"Guys, I just got word from Gennai that there's been way more disturbances in the digital nowadays." said Izzy, as he walked into the Kanbara's house, the place where the DigiDestined and legendary warriors were meeting at, with a laptop in hand.

"What kind of disturbances?" asked Matt.

"Disastrous ones I'm afraid. Someone is destroying everything in the digital world." Everyone gasped at this new found information.

"Does Gennai know who they are?" said Zoey, who was sitting down next to Takuya on the couch.

Izzy nodded his head and turned the laptop, in his hands, around to let them see the screen.

"He said they were a group of people called the Dark Signers. Legends said that they were a very dangerous group of inhuman beings. When a person dies, he or she is given a chance to live by becoming a Dark Signer at the time of death. If they display a great will to live or a reason for revenge, an Earthbound Immortal may spare them, turning them into Dark Signers in the process."

"Earthbound Immortals?" said the Child of Hope, having a confused look on his face.

"The Earthbound Immortals are incarnations of evil entities that were sealed in the Nazca Lines by the Dragon Star and its servants 5000 years before the events of the digital world. Each of these 'Evil Gods' are shaped in the form of a corresponding Nazca Line and each member of the Dark Signers wear striped robes bearing the color of their corresponding 'Earthbound Immortal'." replied Izzy.

"Ugh...more evil people... Can't we ever get a break for once?" whined JP, slouching in his chair next to Sora.


Everyone's head turned towards the door wondering who it was. Takuya stood up and practically sprinted over to the door, for he was very interested in what else Gennai and Izzy knew about these Dark Signers and Earthbound Immortals. He opened the door and gasped in surprised.



A big huge explosion could be heard from miles and miles away from where it had occurred. Standing near the arising dust and smoke that once was a village, was a girl who had her hand up in the air. A snake symbol was ingraved in her arm and was glowing a bright purple as more explosions occurred. The girl watched as the village before her was crumbling down.

"Hehe... Soon this whole world will belong to the Dark Signer." she muttered underneath her breathe, as another figure appeared from behind her.

"You got that right." The girl spun around to come face to face with her best friend since her 'transformation'.

"I see that you had already finished you section of the digital world for today, right Davis?" said the girl glancing over at the boy, who was sitting on the edge of the cliff they were all near and who was hidden perfectly by the dust and smoke surrounding them.

"Mmhmm..." mumbled Davis, looking over at the other figure behind the girl, "So Kallin, no run ins with those DigiDestineds or Legendary Warriors the boss speaks of?"

The boy, whose name is Kallin, shook his head.

"No encounters yet. HAHAHA! They're probably too chicken to come out and face us head on! HAHAHA!"

"Maybe you should watch what you say about the enemy. We don't know about all of their powers. For all we know they could be planning up a very BIG surprise for us that could somehow take down our Earthbound Immortals." said the girl with a glare towards Kallin.

"Sure, you think that Alexis. I mean come on! We haven't saw them yet so they must be not so dangerous as we thought..."

Alexis growled softly, turning her head away from Kallin, as he kept on rambling about how their enemy was too afraid to face them. She sighed Kallin was always too overconfidence and annoying.

'But I do wonder why they haven't even tried to stop us at least once... Maybe they are planning something as I thought but what if I'm somehow wrong and Kallin is right? That they are all just afraid to come out and fight us?' thought Alexis watching her Earthbound Immortal destroy a medium sized house filled with Biyomon, not caring if they got in the way if their destruction.

It would be the digimon's fault if they get turned into data because they would be in the way of their destruction.

Alexis was suddenly ripped out of her thoughts by Kallin laughing his very annoying laugh which she loathed to death. Finally Kallin had left them to finish up this sector of the digital world for the day, much to the relief of Alexis.

"Ugh...I hate his laugh..." said Alexis, Davis chuckling softly at her remark.

"Don't we all?"

"Huh? Oh yeah... I guess so..."

"But as annoying his laugh is we still need him if we want to rule this whole world. We need ALL the Dark Signers." informed Davis, as Alexis nodded in agreement.

As this conversation continued on, the other Dark Signers were gathering in one sector waiting for the other two to finish up with their tasks. Kallin, who only just arrived moments ago, sneezed two times.

"Huh? Feels like someone is talking about me..."

Back with Alexis and Davis...

"Hey Davis?" asked Alexis, turning her head towards Davis.


"Do you remember who we were before we all became Dark Signers?" said Alexis, as Davis's eyes went tad but wider than usual.

"Actually now that you mention it, No. I can't remember a thing, why?"

Alexis sighed before answering.

"Because I was wondering if you and me somehow knew each other before all this..."

"You have that same feeling too?" said Davis, actually looking surprised for once in his Dark Signer life.

"Yeah.. So do you think we did know each other?"

"It's possible that we could have, but only the boss would know."

"hmmm... Yeah he would.." said Alexis, getting dragged into her thoughts once again.

'Is it possible that our boss is hiding something from us all? Maybe our pasts?'

"Hey Alexis? Let's finish up here okay?"

"Huh? Oh right."

They both raised up their hands with their ingraved symbols glowing a bright purple.


Two big explosions could be heard from miles and miles away...

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