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Exactly one week after the Cell Games, far away from the remaining Son Family's sorrow in a room made of steel from the floor to the ceiling was a man.

This man was sitting, with one leg lied down against the floor while the other was bended in a fashion that brought his knee close to his chest, allowing his elbow to rest on the knee. To complete that look, his arm from the elbow to his hand was used to support his chin; his back was against the wall.

This man was no ordinary man; he was royalty. He was the prince of a begrudgingly admitted almost extinct race of proud warriors, the strongest in the universe feared for their might, their prowess in the battlefield and last but not least their thirst for worthy opponents. For the Saiyans, because this was the feared name of this race their planet were their greatest pride; a land obtained through a conflict which had lasted for decades if not centuries... Nobody had bothered to count besides the opposite side, the unfortunate Tuffles.

They could no longer be asked though.

That planet had been the symbol of their might, the embodiment of victory gained through blood which was holy to them.

This man sitting against the wall had been deemed worthy from his birth on, because of his power level which was off the charts even for a member of the royal family of being named after their planet... He had been the only one to receive this honor against most people beliefs.

His father, King Vegeta was the man who lead them to victory, thus the Planet had been named after him, because nobody could complain : the Saiyans respected might. He had then been named after the Planet, as an honor, he had been expected of great things, he had been expected of achieving the Legend. The Legend, becoming the greatest warrior in the universe, who wielded unfathomable power, who brought any foes who dared challenge his power to his knees, the very Super Saiyan who had allegedly killed the Emperor of the Frost Demons, King Cold's ancestor, Emperor Freeza's Ancestor and took his throne.

That Super Saiyan who apparently was the Royal Family's Ancestor.

Vegeta's hair stood proudly against Gravity itself in a show of defiance, of might, in Saiyan's mythology it meant that Saiyan were destined to greatness, that no force in the Universe could bring them down or impose it's rule on them. His jet black hair were completed by what was wrongly called a «Saiyan Armor», it was the standard armor of the Galactic Empire which had been remodeled to Freeza's tastes before being emblazoned afterwards with the Royal Crest on his suit alongside his father's.

He had not kept that one though, it was only a way for Freeza to show his «Benevolance», to tell them that he allowed them to keep their dignity.

That he allowed them. That we were his inferiors, to show to his race as a whole that their Royal Family was under another's thumb. Without even rising from his goddamn chair.

Freeza for all of his foolishness had the political skills to go along with his powers that was for sure.

There were two things that were disturbing however; and anybody who had known the Saiyan Prince for a respectable amount of time would find them... Highly disturbing to say the least and worrisome to say the worse.

First, the usually proud warrior was someone who took great pride in his training, who would use any waking moment of the day to train his body... When he stopped ? It was only to train his mind. This proud warrior was inside his gravity room, which was set to multiply Earth's pathetic gravity by two thousand times; a tool that could be used to provide a true challenge in his training, allowing a warrior such as he to steadily improve whereas he would have hit a glass ceiling elsewhere.

This warrior was instead of training at the moment sitting in his gravity room doing apparently nothing.

Secondly... his usual fierce gaze, the proud and defiant, merciless look in his eyes had been replaced by a focused glare. The same glare that he would have given at Freeza before exacting sweet and long revenge on his person. Any lesser being than the tyrant would have been praying for his life at this very moment if being at the receiving end of such.

A steel wall could not pray for his life to begin with though.

Vegeta had been, for the most part of seven days since the Cell Games sitting in the very same position, staring at the very same wall.

Ever since... That day.


Vegeta had trained six whole years since Freeza's defeat for this moment, trained more than he had done in his whole life; he barely slept : he meditated; and he did even less than before indulge in commodities such as a warm bed or fine meals.

That was saying a lot considering his life under Freeza's rule.

'I had been... Somewhat relieved to die at that moment...' was only one of the back-stabbing thoughts which assaulted him ever since the Cell Games. When he had died against Freeza on Namek; when he had reached an unprecedented level of Power, even for Saiyans in recent history, when he thought that he had reached his race expectations of him and even beyond.

When he had thought he had finally become a Super Saiyan.

He had still been mocked, brutalized at the hands of that hated overgrown lizard, he had been stripped off his honour and of his purpose in life up until now.

When he had been taken away at five years old on Freeza's ship he had been thrilled, he would be able to fight stronger opponents that the pathetic Third-Class Saiyans that his father put against him who dared to try and hold back when he was stronger than them at his age no less.

The average power level for a Third-Class was 1000 units, he had been able to reach a power level of 1500 units at his age, before even reaching his puberty which was when a Saiyan Potential truly started to shine... It made most Saiyans expect a lot out of him : What kind of power would he wield when he reached his prime ?!

'No one had as much expectations out of myself than I did though...' His betraying thoughts, once again, he was shaking.

Then, Freeza's put him against the Saibaimen, creatures created by his dogs in white coats which he was proud to say «Exceeded the average saiyan might at their very birth !».

Exceeded the average saiyan might at their very birth ? Sure they had 1200 units... But they definitely were not up to par with a Saiyan raw fighting skills polished by experience.

They were not able to even land a blow on him after the first few times, his power increased drastically on a Daily Basis.

The Saiyans were proud to say that it added credit to the myth of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Frost Demon overlord was frightened that it could mean that it added credit to the myth of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Freeza had been frightened of the might of the Super Saiyan, thus Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta, thus he was logically frightened of him the Prince, the one who had the most potential.

'Because at the time, It was obvious that I was the Super Saiyan' he thought sarcastically.

Oh, he had been so proud to rub it in Freeza face «He had become a Super Saiyan», he was not the «Average Saiyan Anymore» and he bared himself from imitating his mocking voice when the bastard said it to him.

He would not show to him that he did a damned good job at reaching him, potentially if he dared thinking about it... Pushing him to the edge of breaking.

Then he had been stripped off of his illusions, he had been nothing against Freeza's final form, he did not even know that he had a Final Form, 530 000 units of power at the time had been enough of an absurdingly high number to think otherwise. After all Freeza had been infamous for being incapable of controlling his own power, thus always outputting his full might.

His full might indeed, in his first form. The bastard had more of them than that pink monstrosity Dodoria had spikes on his body.

All his life, his title of the Prince of all Saiyans instead of an honour had become his greatest weakness, Freeza's soldiers and the Lizard himself called him by his rightful title indeed.

Only to mock him because he was the Prince of a Dead race of monkeys.

All of his teachings, all of his pride was being stomped on a daily basis... His body was being tortured by Freeza's who he understood at the fucking age of Seven was only keeping him arround as a trophy; as a pet to gloat at his own power, to prove to himself that he was the greatest, that no one was stronger than him and certainly not the Saiyans.

He had vowed then to become strong enough, to become strong enough to kill him and take back his rightful place as the Prince of all Saiyans.

'Not only that... I had vowed to become the Super Saiyan, to wash that stain off the face of the universe and take the throne of the rightful ruler of the Universe, they would respect my name, they would fear the name of «Saiyan» once again !' he thought in reminiscence, and then clutched his fist. An angry snarl finding his place on his face.

But the lizard had not become a ruler by being dumb, Saiyans got stronger by fighting stronger foes, recovering from those fights and then climbing to even higher states of power ! Their potential was bottomless ! They were the greatest ! The strongest !

How dare the bastard impede his potential then by sending him on mission that a fucking squadron of Saibamen could complete ? It did not require them ! Neither Nappa nor He.

He had however stopped calling Nappa a Saiyan since a long time ago... The bastard had forgotten his Saiyan pride, he was content to live under Freeza's rule where he could also gloat in his power while taking out weaker foes... Eating to his heart content.

He was no warrior, he would dispose of him when he was no longer useful, when he would topple Freeza... Anyway killing other soldiers was forbidden.

How he would take his sweet time killing them all before reaching Freeza in due time.

That thought maintained him alive and sane, mostly sane through it all... It allowed him to fight being alone in an army of hostile soldiers, with no one to turn to... It allowed him to retain his pride, because he had only that left. His family, his race, his dignity, his tail, his Planet, the meaning of his name, his culture, his future, his life !

It had all been taken away by that monstrosity ! He only had that left, his pride ! His pride as a Saiyan !

Then... Freeza had beaten him, he had finally stripped him of his dream of killing him... His dream of destroying Freeza and restore his race to its past glory, him the last Saiyan would be slayed... On a backwater planet as defenceless as a mere child.

'I cried before this damn bastard !' He had thought at that moment... To this day it still haunted him.

This bastard had finally robbed him of his pride. He had had nothing left.

Then... In his last moment Kakarot had appeared, he had blocked each of Freeza's attack, swatted them away like annoying bugs. And Freeza had been surprised. He had lost his composure. Finally !

He had maybe lost his own pride but the Saiyan Pride still Lived on.

Kakarot was the last Saiyan, and somehow he knew it, he had felt it ever since seeing him on Namek against the Ginyu Force.

Kakarot was the Super Saiyan, Kakarot had achieved the legend, Kakarot would destroy Freeza, Freeza would be facing the full might of his worst fear, he would cry and beg for mercy like the insecure coward he really was... Like the spoiled child he really was.

Out loud in Capsule Corp, Vegeta at that thought let the same laugh escape his lips, the laugh he had laughed on Namek before dying. The laugh of a man who had lost everything, even his very life but in the end could finally die with one small hope. That it had all happened for a purpose.

He had loved gloating to Freeza, finally riling him up to the extent of making him stop his silly games and kill him... He had never managed that. There was only one issue left... He understood that Kakarot still lacked the merciless fury that he needed to truly be a Super Saiyan... He tried to instill it on him... He had asked him to carry on not only his will.

But the Saiyan race's will. As a whole.

He was ashamed upon his revival to have died then, to have been relieved to die and stop bearing that burden... To entrust his pride to another warrior... It had infuriated him.

But it did not change that he now felt empty... After all Freeza's had been his goal in life, killing him had been the only thing he lived for and now it had been taken away. It did not matter who did it, he was dead and now he had nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing... Nothing again. He had not even his pride anymore.

'I lost my pride... I needed to get it back !' He rose to his feet in the Gravity Room, unconsciously, he was clenching his fist on his side and his jaw was shaking.

Before dying, he had lost his pride. Nothing could get it back because he could no longer kill Freeza and get it back, in these conditions it did not matter if he took over the Universe because he could no longer call himself a true warrior, he was no longer himself without proving his worth once and for all, before getting it back ! Before breaking through his own limits, before showing to the whole universe and his dead race that he had a right to claim to be the greatest warrior.

Kakarot would have no interest in becoming a ruler, he would anyway probably be terrible at it no matter what kind of values he held... He knew nothing of the true realities of the bigger world. He was a naive fool in those matters... Vegeta could become an Emperor now, nobody would stop him... He had his 'dream' in the palm of his hand.

It would have been meaningless. It would not have proved anything. He needed to beat Kakarot...For it to mean anything...Everything.

«I need to see the Super Saiyan for myself... To fight him and then defeat him» he had said. That searing emptiness had finally vanished, He would not wallow in self-pity, he would walk forward, he only had to defeat Kakarot and then he would get back his Pride, he would once again be the strongest, he would have achieved what he was meant to be !

Freeza had been his goal since his birth, he had been expected, destined to topple him, the Saiyan race had been avenged, it was time to be truly live for himself and achieve what he was meant to be. He had taken, unconsciously a new goal to avoid being alive without any purpose, Son Goku had given him unbeknown to him a new purpose allowing him to walk forward.

He had started training relentlessly, if Kakarot had used a Spaceship which could increase Earth's gravity by one hundred times, then he would do what he did.

Only using a gravity three times stronger. Because he was an Elite warrior, and Kakarot was a Third-Class warrior, it was to be that he could accomplish at least three times what Kakarot did. He needed that to regain his Pride.

He had trained, again, again, and again...Then a new Super Saiyan came into the picture, killed the remains of Freeza's family and mocked him alongside Kakarot. This... trash was not even a Saiyan ! He had purple hair ! They did not defy gravity in the slightest...! He had no tail !...

This was when he took off Planet for three years, training in the harshest conditions, putting his life on the line... He would destroy those trash cans which were allegedly stronger than a Super Saiyan... After all it could only means that the boy was not a True Super Saiyan... That transformation was absolute, a True Super Saiyan would not be defeated so easily by toasters. He had trained and it was not enough, he would die. He would die once again, not even on the battlefield, fighting a fucking meteor rain.

Like the one who had «conveniently» destroyed Planet Vegeta.

It made him think of Freeza, it made him think of was he went through, of all his pent up rage, hatred, loathing of Kakarot, of Freeza, of that...that Stranger ! Kakarot was one thing, he was a Saiyan, but a total stranger killing Freeza ?! He would not stand for this.

But Vegeta had always felt those emotions, it was not enough to destroy the barrier that held his power from him... Goku's barrier had been destroyed when he unleashed hatred for the first time... That stranger -Trunks- had reached it while feeling loss of a loved one for the first time... Living through it, not hearing about it. The transformation was achieved when first nearing the limit of your body, the depths of you available power... You reached a barrier that you had to break in order to reach an higher state. Only a foreign emotion, which completely turn your world upside down could accomplish that feat.

But for the first time in his life he admitted his own weakness that day; he admitted that he was weak, that he was so weak that he had lived in slavery, that he had to beg another person to do his own work before dying ! That he had lost his own pride because of his own weakness.

He exploded in anger... not to the outside world for once in his life, but against himself consciously... He was weak, he admitted it and it made him mad.

Slowly... The madness threatened to overwhelm him, it was primal and rightfully his like his Oozaru transformation... Only stronger, more refined.

He did not want to fight it, for once he let it overwhelm him as he yelled in the depth of outer space.

In a mighty yell his hair became the purest gold; his aura turned from it's usual purple-blue to gold as well... And his eyes if they had been menacing, lost in anger at himself became focused once again... Proud once again ! They were teal... A shade of teal that could not be found anywhere else in the universe.

There he had stood, achieving the legend, regaining his birthright he was a Super Saiyan.

He had laughed... He had laughed once again in his life... He could finally begin to feel pride once again, and he could only shaking in anticipation at how he would feel when he would finally defeat Kakarot...

Everything would make sense once again.

Everything made even more sense when he discovered that the purple-haired warrior had been no stranger at all, he was his son, Trunks, his heir : his blood was flowing through his veins. It made sense that he was like his father a Super Saiyan.

This was when he started once again holding Pride for something or someone other than himself. His dying race still thrived through his son...

He then lost to a fucking trash can. He understood then that the power he held... was nothing like the power that the Legend depicted : The Super Saiyan was supposed to be Peerless, hence it meant that he had only begun to tap into the transformation potential which made sense.

It... did not disappoint him, he had one more goal to reach. It meant everything.

Then Kakarot recovered... He had had the same idea, they would go after the same thing and it would be one against the other, an unspoken challenge for who would make the most of the transformation to kill Cell and the Androids, who would be the strongest. If time had been the greatest issue the other Saiyan had come up with a Godsend.

The hyperbolic time chamber, where it all went wrong.

It had been... awkward at first to stay one year with his son all alone, but it had been bearable, even enjoyable since he now had a worthy sparing partner... He even taught his son a few things. He was although... strangely numb at the idea of having a son besides feeling pride... What was he supposed to do ? Wasn't he supposed to feel something at least ? He did not know... It was disturbing.

He then challenged Cell. It had been dissapointing, One year of training in hellish conditions...Perfect conditions for training for that ? It would not be a warm-up for his fight with Kakarot, He would have done anything to have a better challenge on his hands.

He let him get stronger.

His son had then in a rare show of backbone punched him, he would have been even prouder -this meant his son's blood was true- if he had not been trying to get in his fucking way.

He would play the game that Trunks was so adamant on playing with his father then.

Cell had become stronger, so strong in fact than he had suffered yet another defeat, he had been infuriated but to add injury to the insult, he was left alive.

Perfect, he would train one more year and he would stomp on that bug to repay him for his humiliation.

Kakarot and his half-breed son had then gotten out of the chamber, he saw then that they had went in different ways than he did about improving Super Saiyan.

His son and himself had adopted a more muscular form, to be able to use more power and then had trained to get their speed up to par... He even had found the perfect balance between power and speed making himself all the more stronger.

Kakarot and the brat had decided to stay as Super Saiyan, to try and control their emotions even while battling as if it was the Oozaru transformation they had been dealing with...After all it was him that had found that by extended exposure to the «Fake Moon» he could control his advanced state through getting used to it... No one had been arround to teach him at the time. Of course Nappa had tried and had put him on the trail but he was no good at explaining complicated mechanics and did not really care about control anyway... He would achieve perfect control on his own.

It did not add any power to the Oozaru transformation anyway; controlling it only allowed you to think rationally which made you a better warrior instead of a beast, so he would not even have thought about using that method to improve Super Saiyan... He loved the feeling of pure, unadultered feralness that came with it... Kakarot had not improved his power then ? Pathetic he expected so much more... Was he throwing away his Saiyan Pride ? No it was not that...

His gloating was cut short however, he felt Kakarot powering up afterwards... It was stronger than him at the moment.

He had...Surpassed him again. And he did not even think that he needed to train once more.

His half-breed brat was doubtlessly the youngest Saiyan to achieve the transformation... Tarnishing his pride once more because his own son had done it later on in his life.

He would train once more.

'And then...in the end it was not enough, not only Kakarot was stronger than me but his son did even more than that !' he thought, the ground was shaking under him now

'And then...Kakarot died ! He fucking died on the battlefield, this time forever, taking away any chance that I had to defeat him ! To regain my pride ! To relish on the challenge of it !' His eyes were altering between black and teal.

'That bastard Cell killed Trunks and I was not able to save him ! To avenge him ! He was FUCKING TAKEN AWAY !' He would never forget that moment, his numbness at the idea of having a son crashed onto him like a hammer, he could feel that it was his son now alongside with the pride, the attachment... the sorrow of his loss... It was no more awkward... It was natural. Only after his death. His hair started shining while he was letting grunts in the Gravity Room.

'And then... Then... I could no more defeat anyone, Gohan protected me... I had no more reason to fight ! No more purpose to fight for ! Kakarot was my goal, he was my fucking goal... The last true Saiyan... My rival' he was not afraid of giving him that moniker now 'And... He died... He died..'. «He FUCKING DIED BEFORE I COULD DEFEAT HIM ONCE AND FOR ALL !» He yelled and finally achieving his full transformation, his most advanced state of Super Saiyan with muscles bulging under the raw ki brought to surface.

He had thought about it all... He could no more challenge him, if he died... Well he would go to hell and that fool was most certainly in heaven bettering himself against all kinds of warriors... Where he would never be able to follow him.

He had thought about challenging the stronger one, Son Gohan who he now acknowledged as a worthy fighter.

But that was the problem, Son Gohan was a fighter someone who would protect at all cost his home when push came to shove with any resources available, but he did not seek actively to better himself, for the only purpose of seeking new challenges, he was no warrior.

The only true warrior that he knew, the only worthy warrior had died and would not come back.

Eventually he would train, and then Son Gohan would most likely not, he, the warrior would become stronger when in the meantime fighter became weaker, in the end the warrior would defeat the fighter.

That was what he thought.

He had been defeated, Son Goku had surpassed him, in power and in mind before he could defeat him, there was no more Freeza, no more purpose.

There was nothing worse than keeping on living with no purpose at all... What could he fight now ? What could he do ? He just did not care...

He powered down to his normal state, shaking, his teeth bared.

He had lost.

But he could still have his pride back...


Bulma stood behind the Gravity Room's door, she knew that he had sensed her so she did not try and enter, she would respect his privacy... That was the relationship that they had, he knew she was there, she knew he knew, she knew he was there... And as a prideful woman she knew that you did not pity prideful men.

It was only an insult, Vegeta would get better on his own, she trusted him. He was strong. In mind and in body.

She walked away towards her lab deep in thought.

'To think that Goku had so much influence on people... that he could even affect you to that extent... He could give hope to anybody did he not ? And he had so much charisma that even the worse of personalities would flock to him and become his ally... I for one would know Goku... You changed me.'... She thought fondly

«When I met you... I was nothing but a spoiled teenage... I went into adventures after adventures with you, I found true friends... I truly lived... And in the end I even found a man to love... Two if you count Yamcha at the time... I will not mourn you because that is not what you would have wanted, isn't it, Son-Kun ?» She whispered before entering her lab.

She took the dragon radar stored there, looked at it before putting it inside the closet where she had put seven flowers and a picture...

«Farewell, My little brother...» She shed a tear. «I swear that I will take care of your family in your stead if that's what it takes... Poor Gohan is surely devastated and Chichi lived essentially for you... You would not be able to rest in peace if they were sad would you ?» She said, smiling and crying at the same time

«I need to find something to cheer them up only for a while... To gather our friends for a happy moment instead of preparing for a fight...» She said out loud when she meant to think it.

«Why wouldn't you do what you always did when you were sad Bulma ?» A voice, she knew that voice.

«Mom?! Since when are you there ?!» She had almost hit her in surprise !

«I was taking you some cookies... Since you always forget to eat when preoccupied... Why would you not throw a party like you always did ?»

«A party ?! Don't be ridiculous who would...» It then hit her.

Son Goku was not someone who would want his death to be a sad event with a full blown funeral.

Son Goku would want that a party was thrown instead, that his name was one last time reason to party. That his death was the occasion of a new beginning.

It was perfect.

Though it would not exactly be like her high school parties that her mother talked about...

She let out a laugh, and then full blown laughter.

She could just imagine Chichi nagging her about how the others girls there were dressed and behaving shamelessly, appalled at their behavior.

She could just imagine Goku thinking that the Punch was juice and snaking off with it to drink it all, and how she could see for the first time in her life Goku drunk. Only the thought was enough to make her feel good again... Smiling fondly.

She could imagine how Krillin would be trying to imitate Yamcha, flirting with girls all night long, Tien blaming their lifestyle which was unbecoming of true martial artists. Somehow Launch would be here and emptying her riffle at some unfortunate men.

She could imagine everyone running away in fear at the sight of Piccolo, who would be more amused than anything because Gohan would be laughing at his expense good-heartedly...

Her mother satisfied that her daughter was much more like her usual self went out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her. She did not even have cookies in her tray anyway.

'Yes...It would be perfect. I will throw a party and ensure that they all come... A much more sober party though... Only to find a location... Not at Capsule Corp since it would remind them too much of our fight... Not at the Lookout because that was where Goku had refused coming back... Where ?!'

Then she thought about it.

Oh yes, it would be perfect.


Vegeta had blasted off Capsule Corporation in his normal state... He had one place to go, one place.

He quickly landed... Silently he made his way by foot towards a rocky formation.

Arround him there was cliffs, mountain, and two craters which joined at one point becoming a circle shaped crater.

There was no mistaking it, he was at the Cell Game's arena.

He started speaking aloud, knowing that nobody was there.

«You know Kakarot... When I first met you it was in a rocky formation like that one... In the course of one year you had gone from the level of a Third-class Saiyan like your useless trash of a brother to a First-class Saiyan... Even if by birth you were still a Third-Class» He said, strangely in an emotionless tone, still walking forwards

«You then defeated someone who had let his Saiyan pride behind, you vanquished Nappa and he begged for my help on his knees like an useless worm... You were more of a Warrior than he could ever hope to be» He still walked

«You defied me and it infuriated me... How could trash like you, I thought could dare fighting me, and then harming me ? I did not realize but I had truly become like Freeza didn't I ? I relished in what little power I had against what I esteemed were weaker opponents, knowing that there were stronger people than me and that I was too much of a weakling to defy them...» He said spitefully against himself.

«But you...You chose to fight against someone that you knew was stronger than you, you never gave up, you never went against your beliefs, you fought against your natural limits to defend your home unlike me, to answer the call of your Saiyan blood !... You defeated me...For the first time» He said, eyes closed, still walking.

«When you discovered Freeza existence... You did not fear him, you did not procrastinate your challenge to him... You trained, you surpassed your limites and you defeated him... You became a Super Saiyan and succeeded where I could not.» He said

«You provided me with a challenge, even more so than fighting Freeza ever was, you pushed me to my limits, you forced me to let go of my limits, and I became a Super Saiyan.» He stopped, bending forward, he then took a black stone, blackened by the Kamehameha blast.

«You... Never gave up, you surpassed me times and times again, and when push came to shove you acted like a true Saiyan, you chose to fight the Androids instead of taking the cowards way out and you stepped back to let your son realize his own power... You accepted your limits, backed down and fought from then on another fight, the fight for the Earth's eventual survival, allowing your son to become the one who would eventually slay Cell...» He was shaking.

«I did not overcome you before your death... Even now I'm forced to admit the truth, you were stronger than me...» He said finally, closing his eyes.

He punched the ground creating a small crater, and he erected the black stone, which stood proudly, he then proceeded to crave something with his finger on the stone.

«Those earthlings don't know anything about our culture, Kakarot do they ? A saiyan's body was never buried, a black stone was erected on his home planet by his family which bore the crest of his family... As a reminder of all the Saiyan which came before the newborns and theirs deeds...» He said, smirking.

«In the end Kakarot... I accept your death but it is not the end... If this is what it takes I will defend that mudball in your stead, I will redeem myself of my...sins and then I will come to you and we will have one last fight, you against me, no holds bared ! You have better be training, because the Prince of All Saiyans is coming for you ! I will never surrender and wallow in self-pity ! I'm a warrior from Planet Vegeta ! And from now on I'm one of this Planet defenders ! In the end, I always called you prideless, but you had a Pride, that pride was not within yourself, it was this Planet, those 'friends' of yours... And you died in the end defending your pride Kakarot...I swear on my pride that I will not see a Saiyan's Pride disappear while I'm still alive ! DO YOU HEAR ME, KAKAROT ?! I GAVE YOU MY PRIDE AT THAT MOMENT, AND NOW I'M REPAYING MY DEBT !» The Prince of all Saiyans realized...then yelled.

«Farewell, Kakarot, In the end... You were a true Saiyan

He then turned before blasting off, if you were to see the black stone which had been erected you would be able to read :

«Kakarot, a true first-class Saiyan warrior

Dead on the battlefield

Born on Planet Vegeta, Raised on Earth

Rest in Peace»

Under this scripting there was a familiar crest.

The royal family crest.


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To clarify something that could be confused ; Goku is not from the royal line, not at all, he is a Third-Class.

Anyway, I really loved your reviews, it even inspired me to write more and I cannot wait to see what you thought about this chapter...

x-Sheeqsee112-x : Thanks you ! It is really important to me to get each character... well in character. As for why Gohan's ki went away... It is coming soon ;)

RKF22 : Thanks you ;) His love interest is something that will be revealed a bit later in the story though.