We followed the plan. We ran. I wouldn't let her stop. I pulled her into my arms at one point, carrying her like I had so often in her childhood, holding her frail frame for dear life. I could hear her gasping, asking what was going on, but I had my orders. 'Then you run. And you don't stop running. Ever. You run until you hit the US Embassy.' So that's what we did. At one point, I set Alexis on her feet, only stopping long enough to ensure she was stable before taking her hand in mine and bolting again. We made it up the stairs, into the building and as soon as the door shut, I lost it. Seeing her in the cage was so different than now. I grabbed her, hugging her hard and kissing her hair, sobbing as she clung back, soft cries of 'Daddy' reaching my ears. It was heartbreaking and at the same time it made me so fucking happy. My baby. My girl. My Alexis! She was safe, alive and in my arms. The nightmare was finally over.