It all happened last night.


I wake up and put on black jeans, my nikes, and a black a blue tee shirt with the words "L + K = AWESOME" written on it.

Me obviously knowing that L stands for Lucy my girlfriend and K stands for me.

I leave my room and head to the kitchen for breakfast but to my surprise everyone but my mom is gone.

"Mom where is everyone?"

"At the beach bash. You know the one that you promised Lucy you'd be her date to?"


"Yes. She was looking for you and I told her you were asleep. So then she left she also told me to tell you it ends at 12:00 a.m. so come at any time."

I then proceede to grab everything I needed. I changed into my swim trunks and black wife beater grabbed my car keys and ran out of the door.

"Don't forget your sunblock."

"I got it right here Mom!"

I greeted Bitters behind his desk andasked him for directions to the beach since I forgot.

I then hopped into my new car and drove off while I was driving I thought of some rocking awesome lyrics for my new song for everyone to hear. I called the song Black Cat based on the time I tried to stop Jo from kissing Jett on set of that tv the end of the song I thought of...

She said get your hands off of my star it's not your part but all your fault and this jealous actress has a habit of making things sound way too tragic.

Get your hands off my star it's not your part but all your fault and this jealous actress has a habit of making things sound...way...too...tragic.

Yep nailed it now to get to the Bash write it down finish the somng and sing it.

And here I am.


I should probobly say hello to all the people at the top of this table of guilt I'm under.

Hey those are good lyrics.

So say hello to all the boys at the top of the table you're under lipstick lullabyes this is sorry for the last time and baby i understand that you're making new freinds this is how you get by.

Okay I should probably -

"Get your ass out here Kendall!"

She read my mind. Thats how I know we have a connection.

"Lucy I am so sorry for not being awake or actually bringing you here myself.I overslept and lost track of time."

"Kendall I forgive you.I'm not even mad I'm just glad you came. Now get your ass on stage!"

I quickly kissed her "Thanks Luce."

I rushed on stage.

"Dude what happened ? Did you oversleep again?" Carlos was the first one to question me.

"Yes I overslept now let's rock this beach bash! I just finished a new song! Ladies and gentlemen ths new song is titled Black Cat."

We sang while playing instruments which doesn't happen unless we sing a song I wrote.

You're like a black cat with a black backpack full of fireworks and you're gonna burn the city down right now!

Whoah oh oh whoah oh whoah!

And cue the applause we sang "Cover girl" "Any kind of guy" and "Love me love me" and then we partied.

We drank and ate and swam people almost drowned swimming while intoxicated.

I mostly made out with Lucy during the party.

Then around 11:51 p.m. they packed up everything and we all left.

I was very sober and Lucy was too.

We got to the Palm Woods, I parked my car and walked Lucy back to her room.

Lucy asked me to come inside with her to watch a new dvd she just rented.

The name of the movie "Disaster Movie" it was hilarious .I'd already seen it. Later we watched t.v. we came across a trailer for a new parody movie caled "This is the End" it was pretty funny. I remember this one clip of Aziz Ansari and Kevin Hart. was trying to kick Aziz into a huge hole in the ground.

But anyway back to us.

Lucy led me to her room and we started kissing she began removing my clothes.

Next thing I know Lucy and I had just finished having sex for about 30 minutes with a condom of course.

It was great she was great. I could feel myself falling asleep.

But first I kissed her forehead and drifted off whispering I love you Lucy.

Yep best night of my life. I had tons of fun with Lucy and my friends.

The nest morning I woke up to see Lucy fully dressed and apparently waiting fo me to wake up.

"Good morning Blondie."

"So I guess that makes you Dagwood."

"No way.I'm not a guy."

"That's pretty obvious."

"So how did you sleep last night?"

"I slept better than I did a day ago."

"So did I so, do you want to go to the new amusement park?"

"I doubt I'll be amused but sure, let's go! Umm could you looke away while I put on my clothes?"

"I had no problem with it last night but okay.

I quickly put on my trunksand wifebeater

"Alright I'm done you can turn around now."

"Aw I missed the whole show." Lucy can be sarcastic at times and thats something I find adorable."

My phone vibrates on the floor

I pick it up and find a new text from James

Dude get home now! Momma Knight is freaking! She is super pissed and scared dude!

"We got to stop at my apartment mom is apparently mad and wondering if I'm okay."

"Alright lets go becide you can't go to an amusement park dressed like a surfer you need to change clothes." We walked to my apartment 2j

"Now there's no telling how mad she could be right now so wait here alright?"


I waited outside for about ten minutes until Kendall finally comes out in black jeans and the L + K shirt i bought him.I decided to be sarcastic.

"Who bought you that shirt"

He played along

"A friend. A really close friend."

"Would this friend's name hapen to be Lucy?"

"Yes it would."

We got into his car and pulled up at the amusement park about 30 minutes later

Then his phone vibrated he picked it up to find a text from an unknown number


I picked up my phone to my a message from an unknown caller.

I'm comin for you ;D

"Luce I just got the most freaky text ever. Someone unknown said they're coming for me."

"That sounds creepy do you think you should change your number?"

"Neh it's probably some crazed fan who managed to get ahold of my lets go."

Who left Kendall that message?Will something bad happen?Who knows?

Chapter 2 coming soon! side note: I'm a dude who thinks Kendall and Lucy would make a cool couple because of their love of music so just know that i'm not a girl. catch ya later guys.