A/N Just a short little drabble on what's been happening.

Santana and Brittany had been loving their lives, happily content with raising their family and keeping up with their careers. They were sure that the honeymoon phase would soon wear off and they'd actually be able to keep their hands to themselves and lovey dovey kisses to a minimum, but as their sixth anniversary rolled around, they were still as in love as the day they got married.

They had perfected their morning routine with the kids, making sure everyone had a good breakfast and Dylan had everything he need for school and Charlie had her daytime bag for when they had to drop her off at Quinn's while they were at work. Everything went smoothly most of the time, but when Santana and Brittany were jolted awake by Dylan's cries they knew it was going to be one of those days.

Santana sprung to her feet, always a little quicker to get out of bed when one of her babies is crying, and quickly threw on her robe before rushing out of the room and down the hall to Dylan's. Usually, they didn't both get up but the sound of Dylan's ear splitting cries scared them because he rarely got that upset like that. Brittany followed along too, throwing on her discarded shirt from last night's game of Uno, and made her way to Dylan's room.

"He's not in there, Britt." Santana said, a slight anxious waver to her tone.

"Downstairs maybe?" Brittany answered, taking her wife's hand and directing her to the stairs where they both descended. They followed the sound of their son's crying and ended up in the living room.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Santana quickly kneeled by Dylan's side, placing a comforting hand on his back as he hunched over Slobberz.

"H-H-He won't come up stairs with me," Dylan sobbed, "He a-a-always comes up with me."

"Oh Dyly, that's nothing to cry about," Santana sighed, more relieved that she didn't find him with a missing finger or something horrible. She wrapped her arms around the shorter brunette and tried hugging him to her chest, but he refused to leave the dog's side.

"He's sick, mama." Dylan whimpered, sitting up and revealing Slobberz whose fur looked blotchy, "He won't eat a-and he threw up."

"He did?" Santana asked worriedly.

"Yeah, but I cleaned it up!" Dylan nodded surely then ran his small hand over Slobberz fur as more tears ran down his cheeks, "I-I don't want him to die, mama, he's my best friend.."

"Baby.." Santana frowned and let Dylan fall to her chest as she held him tight, trying to absorb her son's sadness while she looked up to see Brittany frowning too. She had no experience with this kind of thing, she didn't grow up with pets as a kid, so she was definitely out of her element but she knew she'd do anything for her son's happiness. Santana kissed Dylan's temple and brushed through his hair as she rocked a little from side to side while she looked up at Brittany, "What can we do?"

"We can try to take him to the vet?" Brittany suggest as she kneeled next to Slobberz and gently ran her hand over his head. She never saw the family pet look so miserable, she could only imagine how Dylan must feel. She looked over at her son still clutching onto Santana, his fists against the collar of her robe like he used to do as a baby, and leaned over to press her hand against his back, "We'll take him first thing in the morning."

"But mommy, what if it's too late?" Dylan pouted, tilting his head in Brittany's direction.

The blonde watched those eyes fill with new tears and felt her heart break even more. She looked up at Santana, having a silent conversation with her before glancing back down at Dylan, "You're right, baby, Slobberz needs to see a doctor right away. I'll take him right now."

"Should we get Charlie and all go?" Santana asked while Dylan shifted off her lap and into Brittany's.

"No, it's late. You guys stay here and get some sleep-"

"I want to go to, mommy, I gotta make sure he's okay." Dylan protested, light brown eyes begging her to let him tag along.

"I know you do, honey, but it's so very late." Brittany answered tenderly, brushing through his hair, "I'll be there and I'll make sure Slobberz gets the best care ever. Mama will bring you and your sister to see him in the morning, okay?"

"Okay.." Dylan sighed and petted Slobberz carefully, "Feel better."

"Come on, baby, let's go to bed. Mommy's got to put on more clothes and she'll take him to the doctor's." Santana said, gesturing for her son to follow as she made her way to the stairs.

Brittany stayed and watched Slobberz struggle to breathe evenly. She hoped that the vet could fix him because she just couldn't even imagine having to tell their son that he didn't make it. Dylan would be devastated.

"You know where you're taking him?" Santana asked a few minutes later after Brittany joined her in their bedroom. She was changing into normal clothes while Santana held Dylan close to her, their son already fast asleep and head tucked into her side.

"Yeah, I've driven pass this 24 hour place a couple times leaving work." Brittany answered before walking to Santana's side of the bed and kissing her lips softly, "I'll see you in a little bit. Get some sleep."

"Okay, be careful B." Santana answered quietly and watched Brittany leave the room.

With Slobberz wrapped up in an old quilt, Brittany carefully carried him to her car and gently laid him down in the backseat. Any other day, Slobberz would be all over the place at just the thought of going on a car ride but he remained somber.

She got to the vet in record time and quickly filled out the paperwork so the vet could see Slobberz. After he was taken back to be seen, Brittany parked herself in the lobby and made herself comfortable.

In the morning, Santana called to make sure everything was going alright and if she could bring Dylan and Charlie now. With Slobberz still in the back, Brittany said to stay at home for now. Within another twenty minutes, the vet emerged with good news and bad news.

Brittany gulped, "Give it to me straight, doc.."

"Well, bad news..your puppy is awfully sick. He checked out with an upper respiratory infection which explains the fur and the difficulty breathing."

"And the good news?"

"Good news is that he's going to be fine. It's just the dog version of the common cold and with the antibiotics I'm prescribing, he'll be good as new in a few days."

"Oh thank God!" Brittany cheered and hugged the man gratefully, "Sorry to invade your space, it's just that's my son's best friend in there and I was so afraid that he wasn't going to have him back."

"That's alright," He chuckled and motioned for me to follow him back, "Come, you can pick him up and get the medication so you can get home to your family."

When the kids heard the front door shut, they scrambled off of Santana's lap, she had been trying to keep them busy by watching a movie all together, and ran to see Brittany with Slobberz in her arms.

"What's wrong with him, mommy?" Charlie asked, standing on her tippy toes to see over the blanket, "Is he going to heaven?"

"Not today, sweetheart." Brittany replied as she walked to the living room and set Slobbery down on his bed with the kids following behind her, "Not for a very long time I hope. We still have so many games to play, right Dyly?"

Dylan nodded shyly and watched with wary eyes at Slobberz every move.

"What's the word, B? He's going to be okay?" Santana asked as Dylan hesitantly edged closer to Brittany so he could hear the answer clearly.

"Yup, he'll be up in moving in just a few days." Brittany answered happily and looked to her daughter and son, "He's just got a little cold right now, but I've got medicine for him to make him feel all better."

"He's going to live?" Dylan whispered out of disbelief.

"He sure is, honey." Brittany smiled and opened up her arms for her kids to fall into, "He's going to be just fine."

Santana smiled at her loves hugging it out and couldn't resist joining in. She placed kisses on each of their cheeks and snuggled in close, relieved that Slobberz was going to make it and their family wouldn't have to suffer such a terrible loss.