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The Dinner Request

After Naruto left Hinata had stayed in the library reading the book of poems Kakashi had assigned them. The poems were mostly about lost love and grief on life. It left Hinata feeling depressed and listless. The effect lasted her the rest of the day, her head was so full of sad thoughts she hardly noticed her surroundings and what she was doing. It was so bad that she made a few mistakes at work getting two orders mixed up and having to restock the inventory twice when she got it wrong the first time.

She felt so gloomy and distracted that she didn't even notice when Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sasuke came into the Craven Haven again. Maybe it's because she didn't take their orders when they sat down or because 2 minutes after their arrival she was sent home early by her boss for her slip ups. She walked right by their table without looking at them lost in her thoughts. Once she was outside she bolted …. she ran all the way home.

"Get a grip"... Hinata told herself hoping the sudden burst of adrenaline would get her out of her funk ...getting this depressed over some poems was too pathetic... even for her. Sasuke watched her go from the corner of his eye until she was out of sight.

At home Hinata was preparing dinner while Hanabi chattered in her ear about her school, her friends and the latest updates on those cell phone novels she had recently become obsessed with, taking advantage of Hinata's early presence home.

Hinata wasn't really paying too much attention to Hanabi, not that she was annoyed with her but she needed to concentrate on cooking the food. She had never ruined a meal before and the idea of her father and Neji coming home to a burnt dinner after a long day of work and training was incomprehensible to her. She tuned into Hanabi every now and then to comment making it seem like she was giving her full attention when the doorbell rang.

"Could you answer that Hanabi?" she asked

"Kay" running off to the door.

"Oh h-hey" Hinata said after seeing that it was Tenten. She was still a little nervous that Tenten might still be upset with her.

"Hey" she said hugging her from behind and plopping herself on the counter to watch Hinata cook.

What are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see to you" inclining her head towards Hanabi who went to the living room after answering the door and was now watching TV. It was 6:30 not exactly early but Tenten knew she had work today and would usually just call her later at night.

"I stopped by the restaurant and they told me they let you go early" she said. "They said you seemed distracted so I got a little worried... and curious" she finished with a sly grin on her face.

"C-Curious about what?" Hinata asked blushing slightly even though she already knew what was on Tentens mind.

"Oh come on! You know what I mean, I heard you got partnered with Naruto for an assignment" she exclaimed about to burst. "How'd it go?" "It must have been good if you got sent home for being ...hem clearing her throat distracted ."

"It wasn't anything l-like t-that" Hinata said blushing deeper.

"Whatever... just tell me about it" Tenten said.

"Well … was really cute watching him struggle to understand the poems we had to read" she smiled thinking about it.

"Uh huh"

"He has such a sweet smile" blushing even more " But he had to leave right away so we didn't get much done" she finished.

"Man and here I rushed over thinking you two had gotten all hot and heavy in the library" Tenten sighed disappointed.

"W-Wha, I would nev-"but she was cut short..

"Who are you two talking about?" Hanabi had walked in.

"N-No one!" Hinata said a little too loud turning crimson and finishing up with dinner.

"Naruto?" Hanabi asked Tenten.

"Naruto" Tenten said flatly.

Hinata was just about to ask Hanabi if she had any homework to do when the phone rang.

Tenten still on the counter, was the closest picked it up "Hyuga residence" she said politely. Looking a little surprised she handed the phone over to Hinata. "It's Sasuke."

"Sasuke?" her heart sinking a little.

Hinata took the phone feeling like death himself was calling. "Hello" she answered.

"I need you to come over"


"Yes now"

"B-But isn't it kinda late?" she ask weakly.

"No" he answered without emotion... "don't forget that you're my property this month Hyuga, its stated in the contract you have to do whatever I want..whenever I want, that's what I paid for".

"B-But I don't think I should, I-I mean I'm a little busy right now" her voice trailing off

"You have 20 minutes to get here or it'll be worse for you later" he said she could hear the impatience in his voice.

Click ….dial tone

Hinata stared wide eyed at the phone in disbelief

What's the matter?" Tenten asked concerned

"He...He's asking me to come over right now" she said

"Really? Man he likes to crack the whip doesn't he?" Tenten said

"Who?" Hanabi asked

"Sasuke" Tenten said a little annoyed

"Oh! The one who bought you at that maid auction right?

Hinata nodded her eyes still staring at the phone.

"What should I do? Father and Neji will be home soon and if I'm not here they'll be furious" thinking about it sent a shiver down her spine.

"Don't worry Neji knows that your Sasukes maid this month so he'll understand and we'll cover for you with your dad" Tenten said trying to sound chipper but feeling a little guilty. It was kinda her fault that Hinata was in a bind right now but if she had known that Sasuke was going to buy her and then run her ragged Tenten would have never put her up to it.

Hinata was weighing the options in her mind and finally decided that although her father was stern and scary when angry he couldn't make the rest of her high school experience hell like Sasuke could. When she thought of Neji Hinata knew that Tenten was right. Just like Hanabi, Neji knew that she was Sasuke's maid but had promised not to say anything out of affection for her and his friendship with Tenten. She was a little disappointed that he didn't play his usual role of overprotective brother and forbid her from participating when she mentioned the His for a month auction but grateful that he agreed not to tell her father.

Setting the stove to a low simmer Hinata covered the pan of Koro Koro Steak and grabbed a timer, still if Neji ever found out what Sasuke made her do- thinking of her maid outfit, he wouldn't think twice about breaking every bone in Sasukes body. She knew what Neji was capable of and didn't want him to get in a fight over her and possibly end up in jail or expelled from school. He was the perfect student, a real genius with high prospects and she couldn't let him ruin that. Setting the timer Hinata turned to face Hanbi.

When the timer goes off the foods done" she said "I need you to set the table and the food for father and Nii-san before they get home".

"Ok" Hanabi nodded understanding the situation.

"If Nii-san comes home first tell him the truth of where I am and that we're telling father I'm with Tenten working on a school project at her house." If father comes home first tell him about Tenten and as soon as you get Nii-san alone tell him the truth." she finished apprehensively.

"Right" Hanabi said looking determined. She felt like she was on a mission for her big sister and didn't want to fail her, after all this was the first time Hinata had done anything sneaky and it was about time in Hanabi's opinion.

For only 10 years old Hanabi was already a little firecracker.

"Thank you" Hinata said giving her sister a hug.

"I'll go home in case Neji calls before Hanabi has the chance to tell him and let him in on the plan" Tenten said jumping off the counter.

Hinata nodded and she and Tenten left the kitchen and made their way to the front door while they heard Hanabi set to work on the table.

"You'll be fine right? It's not like Sasuke makes you do anything unreasonable it's just some cleaning and homework right? Tenten asked seeing Hinata's grim expression.

Hinata bit her lip still no sure if she should tell Tenten the truth but she had this unknown fear of Sasuke that held her tongue.

"Y-Yeah" she gave a nervous laugh "You just know how my father is if I'm late".

Tenten nodded knowing too well.

After saying goodbye to Tenten at the end of her block Hinata ran all the way to Sasukes. She got there faster than last time since she knew the way now. She was out of breath when she reached his door, she rang the doorbell and only had to wait a minute before the door opened and Sasuke stood in front of her.

He gave her a once over "Your 4 minutes late" he said calmly looking at her with a bored expression.

Breathing hard she said... S-Sorry... I could. "apologetically.

"Just come in" he sighed moving to the side so she could enter.

Hinata let herself in and expected Sasuke to lead her to his room but he went down the hall to his right instead. Not knowing what else to do she followed him lagging a little behind. She looked around anticipating his mom to pop out but she didn't so she guessed that Sasuke was the only one home.

"Um...where's your mom?" Hinata asked hoping she wasn't prying

"Out" Sasuke said without looking back at her "That's why your here."

Silence fell on them as they kept walking

Hinata gulped down her fear and fought back her tears. Alone with Sasuke in his house without his mother seemed really scary to her all of a sudden. Maybe him keeping his distance while she worked in that slutty maid outfit was out of respect to her but now she was gone! Who knows what he'll do Hinata thought fearfully.

He lead her into the kitchen. It was huge, much bigger than the one in her home and with a lot more equipment Hinata noted taking everything in. He finally turned to face her and after he thought she had looked long enough said "You're going to make me dinner" he said his onyx eyes looking straight into her lavender ones.

He made her come over just to make him dinner! He could have ordered out! she thought to herself.

"O-Okay" blushing her eyes on the floor not being able to hold his gaze. "What do you want to eat?" looking up again.

"hn..." he paused and then decided "I don't really want anything in particular so it doesn't matter, just use what's here and make something" he said with the same bored expression.

Hinata stared at him in disbelief

Amused by her face the corner of his mouth twitched a little "don't keep me waiting long" he said holding up a paper bag he grabbed from the floor. Looking at it Hinata realized it was her maid outfit.

She groaned "Um, d-do I really have to wear that to cook?" she asked her eyes on the floor again as her face turned red.

"Get started" was all he said as he handed her the bag and walked out.

Once she changed she was alone in the kitchen glad that Sasuke decided not to stick around. She put on an apron that was on the counter which covered the front of her body but pushed down the small fluff of her skirt making her movements a little awkward but still felt better knowing that she was covered.

Hinata found the food pantry and looked around. The Uchiha's were stocked well, it was a good thing that cooking was both her hobby and role as the elder female Hyuga or she would have been overwhelmed with all the supplies in front of her. Giving his vague orders Hinata decided to cook something simple that she could make in a short amount of time and get home as fast as possible. She decided on omusubi with okaka. She grabbed the ingredients she needed and started to work. She put her hair in a side bun and took her gloves off knowing they would get in the way.

As much as Hinata wanted to finish quickly her enjoyment of cooking made her take it slow. She knew that good food was prepared and cooked with patience. And since she wasn't a master chef she took her time. Even if she was being forced she would never allow herself to cook a bad meal.

Hinata was making the last omusubi into a triangle when she felt his presence. She slowly looked over her shoulder and saw Sasuke leaning against the door way watching her. She didn't know how long he had been there she had been too preoccupied with the food to notice him. She looked away blushing while she heard his footsteps move towards her and soon felt his body heat as he hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist, his hot breath running down her neck and shoulders. As soon as he touched her Hinata stopped breathing, she held her breath while she silently pleaded to let her go. Sasuke sensing her tension only wrapped his arms tighter.

"Breathe" he commanded in a soft whisper. But she couldn't let go, she held on to her breath unable to move.

"Breathe" he whispered again but more forcefully. Still Hinata couldn't, her brain was fighting her bodies demand for oxygen- she held on wishing she could run away.

"If you don't..." Sasuke tipped her head up slightly with his thumb "You'll pass out again" he said nibbling on her ear sending a sensation throughout her body making her face and chest hot as her heart pounded not with fear but excitement.

That was her breaking point.

Hinata let out her breath as she gasped for air. Sasuke eyes moved from her heaving chest to her face and back again. "hmm ..."

He let go stepping to the right of her, Hinata recovering from the lack of air took a step away from him nervously putting one closed hand to her chest the other near her thigh clutching her apron.

"The plates are in the cabinet behind you, the dining room is through that door to your left" Sasuke said pointing to the other side of the kitchen. "You'll be serving me in there" he said a little smirk forming from the corner of his mouth as Hinata looked close to tears.

She nodded to show that she understood.

Sasuke was already sitting in the dining room 5 minutes later when she came in. Hinata had made enough for two people not knowing how hungry Sasuke was, setting his plate in front of him she realized something that made her nervous.

" S-Sasuke?"


"D-Did you want dessert?" Hinata asked

"No, I don't like sweet things" he stated firmly

"Really?" giggling before she could stop herself

"What's so funny?" he asked scowling at her

"N-Nothing I'm j-just surprised"

"Oh yeah why's that?" clenching his teeth and shifting from his seat so that his whole body faced her

"I-It's just I-I think sweets are the best thing in the world" she said fidgeting with her fingers

Sasuke continued to scowl at her so she headed back in the kitchen to clean up, tripping over herself as she did. Sasuke sighed thinking about how clumsy she was.

Back in the kitchen Hinata was washing the dishes when she thought about Sasuke eating alone. Hinata always ate with her family for almost every meal, I wonder if he's lonely eating without his mom she thought.

What should she do? Was she obligated to sit with him while he ate? Hinata had never had a maid before but she didn't really think they were supposed to eat with their masters.

Wait! what was she thinking? Sasuke wasn't her master!

She was just fulfilling her duty to Tenten and to the school, that's it! She reminded herself. Besides she was sure Sasuke preferred to be left alone when eating. He certainly seemed annoyed by her and by most of the people around him, even his best friends.

Plus she was scared of making him angry. Sasuke was so shrouded in mystery Hinata thought drying off the last dish, a mystery she didn't want to intrude on.

But thinking of him alone in there bothered her...she couldn't just ignore it. Simple kindness was what she believed in and while being around Sasuke made her nervous he hadn't really done anything terrible... or at least too terrible for her not to try and be nice to him.

Drying her hands she sighed... Neji was right about her biggest weakness she thought. She was too kind and gentle but what could she do? It was just her nature.

She turned around and folded the apron she had on placing it on top of the counter and walked towards the dining room hoping she wouldn't regret it later.

End of chapter 8.

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