Chapter 30



"What are you?"

Kagome huffed. She brushed her bangs away from her eyes as she looked at Jasper. She couldn't believe that she was being asked this question again. And by someone who was 'other' too. It must be a part of their genetic makeup. Ask 'what are you' instead of 'how can you do that?' Why do they always assume I'm not human. Geez. She puffed at her bangs again as she started to straighten here skirt. In her haste to get away from the table and to the bathroom before her cut could be seen she had stumbled upon Jasper as she was heading to the restrooms.

"Maybe I should be asking you that question." After rearranging her hair she crossed her arms and directed her full glare on him. Her glare turned into a look of confusion at the expression on his face. Before she could think on it, Emmett was in her face. He stood protectively over her as he glared at Jasper. Like a lion protecting his pride. I'd say mate but we don't have that kind of relationship. He took a moment to run his hands up and down her arms and looking her over before turning back around to face Jasper. Kagome had enough when she could hear the low level growling between the two of them.

"Baka. Stop that." She said as she slapped Emmett's arm. He didn't. It slowly started to increase in volume when she sighed and stepped between the two of them. The growls stopped immediately but not before Kagome was back in the spot she was in before. Behind him. His arms were like bands of steel around her arms, not hurtful but unmoving.

"What are you doing?" he hissed. "You are injured. He could hurt you."

Kagome laughed. She couldn't help herself. As she looked at the comical looks from Jasper and Emmett she laughed harder.

"He can't hurt me."

"Yes he can. He could have hurt you."

"No, I can't." Jasper added as he rubbed his hands up and down his arms. He could still feel the tingling at his fingertips. It had been awhile since he had this feeling. Like when his arm had fallen asleep and was just waking up. It wasn't hurtful but definitely woke him from his bloodlust. Which was a first.

"What do you mean you can't? I saw you run after her when you smelt her blood."

"My blood?" Kagome asked. She tried to step in front of Emmett but he would have none of it. Every step was mirrored by a step of his own. She tried to swat him away but he grabbed her hands. She looked up into his face and stopped her actions. He had a serious look on his face and the concern on his face made her smile.

"Emmett, I'm okay. He didn't hurt me. If that was what he was trying to do then it didn't work. I think I hurt him instead." She shook her hands free from his grasp and cupped his cheek with one hand and then leaned around him to look at Jasper.

"Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, it felt like a zap. Like when you shock yourself. I haven't felt that in a long time. My fingers are still tingling."

"Well, if you are okay. I'm sorry that that happened. I was protecting myself and…"

"He was trying to hurt you."

"No, he …."

Alice walked into the hallway. "What is going on in here? Are you guys coming back to the table? Everyone is wondering why you guys left the table." She looked between Jasper who stood to one side and Emmett who was standing in front of Kagome.

"Is everything all right."

"It's…" Emmett began.

"We are great." Kagome said as she stepped around Emmett. She linked arms with Alice and headed back to the table, leading the way.

"Come on guys, we can talk about this later."

Alice looked behind her at her husband and brother. They exchanged heated glances and then started to follow. She smiled when she remembered what she saw. She knew she was right, that Kagome was special. Too bad she couldn't know exactly how since that seemed to be a mystery to her. No vision of the future with Kagome in it had any knowledge of what she was. She chuckled under her breath when she remembered the expression on Kagome's face when Jasper asked her what she was. It made up for the worry she briefly experienced when Jasper rushed out after her. She knew that Kagome was racing to the bathroom but not why. Well, that wasn't exactly true. She could smell her blood ask soon ask she sliced herself on the chipped plate. Does she know what it does to us? The smell of her blood? I don't think so, I don't think she knows what we are. Just that we are different too. She is taking it pretty well for finding out that blood is something we can smell. Upon reaching the table, Alice guided Kagome back to her seat by Rosalie and went back around the table to her own seat.

Kagome sat down and immediately looked at Rosalie.

"Are you okay Kagome?" she asked as she gently touched her arm. Kagome smiled. She could feel the weight of stares from the whole table rest on her.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I worried you guys. I had to go to the restroom." She smiled at the group as she placed her napkin back into her lap. She made sure to wipe her finger of the blood that had been on it.

She didn't want anyone to see the cut that had already healed itself. She knew that there were questions as to how she healed so fast. Which was why she rushed to the restroom as soon as it happened. If no one noticed she could play it off as being a bathroom issue. She didn't do it often but enough to be no big deal to her friends. Healing quickly wasn't something most people could do and she didn't want her friends to find out. Too many questions and not enough truthful answers, at least ones that she could use. Her family knew it, they saw it happen many times. And they knew why but left it at that.

Carlisle too could smell the blood and was just about to ask when he was nudged from the side by Jasper and with the slight shake of his head resumed the conversation from where it left off before Kagome, Jasper and Emmett returned.

"Ayumi was just telling us about the rest of your trip. You guys have a free day coming up. What are you guys planning to do?"

"Shopping," Yuka and Eri called out.

"I'll go along with them. They'll need someone to help be their conscience. If they had their way all their money would go towards clothes. Everyone laughed at the comment.

"Kagome? Are you planning to buy lots of clothes too?" Esme asked as she cut a bit of steak. She put down her silverware as she waited for Kagome to answer.

"I don't know. I know I want to hit a few more Starbucks…"

"Kagome, haven't you visited enough of them already?" Eri asked as she finished the last bite of food on her plate. "We hit just about everyone the other day."

"Nope, I haven't hit the most important one. The very first one. I can't go home without stopping at that Starbucks. Souta would be so disappointed in me."

"I don't think he will mind if you don't go to that one. I'm sure he won't expect you to have visited as many as you have."

"Eri. I'm going. You guys can have fun shopping."

"We can't leave you alone Kagome." Yuka chimed in.

"We'll go with her." Alice added.

Kagome's friends looked towards her at that announcement. Looking between the three of themselves, they nodded. They really wanted to do a little clothes shopping and they knew it wouldn't be as much fun because Kagome wasn't really into clothing shopping as them. She used to be more into it when they were younger, but ever since she came back to school fit as a fiddle after her multiple episodes during middle school she had changed. She wasn't as outgoing as she used to be. She didn't get as into the latest gossip at school she wasn't as into the latest fashion trends that happened either. She was their dear friend but it seemed as if her interests were elsewhere. And this was perfect. They felt they could trust this family with her friend. They didn't seem crazy or weird. Just a regular family out to dinner in the city.

"We don't mind Kagome if you go with Alice. Do you mind? We could cover for you. You won't have to be back till late."

Kagome watched her friends and was a little offended at their actions. She could see the thoughts that were crossing their faces. They didn't really want her to go with them. And the fact that they were giving their okay to go with Alice peeved her a little bit. I'm not a child who needs permission to do something. I also don't need a chaperone to look around the city. For Kami's sake I've travelled the wilds of Feudal Japan. She thought to herself.

"I'm sorry Kagome." Alice said. She knew what Kagome's answer would be but she knew she had to nudge her in the right direction. "I didn't mean to assume that you would want me to go with you. I haven't been to that Starbucks either. I thought I could go with you to see it as well."

"No, no, I didn't mean that. I would like for you to go with me. I just… never mind what I was going to say. I think Souta would love to see my new friends in the pictures. Thanks Alice."

"And we can do a bit of shopping if you wanted to as well." She added.

"Well, I do have to get a few souvenirs for my family." Kagome said as she sat up. I don't mind spending time with her. She seems nice, and I feel the same vibe each time I touch her. That little zing is something I felt will a few of the family members. They all have cold hands, but fully charged bodies. I don't think I have been shocked as many times in a row before. Oh, well you know what they say about cold hands. Kagome smiled. "Do you have some shopping to do Alice?"

"No, I thought if we had time we could stop over at our house. Do you mind? You could have a bite to eat there before heading back to your hotel."

"Sounds great."

Dinner ended before they knew it. The waiter came back with the check and the girls started to grab the bill when Carlisle cleared his throat.

"It would bring me great pleasure if you let us pay for the meal."

The girls started to protest but stopped when he put up his hand.

"We are honored that you would take time out of your schedule to share your meal with us. We would be delighted to pay for it. No buts."

"Yes thank you for eating with us," Esme added.

All the girls bowed repeatedly. They knew that he wasn't going to let pay.

Getting up Emmett pulled out Yuka and Kagome's chair for them. His hands lingered on Kagome's for a moment longer than was necessary. She smiled as she pulled away. She thought it was very gentlemanly of him to do. She could see that Jasper was doing the same for Eri and Yuka. She snickered as she watched her friends blush at the attention. She saw Alice covering her mouth as well. They share a look before heading away from the table.

Kagome watched as the family gathered their coats from the attendant. All the guys helped the ladies put on their coats first, her friends as well before putting on their own. Jasper helped her this time. She felt the little zing again and tried to stop the smile cross her face when she felt the slight hitch in his breath as he pulled the coat up her arms. Patting her shoulders he stepped away and stood beside Alice.

"We better head downstairs, I saw our group already head down on the elevators. Thank you for dinner." Yuka said as she bowed once again to the Cullen family. And in a row the girls bowed. Carlisle bowed back.

"Thank you for sharing a meal with us. It was good to meet you three. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your visit to the states."

Carlisle turned to Kagome. "And I will see you tomorrow?" At Kagome's nodded he nodded as well.

"Good night girls."

Rosalie Jasper and Esme joined Carlisle in the elevator.

The girls took the next one down with Emmett and Alice. Emmett stood behind Kagome and kept nudging her as the elevator descended. Slapping his fingers away from her waist, Kagome finally stomped on his foot. He laughed.

"Everything okay over there?" Eri asked with a knowing grin.

"Nothing Eri, nothing at all." Kagome said as she elbowed him again. His abs were like steel plates. She rubbed her elbow after that move and scowled at Alice as she started to snicker.

"So tomorrow, what time should we pick you up?"

"We?" Kagome asked as they excited the elevator.

"Yeah, we Kagome, I can't have my little sister driving you around when you could be riding in me, I mean with me driving instead." Emmett smile was huge after that state. He laughed when he saw Kagome roll her eyes at him.

"10 sound okay?" she asked.

"Perfect. We will meet you in the lobby."

"You know what hotel we are staying at? Never mind of course you would. Rosalie walked me to it the other night."

"The other night Kagome?" Ayumi asked.

"Yeah, I had to get some air."

"You had a nightmare again?"

"Let's not talk about it here."

Alice and Emmett shared a look before turning back to the girls.

"Well, we will see you tomorrow." Alice leaned forward and kissed Kagome on the cheek. "Bye guys."

Emmett walked over and gave a great big bear hug to Kagome before putting her down. He slowly let her slide through his hands as he put her down.

"Till tomorrow." He smiled at the rest of them before walking off.

Emmett laughed when he heard Eri say, "Kagome I think he likes you."

She has no idea.



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