greater and always will be. Obito and Naruto are the prime examples," Madara continued to explain as he watched Minato summon a giant frog to combat the fox. "As to why? Like I told you, Naruto must be free of burdens such as his family if he wants to progress. They will hinder his growth, so I will attempt to cut the ties that haven't even been made yet." Silence ensued save the Kyuubi's occasional roar and the shouts of Shinobi below.

"Have you sent a clone to gather the required materials?" Madara asked the former Hokage.

"I did as soon as you arrived on top of the monument," the fifty-year-old man explained.

"Good," Madara responded before a chuckle escaped his lips. "Remind me again why you serve me?" he asked with some mirth in his voice. "In my old age, I seem to have forgotten."

"You don't look a day over thirty," Hiruzen chuckled. "You raised me when I lost my parents in the first Shinobi world war. You trained me, you looked out for me, and you will always have my allegiance, tou-sama," Hiruzen spoke while Madara chuckled once more.

"Good," he said simply as his dojutsu enhanced eyes caught sight of Obito running along rooftops towards the Uchiha district.


With Minato: Ten Minutes earlier…

Minato disappeared in a flash of yellow just as a beam of raw chakra fired from the nine-tails impacted a building next to him resulting in the decimation of said building, a fire starting in the husk of the mass of wood and tile.

"I'm gonna have to pay for that later…at least the cost is well worth the reward," he chuckled as he landed on a nearby roof just as several ANBU landed around him in the kneeling position.

"Hokage-sama, what are your orders?" one spoke in a calm voice. This on had a beige cloak on signifying that he was the ANBU commander as well as a Inu mask that had thick, pointed stripes originating from the forehead, and either cheek.

"We are to hold off the Kyuubi until the Sandaime gathers the necessary materials for its sealing," Minato spoke while each nodded. He noted that one had on a hawk mask, short black hair, and charcoal eyes, marking him as none other than Shisui Uchiha, the Uchiha prodigy as well as pride and joy. He had a tanto (Japanese short sword) strapped to his back as well as traditional ANBU armor.

"Hawk, you are to gather any available genin and escort the civilians in the eastern part of Konoha to the bunkers. Salamander, Cat, you two are with me," Minato told the three ANBU while each nodded, Hawk shunshin'ing to the eastern half of Konoha to gather the genin stationed at the academy, the ANBU commander going to gather any other ANBU, jonin and chuunin to attack the Kyuubi head on.

In a flash, Minato and the two ANBU flew off into the night, screaming civilians below them as they rocketed towards the roaring Kyuubi, its tails flailing around menacingly as it stomped its massive foot down onto the ground, killing any civilians or Shinobi unlucky enough to be below the paw. Buildings were decimated as the beast walked through Konoha and fires raged. Civilians were screaming as they thought the apocalypse had begun.

Jutsu after jutsu flew at the giant beast, only for it to shrug the attacks off. The nine-tails was a few hundred yards inside Konoha as the Yondaime stood in front of the beast with a mass of Shinobi and Kunoichi behind him making it look down at the blonde haired man. Minato swore he saw the beast crack a grin before he saw it charging a Bijuudama making the Hokage's eyes go wide as he looked behind him in the direction of where the beast wanted to fire the giant orb of destruction.

It wanted to fire at the hospital!

So the beast has some sort of intellect after all… Minato thought as he disappeared in a flash of yellow towards the hospital.

"I hope this works," he muttered as he prepared a Hirashin kunai just above Kushina's hospital room.

The orb of destruction flew over buildings as it rocketed to the four story high hospital. It would have impacted had not Minato's Hirashin redirecting it to a training ground outside the village.

Minato flashed back to the battleground of destroyed building and dead leaf Shinobi and Kunoichi. "Looks like I'll need help for this one…" he spoke as he flew through hand seals and then bit his thumb before slamming it to the ground, seals spreading everywhere just as a large toad was summoned. "Gamabunta!" Minato yelled out to the frog he was sitting on.

"Wait, what the Hell?! What do you need my help for, gaki?!" Gamabunta roared just as he looked forward. "Oh, hehe, Kyuubi…well never mind…" the giant frog chuckled. "You need my help?" he asked his summoner of which nodded. "I'll try my best then, gaki," 'Bunta said as he jumped in the air, drawing his sword quickly to bring it down towards the nine-tails only for said Biju to jump back, closer to the destroyed section of the walls.


With Obito

The young Sharingan wielder ran stealthily along the roof-tops of Konoha towards the Uchiha district, eyes glancing towards the Hokage monument where his Ojii-sama was located. Madara had explained to him why the current Uchiha clan had to be wiped out. He explained that it had to be replaced by true Uchiha such as Obito's half-brother and himself.

Obito ran and ran until he made it to a large, pale blue gate that looked to be sealed tight with Uchiha crest embroidered on it.

This must be it, Obito thought as he jumped on a nearby roof to see a couple dozen Uchiha in chuunin or jonin flak jacket vests being preached to what Obito presumed as the clan head in a courtyard.

Hmm...explosive tags and a Katon jutsu should do the trick, Obito thought as he drew several kunai and attached explosive seals onto them. He had four kunai in his left hand while his right hand went through single-handed hand seals.

"And it is our duty, to not get involved in this fight and to preserve the Uchiha name so that we may carry on the Sharingan-," Fugaku was cut off as four kunai embedded themselves in four different Uchiha's skulls before the kunai each went off, incinerating eight other Uchiha caught in the blast radius.

The clan head turned to his right only to see no one there though he did look farther behind him to see a small child in purple attire…that and a large fireball.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) Obito shouted as the flames enveloped another six Uchiha including the clan head. Having the element of surprise really went in his favor as there were only six Uchiha left.

"He killed Fugaku-sama!" one shouted in disbelief.

"He's just a kid, get him!" another shouted before each of the Uchiha members drew kunais.

"This hardly seems like a fair fight. Let's even this up a little," Obito said as he flew through hand seals, creating five water clones.

Obito ducked just as an Uchiha hard charged him and elbowed said man in the rib cage. Before kicking him in the sternum making him fly back into a nearby wooden post. Obito jumped in the air after drawing several shuriken from his pouch. He then flung said pieces of metal at the downed man effectively silencing him.

Water Clone One charged another Uchiha and slid under the large man's legs before stopping himself with his hands. He then reared his legs back before kicking the man forward onto another waiting water clone's kunai.

Water Clone Two, after using teamwork to kill an Uchiha, jumped in the air as a fireball flew at him. The Water Clone flew through hand signs. "Suiton: Suirō no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Water Prison Technique) it yelled as an unsuspecting Uchiha was trapped in the newly formed sphere of water, slowly drowning.

Another Uchiha growled as he charged Water Clone Two however, he was intercepted by a hail of kunai from his left. He spun in the air before landing on the ground, his two tomoe'd Sharingan activating as he did so.

Water Clone Three said nothing as its own Sharingan activated.

The older Uchiha gasped. "What!? An Uchiha?! Why are you doing this to your own clan, boy?!" he growled out as he drew several kunai in each hand.

The Water Clone said nothing again as it charged the man only to stop as the clan leader, Fugaku, phased in front of him with a tanto in hand. Before the water clone could react, the short sword swiped through it resulting in it dropping into a pool of water.

Obito was shocked as he looked at the singed face of Fugaku. I killed him! He shouldn't be alive!

Having killed an entire bandit camp two months ago, Obito had already taken his first life, so now it didn't really matter.

Obito did a series of flips as he flung a hail of kunai at the clan head. "Kunai Kage Bushin no jutsu!" (Kunai Shadow Clone Technique)Obito shouted as the eight kunai transformed into eighty. The attack had kicked up a lot of dirt, though once it cleared, it seemed that Fugaku had used the previous member as a substitution for himself.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" Fugaku shouted behind Obito making the seven-year-old turn around to dodge a large fireball.

Fugaku flipped onto a nearby building just as the water prison deactivated signifying the Uchiha inside was dead. A water clone appeared in front of him offering a kick to the side of the head only for Fugaku to draw a kunai before blocking the kick. The clone flipped backward only for Fugaku to appear behind him and behead him making the clone turn to water.

Fugaku jumped into the center of the courtyard to see all twenty four of the Uchiha dead and only himself remaining. His three tomoe'd Sharingan activated just as Obito and the three surviving water clones to appear around him, each of them having their Sharingan activated.

"Why would you do this to your own clan, boy?" Fugaku asked Obito as he looked at each of the water clones.

"My reasons are my own," Obito replied as each of the clones including himself readied a kunai and charged the clan head.


"Damnit, Sarutobi, where are you?!" Minato roared as he disappeared in a yellow flash to dodge another beam of red chakra that tore through many, many trees.

Minato had successfully pushed the Kyuubi out of Konoha's walls with the help of Gamabunta. Said boss summon was current on top of the Kyuubi holding it down though the beast's mouth was adamantly trying to kill the fourth Hokage by fire several explosive projectiles at it.

"You damn fox! Hold the fuck still!" Gamabunta yelled at the Kyuubi as he slammed his hand down on its snout making the beast growl lowly at him.

"I don't think he wants to," Gamashiro commented.

"I second that," Gamaken sighed.

"I'm here, Minato!" a voice called out behind the current Hokage to see Hiruzen with both children in his arms with a large scroll attached to his back.

"Alright. 'Bunta! I'm going to go organize our forces while Hiruzen seals the Kyuubi! Got it?!" Minato yelled to the large toad.

"Whatever, gaki! You owe me the biggest drink ever after this!" Gamabunta yelled back making Minato chuckle before he Hirashin'ed away.

Hiruzen flew through hand seals after he had sat the two sleeping children down onto the soft grass of the clearing. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" (Summoning Technique) he yelled as he flung his hands down onto the ground. A puff of smoke appeared and then dissipated to reveal the monkey king himself, Enma.

"Hiruzen?! Why have you summoned me?!" Enma shouted as he looked around the clearing to see Gamabunta, Gamaken, and Gamashiro, sitting atop the Kyuubi though the formers were struggling immensely. "Oh, hehe."

Hiruzen sighed. Were all summons out of it today?

"I need you to help those three, Enma! They won't last much longer!" Hiruzen pleaded making Enma nod immediately. The monkey then grew to about three stories tall before taking hold of the Kyuubi's left arm and snout that were threatening to break free so that Gamabunta could focus on the other four tails, lower back, and left leg. Gamaken was focusing on the right leg and other five tails while Gamashiro was focusing on the Kyuubi's neck and right arm.

Hiruzen took up a meditative pose as he unraveled the scroll around himself and the still sleeping children. He flew through more hand seals as two ghostly arms traveled out of the scroll, then a head, and then a long, white robe. He had lied to Minato as this was the only effective way of sealing the Kyuubi into separate portions.

"Why have you opened this scroll, mortal?" the death god bellowed.

"I want to seal the Kyuubi as was this scroll's purpose, Shinigami-sama. Mito-sama has already paid you with her husband's soul. So, if you may?" Hiruzen told the death god.

"So you want to follow up on her deal then, eh? Then I am no one to argue," the Shinigami chuckled darkly as he turned to the Kyuubi. "Who would you like me to seal this in, mortal?"

"I would like you to seal the ying chakra into the boy here," he said pointing to Naruto, "and to seal the soul and yang chakra of the Kyuubi into the girl," Hiruzen finished as he pointed to the sleeping form of Kimiko.

"So you say, it shall be so," the Shinigami chuckled again as he drew the dagger from his mouth before letting his ghostly hand extend toward the Kyuubi while the other arm separated into two and then into Naruto and Kimiko.


With Obito…

"S-So, this is how it ends? I-I die t-to a kid? W-what kind of clan head a-am I?" Fugaku chuckled weakly as he spat on the ground to get rid of some of the blood in his mouth. He gazed around the destroyed and aflame courtyard and smiled weakly. He had at least six kunai sticking out of his back.

"S-seeing as how I-I about to dies, w-why not spare a dying man t-the knowledge o-of who sent you?" he asked the bleeding but standing Obito. Obito's uniform was cut in many places, he had a scar going across his cheek, and had Fugaku's tanto in hand.

Obito thought about it and prepared the tanto to decapitate Fugaku. "It is time for new and better Uchiha to take the title of the Uchiha name from your pitiful souls. My name is Obito Uchiha, bastard son of Minato Namikaze, and grandson to Madara Uchiha. And I am your executioner," Obito finished as he looked at the wide eyes of Fugaku before beheading said man, letting the head roll to the ground before the body fell with it.

Obito's eyes traveled to a nearby woman who was on her knees at the doors of the main Uchiha mansion. "S-sochi?" she said weakly making Obito's eyes widen briefly. The woman was wearing a simple blue kimono with an undershirt. She had charcoal eyes, soft complexion, and long black hair.

"Who are you, woman?" Obito demanded as he walked up to her only for her to envelope him in a hug.

"M-My name's Akira, and I'm your K-Kaa-san, sochi," she said with a large smile as she held left hand up in a peace sign just after she released him from the hug.

"Madara-sensei told me to expect you to be here…he told me to kill you and everyone else…" Obito trailed off impassively though Akira's smile never faded from her face he then began to tear up. "B-but, I can't do it, kaa-san!" Obito cried as he clung to her. She merely ruffled his hair and offered him another smile.

"I understand sochi-kun. I'm not afraid to die by your hands, but if you can't do it, then just knock me out and keep on with Madara-sensei's mission he gave you," she said happily. He could tell she wasn't lying when she said she wasn't afraid to die, but just nodded to her and smiled before wiping the tears. He appeared behind her with an elbow to the neck effectively making her black out but not before muttering one last sentence.

"I love you...sochi-kun…"

Obito smiled slightly as he walked through the estate. "I love you too…kaa-san…" he said as the slaughter began. Unknown to him, a set of red eyes were watching him with a small smile on the beholder's face.


With Hiruzen…

The three toad summons dispersed just as the Kyuubi was sealed in its respective containers with Enma dispersing shortly after the toads. Each of them grumbling that they would get some pretty big fucking treats for what they did.

The Shinigami, however, stayed behind to look at Hiruzen and then to sniff the air. "So…you've been dealing with Madara Uchiha, have you?" the death god chuckled darkly.

Hiruzen picked up the two children and smiled at them before looking at the Shinigami. "Yes, I have. I serve him because I owe him my life," Hiruzen explained.

"Then tell him, he had better do what he has to do quickly. His borrowed time is running out," the death god chuckled again before dispersing into thin air and for the scroll used earlier to burn up in a blue flame.

"I have fifteen years, just in case you were wondering, Hiruzen," Madara explained just as he came out of a swirling vortex.

"So, will this will the last time I ever see you in person again, tou-sama?" Hiruzen asked sadly.

"Yes, Hiruzen. You do, however, get the privilege of training the possible heir to my name. So do cheer up," Madara chuckled.

"I won't disappoint you, tou-sama," Hiruzen said with determination in his aged voice.

"Now…" Madara trailed off as he drew a kunai and took Naruto from the Sandaime Hokage. He then pricked the young boy's arm making him wine slightly so that a drop of blood could trail down his arm. Madara did a single hand sign and the drop of blood that had then fallen to the ground, morphed into an identical looking baby, a blood clone, the Jinchuriki seal on its stomach gone and a second blue blanket around its form. Hiruzen picked the baby up while Madara looked straight into Naruto's now awake blue eyes. He had no blemishes on his skin, just a normal looking baby with blue eyes and blonde hair. (A/N AKA No whisker marks).

Madara cast his gaze over to Kimiko and scoffed. She had blue eyes, six whisker marks, and red hair. This was a game only two could play. Kimiko would only hamper his game. After all, only a male Uchiha could take Madara's name.

Madara nodded in Hiruzen's direction. "Goodbye…sochi," Madara said as he disappeared in a vortex. Hiruzen smiled sadly.

"Goodbye, tou-sama," he whispered.

Seconds later Minato arrived with several ANBU around him. "So you sealed the Kyuubi into Kimiko?" Minato asked as he saw the whisker marks that weren't there earlier.

"Yes. Kimiko had similar chakra to Mito-sama's if I remember so I thought it best to seal the beast inside of her," Hiruzen lied. Minato, however, nodded.

"Alright. Good work! All of you! We have successfully reclaimed the Kyuubi!" Minato cheered as the ANBU did as well. "To please my wife, however, this will be an S-Rank secret. Do not speak of her status to anyone unless I give permission. Am I clear?" Minato commanded as the ANBU immediately silenced before nodding. Some, however, muttered the word 'whipped' making chuckles go around.

"Good! Now, rest up! We have rebuilding to do tomorrow!" he said with a smile making the ANBU groan.


With Obito…


That was the only word to describe what it was like in the Uchiha compound. No…more like…

Massacre. That was the word one could describe it as. The Uchiha Massacre.

Bodies littered the homes and streets of the Uchiha district. Every man, woman, child, and infant, was slaughtered by one man…one boy.

There was only one family after that and it was the clan head's family. Comprised of Isane Uchiha (Female Itachi, anyone? Check profile for link), the two week old Sasuko (Original name I know, check profile for link!) Uchiha, and their mother Mikoto Uchiha.

Obito made his way through Fugaku's old home towards the bedroom. That was the only room left as he had searched the whole home.

He was down the hallway away from the master bedroom, tanto in hand with blood dripping from it signifying he had just made another kill.

He was right in front of the door when he opened it to find Mikoto cradling Sasuko while Isane was in front of the bed with a kunai shakily in hand.

"G-get out of here. I-I don't want to h-hurt you," she stuttered as Obito looked at her impassively. She was wearing a pair of black shorts with a typical high-collared Uchiha vestments. She had long hair like her mother's and a set of charcoal black eyes.

"Isane Uchiha…" he trailed off as he walked toward her with his tanto in hand. She charged at him.

"Isane, no!" Mikoto shouted as Obito batted the small girl away with the flat of the short sword.

"Weak, just like your father," Obito spoke to Isane making said girl's eyes go wide.

"Y-you killed Fugaku?" Mikoto stuttered as Obito merely nodded.

"He put up quite a fight, more than your pathetic other Uchiha did. What happened to the supposed Uchiha elite? I thought this clan was supposed to be strong," Obito spoke as he activated his Sharingan. "It seems that I was misinformed," he added. He looked at the angry Isane. "You want to avenge your father and your clan, don't you?" he asked making her grit her teeth but also to nod slightly. "Then hate, me despise, let that be your driving cause to get stronger. Let no one stand in your way to get to me and to kill me," he said as he extended his arms to either side of him with a playful smirk written on his face. "As for you two," he cast his gaze to Mikoto and the sleeping Sasuko. "I will kill you just to make her drive that much bigger," he said while Mikoto's eyes widened slightly and for her to cover Sasuko with her body.

Obito trekked forward, his tanto scraping the wood as he walked toward the woman and baby on the bed, his face adorning an impassive expression. He raised his sword above his head and brought it down only for it to be parried by Isane. He looked at her with cold eyes though they widened slightly as he saw that they had a single tomoe in each.

"Hmm…so the threat of killing your family activated your Sharingan…interesting…" he muttered as he swung at to the side with the flat of his blade on for her to duck and lunge at him, kunai in hand preparing to kill him. It was futile as she was flung against the wall by a water clone he made a moment after she got up. "Pitiful," Obito spoke, using the talk as mind games to mess with her head and for her to become angry. He looked at Mikoto and the infant. "Now, where were we?" he said as he start to walk towards them only to stop as a person with black hair, hawk mask signifying his place in ANBU, and tanto in hand fazed in front of him.

Obito jumped to the other side of the room, his tanto readied but then his stance slackened as he remembered his grandfather's words.

"Shisui Uchiha…" he looked in the eyes of said Uchiha only to find them missing the tomoe but with a black shuriken in its place. "The Mangekyo Sharingan? Then you are truly out of my league," Obito paused as he started to swirl away in vortex, "Remember my words, Isane Uchiha…" he said as he phased out of existence just as Shisui swiped at him.

"Damnit…" Shisui cursed as he turned around to comfort Mikoto-sama and her daughters.


Kamui Dimension…

"I'm proud of you Obito for not killing your mother…" Madara spoke as he cradled the infant Naruto in his arms as he rocked back and forth. He offered the infant a soft smile to Naruto making the baby giggle happily.

"Why, ojii-sama? I failed you," Obito spoke submissively.

"You exuded the will to not follow an order from someone far stronger than you. That takes a strong will to do. For that, I am proud of you. As well as leaving the clan head's former family alive. You could have killed each of them if you wanted to, but you gave each of them something to think on. A goal to achieve," Madara spoke. "Good job," he added making Obito blush slightly under the praise.

"This is your new otouto, Obito," he said as he showed Obito the smiling Naruto. "It looks like you have competition now," Madara joked while Obito chuckled nervously.

"Nice to meet you, otouto," Obito smiled as he took Naruto from Madara's arms just as Naruto pulled on Obito's collar.

"He likes you," Madara chuckled as he gazed at the two half-brothers.

Their relationship as brothers will grow and grow, but in the end, it will be those two on the battlefield, glaring at each other, prepared to kill each other…it will be glorious, Madara thought with glee.


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