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Ryozanpaku's newest guest


It was a nice morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping. People were starting to wake up to the sun rays' signal of a new, bright day. Some were already enjoying the comforting coolness brought by the morning breeze, while many were still lying lazy in their beds, trying to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep after their scheduled waking time. One of the singing birds glide beside the short buildings, seeing its reflection in the windows and considering it a flight companion. She stops by one window, resting on the perch in front of it, rests its wings and … *BZZZT* *BZZZT* *WHACK!* *SLAM!* The little bird, startled, quickly takes flight. "Uh…" a groaning moan started to be heard from behind the glass. "I hate clocks…why in the world did I set up one in the first place?"the figure looks towards the calendar on a wall and blinks a few times.

"April first…"a small smile starts to spread on his face. 'A new beginning' he quickly got out of bed and heads to the bathroom, looks in the mirror and was greeted with sky blue eyes, spiked sun kissed hair and tan skin.

His apartment was small and modest. The bed, left undone, was occupying most of his bedroom space, while the floor could barely be seen from all the laundry he had left lying around, making a mosaic of colors. Two steps away was the bathroom door, where the boy was waking himself up with a splash of cold water.

The blonde takes a quick shower then goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast "Let's see what ramen should I eat today…beef? pork? or chicken? Decisions…decisions." He grabs the one with pork and starts to prepare it.

'Goddamn few minutes… why couldn't it be in a few seconds?!' Immediately after the ramen was ready he started to chow down. He burns his tongue out of his impatience, and blows twice on the noodles he had collected with his chopsticks before proceeding to enjoy his meal.

'My name is Naruto Uzumaki… or so I remember, I've arrived in this world around 6 months ago, my memories are scattered, I know I'm not from this world, I know my age, I know I was some kinda fighter for my… leader but for now that's kinda it.' Naruto sighs greatly, he went through a lot of hardships and challenges since he came here especially since when he had just arrived he barely had a few memories.

'However that's over, my memories will keep coming back to me until I will have all my answers' He finishes his breakfast and goes to put on his clothes "Today is the day I start my first year of high school, the beginning of a new life!" Our hero makes an excited but nervous smile, though he could not wait to start, he could not help but feel uneasy as well like he feared something.

The blonde starts putting on his uniform which consists of a white shirt, a long sleeved blue jacket and blue trousers 'Hmm…later I'll put my own touch on the uniform… though at least I'll leave it unbuttoned ', "Now where is my satchel?" He looks for it through and through, the search made more difficult by the untidiness of his apartment. He looks under the bed, under the table, under the nightstand, even under a pile of dirty laundry he didn't bother to put in the bin. He got a little frustrated seeing time slipping by. He decided he couldn't lose too much time and disappointed, and hurried to leave the apartment. And then he finds it – laying on the hanger, as he put it especially so he could find it with ease and not forget about it. The satchel was mainly a slightly dark red, with black leatherworking for the handles and such details. He then locks the door and leaves his apartment heading towards the high school.

"Ah…it sure is a great morning, the sun is shining, the sakura trees are blooming." The boy takes a moment to take in the scenery; the rose tree crests give him a warm, welcomed feeling; the smell of blooming flowers invade his nostrils; a slight breeze picks up a delicate petal and gently brushes it against his cheek. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, a smile growing on his expression. Somehow, being amongst the trees, surrounded by nature makes him feel at peace, and makes him feel like… at home…*BUMP* "Huh?" Naruto blinks as he felt someone bump into him, he looks back and sees someone on the ground with the long sleeved blue school uniform he had, medium length spiky brown hair and with a yin-yang badge on the left side of his collar.

"Ouch…" the person groaned "Did I bump into a tree or something alike?" the brunette looks up to see he bumped into a person and starts to panic as he notices his appearance 'He looks like he is one of those yankees!' "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry! The brunette quickly got on his feet and kept on bowing he then looked at the time and, with a surprised expression, mumbled something about it and started running … slowly, but he was running.

Naruto blinked at what just happened and smiled amused" Well that was funny… wait didn't he have the same uniform as me? And he said something about the time… Oh fuck! I'm late! 'I was so engrossed with enjoying the scenery that I forgot to hurry a little!' The blonde makes a thoughtful expression "Well… time to use that shortcut, maybe I'll even find her."

Naruto jumps a fence and gets to a silent construction site, too early in the morning for the workers to start showing up. He then climbs a wall separating the site from a residential area and starts walking on it. Getting close to his destination, he jumps on the rooftop of one of the short, single-story houses and then jumps on the other side, where he finds the main city storm drain. 'Aaand what do you know, there she is!' "Hey Miu-san!"

A figure was on the other part of the drain, it was a girl with the female version of his uniform: a long sleeved blue jacket, white shirt, red skirt , blue socks , a red ribbon tied to her shirt, a long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She wore a braided hair, leaving a few strands loose to fall on her forehead, making her glasses seem larger as they needed to cover a more exposed looked towards him and smiles.

"Naruto-san! I wasn't expecting you to actually use my shortcut!" Miu said surprised that her fellow blond remembered her secret path.

Naruto jumps the 70 feet drain; if anyone would've seen they would've thought he was suicidal but he landed easily right beside his fellow blonde.

"Neither did I, guess I lost track of time a little…" said the boy while scratching his check with his index finger, a droplet a sweat running down from above his temple. "Anyway let's hurry. We're late!"

Miu nodded "Right!"and both blondes hurry to school.

Our hero takes a glance towards his fellow blonde and makes a small smile 'The girl beside me is Miu Furinji, the first real friend I made since I came here , though our first encounter wasn't too pleasant, mainly because we were trying to knock each other out…' That situation didn't end well for either of them but because of it Naruto got to meet and know Miu and later the residents of Ryozanpaku. A shiver started to run down his spine 'Those guys still scare me… their towering bodies, their exaggerated muscles, the fierce look in their eyes… even their presence felt as though I was surrounded by wild, unstable beasts… though I have to thank them, since because of them 'Naruto crouches a little gathering "energy" in his legs and sprinting, forgetting for a moment about his friend Miu is startled by Naruto's sudden burst of speed "W-Wait!" she says as she picks up her own pace, but her fellow blonde doesn't seem to hear her. 'I got to remember this weird energy I have …'Naruto continues his trail of thought undisturbed' 'now if I knew how it's called… I know it's not what the masters described as ki, which was some kinda physical energy that was under the belly button and I remember well from the masters it was distributed and controlled through breathing techniques... however mine is different, it is located right in the center of my body and... it's a combination of two different energies... the one that the masters described as physical energy and another one... it feels calm, fluid and vigorous. Though I've recently discovered it or re-discovered it, I know it's more potent than just ki ...' "Naruto!" Our hero blinks as he was disturbed out of his musings and notices that they have arrived.

"Mou…" Miu was pouting as she looked at him with a small frown "Not only you weren't paying attention to what I was saying but you suddenly sprinted." She crosses her arms and, while still pouting, turns her head to the side, as if not wanting Naruto anywhere in her field of vision."I thought we were friends!"

Naruto makes an apologetic smile and scratches the back of his head "Sorry… I was lost in thought , I'll treat you with anything you want later"

The blonde female smiles brightly with sparkles in her eyes "Really?! Then I'll see you later!" she waves and heads into the building.

Naruto shakes his head at his friend's antics "Well then, let's see how this high school life is" Our hero makes a confident smile, despite heavy emotions stirring up inside him, as he too enters the building and, by doing so, makes his first step in his new life.

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