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WARNING! Contains some heavy spoilers, nudity and suggestive themes with lots of mushy, fluffy, teary stuff with some drama and angst, so be warned ^^


It was a hot day in Mojave.

The burning sun was hot like glowing embers of campfire and it was not gentle toward the living beings of the desert; bearing down at them without mercy like a sadistic raider.

No sane person would voluntarily go outside in that heat... but still there were people outside; roaming around because it was required from them and among those people was a lone figure with womanly appearances making their way determinedly through the wasteland.

Even with most of her arms bare, she was a pit overdressed for such a hot day.

She had her head covered with a black Stetson and wore dark sunglasses over her eyes; her mouth and nose hidden behind thick scarf that was protecting her from the dust wind carried. Her thick, long dark jacket was wrapped tightly around her body and - together with her long pants and heavy boots - it made her sweat like a deep-roasted Molerat, but those layers of clothing together with the hunting riffle she carried in a firm grip gave her the protection she needed, so there was no room to complain.

After all... wastelands possessed more deadlier dangers then dehydration and starvation.

Glistening sweat made its way down her forehead and she moved to wipe it away with her fingers.

She looked up to the cloudless sky where the merciless sun resided and glared at the glowing orb with hateful look.

Heat was something she hated over all things. She could feel how her body was cooking all the while she kept on walking; her booted feet wobbling in the soft sand all the while keeping a watchful eye out for the danger as she tried to move as silently as she could; not wishing to alert any Radscorpions or Deathclaws that could be lurking nearby.

When she reached the top of the rocky hill and saw the familiar building looming up ahead, smile crossed her face.

She had wandered miles without any rest and she was more than exhausted; craving for some solid food to fill her belly, some refreshing - and purified - water to wash it down with and some shut-eye with roof over her head with no worry for dangers.

With her body drained from all its energy and nearing shutdown from the endless road she had taken, she still had enough strength in her to make one final sprint toward the building; not caring that the wind robbed her the hat from her head.

Her loose hair whipped wildly behind her as she ran straight through the double-doors with a loud 'bang' and kept on running through the hallways filled with rubble, her heavy breathing filling the empty halls while excitement filled her eyes and smile stretched over her face.

There was a reason she ran like the Devil himself was chasing her.

A reason that made her eyes sparkle with delight.


She ran so she could be with him.

No one really paid attention to her anymore when she passed some ghouls, who merely gave her fleeting glances, before continuing their tasks.

They were already gotten used to her presence in their humble housing in the old REPCONN test site.

She kept wandering aimlessly through the twisting hallways; scurrying from room to room in hopes of finding the one she wished to see the most, but her search didn't bear fruit. When she was ready to give up and ask help from someone, she turned around the corner and her eyes immediately landed on the man she had searched for and she couldn't help but smile at the sight.

It was him.

He stood in the hallway, talking to one of his disciples in his trademark suit; his yellowish skin glowing that soft green color while those baby-blue eyes of his shined with peacefulness and understanding.

Just one look at him made her heart flutter and forget the weary journey she had endured. She kept looking at him in silence with tender smile, neither of the ghouls seemingly not noticing her presence, and giving out a small sigh of content as she gazed fondly at his form.

He was a man wrapped in mystery to her and even to his own followers; a man with cryptic words on his tongue accompanied by that heavenly and electric voice of his which could hypnotize anyone with his calling words of faith.

Who could blame her liking his voice?

It was one of the things that had drawn her to him.

Because of his serene nature and religious ways, she had given him the nickname 'Holyman' and, at first, it had been just a simple jest between two of them until he stole her heart with his devotion and kindness; making the word 'Holyman' more than a jest.


His name was Jason Bright.

His name suited him and it felt good on her tongue; rolling over it sweetly like a tasty treat when she spoke in soft whisper with honeyed voice that only a lover would use to speak, leaving divine taste on her tongue every time she spoke it out loud.

She couldn't help but sigh happily.

As if sensing her presence, he turned around and a soft smile crossed his face from the sight of her. The words of the ghoul who was speaking to him seemed to fade into oblivion.

The ghoul he had been conversing with saw that his leader didn't pay attention to his words anymore and, smiling even so slightly to the love-smitten couple who were giving doe-eyed looks to one other, he left the two of them alone in the hallway; giving the two lovers some well-earned and needed privacy.

When the two of them were completely alone, she slowly moved to stand in front of him - just few inches away from his frame - and for a moment they just stood there looking at each others with fondness, before one of his arms moved around her, pulling her against his warm chest and she nuzzled into his suit, breathing in his old, dusty scent she had come to enjoy.

"Hey there, my Angel." He greeted softly, making her take a peek at him, as he peered down at her; smiling as small tint of plush colored her cheeks over the pet-name he had given her.

"Hey to yourself." Small smile appeared on her lips and he moved his free hand to cup her cheek.

"You took longer than usual." He mused quietly, his thumb rubbing her sunburn cheek gently.

"Sunny needed help with Raiders." She whispered while leaned forward; giving him a gentle peck on lips before retreating," I couldn't just leave them at their mercy."

Jason smiled warmly, his heart warming from the care she showed to others.

"You had me quite worried, Angel." He mused, brushing some of her hair behind her ear.

His voice made shivers run through her spine and the way he was looking at her like she was the most precious thing was making her legs go weak.

"I'm sorry for being late." She murmured, moving her hand to caress his hollow cheeks, before placing both of her hands on each side of his face.

"Allow me to make it up to you." She whispered just a breath away from his lips, before placing her lips against his in a gentle kiss and he gladly returned the gesture.

He pulled away from the short kiss, moving his hands to cup her cheeks much like hers were and gave her a once-over look; slightly marveling how she hadn't seemingly lost any weight while she had been gone, but only glad she was there now.

"You seem to enjoy 'making up' to me, Angel." He mused with light humor, loving the way it made her giggle," maybe you should make me worry more often."

"Maybe." She purred delightedly, teasingly playing with one of his shirt-buttons.

"I'm glad you're here now." he said," I was afraid you wouldn't be here in time."

His words made her smile disappear and she buried her face in his chest, her whole frame tensing from his words. Jason noticed this immediately and sighed sadly, his own hands moving to rest over her shoulders.

"I thought you had come in terms with this." She immediately pushed away from his embrace, confusing him.

She moved few steps away, her back toward him while her arms wrapped around herself.

"Would you be in terms with it if it was me?" She questioned angrily and he flinched from this.

"... No... no, of course I wouldn't." He sighed tiredly, being honest with her. He hated having this same argument with her every time she came back and he was sure this wouldn't be the easiest one either.

"Then don't belittle the matter by asking me to be in terms with it." She muttered bitterly.

He took a step toward her sulking form, his hands coming around her, pulling her toward him, and wrapping her in a gentle embrace while resting his face on the crook of her neck; both of them standing in complete silence, their breaths being the only noise in the silent hallway.

"It's almost time, isn't it?" Her soft words send painful stabs to his heart.

He pulled her against him, squeezing her against his warm chest and his face found it's home from the hollow of her neck.

"You'll be leaving." She muttered and turned her head to look at him with heartbreaking look; her eyes rimmed with unshed tears.

"Yes." He didn't know why he said it when it was obvious.

He just needed to voice it as if it could make the idea more real to her.

"You could stay." She spoke up suddenly, turning fully to face him," just couple more days? Please?" Her pleading tone had that tiniest hint of hope that it made his mouth go dry as sand and he had to turn his gaze away from her.

He knew she tried to stall; wanting to have more time with him and he wanted it too, but he knew in the end it would bring them more pain into their already bleeding hearts if they tried to escape the inevitable which is why he didn't dare to meet her gaze.

Just seeing that begging look on her face might make him give into her soft plea and he couldn't do it.

He just couldn't.

He moved his hands to touch her waist, sighing deeply, before answering.

"We have done it too many times already." He said, shaking his head, and she turned her head to him and glowered.

"Then you should have thought about the consequences of starting anything between us." She spat and he flinched at the bitterness and hostility in her tone, but otherwise maintained his calm.

"You never choose when and who you fall in love with." He said, hating the way her shoulders started shaking.

His heart almost shattered when she let out few faint sobs, pushing her face into her palms and he hated himself over the fact, that he really couldn't do anything to prevent her from feeling this.

"I don't want to lose you." She said in choked voice, his heart dropping from the sound of her voice.

"I do not wish to be parted from you either." She looked up with tear-stained eyes.

"You could stay!" She exclaimed, pressing the issue with desperate tone," just forget all of this! Walk away and come with me! We could go to New Vegas together!"

"I can't."

"Yes you can."

"No, I couldn't." She felt her temper spike from his words and she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Don't be such a stubborn-!" Her voice was cut, when he swiftly moved his large hand over her mouth and the one around her tightened. Her eyes went wide from this and she squirmed, trying to get away form his death grip; squealing against his palm while he patiently stayed in place.

"Hush." His sharp tone made her words halt and he closed his eyes; taking a calming breath, before speaking to her with softer voice.

"Be silent for a moment and listen to me, Beloved: It's a tempting thought, I admit it; you and me in a place we could call our own. It's a thought I'm very fond of... but it can't happen. This isn't about what I want and what you want anymore. These ghouls look for me to find guidance and light for their paths in life and."

He looked down, smiling sadly to her as he removed his hand from her mouth to cradle her face.

"I can't abandon my brothers in their time of need and I do not wish to abandon you, but I can't have both." He hated how the tears had started to flow from her eyes while he had spoken," I wish I could take you with us. I truly do. You are a woman who deserves all the happiness and love and it kills me to not be able to be the man who could give that to you."

He looked at her painedly; his own eyes holding tears.

"Call it faith if you wish, but this is unavoidable thing and If we dally any longer, the harder it will become us to part from each other. I know you understand how much it would hurt both of us in the end if our leaving was delayed again." He said honestly before he started pleading from her, making her heart shudder from the way he was acting.

"I'm begging you, Angel... don't make this harder than it already is. For either of us." She pulled away from his hold, pushing her face against his chest.

She didn't wish to look at him; hiding her tear-rimmed eyes in his worn shirt as she felt long-waited sobs building in her throat. She brought her hands to her face and she felt her from shook from silent sobs, before her sorrow gained volume, making him to mutter comforting words to her ear, but she didn't pay attention to what he was saying.

She only thought of what was to come.

He was the messiah to his brothers; a prophet destined to take his flock away from the corruption that polluted the destroyed world they lived in and take them to the sacred place for the ghouls where they can live in eternal peace filled with endless happiness and joy.

The rockets were ready to be launched at any second now. He and his brothers would be on their way to Far Beyond; their own paradise... and she would remain in this godforsaken wasteland with shattered heart beating in her chest.

It was his destiny... and he needed to follow it and she would stand and witness how he would lead his people to the stars while she would stand in burning hell.

Was it so much to want her small piece of happiness to stay by her side?

"Believe me, Angel, I would take you with me if I could." He said after her sobs calmed down into occasional sniffs and hiccups.

"I know." She said softly.

"It's too dangerous for someone who isn't like me." He sighed sadly," I couldn't endure the thought of you in danger."

"Then it's a good thing I haven't done anything dangerous then." She joked weakly, both of them chuckling, before simultaneously sighing.

"Just my luck." She muttered with small laugh," I fall in love with an amazing man who leaves me in the end." She joked weakly, her voice cracking at the end.

He didn't say anything; he just held her in silence, his steady heartbeat calming her.

"Unfair..."She whispered - more like whimpered - brokenly,"... it's unfair."

"World usually is, Angel." He said gently.

He closed his eyes and just hugged her, hating that he couldn't help her in any way. She was hurting badly and he was the one who was hurting her.

She looked up, meeting his glassy eyes with her own. Her hands moved to cup his face and he did the same, both of them mirroring each others moves, before she rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes for a moment before she moved to give him soft pecks on his lips; his nose; his cheeks; everywhere where she could reach with her lips.

"I love you." She whispered against his chest between kisses," I love you so much it hurts to think that I have to let you go." She let out a small sob, stopping her kissing.

"And I you." He rasped quietly, looking at her as if she would disappear if he looked away from her, " where ever I go from here, you need to know I will always love you." There was nothing, but comfort now.

All they could do was to give comfort.

"Dry your tears, Angel, and let's make these last moments something to remember." He whispered to her, making her tremble with his voice.

"Please." She begged and opened her eyes, "love me." She uttered desperately with barely audible voice that made his heart weep.

He wiped away the tears staining her cheeks, his hot breath hitting her skin and she closed her eyes; shuddering from the feel of his breath.

"With pleasure." He said, before clashing their mouths in sweet kiss, before parting," follow me." He breathed against her lips and she couldn't do anything else but let him lead her.

Gently, he guided her toward his quarters and, pushing the door open with his back, he pulled her into the small room he had been calling home these past months.

The place had no windows and barely had any lights in it, but the soft green glow coming from him was more than enough to illuminate the room.

After the door closed behind them, she was pulled into the warm chest and his lips pressed against hers.

He tasted like a fresh water while she had the dusty taste of Mojave, but neither of them took much of notice of this; merely enjoying the warmth and comfort their kiss brought.

She loved his rough lips as he loved her soft ones against his; their emotions coming clear from those contacts.

They parted for a quick breath and - while they panted together in that greenish-yellow glow he emitted - she could see those blue eyes looking at her; penetrating her being and captivating her very soul. To her, his eyes were like a sky shrouded in a thick mist so no one could see what those shining gems reflected and discover his true thoughts.

They were the perfect eyes for deception, but god must have some kindness to bestow them upon such an honest and kind-hearted man like him.

And now, with her, he had let his guard down; allowing her to see a mere glimpse of emotions behind those eyes.

While his hands rested on her petite waist, he moved her backward; her back hitting the wall with a soft 'thump' as he leaned closer to her, forcing her to lift her chin up so she could see his face and her hands pressed against his chest, feeling every ragged breath he took.

She could feel his hands let go of her waist and take a gentle grip on her wrists, pressing them against the wall on each side of her head; trapping her between him and the wall.

It was an act of dominance from him and she let out a small sound of protest. His baritone chuckle reached her ears and her complains turned into sounds of appreciation when his lips pressed against her soft mouth; moving demandingly and she responded with submissive movements, small thrill running through her from his dominating behavior.

As they kept kissing - delicious shudders running through their bodies as they did so - one of his hand moved from her hand to unfasten her leather jacket and started pulling her undershirt down; revealing her exposed shoulder and give him a small peak of her amble breasts, his fingers caressing the smooth skin he discovered, his feather-light touches making her shiver like a leaf before his mouth moved down her neck, leaving a trail of feathery kisses, before it reached the crook of her neck.

She started to squirm when he found her ticklish spot and started to nibble it, making her let out soft, feminine giggles, before his lips returned to her mouth.

"Jason." She whispered his name breathlessly as he gently nibbled her," oh, Jason."

"I want you." He crooned, loving the way she whispered her name," by the Beyond, I want you." She almost gasped from the need in his tone.

"I can feel it." She uttered, feeling his need against her clothed leg, giving out loud moan when he bit down hard on her neck; right in the spot where her beating pulse resided.

"I'm yours." She whispered, making him hum with delight, before he pulled away from her neck; making her let out a disappointed whine.

"As I am yours." He declared second, before his mouth descended over hers, his skilled tongue swept over her lips; begging for an entrance and she opened her mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to dwell inside and he hummed with delight as their tongues met twirling and dancing like a couple under moonlight.

She tentatively sucked his rough tongue and grinned against his mouth when she heard him groan, but her joy was short-lived as they were forced to separate for a quick breath.

As they panted with ragged breath, their eyes were locked, love and care reflecting from them.

He started to pull her away from the wall and bring her toward the small makeshift bed he had on the other side of the room.

Gently, he guided her down on his bed and he followed her, positioning himself above her as she laid down; both of them smiling tenderly to one another, love and care coursing through their hearts, before resuming their kissing and touching.

Soon they started to do more than just touch and caress one another.

His hands started to push her clothes away as his need grew. He pulled her clothes with force, almost tearing them from her frame and she shivered even more when her skin was exposed to the chilling air of the room. His hands started to fumble with her pants, trying to pull them down and as his hand kept discarding her from the clothing she wore, her nibble fingers did the same to him, moving skillfully and quickly through his buttoned shirt and helping him undress.

Soon their clothes were scattered around them as they laid on the old mattress; skin against skin like the day they were born to this world and like by command, her body arched against his while he moved to give her jaw gentle kisses as she tried to keep her voice down, but he wouldn't have that.

"Don't hide your pleasure from me, Angel." He murmured against her skin," let me hear you sing." His words made her gasp softly.

The radiating heat coming from him was making her body burn and she let out a soft moan as his hands moved around her, caressing her already moistened skin and shaping her like she was the finest sculpture and she responded to him, moving her own hands to shape him into a piece of art.

"Beautiful." He sighed in labored breath and trailed his chalked lips around her delicate frame.

"Handsome." She responded breathlessly, her mind numbing from the way he made her body respond to his touches and seek his touch.

He moved away from her, looking down at the face of his breathtakingly beautiful angel basking in his glow.

He loved to look her exposed body while her hair was splayed like an angelic halo around her head; her face holding the most raptured and loving look that was only meant to him that just spurred him on, making his eyes darken from desire.

As her slender legs wound around his waist and his hands moved to fonder her full breasts, he bent down and she met him hallway in a heated kiss; the blood in their veins starting to pump in unbearable speed as they kept touching each other. Soon their ministrations was fueled by their need for each other and became even more heated than before; their shared fire consuming them in its burning flames that had turned into raging inferno in their bodies.

Their breathless sighs; the wanting moans laced with deep desire were the song they sang as their voices joined together in the throes of passion.

Their kisses and caresses intensified those moments of rapture they spend together in that age-old dance of carnal passion; raw, carnal, lustful passions; both of them moving in a wild rhythm, their hearts beating as one while both of them were drowning in the primal need like some animals and marking one another.

They became animals ruled over by need... and everyone in the compound could hear the rumpling growls that came from the back of his throat and the needy calls for more from her as she screamed in euphoric ecstasy and as their time together crew shorter, more loving and tender they became; only laying on the mattress while exchanging tender caresses and sweet nothings to each other.

As they laid together, most of their passion had died down moments ago with their limps tangled together, thine layer of sweat covered their skins. He kept caressing her while looking at her with utmost tenderness and she returned it, her fingers touching his jaw so gently it could easily been feather that touched his skin while her other palm rested open against his lean chest.

He was saddened that he couldn't take away the sorrow and grief he would be forcing upon her when he departed for the Far Beyond, but at least he could give her beautiful memories to remember.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear tenderly, taking hold of her hand resting on the mattress," always."

"And I you." she whispered back, intertwining her fingers with his and resting her head on his shoulder while enjoying their last moments," always."

They may not have future... but at least they had these few precious hours.

She still felt the salt from her dried tears sting her cheeks while she tried desperately keep the fresh ones at bay while looking up to the full moon, before continuing her work.

She looked down her hands working over the console where the different buttons and lights with wide variety of colors were. She was giving the coordinates last once-over and some final repairs on the systems while rough, raspy voice in intercom was telling that they were ready for take-off.

She looked toward the place where the rockets would rise up, letting some of her tears leak out, before moving her eyes toward the button she would have to push.

She moved her hand over the button, letting it hover there.

It would be so easy to withdraw her hand and walk away. With such a simple gesture she could stop all of this from happening; with one step back she coul buy herself more time to convince Jason to stay, but his troubled face kept popping on her mind.

She had seen the look on his eyes, that screamed with doubt when the day of launch had come closer and closer and one night he had spoken of them to her; telling her how much he dreaded of leaving her here all alone and it had made her feel a tingle of guilt from the knowledge that she had been the one who put that doubt in his heart.

She started frowning deeply as she looked at the button, self-loathing running through her mind.

This was something he believed in and she had made that confident man doubt his goal and think of abandoning it just so she could be with him.

... no.

No, she couldn't let him do it... she wouldn't let him do it.

Not for someone like her.

She would hate herself for all eternity for it and wallow in her own agony for rest of her if she'd let him stray from the path he had chosen long time ago before he even knew about her existence.

She would be damned if she did.

She let her hand stay still for a second before lightly pushing the button. She heard the mechanical noises as she moved to stand in front of the window with her had against the glass; hard look on her face as her thoughts stayed on the blue-eyed ghoul she was doing this for.

She knew he had to do this.

This was a path he needed to travel.

A path he was destined to travel.

It was magnificent sight to see them take off in the sky and leave only a cloud of smoke and dust behind, but in her awe she still felt couple tears make their way to her cheeks while she stood there watching the rockets make their way toward the moon while.

The tears spilled from her eyes while she kept looking toward the disappearing rocket where the one she loved dearly was.

His pilgrim toward Far Beyond had started... and she had been left behind.

When there was nothing else to see but the smoke clouding the night sky, she gave into her grief, her legs giving out under her from the heavy feeling and she collapsed on the steel floor, letting the tears finally spill out and cascade down her cheeks like waterfalls.

It seemed to be part of her life - To lose everything she held in her heart... and it hurt.

She felt tired and heavy as stone with the sorrow she carried in her heart which still wreaking havoc in her; feeling the stab in her heart from the sight of him leaving.

How many times she would have to endure this same cycle? how many times she would watch those dear to her leave her? She didn't know. To loose people close to her was something she truly hated in her life, but the knowledge that he had accomplished his life-goal and even if it had been for a little while, she had been able to make him happy...

... it was enough to make her feel a pit happier over her broken heart.

"I love you, Jason." She whispered to the wind and buried her face in her hands, allowing herself to weep in the night; finally letting grief consume her.

Unknown to her, he was feeling the same emotions as she was and with longing, he was watching toward the earth as the rockets containing him and his brothers made their way toward the paradise. As the rockets kept moving, the excited chattering of his brothers turned into incorrect buzz in his ears as he gazed out of the small window with heart-breaking longing and he pressed his forehead against the cold glass.

The tears of loss he had kept at bay started to trail down his hollow cheeks slowly, not caring if any of the ghouls following him saw him grumble like this, as the blue planet started to look just a small dot in endless darkness of the star-filled space.

Their journey toward the Far beyond had started... and he had left her behind.

His heart felt heavy as it broke into pieces like fragile glass while the beautiful image of her melancholic face resurfaced to his mind; torturing him, but even in his sadness the thought of his lovely angel made small ghost of a sad smile appear on his ruined lips.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, his fingers touching the cold glass lovingly.

Even when their time together had been a fleeting one like a dream, she had loved him with all her heart and he had done the same; caring for her with all his being.

She had made him happy and it had been enough to make her an angel in his eyes.

Angel, who was now shedding tears because of him.

"I love you." He whispered forlornly," please be happy, my Angel." His hand came to rest flat against the glass as he looked toward the globe where his beautiful, sweet Angel was.

His Weeping Angel.

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