BTR: Heyy, so this is my very first Digimon/Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's story on this site. But just to let you all know that this story I had made was originally written on the website Quotev, the titles are the go check it out! It's probably been more updated than this one will be.

Shane: So hopefully she'll remember to update this 'new' story.

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Timothy: So you remembered to check on Edwin and Lizzy?

BTR: Who?

Shane: God have mercy on us...

Timothy: *sighs and shakes his head*

Brian: Well, while BTRHenderson tries to figure that one out...-


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Shane: She only owns the plot and her character Alexis.


I don't how it began but it happened somehow. I was always wishing that something like this would happen to me, because my friends had it happened to them already. But now that it happened I know I'm not ready for the tasks at hand. It's all so scary having two whole world's fates in your hands. It's like everyone is depending on you; it's too much pressure for me to take in. I'm not sure how Taichi and the others can handle this sort of a responsibility. I never did tell any of them what happened and I hid the device trying to ignore the scary events that had happened but the device is always calling out to me, like some sort of magnetic field. Whenever they mentioned about the Digital World I always tense up a tad bit and my two older brothers, Kouji and Kouchi, would notice and give me strange looks. One time they asked me about why I always seemed afraid of the topic I lied to them by saying I just get a bad feeling when I hear the topic. They seemed to bought it.

The only fear I had was them all finding out about me receiving a device and not telling them about it. They would be mad at me and I didn't feel like admitting I was scared of the responsibility. Everyone knows I'm not scared of anything but they are wrong. I put up that 'I'm-Not-Scared-Of-Anything' act all the time so no one would worry about me. It all seemed like the right thing to do, by keeping the whole thing a secret from my brothers, but it was killing me inside of hiding a secret from them and telling them everything was okay when it wasn't.

Then my worst and only fear happened...

They've found out about my digivice and also found out that it belonged to me. They were so mad but I actually confessed that I was scared of the whole responsibility thing and they all seemed to understand, especially my two older brothers who comforted me that night.

Right now, all I know is that I'm an official Digi-Destined standing side by side with my two brothers and our friends...

BTR: HEY I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT YOU MEANT TIMOTHY! Edwin and Lizzy are A okay! *smiles in glee*

Shane: And you just figured that out now?


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