Chapter 1

They ran through the once pristine structure, each of them eyeing the cracks that began to form on the crystal like walls as the ground shook. Behind them, one of the crystals fell, shattering as it hit the floor, and the baby wailed as his mother wrapped him tighter in his many blankets to protect him.

The younger of the two blondes shot the child a concerned look and then turned to the greying older man who ran in front of them, leading them to what she hoped was safety. "Uncle?"

The man turned, and for a second he looked at her, and she saw that ever present twinkle in his aging face, his greying beard turned up in what she knew was smile to ease her worry's. He then turned back around, and shouted over his shoulder to be heard as another crystal fell. "I know, don't worry Kara, I had a contingency plan should I have been proven correct. Kelex!"

A portion of the wall opened in front of them, and out of it flew a small crystalline robot, Jor-El's first invention upon leaving the Academy of Science. The robot soured towards them, only to have to turn as it passed them. "Sir, you called." Even at a time such as they were facing, Kara still couldn't help but to smile at the sight of small robotic member of the El family.

Jor-El nodded, and had to stop short as a small fissure formed in the floor in front of him. "Kelex, I need you to activate the ships, quickly, time is of the essence."

Kelex nodded, his large head bobbing up and down as he took off again, heading for the lab at the end of the hallway. The crystal door raised before he got close, and lowered as he entered the room.

Around them more cracks were forming as the ground once again shook, and Jor-El knew that their time was quickly ruining out. His red robes flapped behind him as he leaped across the fissure, only to turn when he had made it across. Waving his arm he urged his niece to do the same, and watched as she too made the small leap to the same side as him. He turned to her and placed his hand to her shoulder. "Go Kara, do not wait for us, we will be behind you soon enough."

Kara looked like she wanted to argue for a moment, but the look on his face, the one that always seemed to ease her worries, had returned. It was the same look he had given her when he had taken her in after she had lost her parents with rest of the people of Kandor. She nodded before turning and running into the lab, only to stop at the sight of the two ships.

"Lara, we must hurry. We do not have long left." He said as he turned back to his wife as she landed beside him.

She nodded, a tear staining her cheek as she looked down at their son, and began to run her hand through his recently growing black hair. "Jor-El, what if they do not accept him, what if they don't love him?"

Jor-El shook his head, a small smile lighting his face, cupping her cheek he said. "He will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind him, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join him in the sun. In time, he will help them accomplish wonders. He will be loved by them like none that has come before."

"He will be alone." She nearly sobbed, and pulled her son closer to her chest.

"He will never be alone." Jor-El promised, his voice low and strong as he assured her. "I've made sure of that, and Kara will not allow it."

She nodded, and sniffed as she wiped another tear away that had begun to make its way down her cheek. "I know you have." They stood there for a moment, both knowing at any moment the planets time would come, but hey both found it difficult to move from each other. The sound of another crystal falling brought them back to the moment, and they quickly made their way into the lab.

Before them Kara leaned over the larger of the two ships, her brow furrowed, and a questioning look in her eyes. When she heard her aunt and uncle enter the lab she turned away from the ship. "Uncle, why does this ship only have room for one?"

Jor-El and Lara looked at each other, unsure of how to answer their niece's question, but that was the only answer she needed. "You're not coming, are you?" Kara asked, her voice breaking as tears began to form in her eyes.

Jor-El took his niece in his arms. "We cannot, nor should we. We have already lived our lives, you and Kal-El have yet to, your lives are more important than ours."

"Don't say that!" Kara cried, her tears staining her uncles robes.

"Live your life Kara, live it for us, and for your parents." Lara said, as she too embraced their niece.

Kara sniffed, and wiped at her eyes as she pulled away. "I'll take care of Kal-El, you can trust me on that Aunt Lara."

Lara smiled. "I know you will. You've always been so great with him, I could ask for no one better."

"You need to go Kara, and prepare yourself for the journey." Jor-El said quietly, and Kara nodded. She hugged them both tightly, tears streaming down her face, and then turned and entered her ship, an older one that had once belonged to her grandfather and aided him in his discoveries of Kryptons moons.

Quietly the two followed their niece to the smaller ship that sat beside her own, and placed their baby within the small crib like structure. "Our time is up Lara, if you have anything left to tell Kal-El , now is the time." Jor-El told his wife quietly, his eyes never leaving those of his sons.

Lara nodded, but found that it was suddenly hard to speak. "My dearest Kal-El, I only had the joy for knowing you a few weeks. I wish I could be with you always to guide you and protect you. Know that our love will always be with you. I can already see you carry within your father's independent spirit."

Jor-El chuckled as a lump began to form in his throat. "But, more importantly, your mother's never ending bravery and her compassionate heart."

"Your father tells me that the new world you are journeying to, Earth, is full of complicated beings capable of great emotion. My wish is for you to live a full and wonderful life, but I need you to know that you were born of a great love. And, your brilliant father has devised a way for you to carry on that love without us."

"The ship that I designed to carry you to your destiny can only hold one Kryptonian, one who has so much potential, so unlike your father." He said, as he thought of Zod's betrayal and his inability to neither stop him or save him, as well as his inability to convince the counsel of Kryptons coming doom.

Lara gasped, her eyes wide and she turned to her husband and took his hand. "No!"

Jor-El smiled at her, and waved her concern for him off. "Your mother and I cannot come with you, to do so would burden your innocent soul with our frailties and our failures. But you have within you, the best of both of us, and I am sending you with all of my knowledge and none of my ego or regrets. They will die with me here on Krypton. Whatever trials I put you through, I will never lose faith in you."

Her voice low, Lara whispered. "Quickly, before it's too late. We may not have been able to save our planet..."

Jor-El finished her thought as the crystals began to merge, sealing both ships for their journey. "But we are confident you will become Earth's greatest savior. And never doubt that, just as you're a part of us, we will always be a part of you. Farewell, my son."

Lara wept as they made their way to the console next to the ships and they activated their launches. They both watched as the two ships quietly took off, both seeking the comfort of the other as around them the lab finally began to collapse in full.

As both of the ships passed the atmosphere of the planet and had already begun to come upon the red sun the planet exploded, sending debris through space. Large chunks of the planet rocketed towards the two ships, one hitting the larger of the two, while the other remained just in front of the debris.

Within the small ship, the small Kal-El began to cry, but a second later, the voice of his father began to calm him, to soothe him.

Live as one of them, Kal-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.