Chapter 4 ocean Kvar Meets Sonneilon.

Asgard Ranch Sonneilon POV

Well I flew off to the Asgard Ranch by the looks of it, and decide to see what the hell they were doing here, and show them elves not to call the saiyan race inferior. so I drop in and the alarms go off, and a bunch of weak troops surround me, well I've been bored so time to have fun"hey people prepare to have one hell of a party!"I yell with a smirk.

"since this inferior being decided to come here i think we should turn him into an exsphere! and How dare you Inferior Being!" a few desians yell.

"are you sure you want to try to kill me, ha, I've never been more insulted, okay time for some fun." I put my hand togather then put them back for my favorite technique "GALICK GUN HAAAAAAA!" I end up killing 10 at the same time."How pathetic, you call yourselves superior, maybe in brains but not in power nor battle strategy."I say which pisses off more then a few desians.


I use death beam on all but one which man you guys should of seen the look on his face(4th wall owned 1) anyways he kinda ran like bitch and i think he pissed his pants, which was hilarious, oh and then his boss showed up."you must be the big cheese, hows it going."I say.

"so you are the inferior being who killed most of my men."he growls out angry.

"oooooh calm down man, and by the way it is best not to attack me unless you want your ass mounted on the wall along with your arms and head." I say mockingly."oh and I believe you ran into my friend earlier, I'm suprised he let you live, so did you beg for mercy?"I ask like a boss

"B-bastard!"Kvar says

"Oh and I won't kill you as you are still needed in 'his' plan, oh and if you see a human blond with wisker marks on his face, let us know, we kinda need him alive for 'his' plan, after all, the kyuubi jinchuuriki is needed to bring peace. so let me know kay? good. now be a good boy and do your work capice."I say while sitting down on kvar's commander seat."but if kratos tries to kill you, you will have one purpose left, and it is to be used to revive the REAL Madara Uchiha, a human with godlike power, power not even Yggdrasil can stand against his Rinnegan(eye of god)." I say

"eye of g-god?"Kvar says with his eyes widening.

"thats right, all power that angels have are also in the Rinnegan, and more like take for instance, Power to control Gravity."I say nonchalatly

Kvar's eyes widen and he gets back to work.

"well now I'm in control, I think I'll just kick back and relax." 'if anyone were to try to disturb me they would set of a trap that would alert me of there presence so everything is fine. now to wait for Kvar to get his ass handed to him by Kratos, that'll be fun. then I'll sacrifice his soul for Madara's.


Well Sonneilon is an asshole and he breaks the 4th wall, and it shall be recurring. lol.