One Week Later, January 2017;

To say things have been a little busy since New Year's Eve at ShowTime's would be an understatement; things have been crazy stupid busy! I guess we should've expected it to be like this though; we just really weren't prepared that the news would make things like this. Santana and I are featured in almost every magazine, some even dedicating full pages to us and the pregnancy, which means the paparazzi are constantly following us. And I mean constantly following us, it's like they don't ever sleep! Do you know how much Santana hates paparazzi? A lot, like they're her least favorite kind of people in the world. So now that she's pregnant and her fuse for them has been shortened considerably, it's never a pretty sight when they invade our little bubble.

I mean, just yesterday I had to physically pry her fingers off of a cup of hot chocolate before it ended up on one ballsy photographer who was hiding out in the bushes beside us when we were on our way to pick Bella up from school. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't able to pull her cup away at the last second, we would've probably had some type of charges brought up on us; assault with a deadly, scalding, cup of chocolate milk maybe?

That's just our private, well not so private now that everyone's breathing down our backs, life; at SnixxJuice, it's a whole different world.

Santana was used to getting fan mail, she'd even share some of the letters kids would send her with me, but she never got boxes full before. Jenna would literally have to make three trips from the mail room because the amount of letters not only she got but I got too were just too much to fit in her usual letter bin. People sent little drawings, letters, notes, stuffed animals, bibs with unicorns on them, bracelets, you name it, it's probably in one of the boxes. We knew we had a big fan base, but we didn't know it was this big. Jenna would offer to skim through the letters just in case someone decided to send something hateful, believe it or not there are still people out there who would rain on our parade like that, but Santana just told her to sort everything by letters and gifts and at the end of the day we'd take a bin home and sit on the couch together and just read through everything.

People are so nice.

Not only was the mailroom booming, but with the Grammys coming up next month, Santana was doing nothing but interviews and meetings. It worried me that she might be pushing herself too hard because sometimes it's like she forgets that it's just not her she's caring for anymore, it's the baby too and I can only do so much without pissing her off. I have faith that she knows her limit though, she knows when she needs to take a little break and she knows when she needs to take it easy, but that doesn't really stop me from checking up on her.

I have to do that subtly though because she hates when I baby her. I try to tell her that I'm just checking on her and making sure she's doing okay, but she's still a little skeptical of it.

Even I have been pretty busy with the studio, not really in the same way Santana has been busy with Grammy stuff, but I'm really thankful that I have Jeremy now. With how hectic things are lately, I can see just how fast I can slip into my old habits of working double shifts and spreading myself so thin because it's easy. That adrenaline I get from choreographing just keeps me going all day because that's all I do all day and if it's easy for me to slip back into that old routine, I know it's easy for Santana to slip into hers too.

Which is what we are currently arguing about now..

"It's not like I don't find you sneaking work emails at home when you're supposed to be looking up home remedies for cramps." I fought back sternly; mirroring my wife's folded up arms and narrowed eyes. She had called me into her office about 15 minutes ago because I spent an hour or two at the studio when I was supposed to be using those hours to rest before going into see Heather and Colton. I was trying to be secretive about it, not even going to lie, but that's only because I wanted to come home early! She still wasn't having it though.

"Brittany, that's different." She fired back, "I'm home, you're not. You're out working yourself to the fucking bone when you're supposed to be home with me resting too." I cringed at hearing her use my full name but I kept my stance.

"It's not different, you're supposed to be at home doing anything that's not work related." I replied keeping my voice as steady as hers. "And that was one time I didn't come home when I was supposed, San, once! And I told you that I was trying to come home early that day, that's why I had to stay late at SnixxJuice.."

"And did you come home early that day? Because from what I remember, you didn't." I slowly shut my eyes and clamped my teeth together. She was right; I didn't come home early like I planned because Colton was late and more bruised up than the last time.

"You are the one that's pregnant, Santana, not me! How can I provide for you if you're putting all these restrictions on me?"

"So?" She huffed, her brows scrunching together, "I'm still going to worry about your health even if you aren't the one carrying!" Her voice got louder by the end of her sentence and I already felt guilty that I was causing her to get loud but she didn't stop there, "And restrictions?" She laughed sarcastically and shook her head, "I told you to cut your damn near 60 hour work week to 40, that's all."

"You know it's been busy for me too, I can't just leave Jeremy alone to handle it all."

"Yes you can, Brittany, that's what you hired him for. He has a job to do if you fucking let him do it!" I cringed again at hearing her say my full name again, I hated hearing it come from her mouth especially when she's as angry as she is now, but I couldn't stop myself from trying to defend myself; even if she is right.

"I do, you know that! I just can't abandon him when it's been so busy like it has." I shot back, "But what about you? Jenna can only do so much. She can't run the business for you, you're literally by yourself. You're the one with stress tests that barely pass. You're the one who is supposed to take it easy and you're not even doing it! You're being so selfish working these kinds of hours when you, making no type of effort to find help; know it's not healthy for you either. Who is supposed to help you when you need it? It's like you don't even care that you could be putting our child in danger!" I watched as her shoulders seemed to slump and I wanted to kick myself for saying such a stupid thing like that. It was a subtle movement that only people who have been trained in the art of Santana could've seen, but I saw it and soon after I watched her stiffen up as she hid behind her protective walls. I shut my eyes tightly while she just looked off to the side as I let out a deep exhale and tried to regain some composure before I say anything even more stupid. "Santana, I didn't-"

"Alright, break it up you two; the whole world can hear you guys bickering." Kurt waltzed in coolly as he closed the door behind him then started shrugging out of his pea coat, "I mean, seriously, sound proof walls, you need to invest in that."

"Kurt?" I asked with my lips pursing as I turned to him, "This really isn't a good time, why are you here?" I sighed as I stared at him in confusion, but he just laughed which confused me even more. I looked back at Santana but she had her back to me and was already going to sit down at her desk.

"He's here because I'm going to get him caught up with how SnixxJuice is running so that he can take over whenever I feel he's ready to, is that alright with you?" She snapped in that passive aggressive way as she slid her reading glasses back on and stared down at her papers on her desk, not even giving me a single look. I glanced back up at Kurt who had sucked in his lips and raised his brows to his hairline at hearing Santana's response. We rarely argue in front of anyone, unless it's playful banter, but when we do it's like the entire world has been turned upside down because it doesn't ever happen! Santana doesn't take that tone with me and if she does, everyone knows something's up.

That didn't keep me from feeling like a jerk though. Here I am about to guilt trip her into thinking that she doesn't care about our child, which was really stupid of me I don't even know why I said that, when she's already making an effort to lessen her work load. I pressed my lips tightly together at San's answer and contemplated whether or not I should start begging for forgiveness now or later, but with Kurt here, I guess later would be better.

"Yeah, San, that's alright.." I sighed when her head shot up at me, her eyes staring back in a pointed glare, clearly waiting for an answer from me now.

"Good." She replied shortly, "Now if you don't have anything else to say about how I run things or how I'm neglecting our child, you can go back to being selfish, I mean, working." She was back to staring down at her papers and flipped her hand up and shooed me away, but I couldn't move. I just looked at her then back at Kurt feeling defeated and guilty. Kurt just gave me a weak smile and patted my shoulder as I turned to leave.

"Don't worry about her." He whispered low enough so Santana couldn't hear, "I'll talk to her." I gave a weak nod in response as I reached for the door and closed it behind me before making my way to the other side of the studio where Jeremy and the others were already practicing. Little did Kurt know, I can't not worry about Santana; the whole argument is going to bother me all day and I won't be able to find peace until we make peace. It never feels right fighting with her and not making up right after, it just reminds me of other times, times where we went full days not talking just because we're both stubborn and sometimes what we want to say isn't easy to be converted into words.

And what I didn't know was that I wouldn't get the chance to talk to her again until later that night when I came home from briefly checking in on Heather and Colton. I had been racking my brain the entire day of what the right thing to say would be, but nothing ever came. It's like this argument was a buildup of what we've both been feeling lately ever since New Year's Day when things began picking up and we just let it all out on each other. We were both in the wrong and the situation could've gone so much better if we weren't so stressed about everything.

I slid my key in the lock, balancing my duffle bag strap on my shoulder as I leaned down and stuck the bouquet of yellow daisies I had picked up on my way home between my elbow and hip, and twisted the knob. My heart raced immediately as I heard the low chatter of whatever episode of Jersey Shore was on because that means there would be no other way than to pass the couch and see her there when we haven't said a word to each other for the pass seven hours.

I shook it off though, inhaled deeply, and pulled the flowers out from my arm and gripped the stems tightly as I hesitantly took a step out from the dividing wall only to be met with an empty couch. She had been sitting there though, probably napping judging by how messy the throw blanket is hanging off the edge of the couch and the slight dip in the cushions. I let my eyes carry around the room as I slipped my shoes off and set my bag down by the hallway closet until I heard dishes clanging in the kitchen, and unless we were being robbed of our kitchenware, that's probably where she was.

My palms were sweating so bad that I'm surprised that the bouquet didn't slip right through my fingers, but shook it off again and slowly walked in the direction of where all the sound was coming. I pressed the bundle to my chest, the flowers just resting beneath my chin as I poked my head around the corner to find her standing before the sink scrubbing away at dirty dishes.

The sound of the plastic protecting the flowers caught her attention as she slowly looked over her shoulder at me, and with one look in my direction, she sucked all the air out of my lungs. She didn't smile but she wasn't scowling either, she just looked at me with tired eyes.

"Hi.." I greeted shyly, my voice barely loud enough for her to hear over the rushing water.

"Hey." She replied shortly, but not like her tone from earlier, it was more like she exhaled the word as her eyes flickered from mine to what I was holding then back up to my blues, her eyebrow twitching just the slightest.

"I-uhm-I got these for you." I mumbled and looked down at the flowers in my hands suddenly seeing that quite a few petals were missing and some of the stems were bent causing a couple of daises to slump over. I don't know why, but it made me want to laugh at seeing how beat up these flowers were and I didn't even realize it until now. She didn't say anything though, just looked down at the flowers in my hands as she pressed her lips tightly together, then turned back to shut off the water faucet. Embarrassed, I looked back down at the beat up bouquet in my sweaty hands and sighed, "Well, that's the last time I'm buying flowers at night from some old guy on the street corner, I swear they didn't look like this when I bought them.."

"I love them."

My head shot up at hearing her finally say more than one word in response and I felt my cheeks flushing as she stared at me with such love in her eyes. I missed seeing her look at me like that, I hated when she looked at me with any different. There was still about a foot between us as I rested my shoulder against the fridge and she leaned back against the kitchen counter, hands flattened out on her growing bump. She smiled sweetly, her head tilted to the side as her cheeks bunched and eyes twinkled. I felt the back of my neck heat up and the tips of my ears reddening as I stood under her gaze, seeing her so damn smitten like that I could do nothing but shrug casually.

"They look like I found them in the gutter.." I muttered as I stared down at them again, attempting to push up one of the fallen daises upright, but it slumped over once more.

"They're perfect." She answered again making my attention fall back to her, this time seeing an even wider grin. I couldn't keep myself from smiling too, and in hopes that I wouldn't look like a crazy person, I pulled the bouquet up a little higher and hid behind the petal-less and snapped stemmed bunch of daises in embarrassment.

Then, if I could be any more flustered by her, she giggled. It was the greatest sound ever, a sound I had missed all day, but finally hearing it, it was like everything was right in the world again.

"I'll put them in some water." She said through a breathy laugh as she took a step closer to me causing me to peek over the flowers. Her eyes flickered from my hands to mine as she smiled shyly until I had fully passed over the bouquet. I watched as she carefully took the glass vase from the bottom cabinet and began to fill it with water while she started to tear away the plastic around the flowers. She seemed so at ease by just simply putting flowers in a vase, but I could still see she was slightly tensed and I knew why.

"I'm sorry, Santana.." I said all in one breath, like it was something I had been keeping trapped in my lungs for so long that it all sounded like one word.

"What?" She asked as she glanced over her shoulder to me with her brows scrunched. I shifted under her gaze as my hands started to fiddle.

"I said, I'm sorry." I replied, this time slower. She turned around fully as she crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head at me in the same way from earlier, like she was analyzing me. "I'm sorry I said you didn't care about our little one, I-I don't know why I said that, it wasn't very nice." I muttered at the floor in shame, "I know you love them just as much as I do and you'd never purposely put them in danger, it's just sometimes you worry me. I can't help it, I can't help that I want to trap you in a big bubble at home so you don't have to stress over everything, but I know I can't do that." I looked up at her, gauging how she was taking my apology, if I should keep going or just stop while I'm ahead, but by how she was staring at me with that smirk, I knew I was making good progress. "So I'm just really sorry and I won't ever question you about your motherly skills again." I stared back at her waiting for some type of response but she didn't say anything, just kept on staring until she finally dropped her arms to her sides and sighed.

"I'm sorry too.." She shrugged as she went over to the microwave and pressed the button to make the door pop open. "I shouldn't nag about your work like I do when you're trying to do the best that you can, it doesn't help the stress when I'm there always bugging you about it, but I'm not doing that to just make things difficult. But just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean you have to take the whole world on by yourself, you don't need to do that It's just, I worry about you too and I know when you're stressing out, I can feel it. Really B, you really don't have to work that hard, the both of us could go on a break until the baby comes and we'd still be financially stable." She spun around and held out a plate with a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich set in the center. "We both don't work very well under pressure, and I'm sorry for the way I talked to you earlier." My eyes left the plate in her hands to stare back at deep brown orbs. "You brought your peace offering, here's mine."

"Well.." I sighed dramatically, a smile itching to grace my lips as I stared up at the ceiling, "I guess you can't really not accept an apology when there's a pb&b involved.."

"Nope, I don't think that's allowed." She giggled as I shuffled closer to her.

"Then I guess I'll only accept your apology if you accept mine." I shrugged as she set the plate in my hand and smirked.

"Sounds like a deal."

"Awesome." I cheesed and leaned in to capture her lips in a long overdue welcome home kiss, careful not to drop the plate I still had in one hand as the other landed on her waist. She made the slightest of steps towards me so that I could feel her belly pressing into mine as her hands ran up my spine to press at my shoulder blades and deepened the kiss.

After exchanging a few more kisses in the middle of our kitchen, we ended up on the couch in front of the tv; Santana's thighs laying over top mine as she leaned back against the arm rest, hands resting on her stomach while I devoured the sandwich she made me.

"I'm guessing it tastes good?" She smirks as she ducks her head a little to find my eyes when I took another bite. I turn to her, cheeks bulging with pb&b, and smile while I gave her a nod. "Huh, I still got it then!" She cheered and clapped her hands together lightly before turning back to whatever show was playing now that Jersey Shore was over. It was nice to just sit here like this, I loved when our nights ended with us on the couch just lounging; we needed more of these nights. These calms moments won't be around for long, especially with a baby on the way, these nights need to be cherished. I finished the last bite of my sandwich and leaned over to set the plate down on the coffee table before snuggling back up with Santana.

I tried to focus on the show she was laughing at so much, but my mind kept drifting back to the argument we had earlier. Not that it still bothered me, but I know she's right about me beginning to spread myself thin again and with her already catching Kurt up with SnixxJuice business, I need someone to help me too. Jeremy's great and all, but I've got two studios to worry about now and as much as I love the cause it's fighting for, I find myself questioning whether or not I have enough time to do both without being overworked.

That's when it hit me.

"San, does Noah still owe you a favor?" I blurted out like I needed to speak before I lost my train of thought. She turned to me with a brow quirked, slightly taken aback by how random that was, and nodded skeptically.

"He owes me quite a few favors actually.."

"Ohh.." I hummed as I pressed my lips together in thought.

"Why? What do you have in mind?" She asked, turning her attention to focus completely on me.

"Uhm..well, do you think that maybe we could talk to him about maybe letting Mike help me out with the second studio?" I asked hesitantly, "We've thought together before, like forever ago, so I think it'll be a nice match, but I don't want to force him to do anything he doesn't want to; we can just talk about it to Mike and see if he even wants to help me. I mean, it would just be for a while I guess, until the baby comes, maybe a few months after too? He's really the only other person besides Jeremy that I trust to look after it, you know?"

"That sounds like a great idea, Britt." She replied with a smile, "I'm sure Noah would be fine with it and I doubt Mike wouldn't want to help out considering what's coming up for the both of us. He doesn't seem like that type of guy that wouldn't want to, right? Your studio is only open four days a week, so he could work in the daytime and there's still time for him to practice at ShowTime's during the night."

"Right? That's what I was thinking." I answered happily, "With more hands to help out, I'll be able to come home to you sooner and when things," I set my hands to rest at her tummy, "really start kicking I'll be available to help you do whatever you need to without worrying about either studios because they'll both be in good hands." Santana nodded along with me as she ran her fingers over the backs of my hands.

"Mhm, I definitely like the sound of that." She replied contently, "How about we make a visit tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, okay." I nodded and started to sink back against the couch, Santana wiggling forward just enough so that I could slip in behind her. We focused our attention back on the tv screen, giggling at these comedians talking about the girl version of do's and don'ts of friends with benefits, my arm curling around San's hip to rest my hand at the side of her belly as she leisurely traced patterns at the top of her stomach. The rest of the night was spent lounging just like that; cuddled up on the couch, channels flipping from MTV to The Food Network during commercials, lazily laughing at each other when we'd comment on the craziness of the shows, and Santana making the quietest of gasps when she felt someone swimming around in her tummy, something I've still yet to be able to feel.

The Next Night;

Just like we planned the night before, right after work Santana and I made our way over to ShowTime's for our meeting with Noah. Santana said that she had called him on her lunch break earlier in the day to let him know we'd be swinging by for a visit, but for some reason Noah was skeptical and assured her that he didn't owe her any money and he never posted those derpy pictures of her when we went out to lunch that one time and he'd snapped one of her in mid bite. Santana hates derpy pictures, but she just told him that it had nothing to do with any of that and that he should probably delete those pictures if he wants to keep the use of his penis.

Minutes later, Kurt texted her a video of Noah deleting the pictures of her off his phone.

Now Santana, Noah, and I were all seated in his office while he poured San a glass of apple juice. That's been like the drink of the week for San and I was surprised to find out that Noah's favorite non-alcoholic beverage is apple juice and he always keeps a container in the mini fridge in his office; lucky Santana. At first we sat just making small talk, the two owners catching up on how business is going, while I listened intently, trying to keep up with the lingo, until Noah eyed the both of us skeptically and leaned back in his leather chair.

"Alright, spill.." He said and waved his hand at us to talk, "I know you're pregnant already so that can't be it," he chuckled as he crossed his arms and looked between us for an answer, "What's up?"

I looked to San timidly, I don't know where the sudden shyness came from I guess I was just scared things wouldn't go as planned, and nodded a little for her to talk instead. She smiled in response and turned back to Noah with a very businesslike posture.

"We need Mike for awhile."

I watched as Noah's brows raised to his hairline at the request and waited anxiously for what his response would be, hoping that it wasn't anything negative.

"Hell no."


"Noah.." San warned as she wiggled to the edge of her seat, closer to Noah, "It's just for a few months-"

"I said no." He cut her off with a clenched jaw. I winced when I saw the switch in Santana flipping from professional negotiator to ruthless taker.

"Look Puckerman," She snapped, eyes narrowing at him.

"San.." I said softly, trying to keep her calm.

"Britt needs help with the other studio and she's only comfortable leaving it in Mike's hands. They've worked together before, they know how each other teaches. You'll still have him for the weekends and nights for practice here, Britt just needs him during the daytime and it's only four days out of the whole week, none of which fall on a weekend, so quit being an ass and let him help."

I watched as the two of them began to bicker like brother and sister, bringing up things that didn't even pertain to the current topic, and as much as I wanted to break up the argument, all I could do was watch. Just as I was about to snatch a rubberband ball out of San's grip, there was a knock at Noah's door and in poked Mike's head.

"Hey guys!" Mike greeted cheerfully as he took a seat between Noah and Santana, "So what are we talking about?"

"She's trying to poach another one of my choreographers from me." Noah huffed childishly. Santana rolled her eyes in response. "You don't even know if he wants to go!"

"Poaching?" I asked slightly confused, "Like an egg?" Santana stifled a giggle but glared back at Noah.

"They're not animals you dumbass, and I'm not poaching him. He'll still work for you, he'll just be helping Britt out too!"

Then the bickering started up again, this time I wasn't alone in watching the two fight like brother and sister. Mike and I just watched as random things from the past, as far back as when the two were roommates in college, were brought up. It wasn't until Mike held up his hand that the argument stopped.

"I'm actually fine with helping Britt out." He shrugged casually, "I only work here during the weekend and from what Britt has mentioned about this studio before, I'd only be there for three hours a day. I'm fine with doing both, it's no trouble to me." Santana shot Noah a triumphant smirk followed by her sticking her tongue out at him while Noah just shuffled back in his chair and looked from Mike to me.

"Well..I was going to let him do it." Noah sighed then shot Santana a smirk, "I just wanted to see if you still can get suckered into an argument. I think it's even easier now that you're all hormonal and shit."

"You're such an ass." San grumbled but couldn't fight the grin that tugged at the corners of her mouth. Noah just laughed while Mike and I looked at the two with confused looks on our faces; how could two people who were ready to bite each other's heads off a minute ago now be laughing along together like nothing happened. "So it's settled then?"

"If by settled you mean that you're agreeing to name your kid after me, then yeah, it's settled."

"Not a chance in hell." Santana laughed while shaking her head, "No."

"Plus we don't even know if they're a girl or a boy yet." I added when Noah's face fell.

"And even if we did know, we're not naming him or her after a piece of hockey equipment."

"I was more going for Noah, but-"

"It's not happening." Santana repeated.

"Plus, if they were named Noah, they might be pressured to live up to their name thinking that they'd have to build a wooden boat and gather all these animals and what if they don't know how to do that? I couldn't help them and I don't think San could either since we both don't know how to build an arc. Or what if they can't find all the animals? The pressure could be too much and they could get depressed, and I just can't have a depressed son or daughter on my conscience.." I ranted while everyone in the room just stared at me intently. San placed her hand gently on my knee and ran her thumb up and down as she turned back to Noah who looked a little shocked.

"So that would be no, two against one, for Noah. Sorry not sorry."

A few minutes later Noah and Mike came up with a new work schedule that would fit Mike into my schedule while San sat off to the side and watched proudly as I worked everything out.

End of January;

In hopes that having Mike on the team now would lessen my work load are completely shot when word gets back to me that Mercedes has been chosen to be one of the Grammy performers. Not only does that mean I have to create a routine for her to perform, but since it's the Grammys and Santana is representing SnixxJuice, this thing has to be amazing so I'm putting everything I've got into this. Not that winning or losing the award is riding on how awesome the performance will be, but if it doesn't meet the audience's expectations what does that say about me? What does that say about Santana? And what does that say about SnixxJuice? No pressure, right?

I was on my way to San's office to head out to lunch together when I heard her and Kurt talking.

"We're the best, we can't have anyone apart of our label that isn't anything but perfect." I poked my head in through the crack of the door and saw Santana pacing the floor while Kurt leaned against the bookshelf smirking. "Perfect, okay?" She said again, turning to point her finger in his direction.

"That sounds an awful lot like something Rachel would say..I'd know, I spend more time with her than any normal person should."

"Who do you think she got it from?" She smirked as I walked in and caught their attention, "Hey B." She greeted as I waltzed up and pressed a quick kiss to her cheek before going over to hug Kurt.

"Hi! What are you guys talking about?" I asked as I sat down in one of the unoccupied chairs in front of San's desk.

"Just catching Kurt up on how I like things to be run while I'm away." She shrugged and turned to glare back at him, "Also, don't sign none of those young ratchet ass hoes, no matter how much you like the height of their heels or the color of their nails, I don't want to have that kind of publicity here, we've got enough of that already." Kurt nodded frantically while I just giggled at San's word choice.

"Sounds like fun." I chirped then turned to San, "You ready for lunch?"

"Uh, I actually already ate." She replied making my smile falter.

"Ohh.." I slumped, "Well, that's okay. Maybe I can meet up with Jeremy and the others, I think they all went together to get pizza." I added cheerfully and started to stand from the chair, "What did you have?" I spun around to see Kurt and her having some sort of silent conversation with their eyes until they both caught me staring.

"A sandwich." She shrugged casually.


"Some chips?"


"Uh..some water?"


"That's all?" She replied questioningly.

"That's all?" I gasped, "Babe, you know you're supposed to be eating for two right? A sandwich and chips? That's not nearly enou-"

"Brittany, let's not do this again." I cringed at hearing my full name fall from her lips with such a tone of annoyance.

"I'm not gunna let you eat barely anything, San, especially when I know you forgot to take your vitamins this morning."

"I'll eat again once we finish up the last of this paperwork, I just wasn't that hungry earlier. And I didn't forget, I just didn't take them at the usual time I do." She huffed and rushed over to her purse and pulled out the extra container I made her carry around just in case she did forget. "I was in a hurry this morning and I might've forgotten to take the ones you left out for me, but I took these ones instead." She wiggled the container in her hands. "I know what I'm doing."

"I never said you didn't, I was just making sur-"

"I'm not a child, Britt, can you quit treating me like one?" She snapped at me making Kurt's head whip to her.

"Santana, that's not what she's trying to do." Kurt sighed but Santana just huffed while I stood there feeling hurt yet again. I really wasn't trying to baby her, she's a grown woman, but I know how she gets when she's in the moment and sometimes she forgets about things.

"Well sorry for caring about my wife who is 23 weeks pregnant." I grumbled and made my way for the door, "I'm going to the studio to get Mike acquainted with things after lunch, I'll see you at home."

"Britt, wait, don't go." She sighed and went to go after me but I was already out the door. She wants to make it seem like I'm such a pain in her ass, actually caring and watching out for her? Fine then, I'll give her some room to breathe since she makes it seem like I'm smothering her. Fine.

Later that afternoon;

"You alright there, Britt?" Jeremy asked after I had dismissed everyone for the day. I had been slumped in my chair with a wet towel draped over my face for the past 10 minutes while everyone collected their stuff and went home.

"Yeah, I'm alright." I sighed as I leaned forward and pulled the cool rag from my face and tossed it on the table. He fiddled with the top of his water bottle and nodded before taking a swig.

"You and Santana okay?" He asked lightly and crouched down to my eye level. I just shrugged.

"We always argue about the same thing but I can't help worrying about her, you know?" I rambled, "I feel helpless when it comes to comforting her because I can't feel what she's feeling, and I really try my best, but it's like she takes that as me trying to baby her. That's not my intention, I'm just trying to take care of her."

"Yeah, I understand." Jeremy nodded and rose to his feet before patting my shoulder, "I know you guys have been together for a long time, but I think she's so used to caring for herself that when you try to do it for her she gets a little spooked. Maybe she's not used to someone else trying to take care of her like you've been trying to do?" He shrugged and dropped his hand from my shoulder to scoop up his duffle bag and scratched a little at his scalp and shrugged, "I don't know, that's just a thought. I could be completely wrong, you know her better than I do."

What he said made sense though. There's probably been one time where I've had to actually take care of Santana, one of the rare times she's gotten sick, and even then she was so stubborn to accept the help. Well, she pretty much refused it until I physically made her stay home from work and lay in bed all day until she felt well enough. Maybe Jeremy is right?

"I'll see you later, Britt!" He waved and headed for the door leaving me to sit and marinate in my thoughts for a few more minutes before locking up and heading to the studio to meet Mike. Usually I'd swing by Santana's office before leaving but this time I didn't feel like being yelled at for caring. I know she's upset with herself for talking to me the way she did just by how she tried running after me earlier, but she can wait till I get home to apologize.

An Hour Later;

"Heather, Colton, this is Mike." I said as I introduced the three to each other. Heather and Colton both waved at Mike awkwardly, "Mike, this is Heather and Colton." Mike teased them by copying their awkward waves which seemed to lighten up the mood. "He's going to be taking over for me for a bit while Santana's pregnant and maybe a few months after the baby is born too, just so I've got some extra time on my hands just in case Santana needs me which she probably will." Mike stood next to me, nodding along with what I was saying while Heather and Colton did the same. "He's an awesome teacher, we both taught together at the same studio back in the day so you two won't have any trouble falling into the way he teaches since our techniques are pretty similar."

"Yeah, and I don't have a problem with critique either so if I'm doing something that you guys don't really like or aren't catching on to, feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix that so we're all on the same page." Mike added with a bright smile.

"Awesome." Colton nodded happily.

"So does that mean you won't be coming in anymore?" Heather asked timidly.

"Oh no, I'll still stop by, just not as often as I used to." I replied shaking my head, "For now it won't be any different, just Mike and I will both be here until I catch him up with the way things work, but after that my visits will probably drop down to once a week."

"Ohh.." Heather drawled out, trying to keep from frowning. "That's cool, I guess."

"Yeah, I mean, it's only for awhile but I'm not gunna forget about you guys." I replied cheerfully, "This is only temp-"

I was cut off by the sound of my phone buzzing against the lobby counter.

"Oh, one sec." I huffed and skipped over to my phone, scrunching my brows at seeing the name lighting up the screen. Wanting to end my confusion as to why she was calling me, I slid the bar to answer and raised the phone to my ear. "Jenna?"

"Brittany, hi." She gasped like she was out of breath. I looked over to Mike, Colton, and Heather who were all watching me with bewildered looks on their faces. I just shrugged and focused on the phone call.

"Hey? What's-"

"Now I don't want you to panic but-"

Someone should really let this girl know that the fastest way to give someone a panic attack is by telling them not to panic.

"What? What's is it? What's wrong?" I rambled, anxiously awaiting for her to say that Santana was having another emotional breakdown because her stapler broke or her pen ran out of ink, but the amount of time it took Jenna to answer me really bothered me. I felt my palms start to heat up as I felt like all the blood in my body was rushing to my head causing my limbs to seem numb. Though it was probably only seconds that passed, I couldn't take it! I needed answers, and I needed them right now or else I'd-

"Santana passed out, she's in the hospital now."

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