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Chapter One

Kagome was walking down the sidewalk in downtown Seattle. She had gone down the street to get a couple of snacks from the nearest Starbucks. Her brother had roped her into taking a picture of every single Starbucks she came across which brought her to the one she had just exited.

Her class was staying across the street. She had told her friends that she would go out and make the snack run. One, to get the picture for Souta, and two, to get some air. She had been with her friends 24/7 and needed a breather. She wasn't used to being with them so much and it was beginning to get to her. She clutched the bag of snacks closer to herself as she started across the street. Not looking up she bumped into someone and dropped her things.

The person she bumped into grabbed the bag before it fell to the ground as well as grasping the drink carrier that Kagome almost dropped as well. When their fingers met Kagome felt a jolt and looked up into beautiful golden eyes. She watched as the man inhaled deeply as he stared intently at her.

She could feel something different about the guy she ran into. She wasn't sure what it was. He didn't feel like a human. He didn't feel like a youkai either. She didn't know what he was. She started as she felt the weight of the drink carrier back in her hands. She shook her head and smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry." She said as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She couldn't believe that she was staring. She knew that all types inhabited the earth. She wasn't going to point out the fact that he wasn't human. She couldn't believe she had gotten caught up in thinking about what he was. He was a he. That was it, she was going to leave it at that.

She bowed her head slightly as she reached for the bag he was still holding. She had stopped staring but apparently he didn't feel the same. He was still looking at her holding her bag of snacks.

"I didn't see you there. Sorry that I bumped into you." Kagome reached for her bag, waiting for him to hand it to her. He continued to stare.

"Umm, are you okay?" She was getting worried. He hadn't handed her her bag and it was like he was stuck in a deep thought. A thought that seemed to focus solely on her. She watched as he finally blinked his big golden eyes.

He shook his head and smiled at her. She was almost stunned by how it seem to make him even more beautiful. He looks inhuman, she thought. I mean who else thinks men are beautiful.

She smiled at him as he finally handed back her bag. She watched as his companion answered her phone at that moment. She turned away as she took the call. Kagome noticed that she felt the same as he did. I wonder... I don't wonder. Leave it alone Kagome.

"Thank you." she bowed her head again as she started towards her hotel. She had taken a handful of steps and couldn't resist turning around. She could see that the woman had grasped his shoulder and they both seemed to be looking at her in shock.

Kagome got a bit worried at their expressions. I don't know why they are looking at me like that. I am not getting involved. I'm done messing with the supernatural. She smiled and turned back around and rushed through the revolving doors into the safety of her hotel. Next time I'll let Eri go. She wanted to go anyways. I'm done.

Kagome walked into the elevator heading back up to her room. If she had looked back out into the lobby she would have seen the couple coming into the hotel.

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