I tried to focus my attention on all the things Jenna was telling me; trying to remember every detail, every valuable piece of information, everything, but I just couldn't concentrate. It felt so hard to breath all of a sudden and it seemed as if my heart refused to pump the blood through my veins and my limbs were actually stiffening the longer I tried to focus. I was hearing what she was saying but I wasn't listening, wasn't comprehending; I couldn't. It was like my brain was scratching out everything that didn't have Santana's name attached, but as Jenna went on to tell me which hospital Santana was taken to my body finally snapped into action.

I didn't realize I was turning on my heels ready to make a break for the door when I heard Mike call to me, "I can drive you." He must've caught on that something was terribly wrong; they all must've caught on by the way they were all staring at me. I didn't stop though; I needed to get to Santana right now.

So I ran right past him. I ran like my life depended on it; like her life depended on it. I ran like I wasn't just about to drop dead from being so worn out only 30 minutes before. My calves burned, my shins stung, my breath came out in short huffs against the bitter January air as I bolted down the city street ducking and dodging pedestrians that scattered the sidewalks.

I tried my hardest to keep my thoughts from creeping into the darker side of things, but I just couldn't help the string of what if's that forced their way in. It's like all the fears of not being able to protect her all came crashing down on me, like a hand wrapping around my neck, strangling me with my own fears, until I was desperately gasping for air.

I ran even faster; maybe I can escape those thoughts if I can just run faster.

My eyes scanned the street signs of each new block I ran by as I basically sprinted across town, but I wasn't even halfway there yet. It was then when I thought that maybe I should've taken Mike up on his offer of driving.

Then I remembered I was running for Santana, to Santana, and no car could get me to her faster than if I just ran. I felt the soles of my feet numbing up as each crash against the concrete sent a new shock wave through my legs straight to my gut, tackling the uneasy feeling I developed there ever since Jenna's call. Sweat was beginning to collect along my brows and down at the small of my back, colliding with the chill of the air making my head pound. I hurt like hell, but I'd go through it a hundred times just to get to her.

I hated that the last time we saw each other we were arguing again. It made me so sick thinking that my last words to her weren't I love you. I choked back the lump forming in my throat and focused on running as fast as I could.

God, what if she hit her head when she passed out? What if she's unconscious? What if she doesn't remember who I am? What if she doesn't wake up? What if the baby got hurt? What if we los-

I shook my head furiously at the last thought, refusing to let myself think something like that, and pushed myself harder than ever as I neared the parking lot. Seeing the bright lights of the hospital was sort of like a last energy boost for me, giving me enough power to dash through the parked cars right to the service desk.

Strands of blonde hair clung to my cheeks as I hunched over and tried to catch my breath, my hands griping my knees trying to hold myself up while the rest of my body buzzed with the adrenaline of running nearly 15 blocks to get here.

"Miss?" Someone asked hesitantly, "Are you alright?" I looked up through my out grown bangs to see a middle aged woman leaning over the top of the counter giving me a worried stare. I was still breathing heavily when I shook my head at her and straightened up; Santana, I need to see Santana.

I approached the desk slowly, my body already beginning to ache from the exertion, and tried my best to muster up enough control to even out my breathing.

"Santana Pierce-Lopez," I panted unevenly as I leaned against the high counter, "Where is she?" The woman eyed me skeptically, her forehead creasing, as she shuffled back a couple steps.

"Your name?" She asked but I just quirked my brow at her wondering if she was serious or not. She continued to stare at me, clearly waiting for an answer, so I nodded.

"It's Brittany." I replied, my voice less ragged, "Brittany Pierce-Lopez." She looked at me again with the same unmoved stare from before as she quirked her brow like she didn't believe me.

"Do you have some sort of identification?" She asked, "Because of who she is, we need to make sure you are who you say you are." I nodded, confused as to why this woman needed proof. She must have seen Santana and I in the magazines, in the news, everywhere, she has to know who I am from just looking at me!

But I complied, wanting to just speed the process up. I should really be grateful that they're taking such precautions.

I stuck my hand instinctively in my back pocket for my phone where I usually stick my credit card and ID in the case only to be met with the material of my jeans. My eyes widened at the emptiness as I started to feel around my other back pocket, my front pockets, the pocket of my hoodie, all to be met with nothing. I must've forgotten my phone in my mad dash out of the studio.

"I-uhh-I seemed to have left it behind." I mumbled after searching my pockets for the third time. I looked up to the woman to see her staring back at me, unmoved yet again.

"No ID, I can't let you in. Sorry."

"Ma'am, please, that's my wife. She's pregnant." I pleaded, "You have to recognize me, you have to!"

"I need to see an ID." She repeated, emotionless and unwavering, "No ID, no room number."

Then something in me snapped; my fingers curled into tight fists, my jaw clenched, my eyes narrowed, and nostrils flared. I saw red and at that moment, I thought about physically causing this woman harm. It was only a brief thought, but still, she was keeping me from seeing my wife whose condition I have no idea is in, I'd do anything to get to her. I was furious.

"No, you don't understand." I growled, my voice dropping an octave lower than usual, "That is my wife in there and I need to see her right damn now! I need to see her, I need to make sure she's okay, I need to know the baby's okay, I need to." I felt my heart beginning to race again as this familiar lump crept up my throat making it hard for me to swallow. I tried to keep calm like always, but I was at my lasts with this woman! "I made a promise that I'd be there for her whenever she needed me and I wasn't there, but I'm here now. She needs me right now and you're not letting me get to her. Do you realize that? You're keeping me from my wife when she needs me the most! Just please, please let me in." When she made no effort to move, I dug a little deeper into the little Lima Heights I've picked up from living with Santana for all this time.

I took a step closer to the desk, set both my hands flat against the counter and leaned in so that I was towering over the woman, then glared.

"Give me the fucking room number right now." I snapped, "Call her, tell her I'm here and she'll let me in! Please, you have to!"

"If you don't calm down I'll have security escort you out." She replied calmly.

"Security?!" I yelled in disgust, "Are you fucking kidding me? You are throwing a patient's wife out! Do you realize how ridiculous you're being by not letting me in? I am everywhere she is, you know me, everyone knows me, I can't get away, I can't go anywhere without someone recognizing me!" I ranted earning stares from the others occupying the lobby. I looked around at all the people staring, noting their frightened expressions and how they seemed to huddle together. I hated them seeing me like that, I don't act like this, I'm not someone who yells. But right now, I'll do whatever I have to get to Santana, even if that means yelling. I turned back to the woman and snarled, "You will give me the room number. If something else goes wrong and I'm not there for her, I'll-"


And just like that two arms hooked around mine and began pulling me towards the doors. I kicked and yelled for them to put me down but they were strong and didn't even waver. Tears pricked at my eyes at the mere thought of me being so close to Santana yet so freaking far and I'm basically here for her but not here for her at the same time. It was killing me! I wasn't there when it happened and I can't be there for her now and she needs to know I'm here for her, she needs to see it. She needs to see that she comes first, always, not work, but she can't see that if I'm being thrown out.

"Wait, please, I know who she is. I have consent from her wife, I can vouch for her. I'll show you wedding pictures, anything! Please, let her go!" I stopped putting up a fight long enough for the men to set me back down on the ground as they turned me towards the familiar voice. "Here! This is a copy of her birth certificate. Will that do? I have copies of the both of them. Here's a picture from their wedding, here's another, here's one from SnixxJuice, here's one from the Grammys last year, here's-"

I watched as Jenna, flustered as ever, threw documents from the journal she always carries around when she's with Santana down at the counter in front of the receptionist not really caring why she carries all those things with her. I've never seen her so worked up, so upset at someone who wasn't her jerk of a boyfriend. She was so frazzled as she continued to toss papers and pictures down at the desk until the woman held up her hand and nodded pleadingly. I was too far away to hear now that Jenna had stopped shouting, but I continued to watch as the woman helped her gather all the papers she threw down back into a neat pile and slipped them into the confines of her journal.

"Let her go." The woman called to the men set at either side of me. In seconds, their arms slipped from around mine and they disappeared. My shoulders slumped at the feeling until Jenna hurried to me and set her hands on my shoulders, shaking me a little like she was wanting me to focus on her. She didn't say anything, just stared in my eyes searching for something, then nodded and grabbed onto my wrist and headed for the hall.

"I'm sorry they weren't going to let you in. That wasn't right." She muttered as she led me down the hall, the white lights against the white walls and tile blinding me as we passed door after door. "They should've believed you."

"Thank you for coming to get me anyway." I sighed, my body refusing to calm down until I've seen Santana. My eyes frantically searched the door numbers hoping that the next one would be hers, only to pass it and have the process repeat.

"She's fine, Brittany, really." Jenna replied softly after a long pause when she looked over her shoulder to check that I was still focusing. I nodded to her, but I couldn't really believe her until I've seen it for myself. We walked pass six more rooms when she finally slowed her walk and gestured for the door. "This is her."

"Okay." I whispered as I looked to the closed door.

"I'll wait outside."

"Okay." I said again and watched as she took a seat on the bench just outside the door. I licked my lips and nodded before reaching for the handle. Slowly I twisted it, wanting nothing more to see Santana perfectly fine but also afraid that there was a possibility that she wasn't fine, that she was hurt and bruised up.

I felt the tears pricking at my eyes again but I blinked them away yet again and sucked in a breath before pushing open the door. I poked my head through the opening to see Kurt sipping on a cup of coffee and a magazine laid out on his lap as he leaned back against the chair turned towards Santana's bed. He looked up instantly when I pushed the door open wider so I can slip through.

"Brittany." A heavenly voice sighed as I entered the room, now able to see more than just Kurt. Santana was resting back against a stack of fluffy pillows as her hands clutched her tummy. She looked completely fine, not cuts, no bruises, no bandages, nothing out of the ordinary graced her perfect body other than the hospital gown she was now sporting.

I don't know how she does it, but with one little word she manages to suck all the air out from my lungs. Kurt looked to me then to Santana and slowly stood up, patting my shoulder as he passed me to leave us the room to ourselves.

I tried to move closer to her but it was like my feet were stuck to the floor and my legs refused to move. I was rooted to my spot and all I did was stare back at her, watching the way she tilted her head to the side, her brows scrunching in the pained expression scrawled across her face.

The what if's circled my head again, that same imaginary fist tightening its hold around my neck until I couldn't stand it. I stared at her, my bottom lip quivering, as my vision began to blur.

"Oh, baby come here." She choked out and let her hand fall from her stomach to pat at the space beside her. Before I knew it, I was wiggling in beside her on the small hospital bed, crumbling against her as my arms wrapped around her and hers around me. I pressed my ear against her chest listening to the steady beat of her heart as she kissed the top of my head and ran her hands up and down my back soothingly as my body shook against her.

"S-San.." I whimpered as I buried my face into her neck, "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry I wasn't there, I'm supposed to be there, a-a-and I-"

"Hey..shh, I'm okay. The baby's okay. You're okay." She whispered into my ear and started to slowly rock me when her arms tightened around my shoulders, her warmth fighting against the chill of what could've happened. "We're all okay." I nodded against her, rubbing my cheek against her collar bone, my nose nudging at the soft skin of her neck. She repeated her words over and over like some sort of mantra as she held me close to her and pressed more kisses into my nest of blonde.

"I was so scared.." I mumbled after a few minutes of silence now that my tears have stopped falling. I tried evening out my breathing for the millionth time today as her fingers traced small circles around my shoulder blades. "I was so scared, San, I didn't know what to think. I didn't know and that's what scared me. I didn't know if seeing you earlier today was going to be the last time I ever saw you. I didn't know if what we said to each other was going to be the last conversation we'd ever have. I just didn't know what happened, I don't know what happened, and it scared me."

"I know, baby, I know." She replied softly then cupped my chin and tilted it up so our eyes could meet. She looked so deeply into my eyes that I felt like she was trying to absorb all my fears if only for a moment. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed you away like that, you were just trying to help. You're always trying to help and I just keep being a stubborn dumbass. I'm sorry. You don't have to be scared, B, I'll be better. I'll do better, promise." She added and let her lips press firmly into mine as if she wanted to convey all her love in just one kiss. She was quiet for another moment and I knew she was in her head again just by how distant she looked; we were both in our heads a lot lately. I rolled over to my side and cupped her cheek, using my thumb to brush the skin of her cheekbone before leaning in to kiss her worries away. "I was so afraid, B." She mumbled against my lips as tears ran down her cheeks.

"What happened?" I asked lowly as I wiped away a tear.

"I-I was just finishing up the paperwork with Kurt so we were going to head out to the diner down the block because I was really wanting some pecan pie then I was going to swing by the studio to bring you a slice too, I know you love pecan pie, but then everything just turned foggy. I remember feeling really light headed but when I called out for Kurt, nothing came out, and I-I just-I fell." I held her closer, one arm curled around her shoulders while my free hand palmed her belly. "I felt so weak and I couldn't stop it before I knew it was already happening. I-I blacked out." She mumbled into my neck. "I-If Kurt wasn't there to catch me, I-I don't know what would've happened, B. I don't want to know what would've happened."

"And you won't have to because it won't happen again." I whispered, rubbing soft patterns at her stomach, "We'll look out for each other. You're going to let me take care of you now, okay? This won't happen again, I won't let it..I'll take care of you."

"I'm so sorry, Britt." She whimpered and buried her face into the crook of my neck, her tears making my skin slippery.

"I know, honey, shh.." I hummed and started to kiss her forehead, "I know, it's okay now." When she pulled away, only far enough to look me in the eyes again, her lips parted to speak again, but soon there was a light knock at the door and in popped in an elderly man with a little scruff coating his cheeks and chin. He smiled politely at us as he closed the door behind him.

"You must be Brittany." He greeted and held out a hand for me to shake as I pulled away from Santana and took a seat on the chair Kurt was occupying earlier. "I'm Dr. Reese Trevino."

"Yes, hi." I replied and shook his hand, "Nice to meet you." He smiled again and flipped through some papers on a clipboard he walked in with.

"How are you feeling, Santana?" He asked as the adjusted the stethoscope around his neck.

"Much better, thank you." She answered timidly.

"That's great. I just looked over your results, you've got a bit of an iron deficiency, it's nothing to stress over so don't worry; I'm having the nurse bring the prescription later." He went on to listen to the baby's heartbeat, humming at whatever he heard in response. I was still confused as to what exactly happened in the first place, I know she blacked out but why? I had so many questions, but before I could unleash them, Dr. Trevino was turning back to me.

"I can see you're still shaken up about all of this, and I can only imagine what must've been going through your head on the way here, but I can assure you, she is alright. Both her and the child are going to be just fine." He said to me behind a toothy grin that seemed to ease my shoulders down a bit. "She just had really low blood sugar levels which can be prevented by having small snacks throughout the day, it doesn't always have to be something sweet, but it'll help rather than having big meals. It's a common thing so I don't want you to worry too much about it." Once I heard the word common I felt slightly more at ease; common is good, common is okay. I remember Quinn having dizzy spells when she was pregnant with Bella so he's right, he wasn't sugar coating it by saying common, this stuff happens. Santana was okay, that's what he said, and so is the baby. There's nothing for me to- "But, there are some things that will need to change in order to keep this child healthy."

My heart plummeted to my stomach at hearing him and by the look on Santana's face, they way she slowly pursed her lips and how her eyes drifted from mine; I could tell she's already heard his speech.

"Okay." I nodded for him to continue.

"Stress levels are important things when it comes to pregnancy, you both know that, I'm sure Dr. Meyer has gone over that with you, but this up and down thing you two have going, one week you're stressed then next day you're not and so on, is not healthy what so ever. A couple days off isn't enough. Santana needs to have a steady routine, one that isn't so hectic, and I completely understand how things can get considering her occupation, but a decision needs to be made because at the rate she's going and how early she is in her pregnancy, only 23 weeks, she could very well miscarriage."

It was like a tub of ice cold water was dumped on me, waking me from a somewhat blissful state when the last word left his mouth. I wanted to yell at him for saying something so frightening like that. I wanted to tell him how insensitive it was considering what just happened and how scared we were already. I wanted to tell him to shut up because that could never happen, not to us.

But mostly, I wanted to cry because it really could happen. We could lose everything if we weren't careful and that's all he was saying. He was warning us, that's all this is, a warning.

Santana's hand found her way into mine just as I was reaching out for hers while Dr. Trevino went on with his warning.

"I'm not trying to scare you with that, but it is fact. Pregnant women who experience high levels of stress throughout their pregnancy also have an 80% increase in stillbirth. I know how hard you two must've worked to have this happen so I don't want you both to fail. I know you both don't want to fail either." He stared back at the both of us, switching his focus from me to Santana, "You need to change things right now. Work less hours, don't work at all, do whatever you need to do to ensure that your stress levels stay low, Santana. Consider this a wakeup call, okay? If you don't change things right now, there's a high possibility of losing the baby." Santana and I both nodded vigorously. "I don't want to see you back here again unless it's time to properly meet that baby of yours, got it?"

"Yes, doctor." We both answered obediently. He smiled charmingly at that and moved from the stool he had been perched on.

"Great." He nodded and headed for the door, "I'll have the nurse drop by with your new prescription and you'll be ready to go. It was nice meeting you both, have a good night." We said our thank you's and watched the door close securely behind him leaving us to mull over everything he just told us.

"Go ahead, say I told you so." She muttered shamefully beneath her breath as she stared down at her hands. I just sighed and pulled her close to me, shaking my head at how she'd even think I'd do that at a time like this. I held her tight and kissed her hair telling her that I love her and that's all that matters right now.

"I should go thank Kurt." I muttered mindlessly as we both sat letting the doctor's words swirl around in our heads. I nodded, keeping my eyes steady on Santana's tummy, while her hands still encompassed mine. "I should do that."

"Later." She mumbled and wiggled back against her pillows, "Stay with me." Her voice came out so soft, almost like a whisper, and when I looked up from her stomach I saw how pained she looked. Her eyes were tightly shut and her brows scrunched as she gnawed on her bottom lip. "Stay, please."

"Of course." I answered and leaned over her to press a kiss to her belly then another on her forehead, watching as the creases slowly vanished, then another to her lips. "I'll be right here." I whispered as I sat at the edge of the hospital bed and let her curl her arms around my waist while she buried her head into my side. I ran my fingers through her long dark hair, scratching at her scalp a little, before running my fingers fully through again until it seemed that the panic arising disappeared.

Moments later, the nurse came in and handed me Santana's prescription and said we were free to go. We weren't quick to get moving though just yet so we stayed content in each other's embraces.

"I love you, Britt." She said softly breaking the silence in the room. She tilted her head up to look at me then pressed her lips into mine. "I love you."

"I love you too, San." I replied just an inch away from her lips. We stayed quiet a few minutes more, our bodies recovering from all the shock and worry caused earlier.

"Britt?" She asked, her voice coming out more confident and clear unlike how she's sounded this who time, scared.

"Yeah, babe?"

"Does this mean I'm back on lock down?" I quirked my brow at the question then glanced down to see her staring up at me with a glint of playfulness in here deep brown eyes while a smirk played at her lips. I let out a chuckle and returned the smirk.

"Oh, you have no idea." I drawled out dramatically, "I'm getting you that human sized bubble asap!" For the first time since I got there, a genuine smile cracked her hardened features and a little giggle escaped her lips. I didn't realize how much I missed that sound until I'd gone so long without it. "Where are you clothes?" I asked after we'd settled down, "You should get changed, I'm not sure how I'd feel if the whole hospital got to see your nakedness..that's a free show."

"Nakedness, huh?" She smirked as she lifted her head from my side and sat up to caress my jaw. "No free shows here, Jenna's got them." I nodded but just as I was going to call for Kurt and Jenna to come in, they were already knocking at the door. The mood lightened considerably as Kurt walked in first and took in how eased Santana was now and took that as a good indication that he could fully express his feelings on what has happened over the past hour and a half while Jenna just passed me Santana's clothes from earlier.

"I swear to Versace, Santana Pierce-Lopez, if you ever scare me like that again..I'll give you something to faint over!" He chastised as he crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Santana who I was now helping out of bed so she could get changed.

"Kurt." I warned as I directed San to the bathroom, but Santana just laughed.

"I hope that threat doesn't entail seeing you bare ass naked, Hummel, because I think I might just die instead of only fainting..I don't think you want that on your conscience." She quipped then closed the door behind her, sending me a wink just before she shut it. I shook my head, trying to keep from laughing myself, and spun around to see Kurt shaking his head at the ground too.

"That woman, I swear.." He half laughed half sighed.

"I know what you mean." I replied breathlessly then walked over to wrap my arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly. "Thank you, Kurt, thank you for being there. Thank you for catching her.." I mumbled against the material of his blazer until his hands pressed into my back.

"It was nothing, Britt, I'm just glad I got to her in time." He replied softly and swayed me side to side, "She's going to do better now. We talked, she doesn't want this to happen again, she doesn't want to scare you like this ever again. I'll be taking over as soon as possible."

"Thank you." I mumbled one last time before pulling away and giving him a beaming grin just as the bathroom door clicked open and San emerged in her normal clothes.

"Let's get out of here, this place gives me the creeps." She joked as she walked to me and entwined our hands. "Plus hospital food kind of sucks..they don't have my stix here."

"Okay, we can swing by Breadstix if you want." I nodded behind a smirk then looked up to Kurt and Jenna, "You guys want to grab dinner with us?"


It's been two weeks since Santana's black out incident and I can honestly say things have changed drastically. It's a good thing though, a very good thing! She has cut her 40 hour work week down to 20, if even, and when she does come in, Kurt is very strict on what she's allowed to do. Sometimes Santana gets really pissed off at him for putting her on so many restrictions, but we all know it's for her own good, I think she just secretly likes giving him a hard time. It's like San's way of showing you she cares about you, which sort of explains the connection between how she treats her employees and why they're paid so well.

Things have been going great for me too! With Jeremy and Mike's help, I get home much earlier than I used to which is definitely a big weight off my shoulders. I'm not so stressed anymore and neither is Santana. We've got more time to be lazy at home or hang out with Quinn or pick Bella up from school or skype with Bryce; it's nice.

The routine for Mercedes' Grammy performance is coming along perfectly and I know it's just going to wow the crowd, I'm almost buzzing with excitement. It's easily made it to the top 5 routines I loved. San's actually had to keep me from recording it and uploading a preview to Youtube; she's into surprises, I should know.

"Hey B." San chirped as she waltzed in the studio door while I stood in front of the dancers and Mercedes watching their every move like a hawk. I looked over my shoulder at her and smiled.

"Hi San." I greeted as she walked up beside me and joined me in watching the dancers.

"They're looking good." She complimented with a nod and a grin.

"You think so?" I asked, my eyes not leaving the dancers' movements.

"Mhm!" She hummed cutely then sank into my side a little, "You're looking better.." I let out a choked laugh at that and smiled down at her bashfully, the flush on my cheeks becoming visible when she winked back.

"Keep it in your pants, I only have 15 more minutes here." I whispered when that playful glint in her eyes started to turn dark.

"Fine.." She sighed and looked back out at the dancers as Jeremy walked pass, he'd been circling the group making sure he could catch any mistakes in the back where I couldn't see.

"Hey Santana!" He waved as he walked by.

"Hey." She waved back then turned to me, "I saw him and Jenna having lunch yesterday, I give it 2 weeks and our assistants will be official."

"San..they always have lunch together," I snickered.

"Exactly." She answered, "2 weeks, Britt, I give it 2 weeks." I just shook my head at her crazy matchmaker talk trying to keep from giggling.

"Okay, babe, whatever you say." I teased and pressed a quick kiss to her cheek before focusing back on the crowd just as the music stopped.

"Damn, we're gunna kill it!" Mercedes cheered getting claps and hoots from the others in the room. I smiled proudly at them all, the familiar buzz of excitement filling my body and the need to record coming back fully fledged.

"Don't even." Santana warned when I took one tiny little baby step towards my desk. I looked back to see her narrowing her eyes on me as the corner of her mouth quirked up into a half smirk. "Let it be a surprise, Britt." I let my shoulders slump and nodded in agreement, letting the hand she had wrapped around my wrist tug me back to her.

"Speaking of surprises.." I cheesed after a couple minutes of just watching everyone joking and laughing together. Santana turned to me with her brows raised. "Did you-"

"Find your surprise you left me?" She finished with a beaming smile causing me to giggle and nod back. "Hm, which surprise are you referring to exactly?" She hummed then tapped at her chin with her index finger. "The KitKat bar I stowed away in my coat pocket, the container of apple slices and barbeque sauce I found in my briefcase, the Almond Joy I caught hiding in my desk drawer, or the two oatmeal raisin cookies I found chillin on the stack of papers I needed to read through just a few minutes before I walked over here?"

I just laughed as she listed all the things I had left for her or had Jenna bring her throughout the day. I was determined that Santana would never end up in the hospital again due to low blood sugar, not while I'm here. I looked down at her smiling lovingly up at me.

"If that's what you're referring to, then yes, yes I found them." She replied innocently, "And I ate all of it, every single one, it was fucking delicious." That just made me laugh even harder, so hard that I gained the attention of a few of the dancers and Mercedes. I waved back at them, gesturing that my wife was just being her natural comedic self, and they turned back to whatever they were talking about. "Thank you." She said softly and rolled up to the tips of her toes to lay a quick peck to my cheek.

"You're welcome." I grinned bashfully.

"So Grammys are next week," She acknowledged after a short pause, "You ready?" I looked out at everyone, remembering how things have progressed over the short weeks, and smiled proudly.

"Totally." I nodded and looked down at her, "You?" She titled her head up at me, those brown eyes of hers catching the light just right making them sparkle, while she hooked her arm through mine then rested her head on my shoulder.


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